Four starts ago, Alfredo Simon was coming off an All-Star game appearance and a 12-3 record. When he takes the mound tonight, he will look to end a 4-start losing streak that has dropped his record to 12-7 on the season. Two of those four starts were poor, but the other two were probably good enough for either a win or at least a no-decision. He’ll face off against Brad Penny tonight who is making his first start of the 2014 season.

The Reds will induct new members into their Hall of Fame this evening! Let’s hope the good guys give these old guys a good show! Discuss the game here, Reds fans!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Bruce RF
3. Frazier 1B
4. Mesoraco C
5. Ludwick LF
6. Schumaker 2B
7. Negron 3B
8. Cozart SS
9. Simon P

167 Responses

  1. Kurt Frost

    I had free tickets offered to me for tonight’s game but after spending 17 hours in the car last weekend 4 more hours in the car sounded horrible.

  2. Vicferrari

    Any thoughts on thinking Simon is worn out-which is what is expected of a reliever turned starter. It seems short-sighted to think he can continue to be a starter for much longer. Are there any plans to skip a start, get a replacement, for whatever reason he was the #2 guy after the ASB (I realize their was concern for Latos and Bailey – but that does not seem like an issue)

    • preacherj

      I understand the concern, but I think in this case Simon can physically handle the workload. I’m not that concerned. I am interested in seeing Penny pitch tonight. I really enjoyed watching him a few seasons ago. I would like to see him do well, just not tonight. It’s inspiring to see guys getting another chance. I suppose framing it that way, it’s no wonder that makes me a fan.

    • RedAlert

      He ain’t foolin’ Marlins hitters at all right now – balls getting hammered

  3. Morgan Mayham

    Where is barry larkin, frank robinson, lee may, and jose rijo at the hall of fame induction ceremony. I believe there all members

  4. Jake

    Any chance we can get Griffey out there to knock one out when we’re in trouble? Hopefully Pena is day to day and nothing serious

  5. Jake

    That looked a lot like yesterday’s play from the Reds. Difference is their players were able to get a run out of it

  6. VaRedsFan

    so THAT’S what you do when you bunt a man to 3rd?

  7. VaRedsFan

    I’ll be the 1st to say it…. Gotta be the shoes

  8. msanmoore

    Simon throwing grapefruits and misses a golden chance to take out a lead runner. Going to be a long night. We’ll need a whole lot of grit and runs.

    • doublenohitter

      I’ll bet grit doesn’t get the ball out of the infield.

      Brad Penny looks more like a half dollar, size wise.

  9. doublenohitter

    They need to get someone up in the bullpen. Simon looks like he is trying to lose (obviously he isn’t). He had an easy out at third on the bunt and just didn’t throw it.
    He is basically throwing batting practice.

  10. RedAlert

    Hope price Dont mess around with Simon – he ain’t got it tonight – walking people , mental mistake already , getting thumped by marlins hitters

  11. BigRedSaguaro

    Guess I said a bad word on here last nite.

  12. RedAlert

    Cozart back to normal – the popup king – awesome defense but a black hole at the plate

  13. msanmoore

    And as a bonus, Pasta gets to lead off the next inning.

  14. vared

    Has there been any mention of skipping Simon’s next start with Monday’s off day? If the other starters are 100% give the guy 10 days off.

  15. Jake

    Well there it is! The daily TOOTBLAN. Bruce should’ve been held at third

  16. RedAlert

    Steve Smith strikes again – absolutely unbelievable – get a fan out of the stands and let them coach third – sick of that guy coaching third – has no clue whatsoever !!!

  17. ToddAlmighty

    Could have the bases loaded with 1 out right now if the Reds practiced that “accountability” thing they preached and got a third base coach that wasn’t the worse in all of baseball.

  18. ToddAlmighty

    That should have walked in a run right there. 3-2 Reds, bases loaded, still one out.

    What a difference bad coaching makes.

  19. ToddAlmighty

    Skip better not swing until he has at least 1 called strike. Maybe two. Guy just walked the two prior hitters.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Sheesh.. 2-0 count, the guy just walked the previous two batters, bases load, and you swing. Seriously Skip?

      • ToddAlmighty

        That sorta stuff drives me crazy because it’s something that all baseball players can do. You don’t need to even be a good batter to make a struggling pitcher throw you a called strike. Awareness and hustle. The two things that have nothing to do with talent that is inexcusable for any player to lack, and for that reason make me the most upset when I see.

      • ProspectCincy

        That’s a terrible terrible terrible decision everytime. Grand Slam or pop out; it’s a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE DECISION SKIP.

