The Reds look for a rare series victory if they can manage to defeat the Diamondbacks for the second consecutive day. As we have witnessed since the All-Star break, it will likely require the Reds starting pitcher to throw a shutout in order to post a W in games from here on. Can Reds pitching blank the opposition from here on out? Sure! Why Not!?

Alfredo Simon, today is your day to blank Arizona! Go to Work!

1. Chris Heisey (R) CF
2. Ramon Santiago (S) 2B
3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
5. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
6. Brayan Pena (S) 1B
7. Skip Schumaker (L) RF
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Alfredo Simon (R) P

Discuss the game here Reds fans! Go Reds!

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  1. larkin219

    this lineup is painful to look at

  2. George Mirones

    At least “Jack” is sitting.


    .276 OBP batting leadoff…..nice!

  4. vegastypo

    Sad but true, when Hamilton needs a day off, and Bruce is gone, and the roster call-up for Bruce was a pitcher, Schumaker has to play. I think he needs the day off as badly as Hamilton does. Just a horrid stretch right now.

  5. Tom Reed

    A Rays sweep of the BrewCrew and Simon’s shutout of the D-Backs would put the Reds four out. Let’s hope.

  6. Redgoggles

    Weak OF D today…..hope Simon can keep the action in the infield.

  7. ToddAlmighty

    This lineup is sad to look at. I hope Simon throws an amazing game and makes some team want to overpay to acquire him. Right before the deadline is the best time to show off your stuff.

  8. vegastypo

    Price on the pregame show, saying in effect: If we can hold this together and everybody gets healthy, we can still make a run….

    Which sounded to me like telling fans not to expect any movement at the trade deadline, when asked about the deadline by Marty..

    • ToddAlmighty

      Ugh, because that worked so well last year. Pretending like the Reds are the only team in the division who has to deal with injuries and once those players came back they’d solve all the issues.

      It’s a shame that people’s jobs are on the line, so they care more about a half-hearted attempt at playoffs that won’t happen, than what’s best for the team in the long run.

      • ToddAlmighty

        I mean.. last year’s battlecry was “Wait until we get Ludwick and Cueto back!”.. well, they got them back and Ludwick hit .240/.293/.326 while Cueto gave up 4 earned runs in 3.1 innings in the one game play-in.

      • vegastypo

        I suppose one could argue that there is a better chance of getting some production from Phillips and Votto this year than should have been expected from Ludwick’s busted shoulder and Cueto’s multiple-injured lat. But yes, it’s quite hard to be optimistic at this point.

  9. Steve Mancuso

    Great catch by Heisey. And he fixed his divot.


    pitching around Meso,why not … threat after him

  11. ToddAlmighty

    Swinging at the first pitch after a 4 pitch walk. Awesome job Ludwick.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Swinging at a 1st pitch – out of the strike zone – after a 4 pitch walk to Mesoraco. Sad, just sad.

  12. Steve Mancuso

    Will Carroll describes Reds as in a “we’re listening” seller mode.

    • Shchi Cossack

      That’s what I want to hear. If someone bowls them over with an offer for a player they can afford to trade, well pull the trigger and prepare for 2015.

  13. Eric the Red

    It’s a good sign that Price let Mesoraco catch 15 innings, then a night game, then a day game after a night game. I can live with him catching 4 days out of 5.

  14. Steve Mancuso

    Ouch. Ball bounces up and hits Cozart in guy parts.

  15. PhoenixPhil

    First time I’ve listened to Marty in many years, brings back memories of my childhood.

    Missed the first half inning trying to find a proxy that worked (blacked out in Phoenix) with In the summary after the second out, it said “On-field delay”. Was that Heisey fixing the divot?

  16. Jake

    Simon cruising along. Now if we can get the sleeping offense going

  17. Shchi Cossack

    Simon looks sharp today.

    I hope Bryan has LeCure ready to bail him out if needed and Contreras to fill innings if needed to get to the 7th.

  18. vegastypo

    If this should turn out to be David Price’s final start for the Rays, it’s a sad exit. Three runs in, two guys on, and the Brewers have no outs in the top of the third.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Not so sure the Rays will sell.. they’re 17-5 in July, including 9-1 since the AS break.

  19. Bearcatville76

    What channel is this game on? I can’t find it on Dtv.

    • Bearcatville76

      Nevermind, found it on MLB alternate.

    • Bearcatville76

      Ugh, I don’t like their onscreen scoreboard at all.

