Is it time to throw in the towel?

I’m sure Mat Latos will do everything in his power to get the Reds a needed W. Discuss the game here, Reds fans!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 1B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Bruce RF
6. Ludwick LF
7. Negron 3B
8. Cozart SS
9. Latos P

141 Responses

  1. magi210

    At least the lineup looks like it might pose a threat.

  2. Michael J Hampton

    Some reasons to watch the last 5 weeks of the season:

    I want to see if Latos can get his velocity up
    I want to see if Cueto can win 20
    I want to see if Bailey returns
    I want to see if Simon can recover a little bit of his pre ASG luster (He was pitching over his head, but I think he is better than he has pitched post ASG, may be just be worn down)
    I want to see if Frazier and Mesoraco can finish strong
    I want to see if Bruce can get out of his funk
    I want to see how well Phillips recovers from his surgery
    I want to see if Hamilton works on improving some areas of his game, in particular plate discipline
    and maybe in September, call up some of the AAA guys and see what they got

    and maybe, just maybe, 3 weeks of a fully recovered Votto (The only way I want to see him this year).

    • George Mirones

      Sanity. If all of your reasons (wishes) come true it will make 2015 a season to look forward to.

  3. BigRedSaguaro

    Just happy this game’s not on national tv. Dropped pop fly on miscommunication now a walk to the pitcher after an IBB to get to the pitcher.

  4. BigRedSaguaro

    Nice work to get it out of it

  5. George Mirones

    A test (or report card) of Price’s skills as a manager is on the mound tonight.

  6. doublenohitter

    The Braves announcers are absolutely the worst. They are dumb as rocks too.
    They just said that jay Bruce’s struggles are because he eats too much chili. THat he is 8 for his last 58 with 1 RBI in GABP. How can that happen in this ballpark. Like all you have to do is hit an infield popup and it will go out of the park.
    And if they say “this band box of a park” one more time…
    GAPB is a fair park. Go look at the stats! Just plain stupid.

    Give me Thom any day over these clowns.

    • Tom Reed

      I’m sure they’re filling up on Cincinnati chili while in town.

  7. Aaron Bradley

    Do they have inside info on chili consumption values? Because that would be invaluable data…

    • BigRedSaguaro

      Yeah I would think if he just getting the chili he would be ok, now if he knocking out a 5 way or two a day it might be a relevant point to make.

  8. BigRedSaguaro

    Anyone else feel Latos is about to lose his cool ?

  9. wildwestlv

    I’m feeling like this kind of like putting the finger in the dam.

  10. VaRedsFan

    Another run saved by Cozart defense….followed by another infield popup

  11. VaRedsFan

    glass half -full…The Braves have 6 LOB’s this game. We have yet to strand a runner.

  12. wildwestlv

    Class Joe Morgan story just now.

    • VaRedsFan

      as always…thought he would have made a great commissioner.

      • BigRedSaguaro

        If there is one thing Joe Morgan loves is a good Joe Morgan story. Love that guy

  13. wildwestlv

    I thought that was going to drop for sure.

  14. BigRedSaguaro

    Hitters making it easy for Minor

  15. VaRedsFan

    Amazing hearing Morgan talking about how Paul Oneil could see how Bruce was opening up on his swing. Then they showed Jay’s at bat, and he did that EXACT thing.
    It’s so frustrating watching him do unfundamentally sound things. Does our batting coach give this info, or does Jay just go up there with his own agenda?

    • George Mirones

      IMO the only thing that is going to get Jays attention is waking up one cold January morning and find out he has been traded to the Twins.

    • Tom Reed

      Paul O’Neil for Red’s batting coach in 2015.

  16. BigRedSaguaro

    How do the Braves not have more runs, it’s a miracle

  17. sergeant2

    Its definitely a treat listening to Joe “Little Joe” Morgan talk baseball. (he’s on the MLB television network) Go Reds!

      • George Mirones

        In listening to Joe Morgan talk you can understand why he is what he is. It sounds like he was smart enough not to buy into the hype.