  20. Jeff Morris

    Should be bases loaded one out…..would have been another Run, with Ludwick walking. And…..we have Shumaker the Out Maker.

  21. BigRedSaguaro

    Skippy just not gritty enough

  22. Kyle

    Schumaker sure is making his presence felt in this series. Brutal.

  23. kywhi

    Yet another episode of “The Nightmare In the 3rd Base Coach’s Box.” Will this bad dream ever end?

    • ToddAlmighty

      I know it was 20 a week or so ago, I believe. So probably like 22 if I had to guess.

    • vared

      Marty said the Reds lead the league with 23 of them. Impressive.

      • Thegaffer

        I bet they are close to a season record, or will be. Ironically, we should have 2 more that were reversed on catchers blocking. 1 was later said to have been an incorrect interpretation.

  24. Scott Mingus

    Smith’s fifth team as a third base coach… either he’s so good everyone wants him, or he’s so bad no one wants to keep him more than a couple of years.

  25. Scott Mingus

    Seattle Mariners (1996–1999)
    Texas Rangers (2002–2006)
    Philadelphia Phillies (2007–2008)
    Cleveland Indians (2010–2013)
    Cincinnati Reds (2014-present)

    • ToddAlmighty

      2014-2014, if I had my choice in the matter. Maybe even put an asterisk to designate he didn’t coach the entire season.

  26. sergeant2

    I don’t know how much Smith is paying the Reds to let him coach 3rd base, but whatever it is, it ain’t enough.

  27. Jake

    3 walks for this inning, get Simon out

  28. sergeant2

    Before I could post my negative comment about Prices decision to leave Simon in the game, presto! Simon made a great pitch to end the inning. So instead I’ll say great call by Price I would have made the same decision. Go Red!

  29. ToddAlmighty

    Brad Penny.. 36 years old, hasn’t pitched in the majors before today since 2012 when he threw 28 innings. Wasn’t even in the league in 2013. Has a 5.16 ERA in the majors since he turned 30.

    First time back and the Reds have managed 1 earned run on 4 hits in 5 innings.

  30. sergeant2

    .220 hitter gets two walks tonight. Don’t want to throw strikes to THAT guy.

  31. VaRedsFan

    Good thing Price left Simon in last inning.

  32. VaRedsFan

    All 3 runs scored without getting a hit. That’s like more than the Reds get in a month

  33. AnnapolisHoosier

    LeCure has been a pretty big disappointment this year. He hasn’t been very good.

  34. ToddAlmighty

    You’d think the bullpen was dead from overwork based on sticking with a struggling LeCure.

  35. BigRedSaguaro

    Sam is turning into a smaller Hoover

    • ToddAlmighty

      He’d kept it mostly held together, but there’s physically something wrong with LeCure that they’re not talking about. People just don’t lose 2.2mph on average on their 4 seam fastball in one offseason, without there behind something causing it.

      • BigRedSaguaro

        Yeah that’s a red flag for sure

    • RedAlert

      Left Sam in the game after he continually struggled – just plain bad management – no other way to slice it – poor , poor strategy

      • RedAlert

        Whatever strategic progress he has made as a manager has surely regressed the last 2 games

  36. Kyle

    This would be an awful loss. Bran Penny is not an MLB caliber pitcher at this stage yet he holds a 2 run lead. Poor pitching, poor base running, poor hitting; hard to win when that happens.

  37. sergeant2

    Unbelievable, plain and simple unbelievable. What the heck happened to the Lecure has closer stuff from a couple years ago. You can’t come in a tie game and immediately give up two runs.

    • ToddAlmighty

      He lost 2.2mph on his average 4-seam velocity in the offseason.

  38. ToddAlmighty

    I don’t like when they bring in a pitcher to intentionally walk a guy. Make the guy who failed get the walk recorded. You want a bullpen pitcher to come in and throw strikes. Asking him to throw 4 balls right off the bat isn’t a good way to do that.

    • ToddAlmighty

      But I do like Jumbo taking care of business.

  39. sergeant2

    Is it “LeCure” or “Lecure” On broadcasts I have seen it spelled Lecure. Isn’t it spelled Lecure on his uniform?

    • ToddAlmighty

      It’s LeCure on BBRef, ESPN, Wikipedia, FanGraphs,, and Sam’s Twitter account. So I have always assumed that’s just how it is.

      Maybe the uniforms are done differently?

  40. RedAlert

    San is certainly moving into that list as one of the ladt options I want to see come out if the bullpen on a close game – can’t even break 90 with his fastball any longer – seems like he went in the tank after talking smack to Reds fans on twitter – what goes around comes around Sam

  41. Kyle

    I’m not sure why Diaz wasn’t brought into start the 6th. He now will only pitch to one batter.

