School goes back here in Virginia next week, so therefore I am making the 4 hour trip to Cincinnati today to take my two oldest boys to one more game before summer ends. Most of this was spurred by the Reds winning streak prior to the all-star game that discounted ticket prices for this Diamondbacks series. Anyone remember that winning stretch? Seems like ages ago!

The odds are in the Reds’ favor tonight to get a win if only because the Reds are 2-0 in games in which my boys have attended this season! So cheer on the Redlegs tonight! I know we will be!

Go Reds!

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  1. ToddAlmighty

    Hamilton, CF
    Bruce, RF
    Frazier, 3B
    Mesoraco, C
    Heisey, LF
    Pena, 1B
    Negron, 2B
    Cozart, SS
    Bailey, P

  2. the next janish

    As the Cubs already had a prior engagement I hope the D-Backs prove to do the same job.

  3. RedAlert

    Don’t know any other way you can see it – Jay Bruce is terrible at the plate , just brutal

  4. kywhi1

    The Reds’ already-anemic hitting growing even weaker is almost enough to make one long for Brook Jacoby. We certainly don’t hear much about Don Long.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Eh, Frazier gives 100% credit to Long for his season. Mesroaco became an All-Star. Nobody is worrying about if Hamilton can hit big league pitching anymore. Way I see it, he’s done a good job with the stuff he can do a good job with.

      Nobody’s capable of making Ludwick/Schumaker/Pena/Santiago/Etc great hitters.. so I don’t blame that on Long.

      Bruce? I have no idea.


    Happy Birthday Marty, sorry haters….Nice to see Bruce turning it around in the #2 hole

  6. kywhi1

    Nice! Best offensive moment since before the All-Star break!

  7. magi210

    Is that a Reds homerun? It’s been so long, I’d forgotten what they looked like…

    Go Mes 🙂

  8. ToddAlmighty

    Best part of a terrible offense when Bailey is pitching: He will *never* see a 4 run lead so theoretically he should be pretty decent with no huge lead to ever blow.

  9. concepcion13

    Someone explain to me how Steve Smith is still allowed to “coach” 3rd base.


    Put a mannequin in the 3rd base box, is steve smith related to lonnie smith….

  11. al

    first and third, one out, good situation. why not send the slowest guy on the team on a shallow bloop.

  12. kywhi1

    That has to be one of the worst decisions by a third base coach in the history of the game. I still have a hard time believing I actually saw him waving Pena around.


    can Walt trade for a 3rd base coach……I wonder what Steve Smiths WAR is?

  14. AARON D

    Well should be 2-0 with a man on 1st and 2 outs. pitcher to bad and turn the line up over but…….Steve Smith got in the way, AGAIN

  15. zippy

    If a decision like that doesn’t get a coach fired, what does? I mean, short of actually grabbing the runner as he’s rounding third base, I’m not sure how a third base coach can make a worse decision.

  16. Shchi Cossack

    It won’t make any difference at this point in the season, but Steve Smith must retire or be fired before next season. Sending Pena on that play was utter incompetence, from the very start of the play.

  17. RedsFanPetaluma

    The Reds have had more runners thrown out at third (20) excluding force out than any other team. How does Price not see this? Also, on the TV broadcast, Jeff Brantley was giving Bruce an excuse for not trying to learn to take pitches the other way. I totally disagree. Step that way (toward left field) and go that way. That is how you are taught. Plus, this can be learned. Has Bruce ever used a batting tee? Reedickerus ! It is a cop out to say that Bruce cannot learn this.

    • George Mirones

      Interesting because what I heard was you can’t hit to the opposite field unless you move (point) your shoulders and feet that way. My take on Brantley’s remarks was that he was being critical about Jays excuse.

  18. zippy

    Smith’s call was akin to a hitter swinging before the pitch has been thrown, or a fielder attempting to throw the ball before he’s caught it. I just can’t fathom how he could possibly have done what he just did.

    • RedAlert

      Dude has been absolutely brutal coaching 3rd the entire year – just horrible

      • zippy

        Agreed. But many of his bad decisions could theoretically have been justified somehow or another. Today’s was completely indefensible. It was like he literally had no idea what was happening in front of him.

      • concepcion13

        I propose a new term to be applied to Smith’s antics: “CLAN”. Coaching Like A Nincompoop.

  19. Steve Mancuso

    Mesoraco’s homer was a blast. Second tier of the second deck. Ball got smaller as it kept going.

  20. CHD

    Come on Price…you said you were all for accountability … how many times does your 3B coach have to screw up before he is shown the door?


    Steve Smith’s decision to send Pena is as stupid as choosing a Reds batter in the MLB Beat the Streak contest

  22. George Mirones

    If there is one thing I feel is positive for next year it is that we have a legitimate back up at 1b and catcher, Pena.