  18. sergeant2

    Catching the ball with your back towards the ball is well, what can I say, what an amazing catch by BP.

  19. sergeant2

    Ok, I’ll admit I don’t get out much, whats up with the “Pete” label stitched on the Braves uniforms.

    • VaRedsFan

      Pete van Weiring (sp?) long time Braves announcer passed away.

      • sergeant2

        Oh, O.k. thank you. I was kinda hoping it had something to do with the players showing support for Pete Rose and the new commissioner lifting the lifetime ban.

    • magi210

      Braves announcer passed away earlier this year, Pete Van Wieren.

  20. VaRedsFan

    Joe on Billy: Only displeased with his too many CS’s. but he’s a rookie and will improve.
    Best CF’er on the planet.
    Needs to get a bigger lead.

    He talks more about fundamentals…a common theme about things about all Reds, approach to hitting, seeing the ball, and overall approach.

    • charlottencredsfan

      A treasure. Miss him on Sunday nights.

  21. jas428

    Does Hatcher know how to teach runners to steal? Just wondering. No doubt he’s a nice guy.

    • jas428

      Don’t Hatcher and staff review opponent staff moves on film? why wait until you get on base to try to figure it out?

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m sure he does a tremendous job, as well as others in the org. (Delino Deshields). But Joe was saying. you can learn a lot from other knowledgeable sources, even if it’s just a fundamental thing such as a bigger lead.

    • BigRedSaguaro

      Seems like we haven’t even come close to a hit

  22. Jeff Morris

    We need Billy Hatcher in the lineup, can he be a player/coach. I remember that 1990 Reds team that won the world series. Billy really tore it up with the bat against the Pirates, and then the A’s in the World Series. Those were the days my friend…..

    • BigRedSaguaro

      Now I want to watch that Series again

  23. Jake

    This scrub is pitching a no hitter so far

  24. BigRedMike

    Minor is not really a scrub

    Looking forward to the future when Ludwick is no longer on the Reds

  25. BigRedSaguaro

    Remember yesterday when the theme was it couldn’t get worse ?

  26. Jeff Morris

    Wonder if the fans are booing the Reds…when they make out after out?

  27. Jake

    I just want to see something positive, anything. A home run, a single, some guy dancing in the stands. Anything

    • Tom Reed

      Dancing in the stands is not in the cards for the 2014 season.

  28. BigRedSaguaro

    Shocking at the type of no hitter this is, nothing hit hard no great defensive play to rob someone

  29. Mardigan47

    Don’t have that sinking feeling in my gut tonight… Either we’re going to win this somehow or my sub-conscious has stop giving a poo about this season 😛

    • Tom Reed

      It looks like poo will win out again.

  30. BigRedSaguaro

    Heisey gonna bust it up right here

  31. VaRedsFan

    Reds fans give standing O to the opposing pitcher. I’m not crazy about that. Bet the players aren’t either.

  32. jas428

    Heisey AB was not completely unproductive. Great piece of hitting by BH.

    • VaRedsFan

      he did get Cozart to 2nd. Cozart scored.

  33. hof13

    Hamilton has made a great catch, has only hit, driven in the only run ….. he needs to get a steal here and score on an errant throw.

  34. Redgoggles

    Much easier to give standing O when the first hit ties the game.

  35. sergeant2

    Now I have never seen a delivery like that little hop by the Braves pitcher. Never.

  36. redmountainH

    Threw 2 sliders to Heyward-good bye. Cozart shows his value to the team.

  37. VaRedsFan

    Chapman dominant again. He had to get int a couple dozen doughnuts in Colorado

  38. BigRedSaguaro

    How awesome is it gonna be to win this thing with only 2 hits? Time for luck to change around this place !

  39. pinson343

    Chapman is on tonight, both with his fastball and slider. Only thrown 12 pitches. Use him in the 10th if needed. Hopefully the Reds end it now.

