Rookie Billings Mustangs


The Mustangs claimed the Pioneer League title by defeating Orem two games to none in the best of three game championship series. They played at home and won 4-3 in 11 innings in the first game. They then swept the series by defeating Orem 6-5 in the second game on the road. This is the Billings Mustangs first Pioneer League title since the 2003 season.


Affiliation Shuffle


The Reds High-A California League affiliation with the Bakersfield Blaze has expired. That means the Reds are able to explore the possibility of moving their High-A team to another city whose affiliation has also ran out. This give the Reds the opportunity to move from the very far away high offense (.769 OPS) California League to either the closer low offense (.696 OPS) Florida State League or the even closer mid offense (.705 OPS) Carolina League.


The Cubs made the first High-A move going from Daytona to Myrtle Beach. The Indians then left Carolina to go to Lynchburg. That leaves four teams and four High-A affiliations remaining: The Reds, Mariners, Braves, and Rangers will play musical chairs with minor league affiliates Daytona, Carolina, High Desert, and Bakersfield. My best guess is that the Mariners will remain in High Desert. Then the Braves will get their pick of Carolina and Daytona. The Reds and Rangers will then battle each other for whichever of Carolina and Daytona remain, with the loser heading back to Bakersfield.


Baseball America Classification All-Stars


Baseball America honored three Reds prospects this year by naming them as Classification All-Stars. SP Ben Lively (2.28 ERA) was named to the High-A team. The Rookie level team included both SP Tyler Mahle (3.87 ERA) and OF Aristides Aquino (.919 OPS).


13 Responses


    Bakersfield is a total dump, hope the reds get out of there.

    • Reds Fan in Arizona

      I went to Bakersfield this Summer to watch the Blaze and see my buddies who coached there. Sam Lynn is a challenge to say the least! They need a new ballpark in the worst way. However, the playing surface was really liked by the coaching staff and players. The folks who work for the Blaze were absolutely great! The worst is setting sun that is absolutely brutal despite the massive batters eye in the outfield.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Daytona Beach !
    “And it’s sunshine, blue eyes, tan lines, slow tide rollin’
    White sand, cold can, koozie in my hand, just a summertime strolling
    Chillin’, breezing, sippin’, singin’ whoa

  3. msanmoore

    Oh PLEASE come back to Carolina!! I’d love seeing Reds prospects a mere 20 minutes from my house again. Got to watch Alonso, Frazier and Cozart in their AA years here. High-A would still be a treat.

  4. vared

    Reds were interested in Lynchburg of the Carolina League before they chose the Indians. Too bad.

    • msanmoore

      The Reds had Lynchburg a couple years ago … I still say COME TO CAROLINA!!

      • vared

        Lynchburg dumped the Reds when they had the opportunity to get the Braves last time around. This time they chose the Indians over the Reds.

      • msanmoore

        When I moved to Raleigh, Carolina was Reds AA. When the Carolina team was moved to High-A and switched to Cleveland, I thought I’d at least get to see some Reds prospects via Lynchburg. Just goes to show what “hope” can do to a baseball fan.

  5. wvredlegs

    Doug Gray tweeted its Daytona. Beach baby.

    • GOREDS

      My only complaint is that I will get confused between Dayton A ball and Daytona high A ball.

      • msanmoore

        Which is why I wanted them back in Carolina …

      • doctor

        assuming Doug has the scoop and he must have a good source,

        the extra A in dAytonA should help you figure it out. 😉 two A’s is higher than just one. ha.

      • ohiojimw

        I think there are a number of folks that wish the Reds could get in cahoots with whoever and land an Eastern League (AA) team which would then be moved to DAyton.