  23. doublenohitter

    Bruce’s game has really regressed. Even defensively. I know it was a tough catch but he should have had that ball.

  24. RedsFanPetaluma

    Yes, I agree. Same old Bailey. He just cannot seem to put good hitters away when he has them down two strikes. It is a mental thing with him. Seems as though we have to many folks on this team who cannot make adjustments, i.e. Bailey when he has two strikes on hitters, Second, Bruce learning to hit the opposite field, and last but not least, Zack Cozart, who also has never learned to take pitches the other way.

    • RedAlert

      Is there a mannequin in the first base coaching box too – geeze – the world aint right unless this team gets at least one TOOTBLAN A Game – it is simply amazing – worst baserunning team on baseball – not even close

  25. Aaron Bradley

    I know its been said before so I am not trying to get credit for this suggestion, but isn’t it a no brainer that Mes has to play more than 90% of the time if healthy? If it means errors at 1B then so be it… this team is talking about taking on salary and trading prospects when they don’t even start their best bat every day because of the ridiculous way the catchers platoon. I mean if they aren’t going to utilize him as an every day player trade him to the AL where he can DH in a blockbuster deal, bundle him with Broxton or Chapman and you could really net some talent.

    • al

      aggressive baserunning would have been waiting for the ball to drop and then trying to get to third. standing on third before you know that the ball is going to drop is just terrible baserunning.

  26. BigRedSaguaro

    Well our guys aren’t used to running the bases lately so I guess these things are gonna happen

  27. AARON D

    how often do you see a right fielder walk the ball in the double up at first base? lol

    • George Mirones

      Tony C is on the DL. and has been for a month for shoulder stiffness He may well be done till next year..

    • ToddAlmighty

      Don’t trade Latos. His value isn’t so great right now. Don’t sell when their value is low. Sell when the value is really high. Like Simon, Broxton, Chapman, or possibly Cueto if the deal is good enough.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Also, I think Latos is the most likely to be extended out of Cueto/Latos/Simon/Leake. He actually lives in Cincinnati during the winter. Pretty sure both he and his wife like it here. It’s telling when he chooses to live here year round when so few players do anymore.

  28. RedAlert

    My question is how can Bryan Price continue to put up with this stupid baserunning and this stupid coaching on the basepaths? Been way worse this year than in recent memory –

  29. Aaron Bradley

    Well Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench are in the Diamondbacks broadcast booth having a good ol’ time.

  30. BigRedSaguaro

    Pena doesn’t look so bad at 1st

    • ToddAlmighty

      That’s because it’s been like a year since you saw an actual healthy first baseman. Your standards have been lowered to “Are they better than Jay Bruce at first? Yes? Not so bad then.”

  31. Aaron Bradley

    Johnny Bench is awesome as a color man… if only he could somehow get 30 or so games per year…

  32. zippy

    I’m not the biggest Homer fan, but he’s pitched 6 innings and given up 1 run. Seems like he’s not the guy we ought to be complaining about tonight.

  33. Mister D69

    How does moving Bruce UP in the line up make any sense at all? What, that’s supposed to “restore his confidence”? Generate some offense? Help the team?
    Anybody with any sense would have moved him to 8th (or bench). Sometimes I just can’t fathom what the manager must be thinking.

    • zippy

      I think maybe in the early 1980s there was a player who was in a slump and got hot after he was moved up in the order. Pretty sure that’s the justification.

      • Mister D69

        Lighting could strike twice. You never know.

  34. BigRedSaguaro

    Johnny giving some great insight on Jay’s hitting problems


    Same old Bruce…eh, maybe it’s Marty’s fault

  36. Dennis

    I am so sick of Thom’s “disappointed” voice. I don’t want him to be a homer, but c’mon, keep the proceedings light, at least.

    • Bearcatville76

      Why wouldn’t you expect Anderson to strike out the side? I’m sure he does that at least once a game.

  37. charlottencredsfan

    Hamilton has really regressed at the plant, very disappointing.

    • zippy

      Has anyone on this team not regressed?

      • zippy

        Not by as much, but he was better in April and May.

      • Vicferrari

        The bullpen for the most part and Homer have upped their game, but I agree with your point for the most point

  38. droomac

    I know he probably annoyed some folks, but I remember really liking Johnny Bench doing color on Reds TV games during the 1980s.

    • magi210

      Agreed, I enjoyed hearing him on the broadcast.

    • Michael Maffie

      Agreed. His 5 minutes on hitting was great. I wish he would come on and talk more about working with the Reds players / hitting philosophy.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Use some of that RLN clout and see if you all can get an interview with him about hitting. Who knows, maybe one or two of the Reds read the site and will learn something.

