Final R H E
  Cincinnati (56-56) 1 8 0
  Cleveland (57-55) 7 10 1
 W: Kluber (12-6)     L: Simon (12-7)
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The game was basically over when Lonnie Chisenhall’s three-run homer cleared the centerfield fence in the fourth inning. The combination of Cleveland’s ace Corey Kluber and the Reds Terrible Offense saw to that.

Alfredo Simon has started four games since the All-Star break and hasn’t made it past five innings in three of them. He also forgot to cover first base on a ball hit to Brayan Peña in the first inning.

Reds designated hitters are now 2 for 19 this year (batting average of .105).

It’s August 4 and Jack Hannahan, the Reds’ plan for backup 1B and 3B, does not yet have a hit. Hannahan did raise his OBP tonight to .077. The general manager could have found someone else in the past 10 months, but that would have been awkward. Hannahan’s ongoing presence on the active roster, let alone in the lineup, of a team competing for the post-season is questionable, to put it mildly.

Jay Bruce had two more hits to the left side against the shift and almost had an extra-base hit into the left-field corner and another one down the first base line. Devin Mesoraco also had two hits. Zack Cozart made a couple nice plays at short-stop. Peña extended his hitting streak to nine games with his eighth-inning RBI double.

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  1. vegastypo

    Between the starting pitching matchup and the Reds’ starting lineup, I can’t pretend to be surprised by the outcome. But we left enough guys on base to populate a small island, as a broadcaster once said. Get a few runs early and maybe … Never mind.

    • ohiojimw

      I agree about the men LOB. The Tribals cashed in their somewhat limited opportunities. The Reds kept leaving 2 men on base every other inning or so.

    • shannon bubnick

      let be g.m. for the rest of the year first thing i would do is trade zach cozart and some propects to the cubs for starlin castro then a relief pitcher and ludwick for marlin byrd and last jay bruce for carlos gonzalez of the colorado rockies wow what a better offense

      • lwblogger2

        Why would the other teams make those trades? Castro is probably available but that’s because the Cubs have IF prospects. They would want starting pitching probably. I don’t think anyone would like to take on Ludwick’s contract. Rumor had it that he was available at the deadline but no takers. Bruce for Cargo? I love Jay Bruce but I don’t think he’d land Cargo on his own.

      • Redsfan48

        It would take Bruce plus at least 1-2 more solid prospects to land CarGo. Plus, the Reds don’t want CarGo’s injuries. He’s injured all the time

  2. sergeant2

    As Lutz came up to bat, both Marty and Cowboy said they didn’t know why Lutz wasn’t used as the DH tonight. I wish they would have brought that fact up earlier in the game. It was certainly encouraging to see Bruce making solid contact on the ball tonight, especially considering how lost at the plate he has looked lately. If Bruce gets on one of his patented hot streaks he can win this team some games aka carrying the team on his shoulders. Hopefully the Reds can bounce back for a win tomorrow. Go Reds!

    • wildwestlv

      You mean you didn’t enjoy seeing our DH, in the dugout, favoring his recently operated shoulder & arm, between at-bats? I was a really encouraging sight, from a fan’s perspective.

  3. wildwestlv

    I would not be shocked at all if the Reds drop 3 of 4, or are even swept by the Indians. The eternal optimist has been beaten out of me by this team this year.

    • sergeant2

      I feel your pain, but on the flip side, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Reds take 3 of 4 from the Indians. This Reds team is as unpredictable as my old Ford Maverick starting on a cold morning.

      • sultanofswaff

        The pitching matchups the rest of the series decidedly favor the Reds.

      • PacoRocko

        That’s true, but it doesn’t matter how favorable pitching matchups are if we can’t score. It’s a tough living trying to win EVERY game 1-0…

  4. ohiojimw

    Unless we are getting into some of that passive aggressive behavior pattern that seemed to sometimes go on between Jocketty and Baker, isn’t Price the one on the hook for Hannahan’s presence in the line up and Lutz’s presence on the bench?

    Actually even if the P/A stuff is starting to go on isn’t the line up Price’s responsibility? Given, he doesn’t have the final say on who is on his active roster but he does have the say over which of them he puts on the field.

    • CP (@nomoresalads)

      Lutz had a .227/.299/.370 in AAA prior to his call up and really hasn’t done anything to justify the amount of optimism Reds fans seem to toss his way. He really shouldn’t be on any major league roster. I’m not convinced Hannahan should be either, but I don’t really blame Price for having zero faith in Lutz. Why should he?

