What!? The Reds have to play again tonight after a rough Sunday in Colorado!? That’s not fair. What!? The Reds have to play the hated St. Louis Cardinals after all that has gone on with injuries, losses, and broken water mains! That’s not fair.

I guess the only thing that can solve these struggling blues is for the Reds to hand the rival Cardinals a loss tonight. On another positive note, Brandon Phillips is back and in tonight’s lineup. Let’s hope his re-entry into the lineup sparks a late season rally!

Discuss the game here, Reds fans!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bruce RF
3. Frazier 3B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Ludwick LF
6. Phillips 2B
7. Pena 1B
8. Cozart SS
9. Leake P

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  1. the next janish

    BP batting sixth:”No. No! That’s not true! That’s impossible!”
    “Search your feelings; you know it to be true!”

    Something like that crossed my mind

    Next time shouldn’t there be a spoiler alert on BP batting Sixth? I’m sure a third of the redleg nation won’t believe this until the at bat occurs.

    • Kevin J. Brown (@ZebtheRed)

      He did hit a HR yesterday, but he was 2 for 9 with 5 Ks. I like him a lot, but if BP and Frazier are available and don’t need rest, Kris needs to sit.

      • Vicferrari

        Can he not play short? I am imagine Cozart is headed toward elite defense status but is it possible to let him play a few days a week there?

      • Michael Howes

        Negron can play pretty much anywhere. This season alone at AAA he’s played 2B, SS, 3B, LF, RF and CF (as well as pitched an inning). For his career he’s played the most games at SS, followed by 2B. He’s no great shakes and I would never name him a starter but with that sort of super-utility player ability and having a AAA slashline of .269/.328/.406 I have always wondered why the Reds have wasted so many plate appearances on Bernadina and Schumaker. He’s not as good as his #s in the bigs this season but he’s as good or better than those 2. I still don’t understand why Schumaker has gotten over 230 plate appearances. All while playing crappy defense.

  2. Michael J Hampton

    Good to see Phillips name in the lineup again, no matter where he is batting. It’s kind of a sad reflection on the season, but Phillip’s .701 OPS is 4th best of the 12 active position players with any significant playing time. Negron has been on a hot streak and his .821 OPS in 74 AB is actually 2nd to Mesoraco’s .924, but I do not think that is sustainable as his MiL career OPS in parts of 9 seasons and over 3000 AB is .683. I hope next season, Phillips has a productive season but bats 6th or even 7th because the guys ahead of him are healthy and even more productive.

  3. Dan

    Is there something wrong with Hamilton? Why no attempt to steal? Do you think they are just gun shy now?

    • Vicferrari

      only 2 stolen bases this month 6 for his last 12 since early July, very disappointing seeing this was his strength…It feel sorts like your closer coming in a walking the 1st 4 batters with a 4 run lead

  4. hof13

    And that represents the difference between the Reds and the Cards

  5. BigRedSaguaro

    Came back from my travels to see yesterday’s travesty but at least I could fast forward through it. Get to see the boys flub and flounder on national tv the next three days.

  6. RedAlert

    Ballgame – reds just utterly choke in St. Louis – unfreaking believable – Jay Bruce with the iron glove

  7. BigRedSaguaro

    It’s like every batter we walked the last week has scored

  8. AARON D

    The Reds are on National TV tonight…cue the Benny Hill music.

    ALways .

    • BigRedSaguaro

      Fox Sports 1 also has them on tomorrow nite,at least here they do.

  9. RedAlert

    Zack Cozart is simply not good at the plate – need an offensive upgrade at this position in the worst way – popup, groundout, strikeout , popup , groundout , strikeout ….. Like a freaking broken record

    • AARON D

      SS, LF, RF (sorry just never been a fan of Bruce and his major hot/cold streaks….need more consistency) all need upgrades IMO

      • sergeant2

        OK, thanks. I get the game on the Cardinal T.V. network. (Fox Sports Midwest.) I was just wondering what network was broadcasting the game nationally, thought it might be ESPN.