  20. Steve Mancuso

    Feeling good vibes for Devin.

  21. zippy

    Heisey makes it to second easily if he’s actually running full speed to first base.

  22. Jake

    Want to see a Mesoraco home run right here

    • Grand Salami

      They MUST be or baseball is a game I no longer understand.


    on this baserunning, but, then again it’s on par with this team’s general play

  24. zippy

    Yet another unforced mental error, but far be it from me to suggest the team lacks mental toughness.

    • MrRed

      Yeah it should be far from you to suggest it. You don’t know any of these guys. And you act as if other teams and players don’t make the same mistakes, which they do. I could argue that their pressing too hard which is causing them to make bad decisions or errors. Is that exercising too much “mental toughness”?

      • zippy

        Yes. Mentally tough athletes don’t “press too hard.” They remain calm enough to play as well as they normally do.

        Incidentally, you don’t know who I am, don’t know anything about me, but somehow you’ve decided you can judge that I’m in no position to judge. Ironic.

      • MrRed

        Sorry, I never saw a guy named “Zippy” sitting in the Red’s dugout so I’m pretty safe in concluding that Zippy doesn’t know these guys or else why would he be on here while a game is going on?

        It’s one thing to criticize a boneheaded play (with the benefit of hindsight more often than not) but to question a player’s mental fortitude from your armchair goes a little far IMO.

      • MrRed

        To respond to your main point though, how do you get to decide whether an error is just an error or whether it’s strictly because they lack mental toughness? These guys aren’t robots.

      • zippy

        How does anyone get to decide anything about anyone? Nobody knows what anyone else is actually thinking, but we judge people’s personalities all the time. If someone tells a bunch of lies, we don’t conclude “maybe he’s just accidentally saying the opposite of the truth a lot more than most people do,” we say “that guy is dishonest.” How do we KNOW? We don’t. We make guesses based on observed behavior. I’ve observed Reds players making enough unforced errors — way more than I’m used to seeing from major league athletes — to say they lack the sort of mental toughness that some other guys have. If I said most of them seem like nice guys (which they do), would anyone complain about it because I don’t really KNOW what they’re like? I doubt it.

  25. the next janish

    Whats the over under on us breaking a hundred comments today. I was amazed that there were so few yesterday; apparently the game before had exceeded its allotment.

  26. Jake

    I never understood the people who complained about walks. If the batter is not thrown strikes, why should they swing?

  27. Redgoggles

    We are wasting our allotment of hits. Heisey’s hustle I can live with, but Santiago running in that situation? Not helpful.

    • zippy

      It’s sort of sad what passes for “hustle” these days. If Heisey had actually sprinted all the way to first, he’s safe at second easily.

      • Redgoggles

        Yeah, but I think the only reason he went was because the OF bobbled the ball. I can’t think of a reason why Santiago was running, especially with Mes up. It seems like Frazier would have been running too if it was called from dugout.

      • zippy

        Obviously Santiago’s decision was dumber. Heisey’s decision to try for second was okay, I think, but his decision to run at 3/4 speed on his way to first was a bad choice. I don’t understand why we give these guys a pass when they hustle for 3 seconds instead of 6 seconds.

    • ToddAlmighty

      With the Nationals REAL close behind. I have never seen so many people thrown out at first base in a single series.

  28. Grand Salami

    six base runners through three innings without any of them reaching 3rd base is impressively unimpressive.

  29. PhoenixPhil

    Not only did Santiago get thrown out at third base with one out, Frazier didn’t go to second.

    • vegastypo

      Santiago must have thought the hit and run was on? Struggling for a reason he would go. Didn’t appear to have much of a lead off second, either.

  30. RedsfanPa

    So hard to understand these decisions on the bases….sigh

  31. Shchi Cossack

    So do we see Ludwick thrown out at home now?!

  32. BigRedSaguaro

    Why I like Ludwick he too slow to be aggressive

  33. ToddAlmighty

    Wow.. 5 hits and 3 walks in 4 innings yet the pitcher has only 54 pitches and 0 runs. That’s unusual to see.

  34. vegastypo

    rosenthal tweets …

    Lester to the Pirates is imminent. Hearing 2 other Red Sox involved.

    • Grand Salami

      I wonder if Marte is in that deal, seems like he is one of the logical candidates.

      Pirates aggressively buying means the Cards must aggressively buy and should be a signal to Walt to move what he can!

