The Reds blew a shot at closing to within 5 games of 3rd place Milwaukee with last night’s 1-run loss. They’ll look to trim back into that deficit tonight with a win against the Brewers.

It’s the Reds and Brewers, battling it out for that coveted 3rd place spot in the NL Central. Go Reds!

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  1. msanmoore

    How does a game in an enclosed stadium go on “delay”??

    • George Mirones

      new metal detectors installed. first night using them also game is a sellout.

  2. msanmoore

    Strike zone already reeks … when is MLB going to actually do something about umps who won’t pay attention to the standards set?

    • George Mirones

      only when the owners want it done, not before

      • msanmoore

        True … and the owners agree on Selig and Selig v.2 … Where is Bowie Kuhn when you need him?

  3. The Next Janish

    True Grit has shoulder surgery for what apparently was a season long injury. I’d like to say my head was close to exploding. Teams med staff has to go. I’m not a doctor but I’m sure a range of motion and a strength test could have determined he was playing hurt. I’d like to hear from the Redleg Nation medical staff on this.

  4. RedAlert

    What scout in the red’s organization thought this guy could pitch at the professional level ? – says a lot about this organization – embarrassing would come to mind –

    • RedAlert

      I realize he came over in a trade – guy has has one good outing – can’t break a window payne and has no command on top if that

  5. msanmoore

    I believe we just saw the difference between “got out of a jam” and “escaped disaster”. 4 innings – 5 max and then the great unknown we call our bullpen.

  6. George Mirones

    Holmberg seems just wild enough to cause batters to be uncomfortable.

  7. cfd3000

    Just saw the lineup tonight. WHEN are the Reds going to admit that we know all we need to about guys like Ludwick and play some of the call ups? So frustrating!

    • VaRedsFan

      Standard practice right? 1st and 2nd nobody ou

  8. George Mirones

    Gallardo pitch count about to exceed Holmberg, still nobody out.

  9. msanmoore

    Oh my word!!! He walked again. Way to score one DatDude!

  10. msanmoore

    Of course – a run and a TOOTBLAN!

  11. VaRedsFan

    what the heck was Mes doing? Daily TOOTBLAN

  12. msanmoore

    Billy’s gassed. He’s dropping his arms and popping everything up.

  13. msanmoore

    OK, BP walks to get an RBI and Holmberg MIGHT give us 6 innings with the lead. Given Purdue is up on Notre Dame right now, I may need to make a lotto ticket run.

      • George Mirones

        I’ll take what we can get at this point. Need to be careful in the 6th better get somebody up and warm because like Bronson when he goes it is quick.

  14. George Mirones

    Brewers had some good contact in that inning.

  15. Michael J Hampton

    Nice job by Holmberg. If we had any kind of middle relief, I’d say get him out of there now, but we don’t so probably need to get at least 1 more inning out of him.

  16. George Mirones

    Since all star break
    Bruce: 175 AB., 6 HR., 19 RBI., .194 BA., .555 OPS

  17. George Mirones

    Since All Star break
    Ludwick: 107 AB., 3 HR., 17 RBI., .206 BA., .624 OPS

  18. George Mirones


  19. sergeant2

    4-1 Reds after 61/2 not bad a-tall. Still, I wouldn’t mind having a couple of more runs, maybe even 3 more runs, you know, just in case. Go Reds!

  20. sergeant2

    I’ve noticed the vibe in the stands doesn’t reach the same peaks of excitement when front row Amy isn’t in attendance.

  21. Tom Reed

    Well done, Sam. It’s not too often these days when the opposition is held to zero runs in the same inning after the Reds score.

  22. sergeant2

    Wow! that was quick. Another run for the Reds. I thought there would be a play at the plate when I saw Frazier rounding 3rd and heading home, but the Brewers outfielder has a noodle for an arm.

    • drew

      At this rate who is heading for the most disappointing season? Cincy or the Brewers or the A’s?

      • msanmoore

        Bernie Brewers if they miss the playoffs …

      • sergeant2

        I’m going to say the Brewers, but than again the Brewer fans should be use to this scenario.

  23. msanmoore

    Might as well be Leslie Nielson calling balls and strikes …

  24. George Mirones

    Pushing Reds luck with Sam.

    • Vicferrari

      If they miss the playoffs it is got to be one of the biggest regular season chokes in memory. They might not finish above .500 the way they are going

  25. sergeant2

    Of all the players in baseball that have been suspended for thing or another, Braun is the player I dislike the most, by far.

  26. Vicferrari

    So who are we seeing in the 9th to get Chapman the save situation? Hoover, Logan, Parra, so many option I hope Price doesn’t screw up a golden save opportunity

    • msanmoore

      Parra – that way the Brewers can count on all Lefties

  27. sergeant2

    Normally Lucroy kills the Reds, and he’s 0-3 tonight. Pitch to him veryyyy carefully right now.

  28. Thegaffer

    Brewers really are a mess. They have been outplayed tonight and had a very unimpressive win yesterday against the garbage team the reds were fielding. Man, this would have been a good year for the reds to have been any good!

  29. msanmoore

    Ump still stinks – but at least he seems consistent.

  30. msanmoore

    Man that feels good after last night’s collapse!

  31. Tom Reed

    It all came together tonight. It’d be nice to take the series tomorrow.

  32. sergeant2

    Good bounce back job by Jumbo. The Reds may be out of the playoff picture, but at least it can be fun watching them be a determining factor in who does get in the playoffs. Might as well beat em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  33. George Mirones

    Lets not be too hard on the Brewers they now have 11M on their payroll that was on the Reds.