    • VaRedsFan

      doubtful, because he did pitch last night. But possibly.

  40. sergeant2

    Mesoraco had a couple of pitches that was tailor made to drive outta the park, but just barely missed em. Go Reds!

  41. pinson343

    Good that Chapman’s pitching a 2nd inning, with the heart of their order coming up. Go for the win tonight, forget about tomorrow.

  42. sergeant2

    31,160 turned out for tonight’s game, 31,160. (its not a titanic struggle, unless Marty says it is, and he’s off tonight) Go Reds!

    • Redgoggles

      Cause the alternatives give me hives.

  43. pinson343

    I didn’t like Frazer playing the no doubles defense against Johnson. What’s the chance he’s going to hit a line drive down the 3rd base line ? Instead a ground ball which would have been an out goes thru for a single, and Johnson steals 2nd anyway.

  44. BigRedSaguaro

    Skippy pitched last night probably on an innings limit

  45. sergeant2

    To say a walk off win would lift the spirits of the team is a major understatement. Oh! and not to mention the downtrodden fans. Go Reds!

  46. pinson343

    Sam’s got to come thru tonight.

  47. Redgoggles

    Backup catcher bunting for a hit in the 11th with no one on? Things that make you go hmmm.

  48. pinson343

    T. Brennaman and Brantely having a fit that Cozart has been taken out of the game.

  49. VaRedsFan

    Pena continues to hit into bad luck

  50. sergeant2

    Geez I hate it when the announcers give their home run yell on a long fly ball.

    • pinson343

      I hate that too, especially on the radio. On tv, I watch what the OFer is doing.

  51. pinson343

    Not showing much respect for BP here.

  52. sergeant2

    The Braves catcher is going to need to see a psychiatrist after this game. Suffering from BHam paranoid syndrome.

  53. sergeant2

    I sure hope I haven’t missed part of the Simpsons marathon only to see my Reds lose in extra innings. C’mon Reds lets get a win tonight. Go Reds!

  54. pinson343

    That was really served up to Upton.

  55. sergeant2

    Giving up a two run HR in extra innings is beyond mind boggling. The neon lights are bright when you throw a pitch right down Broadway.

  56. Redgoggles

    Our bullpen is 4 arms short of dominant.

  57. sergeant2

    Bruce can at times look like a fan out of the stands that was asked to step in the batters box and try their hand at hitting major league pitching.

  58. VaRedsFan

    Bruce has looked miserable tonight…

    • Jake

      Bruce has looked miserable just about every game, unfortunately

  59. Redgoggles

    Really thought the boys would pull it out tonight. How many days till spring training?

    • pinson343

      I did too. A home game, good guys in the bullpen rested, etc. Hamilton set them up for a win twice, but nothing doing.

  60. VaRedsFan

    Kudos to Price for not bringing in Hoover in a tie game…PROGRESS!

    • BigRedSaguaro

      Surprised with the proximity he didn’t call down about the 2nd inning give him plenty of time to get to the park

  61. BigRedSaguaro

    Maybe ol Skip can grit one out right here

  62. pinson343

    I don’t know why I wasted another Friday night on this.

  63. BigRedSaguaro

    How did ATL allow this to go on as long as they did ?

  64. sergeant2

    The Reds avoided being no hit tonight, so there is that. Plus at least it took extra innings for for the Reds to lose the game. That’s about as best I can do in the glass half full, rose colored glasses department.

  65. WhereRUKlu?

    Oh my my….It’s not that I believe these guys AREN’T trying, it just isn’t their year. Can’t wait until the roster expansion so we can see some other potentials. I’m still a believer in this team, with some tweaking. I can’t wait til 2015 so everyone can start all over again……healthy and with maybe a couple of improvements. I’m a looooong time Reds fan and will be with them next year too.

  66. sergeant2

    Good news, the Braves @ Reds game will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 aka FS1. Looking forward to the nation witnessing the Reds teach the Braves a lesson they won’t soon forgethiccup. Go Reds!