    • RedsfanPa

      I tip my hat to the Pirate front office, Nutting, Connelly, Huntington have done a great job bringing the Pirates back to respectability and contending for the playoffs. They also strengthened the farm system. Huntington is a younger GM who does a good job IMO.

  35. Shchi Cossack

    8 baserunners through 4 innings and not a single runner to 3B? Wow, that’s almost an unbelievable accomplishment.

      • Shchi Cossack

        I stand corrected. I had to step away while getting the little Coassak’s lunch ready. Thanks Tood.

      • Shchi Cossack

        And Vegas (that was also suppose to be Todd, not Tood).

  36. hof13

    Reds are snake bit today with a couple of soft line drives hit right at people. Hope it doesn’t end up being “one of those games”

  37. Grand Salami

    That was a ‘tuffy’ out for Simon, nearly ten pitch AB.

  38. Grand Salami

    Does Simon really throw a 64 MPH Screwball or is that a Gameday glitch?!

      • the next janish

        Watching it I think Didi could have swung twice on that pitch.

      • vegastypo

        almost like the Bugs Bunny pitch .. to those of you old enough to remember that cartoon

    • Vicferrari

      6th pitch to Didi shown right down the middle called a ball, was that a GAmeday glitch as well?

      • Grand Salami

        gameday had it literally in the dead center of the strike zone.

      • Grand Salami

        I was thinking it must have bounced in the dirt so early that it looked down the middle. But I have no audio or video either.

  39. Grand Salami

    I wish we had Gregorious . . .

    • Vicferrari

      Then we can post how we need a real SS to replace him

    • ToddAlmighty

      He was hitting .231/.325/.404 before they played the Reds. He raised his batting average .019 in this series so far, but while much better than Cozart, a .231 BA was actually in the same area as Cozart’s. Not a huge improvement because his defense is much worse.

  40. Shchi Cossack

    Simon is just flat out dealing today. I recall just two ‘fat’ pitches and both of those were 1st pitch, get ahead called strikes. Everything else has been location, location, location.

  41. Steve Mancuso

    Not sure if anyone has noticed, but the Reds offense is inept.

  42. Shchi Cossack

    Frazier and Long have really done a good job of making the necessary adjustment to avoid chasing the outside pitch, but Frazier really has trouble recognizing the changeup that comes in around his ankles.

  43. Grand Salami

    2 run lead. Might as well be 1000 with this offense.

  44. Redgoggles

    We should have saved some runs from yesterday. Can we score 3 two days in a row?

    • ToddAlmighty

      So Cardinals and Pirates are both improving and the Reds are in the process of losing a series to the Diamondbacks and falling to 2-10 since the AS break with only 20 runs scored.

      Sell please.

  45. George Mirones

    There was a time when a 2 run HR was just another hit and the Reds would still win 5-2, now it is like a death blow.

  46. Redgoggles

    We have our speed team on the bases now. Seems like an out at home is pending…..

  47. BigRedSaguaro

    Can’t score off Miley..speechless….

    • George Mirones

      At least the Reds batters now know what base runners look like, next step is understanding that getting a hit is a good thing. baby steps.

  48. Drew

    I challenge anyone watching or following this team this season and at this point to convince me that this team as it is right now is a WS contender. As a great man once said…you are what your record says you are. There is no hope in the near future as health issues have just taken it’s toll this year. A good mag’t team would recognize that and begin to work on correcting that for the future with some changes…but don’t see that happening…thank god the NFL is starting up and we have some Luck here in Indy…

    • ToddAlmighty

      Luck is so overrated. He’s like the Harper of football.

      • Grand Salami

        Nice comparison. But his team wins pretty well, like Harper’s.

      • AnnapolisHoosier

        Jeez, your football comments are as bad as your baseball comments.

  49. Shchi Cossack

    A solid outing by Simon. He continues to produce way beyond any expectations. I think a team looking for a solid starter might miss the boat if they don’t consider Simon as an option and he is under team control through 2015.

  50. Shchi Cossack

    Who is this Negron cat who is just demanding some attention?!

    • Redgoggles

      It is noticeable….hitting the other way. More, please.

  51. Shchi Cossack

    Please tell me that was just a bad bunt by Heisey and not a sac bunt…please…

    • vegastypo

      Marty made it sound like it was supposed to be a drag bunt … I didn’t see it, computer issues.

  52. BigRedSaguaro

    Apparently stupid base running is taught at all levels in the system

  53. ToddAlmighty

    Down by 2 in the 7th and you’re sac bunting? What good does 1 run get you when you need 3?