  42. ToddAlmighty

    Look at that.. Heisey, way to go. 12 walks in the game and he actually made the guy throw a called strike before hacking. Kind of amazing.

    • ToddAlmighty

      …and then struck out. Ouch.

  43. Darrin Langley

    man bright house is the worst cable provider, dunno if anyone else lives in fl but fox sports fl just went black for no reason. it happens constantly too…..sorry, i know it has nothing to do with the game.

  44. RedAlert

    Reds proceeding to give away games they cannot afford to lose – – just disappointing – why in the world did Price not start out with Diaz pitching in the 6th – and especially after Sam struggled so mightily – just left him out there to implode – I just don’t get it – for a very intelligent man , he makes some of the most baffling and bizarre managerial decisions I have ever seen –

  45. sergeant2

    I have to admit watching Cozart and Heisey striking out with those uncoordinated looking and woeful swing and misses kinda made me smile. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh. But still and always, Go Reds!

  46. BigRedSaguaro

    Jumbo needs to get behind in the count I guess

  47. RedAlert

    Offense has exploded for 4 hits thus far- team just goes up there hacking and hoping – no plan at the plate and apparently no plan in the dugout

  48. BigRedSaguaro

    Brewers handling the Dodgers pretty well

  49. sergeant2

    If the Reds lose this game (and it ain’t over yet, the Reds can very well still win this game) I’m taking a day off tomorrow. No pinch watching, and no pinch listening. Even fans need a break. Go Reds!

  50. RedAlert

    Mes doubles and doesn’t score on a one hop to the wall – I don’t think the baserunners even trust Steve Smith

  51. BigRedSaguaro

    nice little rally going here

  52. ProspectCincy

    The worst hitter in baseball swinging at full count pitches well off the plate.

    He can’t get on base, he has no power and he has a terrible average. BUM.

  53. AnnapolisHoosier

    Remember the good old days when Jay Bruce was actually a good defensive RF?

  54. BigRedSaguaro

    its ok, we gonna win it in the 9th

    • RedAlert

      That’s UNREal – Brysn Price needs to get in someone’s face – inexcusable – freaking baserunning blunders every single game – just HORRIBLE !!!!??

  55. preacherj

    Marty: “This game has set baseball back ten years.”

  56. ProspectCincy

    Wow Chris Heisey … Wow.

    It really is like watching a little league team out there. How you get picked off in the 9th is just ridiculous.

    • RedAlert

      Reds have the baseball mentality of a tee ball team – it’s embarassing and continues to happen on a nightly basis – accountability ? What a freaking joke !

  57. BigRedSaguaro

    this team is unbelievably bad at so many things offensively

  58. preacherj

    I agree with Marty on this one: “You can talk about injuries, but there is no excuse for bad baseball.”

    • RedAlert

      Season almost over and Reds continue to make the same stupid , boneheaded baserunning mistakes they have made all year – yet they continue to happen – what the crap had Price done to rectify it ? Seems nothing – he had left his 3rd base coach there all year and allowed for runners to be thrown out 23 times at the plate – that does not scream accountability in any size, shape , or fashion to me when it comes to baserunning – it’s pathetic !!!

  59. preacherj

    I was watching the game at BW3 tonight, which of course was dominated by Johnny Football, but whatever. I almost lost my appetite when LeCure came into the game. Wow, he used to make me want some wings when he pitched. Now he’s a diet aid.

  60. AnnapolisHoosier

    68th time they have been thrown out on the bases this year. By far the most in baseball.

    • jas428

      any breakdown? how many at home? how many picks at 1b? Horrible.

  61. RedsfanPa

    I’m with Sarge, I gotta take of break from this BS. Tootblans galore, bringing Lecure in a close game…ugh….he shouldn’t come in with anything less than a 4 run lead, which I know is rough since we rarely score that many. Definitely need a mental break from what the last 2 games has been the “Dusty show part 2″……….

  62. MesosBat

    Price’s aggressive base running agenda has these guys all screwed up. What else could it be… These guys grew up playing top notch baseball… Sickening… Truly sick to my stomach over this one…

  63. RedAlert

    Nobody on this team seems accountable to me – including the manager or GM – how does the owner continue to sit there and watch this pathetic crap happen almost every game ? – understand all the injuries thst have happened this year – but there is indeed no excuse for the absolute nonstop stupid mistakes thst these players ( and coaches – namely Steve Smith) display on the basepaths almost every game