Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds (71-78) 5 10 0
  Milwaukee Brewers (77-72) 1 2 1
W: Holmberg (1-1)    L: Gallardo (8-10)
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The evening began poorly for Milwaukee as the game was delayed for 15 minutes due to the long lines produced by the use of metal detectors at the entrance gates. MLB has mandated that all stadiums implement those security measures beginning in 2015. Tonight’s bobble head-induced sell-out crowd of 45K and the new equipment conspired to get the night off to a bad start.

David Holmberg, in his third start for the Reds, held the Brewers to one run over six innings. Holmberg gave up only two hits and two walks, while striking out four. In the first inning, he escaped without surrendering a run despite allowing a walk and hitting two batters. Holmberg was acquired by the Reds in the three-way trade that sent Ryan Hannigan to the Tampa Bay Rays. Holmberg hadn’t performed particularly well for AAA Louisville and in his two previous starts for the Reds he didn’t last long enough to record an at bat. Holmberg did pitch well in his last appearance, filling in for Dylan Axelrod. Axelrod faced one St. Louis hitter last Monday before leaving the game with a strained oblique muscle. Holmberg pitched 5.2 shutout innings.

Sam LeCure (2 IP) and Jumbo Diaz (1 IP) finished off the game with three shutout innings of relief.

After being no-hit for the first three innings (of course), the Reds pushed across two runs in the fourth. Singles by Brayan Peña and Todd Frazier and a walk by Devin Mesoraco loaded the bases. Brandon Phillips then recorded an RBI in the most Votto-ish way, by drawing a walk. (FSO’s camera caught Votto applauding the BB from the top of the dugout steps.) I wonder if the Reds are paying BP to drive in runs that way. Then Jay Bruce hit a sacrifice fly to score Frazier.

The Reds added two more runs in the seventh when Billy Hamilton’s triple drove in Ryan Ludwick and Jason Bourgeois. Mesoraco finished off the scoring by driving in Frazier with a single in the eighth inning.

The Reds are now 8-7 against the Brewers this year.

17 Responses

  1. Jerry Davis

    (a base hit, double, triple, or home run all drive in more runs than a walk in that situation, let’s obsess on the least product way to score runs)

    • Vicferrari

      ??? I take what BP did over what Bruce did all day, you do have the base running factor… BP has been a huge disappointment at the plate this season, but I guess most expected it, so Bruce gets most of the flack despite not getting paid Datdude money

      • msanmoore

        Youbetcha! Plate discipline over a DP every time.

      • pinson343

        In this case, shouldn’t have been a DP. Yet another TOOTLBAN. Poor base running by Mes, who assumed the throw was going through. Bad assumption.

      • greenmtred

        If your point is that a sac fly is a less productive way than a walk to drive in a run, no argument. You don’t address Jerry Davis’s statement otherwise. Walks are good, hits are better.

    • pinson343

      The least productive way to score a run is grounding into a double play. A walk produces no outs. With the bases loaded, you’d prefer that a hitter chase out of the strike zone and strike out or GIDP ?

      • msanmoore

        The walk with bases loaded is what I was talking about vs. BP’s seemingly endless supply of GIDP attempts.

    • hoosierdad

      THE most important thing any batter can do it to not make an out.

  2. Vicferrari

    Congrats to Holmberg, showed some heart after 2 terrible Major league appearences, felt awkward when he was out there against the Braves… If I were a Brewers fan I would be demanding for heads to roll, I think it is questionable if the Reds starters the past 2 nights could even make a majority of most teams’ AAA roster and they both gave essentially shut them down for 6 innings apiece. I am pretty impressed the bullpen has only yielded 1 run over the past 2 nights despite the loss

    • tct

      Well, Corcino was on every major prospect list at the beginning of last year as one of the top 100 prospects. He had a horrible year in 2013, forgetting how to throw strikes but many teams would be willing to take a chance on him. Holmberg was one of the diamondbacks top ten prospects before he got traded. This has been the first year he has really struggled as a pro. They both have had rough years, but I don’t think it’s accurate to say that they wouldn’t even make most triple a teams. You are right that it has to be frustrating to be shut down by two guys who have struggled so much this year for brewer fans.

  3. redmountain

    Nobody should get too excited the Brewers had never seen either one. Think how the Reds have done against pitchers they had never seen Still, I am wondering if Holmberg gets too hyped up to pitch and comes out with no contol. Anyone know if Holmberg gave up a lot of runs early in the game at Louisville?

    • Thegaffer

      Yes, but also a lot of runs later too. Actually, he never got out of the 5 th inning so I really cant say he gave up late inning runs. I think it is more that he has an 86 mph fastball than anything else.

  4. ToddAlmighty

    First it’s metal detectors, then it’s shoes, then it’s full body pat downs. Next thing you know it takes 30 minutes just to get through stadium security. Seen this game played before.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Can’t even wear a hat going through the security check for football games now, if you didn’t know. Went to the playoff game last year, January 5th in Cincinnati.. high of 39, low of 9, and you have to take off your hat in line to get in.

  5. ohiojimw

    I thought the best part of the entire night was seeing JoeyV on the bench in full uniform and feeling good enough to be mixing in the fun with everyone.

    And perhaps it is just my wishful thinking projecting through; but, I thought he had a different look about him this evening. I thought he looked like a man who was really feeling it that he wanted to be out on the field. I don’t mean to infer that he hasn’t felt that way all along, just that now he is really feeling that it is a possibility, that he realizes it will happen, if not this season then in 2015.

    • msanmoore

      His “fist pump” at BP’s RBI walk was fun to watch.

  6. Eric the Red

    1) Jim Day commented that the team was the loosest he’s seen them all year. Maybe Gritty McGritten was hurting the clubhouse chemistry with his grit and intensity and calling guys out for being late to batting practice? Just a thought.

    2) I have no idea why this umpiring crew is allowed in an MLB stadium without a ticket. That’s two nights in a row of embarrassing ball/strike calls, and CB Bucknor hasn’t been behind the plate yet. Yikes this is a bad crew.

    3) On the play where Mesoraco got thrown out, check out Steve Smith’s total lack of communication with him. No signals at all, which is something I’ve noticed a lot–he pays no attention to the trail runners. Steve Smith: He’s Not Just Terrible At Sending Guys Home ™

    4) Hanigan, one “n” 😉

    5) Congrats to Holmberg on his first Win. Still, if our rotation in 2016 is Homer and 4 guys like Holmberg I’ll be very sad.