The Reds are red-hot, right? Well, they just beat the first-place Cardinals in three straight games, so it’s beginning to appear as if the Reds are a legitimately good team.


Cincinnati begins a series tonight against the team that dominated the National League Central for most of this season, before entering into a swan dive over recent weeks. Yes, the Milwaukee Brewers. Bad news for the Reds is that Mat Latos has been scratched for tonight’s start; in his place will be Daniel Corcino, making his first major league start. Yes, the Reds have suffered another injury. Can you believe it?

Here’s tonight’s lineup. Go Redlegs?

1. Hamilton CF
2. Negron 3B
3. Frazier 1B
4. Bruce RF
5. Phillips 2B
6. Heisey LF
7. Pena C
8. Cozart SS
9. Corcino RHP

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  1. concepcion13

    Fay has Price saying that Gritty McGriterson hasn’t been 100% all year but kept it to himself. Soooo….is that grit? I say that’s selfishly hurting your team when your manager runs you out there expecting 100%. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Gritty in a Reds uni.

    • Thegaffer

      Clearly, the stats show that they can get just about anyone for league minimum to do a better job. Xavier Paul was better! Wasted 5 mil.

      • BigRedMike

        If Skip was hurt all year and did not disclose it, he should be DFA’d. Then again, the Reds were stupid enough to keep playing while while accumulating a negative WAR

      • drew

        All players do it so we DFA all of them?

    • Shchi Cossack

      I am really fed up and disgusted with this scenario. Last season, Hannahan played hurt all season without letting anyone know and Dusty played him to the tune of 162 PA with a whopping 69 OPS+. This season, Schumaker plays hurt all season without letting anyone know and Bryan plays him to the tune of 271 PA with a whopping 69 OPS+. That’s not grit or dedication or anything else that can even remotely be construed as positive. That’s simply selfish stupidity. Both players should be DFA’d immediately and anyone who tolerates, condones or encourages such behavior or actions should be dismissed and I don’t care what position they hold within the organization.

      Negron or Santiago or Navarro can provide a 69 OPS+ and much better defense and much better flexibility than either of those two players. Pay ’em and send ’em packing to clear 2 spots on the 40 man roster. WJ simply has to quit avoiding the 60-day DL for players with serious injuries and quit bringin players back off the DL from serious injuries before they are fully healed. If the issue is with the training and medical staff being unable or unwilling properly identify when the players are fully healed, then sever those contracts too.

      • George Mirones

        These types of late season revelations will only give Walt 2nd thoughts about any personnel changes as they can be used to support him for his inactivity.
        “Who knew he was hurt and he will be better next year when he heals” I can hear it now..

      • RunBillyRun

        Brilliant, really – wish you could be a consultant to help Mr. C.
        Agree with all of your points.
        Thank you.

      • take2billy

        My reply was for Mr. Cossack. Just to be clear.

  2. Ohioindiaspora

    Hey, Nation staff, we´ve seen a bunch of young guys this year, Negron, Bourgois, pitchers like Holberg, Axelrod and Corcino. Do you think you could write a piece now that we are getting toward the end of the year of who it looks like we can hope more for going forward? Thanks for all the great writing on this blog
    Go Reds, keep spoiling!

    • George Mirones

      Looks like Negron wants to be back next year. yeah I know his hitting has fallen off and no I don’t need an in depth statistical analysis, just a fans thought.

    • Thegaffer

      This is all Price. He has repeatedly stated he favors aggressive (risky) baserunning. There was an article a month ago showing how the reds as 2 or more wins worse on the bases than last year! Its probably worse now.

  3. jas428

    Hamilton looked safe. Tag applied to hip.

  4. Michael J Hampton

    Looks like we got our LF for next year. According to Price, ol’ Skip should be good to go by spring training.

  5. George Mirones

    Did I miss the Latos injury. It seems that this start isn’t an emergency start but was planned ahead.

  6. sergeant2

    Another aspect of Schmaker saying he was injured all season, is his agent can use that to explain to other teams why Schu’s numbers were down this season if his agent has to shop Schu around.

  7. RedAlert

    Tie about to evaporate – Longball Logan to the hill with gascan in hand

    • RedAlert

      Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming – Bryan Price had still not learned the meaning of insanity – high leverage situation and Logan sucks as usual

  8. VaRedsFan

    Braun vs. Ondrusek, what could go wrong?

  9. VaRedsFan

    Broxton pitched 4 straight days for the Brewers…is that allowed?

  10. sergeant2

    I think Frazier is the ultimate “guess hitter”. Not that I’m complaining, cause he guesses right a lot of the time. Go Reds!

  11. George Mirones

    Did we just see history, Cozart, Phillips walk twice in the same game and also in the same innings.!

    • RedAlert

      Just do not understand Price and these types of decisions – he has done it all year – just bizarre

      • muttonlettucetomato

        I didn’t get Heisey bunting at this point in the season. He’s got decent speed, so it’s not like he’s a sure DP candidate. I hate giving up the out there.

    • George Mirones

      Maybe Jack is still injured so he can come back next year!

  12. Tom Reed

    Can Jack Squat get the lead run in?

  13. RedAlert

    Prices’s decision making leaves a lot to be desired too many times this year / he has had a large hand in all these one run loses

    • RedAlert

      Really unsure if Bryan Price needs to manage this team next year , although I realize he will – he has been unimpressive to me

      • sergeant2

        One things for sure, there’s no mistaking that Price is a rookie manager. We can only hope he is learning from his mistakes.

  14. sergeant2

    I don’t get intentionally walking back to back hitters to the load the bases.

  15. muttonlettucetomato

    I didn’t understand Price’s decisions in the top of the ninth. Between the Heisey bunt and bringing up Jack, what the heck did he expect? Goofy for sure.

  16. take2billy

    Jumbo Diaz gets his first big decision and it’s a loss. Not his fault.

  17. sergeant2

    Very disappointing loss, very disappointing. The Reds simply are not good enough to get the job done, when it needs to get done. They are what their record says they are, not very good. Oh well, back at em tomorrow, the Reds can still win the series, and they just might do that. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.