The Reds go for two in a row against the Cardinals.

1. Chris Heisey (R) CF
2. Brayan Pena (S) 1B
3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
6. Jay Bruce (L) RF
7. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Alfredo Simon (R) P

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  1. VaRedsFan

    Does Matt Adams own Reds pitching or what? All things aside, after 4 pitches, FOX trax showed 3 pitches in the zone and 1 out of it. Unfortunatetly he didn’t get the calls, and the real count was 3-1. Adams hammered the next pitch for a double.

  2. Steve Mancuso

    Sorry we got this up a bit late. The Reds can apply for a do-over on the top of the first since we didn’t have the thread up.

  3. RedAlert

    Simon needs to go back to the pen next year period – he has fallen apart like wet toilet paper in the second half

    • Tom Reed

      A good description of what has happened team-wise since July 18th.

  4. sergeant2

    Simon will not be going back to the bullpen, that’s for sure. Simon has earned his way to being in the starting rotation next season.

  5. sergeant2

    The ump didn’t do the Reds any favors by kicking Lackey out of the game. The Reds were hitting him like opposing players hit Hoover.

    • VaRedsFan

      My thoughts exactly. I’d rather be facing Lackey

    • VaRedsFan

      Barking at the ump. Jim Day said it was very loud.

      • ToddAlmighty

        They showed the replay, and Lackey isn’t even saying anything while the ump is yelling at him.

  6. hof13

    Lets see now ….. 5 balls in 6 pitches and the batter swings on a 1 – 0 count and hits into a double play. Next batter walks on 4 pitches and the following batter swings on the first pitch and inning over. It’s no wonder the Reds have trouble scoring runs.

    • tct

      It’s really dumb. He brings up 2005 when the reds led the league in runs but only won 73 games because of bad pitching. But he fails to note that the reds won’t win many more than 73, if they even get there, this year with all this great starting pitching that he says they shouldn’t trade. He also says that the reds can’t afford a free agent starter, which is silly. They could have had Garza or Ervin Santana last off season for much less than they paid homer. Plus, if they can’t afford free agents then how can they afford to extend Cueto or Latos? Doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Kyle

    Reds got Brewers 21st and 22nd ranked prospects in Broxton trade. Kevin Shackleford and Barrett Astin. Neither highly regarded but some depth. Still a fan of the salary dump.

    • RedAlert

      Walt was saying they could help in a year or 2 at the MLB level – speaks volumes about him as a GM

      • ToddAlmighty

        That he’s both delusional (same guy who thought 3yr/$21m was a good idea for Broxton to begin with) and extremely confident that he’ll still be here in a year or two?

  8. RedAlert

    Incompetence in the third base coach’s box – guy has no freaking clue !

    • Vicferrari

      How rude would it be to put Jack out there for the rest of the season?

    • RedAlert

      27 reds thrown out at home plate – if thst doesn’t scream incompetence I don’t know what does

      • ToddAlmighty

        Reflects badly on Price both because he was Price’s guy, and because absolutely nothing has been done all season to fix the problem.

        Sounds a bit like Walt not fixing first base all year when I say it like that.

        Organizational theme?

  9. jas428

    would the Reds be better off without a third base coach?

  10. Vicferrari

    Question for all the 2nd guessers. Do you leave Simon in? Bring Chapman for 2? I sat take your chances with Jumbo in the 8th use Chapman for the 9th or to get 1 out in the 8th.. I get irritated at all the posts that talk about what an idiot that Price is after the fact.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Throw Chapman as much as you can for the rest of the season until either his arm is stretched out, or it falls off. Then trade him. 46 innings….. psh. Stretch his arm out for whoever wants him in winter. No need to have a $10-12m 50-60 inning pitcher next year.

      • Vicferrari

        I am talking in game management, all the people clamoring for 2 inning saves this is a prime time, then he pretty much is unavailable tomorrow

    • Vicferrari

      Lecure, I will question this…think I prefer a tired Simon but maybe it will work out

  11. jas428

    Two-run lead is not enough. Cannot rely upon bullpen.

  12. Vicferrari

    Simon has surprised me with his endurance, only 3 games since May given more than 3 ER…I think the All-star nomination is a fluke but he is probably an upgrade over Arroyo

  13. Tom Reed

    Seven outstanding innings from Simon. Let’s hope Sam can hold them in the 8th.

    • RedAlert

      Better get him out now !!! Why is Chapman not up Price ? Bizarre bullpen management again

      • Vicferrari

        I agree I do not care that it worked…why not bring Barnhardt to catch or put Yorman in RF,,, Chapman should have been there

  14. Vicferrari

    OK now you bring in Chapman, right?

    • Vicferrari

      I seriously have to question this, you do not bring Chapman to start off the 9th last night, what exactly are you saving him for?

      • VaRedsFan

        Perhaps he is testing Dennick to see if he has a future in high leverage spot

      • Vicferrari

        Then why not start some of the rookies instead of guys who might not be here next year, it is a pennant race and I would love to beat the Cards,,,are we really going to see Denick next year?

      • RedAlert

        Then Price has Longball Logan warming up – I’m starting to trust Price less than the gascans he goes out there to fetch !!! – his bullpen decision are horrendous !

  15. Thegaffer

    Steve Smith stikes again, what is the count on runners thrown out at home? Pena was out by 5 feet.

  16. Vicferrari

    Talk about some fair weather fans, if the Reds win and no one at RLN comments on it, did it happen?

  17. sergeant2

    Awesome win for the Reds, well, any win against the Cards is a good win. Simon definitely deserves at least a shot at being a permanent member of the starting rotation next season. Another win tomorrow sounds good to me. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  18. Michael J Hampton

    3 of Simon’s last 4 outings have been good outings, maybe he’s not washed up after all. I still think he can be a very good #4/5 starter for the Reds next year.

  19. jessecuster44

    Good win for the Reds! Go for the series win! Not surprising to see the two players coming back for Broxton to be pitchers. Reds farm system has plenty of offensive depth, right?

  20. ohiojimw

    I was waiting for the recap thread. It is over an hour and it still isn’t up. The guys must have been stunned and paralyzed that the Reds actually managed to beat the Cards twice and will do no worse than split this series. Amazing.