It’s well past the point where it makes sense to care if the Reds win or lose this season. But it’s still interesting to watch players who may contribute to the team in the future. There’s plenty of that to observe tonight as the Reds try to snap their streak of two shut-outs in a row. Enjoy watching the kids.

They’re trying this lineup:

2. Ramon Santiago (S) 3B
4. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
5. Donald Lutz (L) RF
6. Jack Hannahan (L) 1B
7. Jake Elmore (R) 2B

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  1. Michael J Hampton

    Good news about Votto, excited for next season. Like seeing the call-ups getting to play. I wonder if they get more than 3 hits and score a run or more if Price will consider playing them some against “the contenders”? …………. Nah, goes against all that old school thinking.

  2. The Next Janish

    I”m think this was one of the lineups from a split squad game in spring training! 😉

    Does Jack really need to play?

  3. Chris Wilson

    Thanks for getting the thread up tonight, Steve. I was running a test to see if fans would think the season was over if there was no game thread.

  4. BigRedSaguaro

    So this is the lineup that finally scores

    • BigRedSaguaro

      He’ll certainly need few introductions

  5. BigRedSaguaro

    Cubs going all Reds on the bases

  6. RedAlert

    Donald Lutz cannot help this team next year – guy is a freaking whiff machine

  7. sergeant2

    It seems no matter how many times I refresh the page, the new comments (and Shirley there are new comments being posted) aren’t showing. Go Reds!

    • Vicferrari

      The only comment I got make is Don’t call me Shirley

  8. sergeant2

    It might help Lutz if avoids the All You Can Weinerschnitzel buffet a little more often.

  9. George Mirones

    The question in the back of my mind is if Corcino makes it through 6 with the score the same (1-2) or even with the reds tied or up 1 or 2, who comes in to pitch relief.

  10. redeyenation

    Next year we need more plate discipline…51 pitches for 5 innings (vs CUBS) HELLO!!!!

    • hoosierdad

      Patience is a virtue…..looks as though the REDS hitters have no virtue.

    • George Mirones

      Didn’t you post that last year and the year before? They aren’t listening.

    • RunBillyRun

      Dusty swing first pitch philosophy, batting coach, or the players?
      Starting to think it’s the latter.

  11. BigRedSaguaro

    Man Donald has been hitting the schnitzengruben a little too hard

  12. George Mirones

    With the off day Thursday does anyone think that the Reds may activate Votto for the Cards or wait till they return home for the final 6.

  13. lwblogger2

    I really hope they don’t activate him at all. If they do, I think it will be for the final homestand.

    • George Mirones

      I agree with the first premise but think you may be right about the home stand.

  14. George Mirones

    Negron’s seems to have power to the alleys just not enough. What would happen if he shifted his feet and hips to try and pull to the left field corner?

    • lwblogger2

      Not sure… He takes an approach that is very much the opposite way. He lets the ball get real deep on him. I’m sure he pulls some pitches in batting practice but not sure if it would work or not during actual games.

      • George Mirones

        That could be true but as I remember his HRs have come to small cone between right center and left center. Much off Votto’s power was to left and left center because he to waited and let the pitch get deeper, so Negron should be beating down the right field wall.

  15. sergeant2

    I can only trust the medical staff (risky business IMHO) that in there opinion Votto’s injury is fully healed, and that he is ready to go full game mode. I would be more comfortable with waiting till spring training to give Votto the green light to go full speed.

  16. sergeant2

    Might as well post the recap now. Wait a minute, strike that, it ain’t over yet. Gotta keep the faith. Go Reds!

  17. sergeant2

    Walking Hanahan is like walking the pitcher, not that I’m complaining. Go Reds!

  18. BigRedSaguaro

    Must be saving all the runs for StL