    • wildwestlv

      REDSkins are on national TV, ESPN, right now. Oh, and the St. Louis Cardinals are playing some high school team (must be for charity, or something), on MLB Network (out of market, of course).

  10. BigRedSaguaro

    They on national tv tomorrow nite as well

  11. sergeant2

    Interesting tidbit in the STL. Post-Dispatch today: The Reds projected starting lineup has only been on the field for 12 games this season, going 6-6 in that span.

  12. RedAlert

    Mike Leake with the batting practice session once again this evening – stuff is just not good enough against teams that can swing the bat –

      • BigRedSaguaro

        Yeah. They might have left there season in Denver.

  13. BigRedSaguaro

    Leake and the boys trying to put this one out of reach early

      • BigRedSaguaro

        Not against the Birds. They too scared against this team.

      • RedAlert

        Yea – saw that the first inning when Hamilton failed to attempt a steal when Cardinals catchers thrown out 2 of last 20 according to broadcasters

  14. Redgoggles

    This team will finish 10 games below .500. And that may be optimistic.

  15. VaRedsFan

    Holmberg will make next start in Bailey’s spot…per Jim Day

  16. AARON D

    The crazy thing is….the schedule set up nicely for the Reds. If they were even a shell of their real self, the 4 game set at last place Colorado followed by series with the two teams directly ahead of the Reds in the WC (STL and Atlanta)….unfortunately the reds crapped their pants in Denver which, barring a sweep of both STL and ATL, makes these series moot.

    • RedAlert

      And right on q – the double play – this team can’t do any anything right –

      • BigRedSaguaro

        I was waiting for the bases loaded no out, next 3 batters make outs, no runs scored inning

  17. BigRedSaguaro

    They could have threw that ball into the outfield and still had plenty of time to still get Wheels there out.

  18. Jeff Morris

    Ludwick had a chance in his 1st at Bat and failed, and had a chance in his 2nd at Bat and failed. Strikeout and Double Play. This is an great example on why the Reds need to replace their left fielder next year and beyond with a better option. If Reds Management needs an example on why? They need to only look at this game and the above example to see why.

  19. RedAlert

    Dude is out , but guarantee those bellies in the replay station will not reverse it

  20. sergeant2

    Players to manager: Hey Skip, if your not too busy can you come out of the dugout and challenge the play. (hey, I kid cause I love) Go Reds!

  21. BigRedSaguaro

    Reds fan made a nice catch there

  22. BigRedSaguaro

    Runner on 2nd no outs bet we hit into a double play

  23. BigRedSaguaro

    Oops, teach me to be negative

  24. sergeant2

    Well I’ll be a flop eared mule, back to back doubles. RBI number 31 for Cozart.

  25. VaRedsFan

    Somebody thought we wouldn’t sniff 3 runs tonight…wonder if he went to bed already.

    • RedAlert

      Nope – but see below – still with it on gamecast right now and certainly glad I was wrong !

  26. RedAlert

    Bad storms here in NC – directtv out – MLB gamecast shows Bruce goes deep – yessir !!

  27. Tom Reed

    Four big ones. Very important to not give up a run or more in the bottom half. Well done.

  28. Vicferrari

    Hate to address the elpephant in the room, but is Chapman available, maybe it will not matter but I will be surprised to get more than 2 innings out of Leake, the only guy I feel good about in the bullpen is a 30 year old rookie

  29. Vicferrari

    How about that a 5 pitch inning with a runner left on 3rd

    • Vicferrari

      did you miss the bullpen yesterday, I take my chances with Descalso- fluke hit a pitch around his ankles

  30. kywhi

    Watching these post-All Star break Reds reminds me of the old Frank Zappa tune, “The Torture Never Stops”.

  31. sergeant2

    That ball was nowhere near the plate and for a veteran like Ludwick swing at it is just plain unexplainable.

    • Vicferrari

      Ludwick left his judgement someone in the Rockies

  32. BigRedSaguaro

    Ok can we score, please score, let’s beat these birds

  33. AARON D

    Ludwick is 0 for 4 today with 3 strike outs. It just so happens that in 3 of his AB’s the reds had RISP. Just a shame.