      • Michael Maffie

        I was referring to him coming on the broadcast more. Obviously he would also be welcome at RLN, but I’m not going to hold out hope for that.

  39. ToddAlmighty

    You’d think Chase Anderson was the #1 prospect in all of America the way he’s pitching against the Reds.


      Against this team, now, you need to be a good AAA pitcher and no better

  40. jas428

    Why not more of Johnny Bench? His decision?

  41. kywhi1

    It would be a shame if Homer Bailey’s outstanding effort winds up being all for naught just because of a boneheaded decision by the third base coach.

  42. zippy

    Homer now at 89 pitches. I think he might be going 12 innings tonight.

  43. RedAlert

    Bailey better be careful with that breaking ball thst tends to get him in trouble

  44. ToddAlmighty

    Bailey might pitch a CG if the Reds can ever score enough to end the game before extra innings.

  45. zippy

    Reds will score a run in the bottom of the 17th inning to win 2-1. Leake has the game winning hit.

  46. Whoa Bundy!

    I like the cut of Negron’s jib.


    Screw Schumacher, play Negron every day…better defensively, more power, speed and contact a push…….

  48. Aaron Bradley

    Pena is definitely a decent 1B… he might be better than Votto quite frankly… a few more games under his belt there and I am sure of that.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Except he’s hitting .235/.276/.358 when he plays first base… which is absolutely awful.


    As I was typing? what a rally!

  50. Aaron Bradley

    I’m officially disgusted with Schumaker. I hated him at first, then he grew on me, and now I hate him again. Since the ASB he has been picked off twice, three errors or so, and nothing offensively. When we needed him to step up most.


    Homer should go take a dump in Steve Smith’s locker……

  52. zippy

    I’m glad to see a couple guys on this team finally willing to take a hack at anything in the general vicinity of the plate. It’s about time these guys stopped being so selective and patient.

    • zippy

      No save is possible in this game. Ergo, Chapman is allowed to pitch with a tie score.

    • Vicferrari

      This is the closer’s role, he must pitch the top of the 9th in a tie game, but do we see him in the 10th if it gets that far?

  53. ToddAlmighty

    Just me or does it seem Chapman has thrown a LOT less offspeed pitches since the All Star break?

    • ToddAlmighty

      And when he does throw them, they’re less effective than before the All Star break.

      • ProspectCincy

        Sadly, this is only his 3rd inning since the break … so hard to say really. He’s being used to rarely, hard to keep those pitches in check without regular work.

      • ToddAlmighty

        I think that first inning back was the one where the borderline infield fly dropped down and the winning run scored. I want to say he threw like 14-16 pitches in that appearance and all were fastballs.

  54. RedAlert

    Sorry / can say what you want / I ain’t trading Chapman / nope / nope / nope

    • Vicferrari

      So he can save 35 games a year and blow his 5 or 6 like every other average closer?

      • ProspectCincy

        Blown only 2 this year … this has been his best year yet (and both blown saves the Reds have won anyway).

        If this was the last time Chappy was in a Reds uniform, he went out in style.

      • Vicferrari

        Is he really in the rumor mill? Does he not have 3 losses, and I am sure he is on pace for 5 blown saves given his late start, I just would love to see him start a game and pitch 7 or so innings in a row

      • Aaron Bradley

        Yea he is a nice carnival attraction… we can get a lot for him because of it.. but the end result is that he wins us no more games than an average closer in baseball. They have to trade some pieces to bring in talent, mine as well be the one’s with national acclaim.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Next year Chapman turns down his $5m player option, goes to arbitration, and gets like $12m.. or the Reds have to give him a 4yr/$44m type contract if they want to sign him.

      Neither of those sound good for a guy who’ll pitch 60 innings a game. I’m starting to believe that nobody in the bullpen should make more than $5m/yr. Even that you should only have 1 of per bullpen. Simon, LeCure, Jumbo, Carlos.. bullpen arms aren’t hard to find, so paying one $12m or $44m over 4 years to pitch 60 innings makes zero sense, regardless of market size.

      Ask yourself this. If you were a GM, would you rather have Chapman’s 60 innings and $8m or Latos for 200 innings and probably two top 10 prospects from a team for Chapman?

  55. concepcion13

    As horrible as he’s been – well, almost all year – would you PH for Bruce right here?

    • zippy

      Has the team acquired a good hitter to use here?

    • Vicferrari

      Maybe if you had a better hitter and Bruce was not a candidate to win the game

      • Vicferrari

        But what are you going do, maybe he needs a day off or a few, you only can hope the most likely hitter bust his slump with the alternatives

  56. Redgoggles

    I’m starting to see Marty’s point.