  54. Jake

    Only two TOOTBLANS so far? C’mon guys, step it up

  55. zippy

    For a team that I’m told is mentally tough, this one sure makes a lot of mental errors.

  56. Ellis Henry

    I can picture Walt sitting in his office batting around a ball of yarn like a cat.

    • vegastypo

      I can picture Walt on the phone … talking to a real estate agent about listings in Phoenix.

  57. zippy

    For a team I’m told is mentally tough, they sure have a problem hitting with runners in scoring position. I’m tempted to wonder if perhaps they have a problem dealing with high pressure situations, but that would seem too much like I’m questioning their mental toughness, so I wouldn’t dream of it. Probably just a very long streak of amazingly bad luck.

    • Aaron Bradley

      I don’t believe anyone said they were mentally tough, Zippy my boy, but they didn’t want to admit they were mentally weak… they also seem to think because the silent majority took a day off that we are the fringe members of this blog. Sad delusional souls kidding themselves about this season. We are trying to help by saying hey throw the white flag and play for next year and beyond. We are the sane ones, so don’t feel so defensive. I know I’m not the only one here that has got your back.

      • zippy

        Well, actually, certain people around here have at least strongly implied they ARE mentally tough. Or at least as much so as any other team. Maybe they haven’t actually written the words “this team is mentally tough,” but when you berate someone for suggesting they aren’t mentally tough, what is the implication?

      • MrRed

        Ha! You guys seem a little prickly with some of the feedback you’re getting. Where’s your mental toughness? 😉

        But seriously, I at least can’t tell you whether or not this team is mentally tough. I can tell you that they seem fundamentally challenged which might be explained somewhat by the fact that they are running out less than their optimal squad. Less than replacement level players = losing baseball.

        As far as whether they should “waive the white flag” on this season, I don’t think they should necessarily do that but I would be open to trading some combination or one of Simon, Broxton or Chapman if it can help bolster the team for next year.

      • zippy

        Thanks for having my back, though. Didn’t mean to overlook that part of your statement.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Whatever is not readily apparent is tossed into the luck bin. Insane, IMO. Example: Simon’s luck holds for another day. This guy is probably a master of the slot machine.

  58. Jake

    A triple off of Hoover. Never saw that coming

  59. Jeff Morris

    Whenever Hoover has been in this year…..either the first inning he pitches, or pretty much ALWAYS the second inning he pitches, he gives up a run. Always…

  60. vegastypo

    How did the Reds’ offense knock out my Internet capacity, sheesh. Looks like I missed only more frustration …

  61. Shchi Cossack

    How big is that GIDP on the 1st pitch now? Jeesh!

  62. the next janish

    Tootblan on first , with Desperation in the box; with Exasperation waiting on deck

  63. BigRedSaguaro

    Hey we broke through against this stalwart pitching staff

    • zippy

      Well, you see, there’s a 1% chance he’ll hit a home run, as opposed to a .8% chance, so it makes perfect sense.

  64. Shchi Cossack

    Just 25 hours remaining until the no-waiver trading deadline…

      • WVRedlegs

        The fire started in Jocketty’s office. He was trying to deep fry a frozen turkey. That turkey happened to be the Reds offense.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Walt doesn’t eat turkey, only cardinals. He also doesn’t believe in animal cruelty, so he only eats ones that die of old age.

        Walt loves him some old cardinals.

  65. George Mirones

    there is not enough help in the trade market available anywhere to help the 2014 Reds unless you dig up the 27 Yankees

    • ToddAlmighty

      Maybe they’re trading for the fountain of youth so they can re-sign and then rejuvinate Joe, Pete, and Johnny.

  66. ToddAlmighty

    Even losing a series to the Diamondbacks.. ouch. Has Walt started selling yet?

  67. zippy

    I still say this team has the talent to compete, but they need to start actually trying as hard as they can, and they seem unwilling to do so. If Heisey had been sprinting on his way to first, he makes it to second easily, the Reds probably score that inning, and the whole game changes. It’s a little mistake — something that nobody seems to care about — but it’s the sort of little mistake that really adds up when you do it every at-bat over the course of a season, and this team doesn’t have enough talent to overcome it. If they actually gave 100% mentally and physically every time they hit and run the bases, I think they could win, but nobody demands it of them, so they don’t.

