Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds (66-73) 0 4 0
  Baltimore Orioles (81-57) 6 7 1
W: Gonzalez (8-7)    L: Axelrod (1-1)
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One of those other-meaning-of-the-word-Titanic recaps … 

The Reds haven’t scored in the first inning since August 17. By all means, keep doing the same thing over and over again. For the eighth time in the last dozen games, the Reds were no-hit for the first three innings. The Reds were shutout for the 13th time this year.

Miguel Gonzalez pitched the first complete game of his career. It was a shutout thanks to an assist from Steve Smith, who nominally, at least, works for the Reds (more on that later).

The Reds are 1-8 in games using the DH (one win in Cleveland). Before tonight, Reds DHs had hit .143/.250/.250, with zero home runs and zero RBI. Ryan Ludwick did have a single tonight. Who-hoo. The front office might want to consider that as a tie-breaker in the off-season when they’re trying to decide if they need to build up the offense.

Dylan Axelrod gave up only five hits and no walks over six innings. Too bad three of the hits were home runs.

J.J. Hoover and David Holmberg pitched and didn’t give up any runs. #unlikelysentence

Brandon Phillips was hitting .148/.207/.185 (wRC+ of 9, that’s a 100-point scale) since returning from the DL before tonight. Bryan Price said that he blamed himself for allowing Phillips to come back too fast. (Sheldon) Price says Phillips is still suffering from the time off. So by all means, let’s keep playing him every night and batting him third.

Your instinct might be to rise to DatDude’s defense and ask “Well, who else should bat third?”  Correct answer: Anyone. Other wRC+ over the same time: Negron (42), Bruce (64), Cozart (77), Santiago (189) … even Skip Schumaker’s pathetic line (.167/.231/.208) is better. Unbelievably, we got jack for that is even the right answer this time (111 wRC+) .

It’s not BP’s fault, he’s trying to play injured. But for the second year in a row, the Reds allowing him to do that is hurting the team. Phillips went 0-4 with three soft outs and a K. Hitless in his  last 20 AB.

In the top of the eighth, Jason Bourgeois singled softly to left field with Ryan Ludwick on 2B with two outs. Ludwick would have scored easily. The LF was not even charging the ball. He was obviously conceding the run. When Ludwick got to third, 3B coach Steve Smith held him. It looked like Smith wasn’t even paying attention to the play right in front of him. Smith is plainly terrible at that part of his job. But, of course, the Reds keep sending him out there every single night. #accountabilitylipservice