      I guess the fanbase is just enamoured with his size/power potential + his glorious mustache (R.I.P.), but his minor league production is so poor that he’s lucky he gets to collect a MLB paycheck.

      • Michael J Hampton

        Lutz’s career MiLB numbers are .274/.339/.474 including .301/.358/.492 with 20 HR in his first full season in the minors at Dayton in 2011. He was also hitting .360/.412/.685 in 23 games at Pensacola (AA) this year before being called up to the Reds to sit on the bench for 3 weeks with almost no playing time. With the return of Votto he was sent to AAA Louisville where he understandably struggled with the higher level pitching and shaking off the rust after sitting on the ML bench for 3 weeks. However, he had started to swing the bat better (.297/.317/.541 with 2 HR, 12 RBI in his last 10 games) when once again he is called up to the big club to sit on the bench.

        Due to injuries and call-up to the big club Lutz has almost no AAA experience and only limited AA experience. He has never played above AA in the minors before this year. The last two seasons Lutz has been called up to the Reds for a big chunk of the MiL season only to sit on the bench unused when he should be playing everyday in the Minors working on his plate discipline. It’s generally agreed that Lutz has potential but needs to develop better pitch recognition and awareness of the strike zone. He can’t get that sitting on a ML bench with only the occasional appearance. He should have been playing at the AAA level the last two years rather than sitting on the Reds bench unused.

        We don’t really know what Lutz can do because Price refuses to play him. But by all means lets play Schumaker because he has grit or Hannahan because he has … I don’t know. We know what they can do, .238/.287/.311 for Schumaker this year and 26 HR lifetime in 10 years and Hannahan .230/.314/.346 lifetime with 29 HR in 8 years.

        And what have you got against mustaches?

      • Vicferrari

        Agree 100%, This is my main issue with not playing Lutz if he is on the roster, I just do not believe you will get any numbers for Hanahan close to what you can expect from Lutz

      • lwblogger2

        I really don’t think you’d get much at of Lutz as the starter at 1B but honestly, I think you’d get more out of him than Hannahan at this point. I’ve always liked Hannahan. I like guys that can catch the ball, and although he wasn’t a big threat at the plate, he usually gave quality ABs. He’s clearly not in baseball condition yet though and Lutz is the better option right now.

      • CP

        I sir, am certainly pro-mustache. I was simply lamenting the early demise of Lutz’ mustache.

        I agree that the Reds haven’t done Lutz any favors by calling him up far too early. The fact that Reds’ fans are forced to cite his success in low A ball and less than 100 ABs in AA ball is bewildering. The Reds clearly don’t view him as a prospect, and therefore don’t care about his development,

        Why Hannahan gets ABs simply a case of the Reds wanting to justify his contract.

  5. Robby20

    Price makes the line-up. Jocketty is the one responsible for the lack of talent on the roster and in the system. Every year since 2010 with the exception of 2011, the Reds have been in the race for the postseason at the trade deadline and yet every year nothing is done to improve an offense that has gotten worse every year.

    Inexplicable and unacceptable. Do nothing this year and wait for next year seems to be the mantra. Well next year is it for this roster and the talent (?) in the system is not likely to be ready for prime time in 2016.

    A down cycle for the franchise is in the works.

    • ohiojimw

      I agree. I was away last week during the trade deadline run up but in looking back I saw a number of folks writing that the Reds must avoid making a deal to help them this year if it meant damaging their chances next year.

      I couldn’t help but thinking that what we are seeing now is by and large what we are going to see next year unless major changes are made over the winter. So, what’s to ruin unless they trade a couple of their top 4 starting pitchers for players/ prospects who are not going to be MLB ready next season.

      • Robby20

        Build for tomorrow! And what if tomorrow never comes. When you have a shot at the gold ring you take it. Not saying this is that year but an argument could be made that in 2012 and 2013 a little more offense at the trade deadline might have made a huge difference.

        Jocketty seems to have lost his nerve. Nothing ventured nothing gained is my take.

      • sergeant2

        You make some great points. You almost need a crowbar to pry the Reds out of their comfort zone.