  57. Whoa Bundy!

    Jay needs to go to AAA to learn to hit again. This is ridiculous.

  58. BigRedSaguaro

    Come on no way that guy makes the catch

  59. Aaron Bradley

    I don’t understand the rules of baseball anymore… didn’t the dude lose the game for the Cubs by doing this very thing? If its a foul ball the fan has a right to it, don’t they?

    • vegastypo

      A fan cannot lean over into the field of play if a player has a chance to make a play on the ball. If the ball is hit into the seating area, fans have every right to go for the ball, regardless of a player’s chance to make the catch.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Yeah, if it’s in the stands and the Reds hit it, it’s the front row of fan’s job to become a wall to block off the defender. If the visiting team hit it, it’s their job to get out of the way so the Reds defender can try to make the play.

      • ToddAlmighty

        One of the few ways fans can directly help their team without breaking any rules.

  60. sergeant2

    Right fielder never would have caught it. What! this Reds fan biased, never. Go Reds!

  61. Whoa Bundy!

    Gibson is a jerk. Let the girl have the catch.

      • zippy

        Who cares if she can hit? If she can make catches like that and strike out on a regular basis, she’s already an upgrade.

  62. zippy

    Bruce strikes out by taking a pitch over the plate. Frazier strikes out by swinging at a pitch 2 feet outside. It seems to make no difference what the pitcher does, this team will find a way to strike out.

  63. Whoa Bundy!

    How about a Dev-o-stating HR here?

  64. zippy

    Why on earth is Mes taking a 3-0 pitch down the middle? What good can possibly come of HIM walking with TWO outs? This team is just plain nuts.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Unless he hits a HR, he needs to get on base before he can score. A walk in that situation actually is just as good as a single.

      • zippy

        A walk in that situation (two outs and various Reds due up next) is virtually worthless because it requires at least one more hit to score him, and probably two. Do we really like those odds better than Mes hitting a fastball over the wall?

  65. concepcion13

    Why do I suspect that the legendary Jack Hannahan will be the Chosen One batting with 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th (well, I’ll say the 11th; maybe Home Run Hoover will give up the lead in the 11th), with the Reds down a run or more?


    Odds on Bruce getting the golden sombrero tonight?

  67. vegastypo

    Wait, that kid plays second base? Eh, never mind, we wouldn’t dare move anybody off the 40-man roster …..

  68. sergeant2

    I think its beyond awesome that young girl that caught that ball got a certificate from the Reds and is being interviewed about it. Can you imagine how excited she’s going to be once it all sinks in. Baseball is as Americana as it gets. Go Reds!

    • preacherj

      Huh, maybe the Reds need to give out certificates when the players make catches and avoid blunders. Baseball may be Americana, but TOOTBLANS are Amerikana.

  69. preacherj

    Just tuning in and haven’t read any previous comments. I’m not exactly shocked by a 1-1 tie in extras with these teams.

  70. sezwhom

    I feel for Jay Bruce. It’s brutal to watch. On a positive note: it was fun listening to Johnny Bench in the booth. He broke it down regarding Mes rather well I’d say. That was entertaining.


    Pena, NEgron, Cozart…good, heart of the order up now

    • zippy

      If the commas weren’t there I’d guess it’s the number of Reds strikeouts this season.


      the individual feet by which the last 9 runners sent home by Steve Smith were thrown out by?

      • preacherj

        The answer to some obscure and meaningless advance stat that ‘proves’ Jay Bruce isn’t having a horrific season?

      • ToddAlmighty

        You had to know that one wasn’t it. Pena’s was easily double digits.

    • Mister D69

      Strikeouts by position in last series?

  72. Matt

    Since PED’s have been weeded out, hitting is now at a premium. Look at what the Cubs are doing. Three top 10 prospects all are position players.

    The return for a Chapman or a Cueto would be substantial.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Don’t know if PEDs can be called weeded out when a ton of people just recently got suspended for them.

      • Matt

        Last year – 2
        2012 – 6
        2011 – 2
        2010 – 2
        2009 – 5
        2008 – 2
        2007 – 5
        About an average of 3.4 players hitting > 40 HR in a season. In 2014, there are currently 44 pitchers with an ERA less than 3.50. In 2013, there were 41 such pitchers.

        1997 – 12
        1998 – 13
        1999 – 13
        2000 – 16
        2001 – 12
        2002 – 8
        2003 – 9
        2004 – 9
        2005 – 9
        2006 – 11
        About an average of 11.2 players hitting > 40 HR in a season. There were 9 (nine) pitchers with an ERA less than 3.50 in both 1999 and 2000.

        Some players have been busted recently but you cannot deny the stats. Quality pitching can be found. Elite hitters are becoming few and far between.