    • Drew

      You kidding right? You actually believe they are not trying as hard as they can? It’s called talent, we are lacking key talent and other key talent are slumping, our problems have zero to do with how hard they are trying…

      • zippy

        Is Heisey really not capable of running hard all the way to 1st base when the ball has been hit to the outfield? That’s really asking too much of a professional baseball player?

      • zippy

        Not to mention a guy who doesn’t even play all that often? He can’t be expected to run hard to first base every time he hits the ball? Pete Rose did it practically every at-bat for his entire career, regardless of whether his team was in trouble, but Chris Heisey can’t do it at this stage of his career with his team having so much trouble scoring runs but still vaguely in contention?

      • MrRed

        Drew, that’s probably a hypothetical question you’re asking but no, he and others apparently think they know whether or not these guys are giving 100% effort and are mentally tough. Whatever that means. I’m not sure why some folks don’t want to accept the simple and obvious answer that this team presently doesn’t have enough talent to win.

      • zippy

        I guess your position is that Heisey doesn’t have the physical ability to sprint from home to second base? So when he gives 100%, that means running at 3/4 speed to first and then full speed to second?

      • zippy

        Or does he just not have enough talent to run hard to first base when he hits the ball to the outfield?

      • MrRed

        I didn’t see the play but is that what you are basing your conclusion on? One play out of how many?

        Look, these guys might or might not be “mentally tough” or giving it 100%. I don’t know for sure and neither do you. We can go by what we see on the field but that’s where our perceptions differ. I hesistate to make the conclusions you do because I don’t have the relevant info. I do think their terrible play has to do more than anything with the fact that they are playing with less talented players now. I don’t know why that’s so offensive to your sensibility.

      • zippy

        I have rarely seen anyone on this team sprint to first on any ball to the outfield that isn’t obviously heading for the gap. There are a couple players (Pena, I think, and maybe Cozart) who do seem to run almost everything out, but they’re the exceptions to the rule. The team is sort of at a crossroads right now, and if ever we were going to see a stretch of games with 100% hustle and focus from every player, this would be that time. It isn’t happening and hasn’t been happening (the overwhelming majority of players still aren’t running hard to first base on every ball they put in play, which is something they have 100% control over), which leads me to believe they don’t give 100%. I don’t know how it’s possible to see a guy clearly not running as hard as he can and conclude “he’s giving it everything he can.” This isn’t the last mile of a marathon, it’s a baseball game.

      • zippy

        I doubt anyone is still reading this, but I’ll just add that I’m not basing my conclusions just on jogs to first. It’s watching them swing at almost everything within a mile of the plate when they’re no need to swing at all, taking third strikes when a strikeout is the worst possible thing they can do, refusing to try to hit the other way, refusing to shorten their swings when they just need to put the ball in play, running into stupid outs on the basepaths even when Smith isn’t at fault, missing signs, AND jogging to first base when they ought to be sprinting. (And other things, too.) I think it’s a pretty ho-hum thing to conclude they aren’t all giving it 100% or completely focused. I think it’s a lot harder to defend an assertion that they’re all doing everything in their power to win and just don’t have the physical tools to do things like run to first and not swing at the first pitch in the dirt when Latos just walked ahead of you. That has NOTHING to do with physical talent.


    Sell, Sell, Sell Sell, and if all else fails, sell

    • Jake

      Yes, sell the entire team so next year we’re in the bottom of the division with a 100 L, good idea

      • Drew

        You don’t sell everything, but if you can move say Chapman or Broxton or Cueto nad bring but good young talent that fills other needs, what is wrong with that?


        Bullseye, keeps = Frazier, Meso, Votto, Bruce (but listen), Phillips (contract!), Leake, Bailey, Hamilton, Cueto or Latos (not both)…everybody else on MLB roster, meh

    • charlottencredsfan

      Probably saying this for the fans’ sake. No one could be dumb enough to actually do this. Acquiring the likes of Zobrist & Byrd will do nothing except increase the average player age and salary of the team, not helpful.

      • Drew

        I would disagree to a point. You have to remember they have to worry about Joe Fan, who doesn’t delve into the team as deep as some here. Joe Fan see’s the Reds 6 out with over two months to play. Joe Fan would see the Reds getting a bat as a team making a move to shake things up and maybe “make a run”. So you have to remember whom Bob and Walt have to play to so to speak.

    • George Mirones

      Todd I read the article by Sheldon and as far as “manager speak” goes I wouldn’t expect anything else. The talk of Joey and Brandon is wishing, and more for the fan base than reality. Any body in his right mind should not expect Price to say “We suck and so and so is a goner”. Just so much “company line” rhetoric. You have been around long enough to smell what he is selling.