    • George Mirones

      Luddy not in Denver anymore.

      • Qatar's Reds

        I get that Cozart is an excellent defensive SS but why not pinch hit for him in that situation. I know that might shatter his confidence but at this point the Reds have to win as many games as they can.

  34. kywhi

    Who didn’t see that pop-up by Cozart coming?

  35. Vicferrari

    So who is going to 2nd guess not leaving Leake in, you ccould have him lead off the top of the 9th

  36. Qatar's Reds

    This is just heartbreaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. jcredlegs

    I just live the WILL TO WIN that Bryan Price has instilled in these guys. One heck of a great leader!

  38. kywhi

    Others probably don’t agree, but I find tonight’s meltdown harder to stomach than the double-nightmare that was yesterday. The Reds do not appear to be a well-managed team at all right now.

    • jcredlegs

      I think all his late game mistakes have eroded the team’s confidence in him and now they just stand around waiting for him to blow another one. He’s got to go.

    • sergeant2

      Right now they are not a well managed team. Do we write it off as On The Job Training?

  39. wildwestlv

    Reds are going to lose to the Cardinals?!? Say it isn’t so! I figured Price already had these dates “X”ed off w/ a Sharpie, before he even took over, as Skipper.

  40. BigRedSaguaro

    Or strikeout swinging at balls

  41. sergeant2

    Someone call Shirley, the Reds just manufactured a run to tie the game. Go Reds!

  42. wildwestlv

    If I was Votto, why would I okay myself to return to this dumpster fire? No thanks. I’d go back to Toronto, kick-up & relax & dine on some fine Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner, until Spring 2015.

  43. Chris

    If we take the lead I’m curious to see how Chapman throws tonight – one day after his Walk-a-thon.

  44. kywhi

    Is Jon Jay a Reds’ killer or what?

  45. TallyRed

    You gotta give the boys some credit. After yesterday’s devastation and getting in at 4am, they’ve scrapped tonight.

  46. Vicferrari

    I do not get Parra threw less than 5 innings in 6 weeks and then he is used back to back nights

  47. BigRedSaguaro

    What is up with us letting these weak hitters start rallies

  48. Jake

    There’s a walk. Playing with fire now

  49. CBD

    Well….if we’re going to do that in the 10th why bother ? lol

  50. Jake

    Ondrusek? Well can’t be worse than our bullpen lately

  51. wildwestlv

    Love the FSO report, just now, about Chapman. NOBODY can figure out why he isn’t available, tonight. That’s the sure sign of a professional organization that has NO idea what is going on.

  52. wildwestlv

    Good to know Ondrusek hasn’t missed a beat.

  53. RedAlert

    Looks like Logan picked up wher he left off – 0-2 to a base hit – geeze

  54. Jeff Morris

    Not sure why Price didn’t pitch hit for Cozart with the bases loaded, knowing Cozart gets a hit about once every 200 at bats, and he already had his hit for tonight. Also, with Pierzynski or how ever you spell it a Left Handed batter, why not bring in Parra a Left Handed pitcher for the lefty lefty matchup? Again…if the Reds want to win these one run games, then Price has to manage carefully and like its a playoff game. Ohhhh No…here comes Ondrusek. Wouldn’t be surprised if Holiday homes off of him, and/or someone the Cardinals score the one run they need.

  55. BigRedSaguaro

    Ondrusek comes in and torches the place

  56. Jeff Morris

    I mean Holiday homers off of Ondrusek, but he singled…but here we go. Adams just singled as well.

  57. Vegas Red 11

    Why do the same guys continuously get used in hug leverage situations? You’d be hard pressed to find Ondrusuck on any rosters short of the Reds if he was dfa like he should be.

  58. CBD

    Price just doesn’t have many options. The Reds are paper thin when it comes to depth and these kinds of games expose that.

  59. wildwestlv

    B-I-N-G-O! Classic Logan Ondrusek.

  60. kywhi

    Price may as well have just waved the white flag when brought Ondrusek into this game in this situation.