        So looking at the Cubs, they have Bryant, Russell, Baez, Soler, Almora, Alcantrara all coming to the majors at the same time. All under control, cost effectively for the next 6-7 years.

        Obviously, prospects don’t always pan out but I’d bet at least 3 of them do. I’d rather bet on them than paying Votto 225 million dollars for the next 10 years. The Reds are so deplete of hitters the only way to get anything is to trade Cueto, Chapman, Latos.

  73. RedAlert

    Just sad state of affairs with this offense – never seen anything quite like it

  74. ToddAlmighty

    The Reds have scored 3 runs in the last 19 innings. Devin Mesoraco has driven in all three of them. Can they please stop putting him on the bench all the time now?

  75. BigRedSaguaro

    Man even the bullpen looks Cy Young

  76. AARON D

    Depressing …

    Replacing the .222 Cozart is the .179 Lutz… who as if on cute, strikes out (#14 today for the Reds)

  77. sergeant2

    From the angle I saw it didn’t look like he went around. Oh well doesn’t matter that out 3 regardless.

  78. Aaron Bradley

    How do these guys make it out of AAA with no discipline? Are pitchers throwing only strikes down there?

    • ToddAlmighty

      Lutz was actually in AA the first time the Reds called him up this year…. so… he didn’t? Lol

      • Aaron Bradley

        yes true… well same thing, are pitchers taught to only throw strikes in the minors? I mean I don’t see how these guys hit for average swinging at everything.

  79. BigRedSaguaro

    Do the fans get free pizza if the Reds strike out in double figures ?


    Neftali Soto, keep your phone handy….he’ll probably hit 3rd tomorrow, and why not?

  81. AARON D

    To those that follow the farm system more closely…is there really NO ONE else available to try than the standard Lutz, Negron, Santiago trio? Anyone else ?

    • Vicferrari

      Have not looked lately, Perez and Gotay having solid years, 30 year old AAAA players probably worth a look but not on the 40 man

      • Morgan Mayham

        For open spots on the 40 man all they would need to do…is 60 day dl.votto, phillips, lamare, and cingrani.

  82. kywhi1

    I know this team-wide slump isn’t the fault of the hitting coach, but I wonder what a hitting coach works on when this type of thing happens to an entire team. With so many strikeouts occurring up and down the lineup, does the coach try to change the team’s approach? Just curious as to what some think Long or any other hitting coach would be doing right now to address the situation. And that’s not to say that I think he is awful, as I have no clue as to the level of regard he is held in by others.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Major hitting approach changes for an organization have to start in the minors. All these guys were brought up in Dusty and Jacoby’s time of “three healthy hacks and then sit down” as well as “walks clog up the bases”.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Plus it depends on the kind of people you scout/draft. Lutz was signed in 2007 when they still had Dunn.

  83. preacherj

    “I know this team-wide slump isn’t the fault of the hitting coach, but I wonder what a hitting coach works on when this type of thing happens to an entire team.”
    I’m guessing his second bottle of Kentucky bourbon.

  84. Aaron Bradley

    Personally I think every hitter needs to take a strike… maybe two strikes. A walk is as good as a hit and I am watching them swing at way to much crap outside the strike zone. Then, if the other team catches on they can mix it up a bit.

    • zippy

      Also, if they actually displayed a willingness to take a strike or two, the pitchers would eventually start throwing first and second pitches down the middle, and then someone could actually hit one of them. As it is, opposing pitchers must surely know they don’t have to throw strikes to this team and they’ll still be ahead of most Reds’ hitters.

      • zippy

        I guess you were making basically the same point with your last sentence. Sorry for duplicating.

    • preacherj

      This is the guy. Look at his walk rates.

  85. droomac

    Here’s some good news from 2014 . . . Jumbo and Contreras seem capable members of a major league bullpen. So, let’s send Broxton off into the sunset, save the $9 million off of next years payroll, and move Chapman to the rotation! . . .

    • doublenohitter

      I actually think they could get a couple of decent prospects for Broxton and not miss a beat in the bullpen. And I don’t think it would send a “we’re selling off” message either.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Too late for Chapman to the rotation. He’s only been pitching 60 innings a year. Even if you get him to 120 innings in 2015, you’ll only be able to push him to 160 in 2016. That means when he’ll theoretically finally be able to pitch 200 innings, he’ll be a free agent. So the Reds would do all the work of stretching him out and some other team like the Yankees would swoop in and enjoy the benefits.

      Trade him.

  86. BigRedSaguaro

    Jumbo ! Heck let’s see if he can swing a bat, why not

  87. vegastypo

    if these guys weren’t multi-millionaires, i’d offer a dollar to the Reds player who drives in the winning run. this is painful to watch.