  69. Shchi Cossack

    The Brew Crew beats the Rays 5-0, so the Reds give back the game they gained yesterday. One game closer to critical mass.

    • Drew

      What is critical mass? I am willing to bet that to Bob and Walt it’s not 6 games back at the end of July…

      • charlottencredsfan

        6 games back at the end of July? With this squad, it is critical mass. This season is finished. Let’s get other teams prospects as we can in trades and play the young guys. All eyes on ’15!


    glad Frazier waited to see if Reed was throwing strikes…….

  71. ToddAlmighty

    Wow, Mesoraco made it close. I have no faith in Ludwick to continue the inning though.

  72. sergeant2

    If nothing else I’m glad the fans left at GABP got to see Mesoraco hit a HR.

  73. zippy

    More of the team’s “lack of talent” on display.

  74. ToddAlmighty

    Yup, saw that coming. As I said a couple posts ago. Mesoraco made it close, but I had no faith in Ludwick to continue the inning. Well, at least it LOOKS like it was a closer game than it actually was. Still a series loss to the freaking Diamondbacks. Come on. That’s like losing a series to the Cubs.

    • Grand Salami

      and a home series to boot. Dark times. Buying seems quixotic.

  75. doublenohitter

    Surprisingly, Price came out and said he thought the Reds were buyers and that they still feel like they can win.
    That is the problem. It is kind of like being an alcoholic and not knowing you are on

  76. AnnapolisHoosier

    Chris Cotillo @ChrisCotillo
    #Reds, #Orioles, #Mariners, #SFGiants among teams in on Bonifacio, trade likely soon. @MLBBruceLevine has been on this too

    • ToddAlmighty

      Please no… a .279/.318/.373 hitter isn’t the answer to the Reds’ problems.

    • CP

      The Reds being in on Bonifacio just kills me. The Reds needed a guy that could play multiple positions, including SS, and who could possibly play CF if Hamilton couldn’t cut it. So they let the Cubs sign Bonifacio for a 1 year deal, and sign Skip Schumaker to a multi-year deal, as well as Ramon Santiago. Makes sense.

      • ToddAlmighty

        About as much sense as failing to block Byrd to Pittsburgh, getting absolutely pummeled by his bat to finish the season, and then potentially being in on him at the trade deadline this year. Lol… it’s comic how bad Walt is.

      • Redgoggles

        Yeah. The Cards get Masterson, The Pirates are rumored to be in on Lester, and the Reds counter with Bonifacio. At this point, what is the point?

      • CP

        Provided the cost isn’t high, I think Bonifacio would be a fine pickup for the team. Way better than running Santiago/Schumaker out there. I seriously doubt that the Reds would be done, it’s just makes a lot of sense for the Reds needs.

        The funny thing is that the Reds would be trading for a guy that made way more sense to sign as a FA. Walt rushed to sign Schumaker in November to a multi-year deal, for no apparent reason, then decided they needed a backup SS, who could never legitimately start for a contender. Walt doesn’t value position/roster flexibility enough, and we end up with a terrible hitting bench, year after year.

  77. Grand Salami

    Lots fireworks unleashed late in a game is deceiving for those of us downtown.

    Mes is a horse. Hoover is a goat – that Francisco trade is finally looking bad this year . . .

    • ToddAlmighty

      The Francisco trade allowed Frazier to become the everyday 3rd baseman rather than Francisco. There is no way for that trade to EVER look bad.

      • Grand Salami

        Good point – I take it back. Does Hoover have options?

      • ToddAlmighty

        Honestly, I have no idea. You’d think there’d be some site that keeps track of that in an easily searchable fashion.

    • Drew

      Where exactly would you play Francisco? He’s not a 3rd basemen, not a LF nad we have Votto at first and the NL doesn’t use the DH.

      • CP

        Some teams use a backup 3B/1B. Frazier could play LF. It has been done before….

        Heck, Toronto is doing it right now and it seems to be working just fine.

      • Drew

        So you move a guy who is playing very well at 3rd to LF which isn’t his base position and put a guy at third who on his best day is about average? What do you do on days Frazier is at third?

      • CP

        He sits on the bench collecting a pay check, waiting for a spot to pinch hit, or Joey Votto gets hurt, whichever occurs first.

        I know it’s been a while, but backups are allowed to not actually stink at hitting.