      • vegastypo

        “Lost his nerve” is a little strong, but I was wondering earlier tonight if maybe the increasingly rumor-filled atmosphere we live in hasn’t affected Walt a bit. I mean, every trade I can think of — Rolen, Broxton, Latos, Choo — nobody saw coming. Yet nowadays, in the Twitter-verse, I suspect it’s hard for Walt (or any other GM, for that matter) to keep things quiet for very long without a leak from one of the two organizations, or maybe from an agent for one of the players involved. If Walt is used to going a bit more slowly and quietly, that’s much harder to do these days.

      • pinson343

        After the 2013 season Jocketty admitted that he’d made mistakes at the trade deadline(s), presumably referring, for one thing, to letting the Pirates pick up Byrd on waviers. (Not that Byrd is the answer in 2014, different situation financially.)

      • tct

        What’s frustrating is that Walt refuses to help his team win now or build for the future. It doesn’t have to be an either or thing. The rays have done really well building for their future while still winning in the present. But Walt doesn’t seem to have interest in either.

      • greenmtred

        It’s hard to argue that the Reds are fine as is, but it’s also worth noting that, in fact, they have been in contention for some years now, so the front office cannot be totally incompetent. And, for the umpteenth time: whom would you trade for the offensive upgrade? I’m not talking about Cozart for Castro. I’m talking about real world possibilities. Rarely do you get something good without giving up something good, and while I don’t believe that the Reds are out of it yet–oddly enough–I don’t think that their chances this year are good enough to justify trading away our top prospects.

      • Drew

        Exactly how did the Rays help their future when they dumped Price. From everything I have read they got scorched in that deal that many thought should have gotten them a decent return. Heck they got a better return when they traded James Shields to the Royals.

      • BigRedMike

        The number of buyers for Price was limited and the return in the off season would be less. The Dodgers did not make a deal and the Cardinals went in a different direction. The Rays were not going to trade in their division, which took out the Yankees and Orioles. The Rays probably determined they were not going to win the World Series this year and it was a savings over over $15 million next year.
        Smyly and Franklin are team controlled and they got a young prospect

      • ohiojimw

        Cespedes would have filled an immediate and long term need for the Reds (3 years of team control after this year; already signed thru next). He moved for Lester and Gomes plus cash (against Lester’s salary) with the Bosox also getting a comp pick back in the mix. The Reds were said to have been “dangling” Latos. Wouldn’t one think perhaps the A’s might have taken Latos and Heisey straight up and saved the pick?

  6. Sunbreakthedawn

    I cannot understand using a career .232 hitter as a designated hitter. Would rather give playing time to triple A players than give away at bats with proven wiffers.

    • pinson343

      I couldn’t understand a 2 year contract for a corner IFer who hits .230 without power.

      As for his 0 for 2014, we should have a contest of guessing when Jack gets his first hit. I’ll guess August 17, the Sunday game at Coors.

      • RedinInd

        There ya’ go . . . another reason why we “got Jack for that.”

      • tct

        The multi year contracts for hannahan and schumaker were bad enough. But Walt continues to make the decision worse by not cutting ties with these guys. The reds are on the hook for the money no matter what. But they are both below replacement level, and to allow them to continue to be on the roster and hurt the team even more by putting up negative value is dumb. Then there is the fact that they are taking up spots on the roster that could go to players like Navarro or Perez. Those guys may not be long term solutions, but all they have to do is be replacement level to be better than skip or hannahan. Plus, there is the chance that those guys could be something close to average players, while we know what skip and jack are.

      • Drew

        I am continually baffled as to all the hate for Schumaker. HE is not and never was signed to be an everyday player, but due to injuries has been forced into that role. IF he was signed for the reason he was, a multiple position player to come off the bench every so often and such exactly how is he a bad choice for that? What other teams have “stud” players on their benches?

      • nyredfanatic

        Exactly. If he was a “stud” he would be an everyday player and not a bench guy.

      • Michael J Hampton

        Drew, I don’t think it’s hate for Schumaker, it’s extreme dislike for the way he is being used and the amount of playing time he gets. He is probably ok for the role he was signed for, but I for one am tired of seeing his name as a constant in the lineup when the numbers he has put up are weak and there are other options. Heisey is definitely better defensively in the outfield and the argument could be made that he is no worse offensively, definitely more of a slugging threat and a better base runner. We don’t know what Lutz can do because Price won’t play him for any kind of stretch but continuously plays Schumaker and now it appears he is going to do the same with Hannahan. It would be ok if either player was putting up the kind of offensive numbers expected from the positions they are playing or even had a history of those kind of offensive numbers. Excluding the DH, neither player can be considered a defensive whiz at the postions they have been playing .