  88. zippy

    Guy can’t throw strikes…. better bunt!

    • preacherj

      Zippy the prophet. Billy bunted his own face.

    • zippy

      The lack of common sense on this team is truly remarkable.


    All right, come on Bruce!

  90. zippy

    I hope this somehow works out, but that was just an unbelievably stupid decision.

  91. Vicferrari

    Someone tell me how the sacrifice increases your chances of winning?

  92. ToddAlmighty

    Wow.. I understand the whole double play scenario they want to set up.. but you’re walking the guy who’s 0-3, 3K in order to get to Frazier and Mesoraco? REALLY?

  93. Aaron Bradley

    I just don’t see why Hamilton can’t take a strike before attempting the bunt. See if the guy has control… I think he might have walked Hamiton too.

    • BigRedSaguaro

      He finally made contact with something

  94. BigRedSaguaro

    At least he didn’t swing…


    Knew somebody would get the Golden Sombrero……jeeeeeeeeezus

  96. zippy

    Reds Motto: “Two strikes… .it’s time to get selective!”

  97. preacherj

    Wow. At least we are bringing a catcher to the plate. It’s the only hope I have.

  98. Redgoggles

    I wish Mes would go the other way here. Just need a single.

    • Redgoggles

      Or swing for the fences. One trick pony right now.

      • ToddAlmighty

        One trick pony batting .292, with a .948 OPS, and 17 HRs in only 233 ABs. I wish the Reds had 7 more one trick ponies just like him.

  99. zippy

    A sacrifice bunt didn’t work out. Go figure.

    • RedAlert

      Dudes go up there hacking then take pitches down the gut – clueless at the plate , just clueless

  100. ToddAlmighty

    Guy threw 8 strikes, and 3 of them were bunts. How the heck do you pitch a scoreless inning like that?


    Bruce could a GoSo, too……wonder when last time Reds had two Golden’s in one game?

  102. AARON D

    So….we’re basically just waiting until Arizona scores then, right? lol

  103. kywhi1

    As my nephew just said, “I now know how Cubs fans feel.”

  104. sergeant2

    You would think that walking Bruce to pitch to Frazier is insanity, you would think that, but apparently you would be wrong. Oh well, it ain’t over yet, the Redlegs can still win this pitching duel. Go Reds!

    • ToddAlmighty

      Is it still considered a pitching duel when it’s actually just the fact both offenses are completely awful?

      • preacherj

        That is absolutely, without a doubt, the most stupendous, and most outrageous comment in the HISTORY of baseball commentary. Without exception.

    • zippy

      Thom has been in bed since the 4th inning.

  105. preacherj

    I don’t know if they always do this, but the D-backs swing on 3-0 counts a lot.

  106. AARON D


    MLB has renamed tonights match-up between the Reds and Diamondbacks as “The Helen Keller Invitational” (with apologies to Helen Keller)

    • doublenohitter

      You know the old saying about a blind squirrel and a nut? The Reds should sign the blind squirrel because he has a better batting average.

  107. vegastypo

    Toronto score more runs tonight than I think we have scored since the All-Star break … Just ONE run here, fellas !!!!!!!!!!

  108. sergeant2

    All things considered, there’s still a fair number of fans at the old ball orchard. Go Reds!

  109. RedAlert

    Why in the world was Jumbo Diaz not been called up earlier in the year when the bullpen was imploding on a daily basis – guy is solid

    • ToddAlmighty

      Because then Walt would have had to make a 40 man roster move. Who would he let go of? Soto? Bell? Ondrusek? Never!

    • Vicferrari

      a for some reason that thought Partch, Trevor Bell, and Christiani gave them a better chance

  110. ToddAlmighty

    Continuation of proof of why Chapman needs to be traded… since the AS Break Chapman has pitched 2.2 innings. Diaz has now pitched 6 innings.

    Only Patch who just got called up, and Parra have pitched less innings than Chapman.

  111. zippy

    I thought I was joking when I predicted the Reds would win 2-1 in the 17th inning on a Mike Leake pinch hit, but I’m now starting to take it pretty seriously.

  112. zippy

    Given how often these guys are swinging when they ought to be taking (and vice versa), I’m wondering if the Reds actually do have a manager. I know Price is supposedly holding that job, but does he actually have any managerial powers, or is it just an empty title?

  113. preacherj

    Sam is throwing (up) in the pen.

  114. charlottencredsfan

    Is there one single pitch that CH will not try to pull? Honestly, is he just not that bright? Does he like being a .225-.230 hitter, is that all?

    • George Mirones

      charlotte this way off topic but the NFL gives players a Wonderlic test as part of the draft process. Does MLB test its players ability to learn?

