Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds (71-80) 0 3 0
  Chicago Cubs (66-84) 1 6 0
W: Rondon (4-4)    L: Villareal (0-1)
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When I first moved to Ann Arbor for grad school in 1983, the best record store in town was Schoolkids Records on Liberty Avenue downtown. Schoolkids was an amazing place, full of obscure vinyl and countless bootlegs — many of which I still own today. The store had a well-deserved national reputation. Schoolkids was also a place you had to get up your nerve to enter — at least that was my experience. I never quite felt cool enough to shop there. My friends and I called their employees the CoolKids, half out of spite, half out of jealousy.

One day by happenstance, I saw an Australian punk band called The Celibate Rifles (a take-off on the name Sex Pistols) play inside the confines of that small record store. Punk wasn’t much my thing, but the Rifles weren’t exactly Johnny Rotten. Anyhow, for whatever reason the band became one of my favorites. I saw them live a few other times at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor.

I thought about the Celibate Rifles tonight for the first time in probably a decade. And it wasn’t because watching this particular Reds game made me recall one of their album titles, The Turgid Miasma of Existence. Although now that I think about it … yeah.

No, as I watched the Reds struggle to score on the Cubs tonight, lyrics from one of my favorite Rifles’ songs called New Mistakes crossed my mind.

“Let’s make some new mistakes, I’m sick of all the old ones.”

I’m sure Bryan Price has never heard of the Celibate Rifles, let alone New Mistakes. So that probably wasn’t the inspiration for his line-up tonight. But it could have been.

Several September call-ups, including Yorman Rodriguez (RF), Jason Bourgeois (LF) and Jake Elmore (SS) were in the lineup. Kristopher Negron (2B) also started. Throw in Billy Hamilton (CF) and Ramon Santiago (3B) and the batting order wasn’t particularly reminiscent of the Big Red Machine.

At least it was new.