      • BigRedMike

        Injuries are forcing Schumaker to play more, but, he has started 6 of the last 8 games and has a -1.1 WAR. He is not a good hitter or defender.
        Offense is down in MLB, but, the Reds bench is truly bad. No help in the minors either.

      • redsfan06

        I am going to guess that the management comes to their senses and sends Hannahan down, replacing him with the recently signed Jake Elmore, before he collects his first hit. If that means removing Hannahan form the 40 man, I don’t believe there is any more fear of losing him than there was losing Bernadina when he was DFA’d.

  7. pinson343

    After looking ahead at the pitching match ups for the 4 games against the Indians, I decided to sit this one out and have a night off from the Reds. According to Price, the Reds decided to take the night off too.

    Anyway glad I didn’t watch, seems like the Reds did have a chance – at least chances to take an early lead – which they wasted.

  8. pinson343

    There might be some unrest among the Reds players. Mike Leake called for both the players AND upper management (“we” as players and also “we” as in the Reds organization) to step it up after Sunday’s win. Like his mentor Bronson, he says what’s on his mind, and also two weeks ago said the Reds need offensive help.

    Price’s blowup after last night’s loss may have had a hint of “stop looking outside for help and play ball” to his players. And Pena explicitly said the players need to do that.

    • vegastypo

      But you know what, ya gotta draw the line someplace. I suppose if we want to criticize the top four or five in the batting order, so be it. They’re mostly struggling, except for Pena, who I suspect NOBODY thought would be an offensive weapon beyond pinch hitting or playing day games after night games.

      For the rest of these guys, hammer away at them if Price wants, but Hannahan, Schumaker, Santiago and Cozart are what they are. If it’s unrealistic to get outside help for this team, I guess we live with it. But putting unrealistic expectations on these guys who were “hired” to be benchwarmers is not fair to them or us. And yeah, Cozart is not a benchwarmer, but you get my point.

    • Jake

      Wonder where Price has been for the most of this season. I’ve seen this game many, many times for the Reds this year. Runners in scoring position, next thing you know 3 outs and no runs

  9. pinson343

    Here’s a question that needs a little research or a very good memory: when was the last time the Reds won a game in an AL park ?

    • CTRedsFan

      Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at Houston, completing a sweep of the Astros. Prior to that it was in June 2013, they won a game at Texas.

  10. sultanofswaff

    It looks like McCutcheon might be out for a couple weeks after getting drilled in the beanball war with Arizona the other day.

    I can’t wait to hear Clint Hurdle hypocritically call out the D-backs for not settling the score ‘like men’.

  11. Grand Salami

    3 walks and 8 hits should net more. As Price said, the team’s collective head wasn’t in the game.

    Does anyone think this team is psychologically weakened when asked to use the DH – like they know they are automatically disadvantaged?

    I think Price needs to be drastic: Devin plays everyday. Tonight he will be (better be) the DH. When not catching put him at 1st or even in LF. I am not calling for a position change but he needs to communicate to his team that he will squeeze out all their offensive capability until reinforcements arrive. Sparky played Bench elsewhere so there is good precedent.

    Pena plays nearly every day. He is the best bench bat on the team, bar none. At least two bench guys will be playing everyday – one should always be Pena.

    2nd Base should be Negron and Santiago exclusively. Schu’s bat doesn’t outweigh his glove.

    Hannahan and Lutz should rarely, if ever, get plate appearances. This team can’t afford it from an offensive perspective until Phillips and Votto are back. Hannahan needs to get in baseball shape somewhere else, not with the Reds in ABs that matter.

    • sultanofswaff

      I’m really fed up with Schumaker playing so much. His offensive numbers would have to be better than league average to make up for his well below average defense. It’s like coaching a pony league game with him—he’s the last guy on the field you want the ball hit to, and yet it always seems to find him in a key spot. I really thought any non-Hobbit would’ve caught the ball hit to left-center early in the game last night, but alas….
      Ludwick was starting to show some signs of life and has historically been a better 2nd half hitter, and yet he was out of the lineup. His OPS this year vs. RHP is .688 versus .603 for Schumaker. Makes no sense on any level.

    • BigRedMike

      Pena has a career RC + of 75 and is at 87 this year. What is interesting is that he more AB this year than he had in any other year.

      Schumaker is pretty bad, playing too much at this point

      The issue is that there are not many options to fix the offense, will likely be ugly the rest of the season