    • George Mirones

      My past boss said I had an off-centered view of problems which is why he kept me around 20 years. I never did find that line and probably wouldn’t have recognized it.

    • charlottencredsfan

      He has one of the quickest bats in MLB but he needs to shorten his swing with two strikes, at the very least. Why anyone would throw a middle in pitch to him is moronic. Prototypical Dusty Baker hitter.

  115. Whoa Bundy!

    Is negron the only red with multiple hits tonight?

  116. preacherj

    I was up at 4am, I have to be up early tomorrow, why in heck am I still dealing with this tonight? Makes no sense.

  117. Redgoggles

    I seriously think they have a shot at Delgado the 3rd time through the lineup.

  118. AARON D

    17 runs since the All Star break….including todays.

    Average of 1.7 runs per game. It’s a miracle they have 1 win

    • ToddAlmighty

      I think about 3 of those are unearned, too. The Yankees were pretty awful defensively.

  119. preacherj

    Bullpen has given up one hit in four innings so far.

  120. sergeant2

    Perhaps we’re watching a showcase of pitching excellence tonight. Than again, maybe I had one Burger Beer too many. Go Reds!

  121. zippy

    The Astros have scored 7 runs through 8 innings. The Houston Astros. Seven.

  122. ToddAlmighty

    I’ve reached my extra innings limit. Later guys.

  123. Ed Lambert

    “Gasoline on the fire” LeCure is on. Here comes the 3 run lead. Dink, dunk, dong.

  124. zippy

    Another sac bunt attempt, another failure. Do major league managers actually know anything about baseball?

  125. preacherj

    Bunted two pitches foul and takes the third pitch called strike. He’s at home in GABP.

    • zippy

      Maybe we can trade some prospects for him.

  126. Ed Lambert

    Is there anything more entertaining as Reds baseball?

    Watching paint dry? Grass grow? Fill in the blank._______________.

    OMG this is so boring.

    • AARON D

      The gameday operator feels the same way…they are getting very slow at updating gameday lol.

  127. Matt

    San Diego, St. Louis, Cincinnati – Bottom 3 in runs scored
    San Diego, CHC, Houston, Cincinnati – Bottom 4 in hits
    San Diego, Philadelphia, Seattle, Mets, Cincinnati – Bottom 5 in OPS

    Just an abomination.

  128. preacherj

    Ah, the ol’ “lost the ball in the dirt” trick.

  129. zippy

    Amazing what a difference it can make when you don’t send a runner to be thrown out by 20+ feet at the plate. Obviously it’s not Smith’s fault that nobody on this team has the slightest clue how to approach an at-bat, but every terrible decision has consequences.

  130. preacherj

    Look at this guys numbers for a lefty coming into the 13th. Not too shabby.

  131. preacherj

    We have jack on the bench. That’s it. Jack.

  132. zippy

    Second best Reds at-bat of the night.

  133. preacherj

    Bring a pitcher in to pinch run.

    • zippy

      But who? Cueto? Latos? Simon? Leake is the best hitter on the bench.

  134. zippy

    Keep bunting enough times and eventually it’s going to work out. That’s why it’s such a good strategy.

  135. zippy

    Bunting to move a runner over for two guys in terrible slumps SEEMED like a foolproof strategy, but with the benefit of hindsight I’m starting to see the flaw.

  136. vegastypo

    i guess, on the bright side, people might get free pizza by the 18th or whatever inning….

  137. zippy

    If the Reds are interested in saving some serious money, I’m willing to work for league minimum for the next 20 years. I can flail away at everything and strike out just as well as anyone else on this team, and they can use the extra money to overpay a closer or something.

    • jake

      Funny, I’ll gladly do that too instead of my job

    • jake

      They could use the money for 5 more relievers

  138. jake

    What am I even watching? For the love of god, just grab a fan and have em swing the bat

  139. sergeant2

    Why wouldn’t you swing at a pitch with no movement on it, that was right down Broadway? Probably because you had already made up your mind not to swing at the next pitch. (aka guess hitting)

  140. zippy

    On the bright side, I believe tonight’s game is the most consecutive innings the Reds have played without a significant injury.

  141. jake

    Only 5 hits for the Reds in this game….only one not from the bench

    • Redgoggles

      It’s the second inning that has been getting him lately.

  142. vegastypo

    They should continue this game after Sept. 1, when the rosters can expand …

  143. zippy

    Love it when Thom talks about a player “having some of the best power in ALL of major league baseball” or “throwing as hard as anyone in ALL of baseball,” as if the National League is just one (inferior) league among several.

  144. sergeant2

    The pitching staffs of both teams are the story of this game. (that’s my take, and I’m sticking with it)

  145. Redgoggles

    2nd 7th inning stretch. Ha, that’s great!