  61. BigRedSaguaro

    No shocker here, wasted effort

  62. Jake

    Ondrusuck blows another game. Our bullpen alone has cost us the past 3 games

  63. RedAlert

    Id times ther see anybody else the reds got in the minors than the jokes thst are Ondrusuck and Hoover – thanks Logan – abd thanks once again to Bryan Price who might be the most unintelligent intelligent person I have ever seen – this team is a disaster

  64. jcredlegs

    One run losses are a hallmark of a badly managed team. Bryan Price has got to go. He’s in over his head. Not MLB manager material. I’m tired of hearing the injury excuse. ALL teams deal with injury problems. Well-managed teams overcome them.

  65. CBD

    I am reminded of a current team I work with. Everyone gets on the coach because of the poor performance results of the team. However, as is true in both my case and the 2014 Reds, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. The reds front office did not give Price adequate tools to compete in the NL Central this season. Glaring weaknesses were ignored in the off-season and at the trade deadline.

    Blame Price all you want, but this disaster of 2014 starts and ends with Walt.

  66. kywhi

    I know this opinion won’t be popular, but I can’t help but believe that things wouldn’t be this bad right now if Dusty Baker were still at the helm.

      • kywhi

        I don’t want Dusty back, either. I just want to win going forward. While I was lucky enough to have witnessed the Big Red Machine Era and the Wire-to-Wire year of 1990, it seem like that was a thousand years ago. This has been the most frustrating second half of a season that I can remember.

  67. Jake

    Hoover and Ondrusek should ALWAYS be the last people to pitch from the bullpen

    • wildwestlv

      Position players are better options at this point.

  68. RedAlert

    Really getting frustrated with Price now – these continual losses by 1 run are very telling – he has failed miserably and constantly with in-game strategy – but biggest question is how can the owner just sit there and continually absorb this type of losing on an almost daily basis when his GM has been on a year long vacation ? Amazing to say the least

  69. RedAlert

    This season has simply been an Epic Failure on all fronts for this organization – starting with ownership , the phantom GM , injuries to key players , poor strategic management from the dugout , the joke that is the third base coach , a bullpen that features at least 2 of the biggest gascans in the league , TOOTBLAN champions of the world , … You get the point

    • Jake

      It’s been an incredibly frustrating season all around. The only thing that has been consistent is the starting pitching

  70. WhereRUKlu?

    Un-freaking-believable!!! As a longgggg time Reds rooter, I have to say that the season in now over. This team never had a “middle relief” corps. LeCure for about a third of the season, and maybe Jumbo looks decent so far as a whole. Pitching, front and back, have carried this team so far, and now that is in question. No-hitting LF, RF, and SS don’t help. Good to see Bruce finally finding his swing, but too little too late. Can’t beleive some of his defense this year though. Sure, injuries have hurt, but the bigger and truer picture probably lays with Price, and especially Jocketty and Castellini. Spent too much time with the “Bernadina” and “Hannahan” projects. I remember one particular game when it was on the line and the TV showed Heisey warming up with a bat in the dugout, but instead Price sent up Bernadina, at that time a .195 hitter. Struck out. At least Heisey, for as off as he has been this year, at least he has some playing experience with some occasional “pop”. Twice later this season he sent up Hannahan to the plate….who was still looking for his first hit. True, some players have had an off year, but the management team of Price, Jocketty and Castellini have really dropped the ball. Make no mistake, you will NOT see Votto back in the batter’s box this year. The season is over for him. Go home and heal and come back whole. On the bright side, Hamilton has shown that he is their CF, Cuetto is stil the ace, Frazier and Mesoroco are here to stay, and Negron and Diaz will be on the 2015 team. Whether Price will be back is probably open for debate, but the CEO, GM and owner really need to look in the mirror for this year.

    • sergeant2

      There is no debate on whether or not Price will be back, he will be back. That question isn’t even on the radar screen.

  71. sergeant2

    I think the continuing tootblans are as good an indicator of how good a manager Price is than anything else. Of course the Reds hitters swinging at the first pitch after the previous hitter or even in some cases the previous two hitters were walked on four, maybe five pitches is also a good indicator of how well managed this team is.