All of the Reds minor league teams except for Billings have ended their regular season.  So let’s take a look at how each team finished up.

AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats finished the year with a 68-75 record.  They finished in last place in the International League West 10.5 games back.  The Bats offense put up a .261/.326/.374/.700 line versus the league average of .262/.332/.396/.727.  Felix “The Invisible Man” Perez (.280/.325/.450/.775) was their best hitter.  The pitching staff put up a 4.68 ERA which was much higher than the 4.04 league average.  Chien-Ming Wang (3.70) was the best starter and Jumbo Diaz (1.35) the best reliever.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos finished at 60-80.  This placed them last in the Southern League South 23.5 games back and they tied for worst record in the league.  The Blue Wahoos hit .254/.322/.384/.706 which was just a tick below the league average of .257/.332/.388/.719.  Kyle Waldrop (.315/.359/.517/.876) was their best hitter even though he was there for just the second half of the season.  The pitching staff had a 3.99 ERA which was a bit above the league average of 3.85.  Jon Moscot (3.13) just edges Michael Lorenzen (3.13) for best starter, and Timothy Adleman (2.85) gets the nod for best reliever.

High A Bakersfield Blaze

The Blaze ended up 78-62.  That placed them in 2nd place in the California League North 7 games back.  They do qualify for the playoffs by means of being the 1st half champs.  Their first playoff game is Sat. Sept. 6th.  The Blaze hit .286/.359/.446/.805 which well above the league average line of .271/.341/.428/.769.  Marquez Smith (.323/.438/.623/1.061 ) paced the offense.  The pitchers put up a 4.74 ERA which was higher than the league average of 4.62.  Ben Lively (2.28) gets best starter and Carlos Gonzalez (0.57) best reliever.

Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons finished at 68-70.  That placed them third in the Midwest League Eastern division and 14.5 games back.  The Bats offense put up a .244/.317/.354/.671 line which was below the league average of .252/.322/.370/.692.  Sebastian Elizalde (.311/.439/.503/.941) had a big first half for best hitter.  The pitching staff had a 3.65 ERA which easily bested the league average of 3.77.  Nick Travieso (3.03) was their best starter and Nolan Becker (2.17) was the best out of the bullpen.

Rookie Billings Mustangs

The Mustangs have 4 games remaining and are currently 41-34.  This has them in 1st place in the Pioneer League North and 2 games up.  They have clinched as 2nd half division winner and have qualified for the playoffs.  The Mustangs offense is hitting .256/.321/.430/.750 which is well below the league average of .280/.349/.426/.775.  Argenis Aldazoro (.327/.357/.582/.939) slides in as the team’s best hitter.  The Mustang pitchers 4.40 ERA is well ahead of the 4.77 league average.  Wyatt Strahan (2.76) is the best starter and Brennan Bernardino (1.01) the best reliever.

Rookie AZL Reds

The Reds finished at 24-32. That placed them last in the Arizona League Central and 14.5 games out.  The Reds batters slashed .237/.302/.349/.650 which was well below the league average of .248/.329/.352/.681.  Chadwick Tromp (.323/.354/.505/.859) paced the team at the plate.  The Reds pitchers put up a 3.93 ERA which was just better than the 3.99 league average.  Bernardo Moreta (3.00) gets best starter and Tyler Parmenter (1.69) best reliever.