Dylan Axelrod…. He’s either a character from Pixar’s Cars 3 or the man assigned to help the Reds win back to back games. I’d possibly be more excited to see that animated sequel than watch the Reds at the moment.

But with that said, the Reds are just a winning streak away from getting back in the race and restoring our hopes of a spot in the post-season. All it takes is for the club to score more than they allow tonight and then continue that trend for a few more days. Sounds simple enough, right!?

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Kris Negron (R) 3B
3. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
6. Brayan Pena (S) 1B
7. Skip Schumaker (L) 2B
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Dylan Axelrod (R) P

Discuss the game, Reds fans!

36 Responses

  1. mikemartz

    game could played tomorrow as a double header

  2. mikemartz

    according to FSO first pitch 8:40 p.m. est instead of 8:10

  3. Kevin J. Brown

    Tough one tonight; Lyles has generally pitched well against the Reds except for one shelling we gave him last year. Axelrod’s numbers last year for the White Sox are frightening: 170 hits and 24 HRs in only 128.1 IP. His last game in AAA was nothing special: 7 2/3 IP, 4 ER. Realistically we have to hope he can give us 5 IP and 2 or 3 runs allowed and the bats do some damage.

  4. mikemartz

    warmups shut down, still no running water, game is on hold and may be called off

  5. mikemartz

    players are leaving the dugout, doesn’t look good

  6. mikemartz

    2:10 and 7:10 sunday is the speculation for now, still not decided

  7. mikemartz

    Postponed, turn off the lights when you leave.

  8. Eric the Red

    I don’t know what the Reds did to upset the Baseball Gods, but this season is proof that they’re very angry. Sure, why not make us play games 3 and 4 in Colorado as a day/night DH right before we go to St. Louis. It’s not like we already had our pitching staff messed up because of an injury or anything.

    • Kevin J. Brown

      On the bright side for the Cardinal series, Bailey’s injury means Cueto pitches in game 3 of that series rather than missing it. And we won’t be seeing Wainwright as he’s starting tomorrow.

      We could burn a reliever tomorrow if needed and then replace them with Ondrusek on Monday.

      On the down side, since the Reds have no days off, Thursday’s game against the Braves is a bit of a problem unless we go back with Latos on short rest.

      • docmike

        I see 4 possibilities for Thursday’s game:

        1) Latos pitches on short rest
        2) Axelrod pitches on short rest
        3) The Reds go with a bullpen day, maybe starting with Contreras
        4) The Reds call up Holmberg (ugh) in place of Axelrod

        I’d rather not see anybody have to go on short rest. And the thought of seeing Holmberg going again seems unpleasant. My vote would be for option 3, start Contreras and go from there.

      • Kevin J. Brown

        Lecure and Parra, who have both been starters, would be possibilities.

        If Axelrod is ineffective tomorrow, it may well be 4. I don’t think they’ll do 1 or 2 and I think that Ondrusek gets called up Monday and Contreras sent down. Holmberg is due to pitch for the Bats Monday; if he gets scratched then it will be 4.

  9. zippy

    Any chance Walt will trade for a decent starter by tomorrow? I mean, I know it would be awkward and uncomfortable sending Axelrod back to the minors without letting him lose a few games in the majors, but…..

  10. Kevin J. Brown

    Looking it up, Latos has never pitched in the majors on 3 days rest so Thursday is really a problem.

    • docmike

      I say start Contreras and hope he can give you a solid 4 innings, then bullpen the rest of the way.

  11. preacherj

    I promise you we will not lose tonight. Book it.

  12. Kevin J. Brown

    J.J. Hoover had 61 starts in the minors.

    None of the options look particularly appealing.

  13. Dale Pearl

    band aid the team. circle the wagons. Hold on tight until next year. Plan for 2015, make roster moves accordingly, and keep your stars healthy.

    • Kevin J. Brown

      Tank the season and play everybody from AAA. Thank you, “Red Fan”.

      • Dale Pearl

        Just because I don’t see things your way doesn’t mean I am not a fan. I am wanting to see the Reds in the World Series and not the playoffs. I”m also a fan of the bats, The wahoos, the dragons, the blaze, the mustangs. I want to see the young guys get moved up instead of seeing the Reds struggle with being good but never great. Just like Joey Votto said at the end of last year If we don’t make the World Series it is a disappointment. Well I am sure that he is going to be disappointed them. Don’t judge me Mr. Brown because I don’t see things the way you do. I’m just as big a Reds fan as you or any other person who cheers on the Reds.

      • Kevin J. Brown

        No real fan wants their team to concede the season when they still have a decent chance of success. The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series after winning 83 games in the regular season. Get into the playoffs and anything can and has happened.

        You stomping your feet and declaring “the Reds can’t possibly win the World Series this year!” doesn’t make it so and you continuously insisting that the Reds tank the rest of the season makes your loyalty to the team very suspect.

      • ohiojimw

        And in 2006 there is also a case to be made the Reds (as an org) did quit with about a dozen games to go only to have the race fall back to them at the start of the last week.

        They fell to 7 games back with 12 games to go and were still 7 back with 10 to go but then picked up 4.5 games in 5 days because the Cards were in the midst of 7 game losing streak.

        This year appears to setting up much the same with no team able to clearly take charge and all of the contenders showing they are capable of dropping a number of games in succession.

    • Michael J Hampton

      It’s been a disappointing season, mainly because of the injuries. I keep hanging in there with them, anything is possible. I am a big UK basketball fan and last year they had a pretty disappointing regular season after being built up by the fans and the media with a lot of high expectations. I felt pretty much the same way about them towards the end of the season, just hanging in with them and they put together a run in the post season and made it to the title game.

      At some point they may have to throw in the towel, but it’s still a little early, yet. It doesn’t hurt to look ahead to 2015 and by all means let’s hope all our remianing healthy players continue to be healthy.

  14. Jake

    I hope Bruce can adjust soon. He’s been in a season long slump. The book is out on him and pitchers have been getting the better of him all year long

  15. pinson343

    Having Latos pitch the first game against Lyles, and then going with Axelrod vs. Flande, Price is going for a double header sweep, as Lyles is a lot better than Flande. It’s also risking both games, the scheduled Latos vs. Flande matchup was a pretty sure thing.

    But this means the Reds really need to win that first game behind Latos and just hope for the best in the 2nd game, as Axelrod is such a question mark. I hope Price puts in the whole A lineup with Latos pitching.

    I know that Frazer is questionable in any case for tomorrow. So is Morneau.

    • Kevin J. Brown

      I like it. We need the sweep for the standings and the team’s confidence. Price is rolling the dice; good for him.

    • ohiojimw

      Leading with Latos means Price will have a fresh full pen to support Latos in presumably his best chance to win and on the other side of the coin will know exactly what he has left in the pen to support Axelrod in the second game.

      Hopefully the Reds are not going to have their heads buried too far in the sand and will take advantage of the double header/26th man rule to help out with the pitching.

  16. pinson343

    Horrible luck having to play a doubleheader just before going to St. Louis.
    And it didn’t even rain. Can the Reds sue the city of Denver ? (smiley face)

    • Steve Mancuso

      Dale, visiting teams receive none of the regular season visiting gate revenue other than the revenue sharing dividend. Post-season gates are shared.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Good question Dale and TY for the response Steve. I was always under the impression that there was a division of the gate. I’m now not so bitter about the visiting fans filling GABP if the Reds fans are not going to fill the seats.

      • Dale Pearl

        Thanks for the Info Steve. I thought there was some sort of percentage given there as well.