  146. Redgoggles

    I have an idea…….we should try to hit a home run!

  147. jake

    Todd there was your pitch, right down the middle

  148. AARON D

    Surprisingly this game is only 4 hours and 4 mins old and its 14 innings in. There have been 4 1/2 hour 9 inning games.

    guess thats what happens when no one hits

  149. sergeant2

    The players are obviously frustrated to the max, this is where the leadership abilities of the manager comes into play.

    • AARON D

      Agree completely. However, so far it seems the only difference between Price and Baker is a box of toothpicks.

      • yorktownred

        Don’t forget the wristbands.

      • zippy

        Baker was more explicitly opposed to walks. With Price, it’s a more subtle anti-walk bias.

  150. preacherj

    If we don’t wrap it up here, I’m laying it down. C’mon, Heisey (sheesh)

    • sergeant2

      Unfortunately that’s the case more than it should be. How long a game goes should be of no concern of to the umpires. They should be laser focused on making calls, which is what they are paid to do.

  151. Redgoggles

    Hoover second inning = room for improvement.

  152. CMH

    Pathetic for both ARI and CIN.

    14 full innings of 1 run baseball. Neither ARI or Reds have THAT good of pitching. Just pathetic for both teams. Declare a tie and end it before the Reds get someone injured and have to call up Rosy Red and Mr Redlegs to play.

  153. redsfan06

    I’m going to bed. What’s the over/under on number of innings?

  154. BigRedSaguaro

    Nothing like 15 innings of torture

  155. jake

    Absolutely pitiful. This team has been physically painful to watch since the AS break

  156. Morgan Mayham

    Home run hoover does it again!!!!!

  157. zippy

    Open base and you start with a pitch right down the middle. Sure, why not. What could go wrong.

  158. Morgan Mayham

    Hoover must be goin for the all time loss record by a reliver

  159. Redgoggles

    Negron, Hannahan, Santiago. 2 runs in the bag.

  160. jake

    Could use a home run here Negron. Or maybe not honestly, this could drag on past 20 then

  161. BigRedSaguaro

    Negron gonna swing at everything

  162. sergeant2

    Hard to believe there was a time not long ago when JJ Hoover was thought of as possibly the Reds closer. Anyone else remember those days.

  163. Morgan Mayham

    What’s it gonna take…Hoover with 15 losses this year before he is DFA’ ED ???

  164. RedAlert

    This team has completely imploded – from the players all the way to ownership

  165. ToddAlmighty

    I checked back in, thinking the game was going to be over and it just about it.. but I have to say this. Hoover’s last three losses I think have all been in the second inning he’s pitched in extra innings… so why do they keep asking him to pitch more than one inning at a time when he clearly can’t?

    I find it hard to be angry at Hoover when the offense can’t score more than 1 run in 15 innings, or the three “best” pitchers in the bullpen coming into spring training all are incapable of pitching more than 1 inning (Chapman, Broxton, LeCure). Guess what, if they pitched the same amount as Jumbo, Hoover would never have entered the game. If the offense actually scores again before the season ends, Hoover would never have entered the game.

    • zippy

      It’s important to make sure your best pitchers are well rested for the off-season.

  166. ToddAlmighty

    Also.. when you can’t score more than 1 run in 15 innings against the freaking Diamondbacks? It’s time to sell, Walt.

  167. charlottencredsfan

    Hamilton should be in the 8th hole for a while. The youngster needs to be sent message.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Who do you move up? Mesoraco can only hit in one of the nine batting spots.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Santiago. Get Bruce on the bench for a couple of games, this has got to hammering whatever little confidence he may have left.

        Go game by Homer & the pen.

    • zippy

      What’s the message going to be? “Stop being just like everyone else on this team”?

      • charlottencredsfan

        No, if you’re going to hit like an #8 hitter that is where you will be put. No excuse, this kid can hit and long extended slumps plus K’s will kill his career. He is coming out of his shoes swinging the bat. Zero-point-zero balance and has lost the strike zone because of it. Hamilton can be saved unlike some of the other guys.

      • zippy

        But almost everyone on this team is flailing away at almost everything. There’s no need to single out Hamilton. What ought to happen is that EVERYONE should be told to stop swinging so much when there’s no need to swing, stop trying to pull everything, stop trying to be a hero, etc. Everyone on the team should be getting a message, not just the rookie. Given his youth, Hamilton is the one guy who should be getting the benefit of the doubt. Heisey, Bruce, Frazier, Cozart, Ludwick, Pena, Schumaker, etc. are the ones who should be getting messages. They’re the ones who are supposed to understand how to play the game but seem incapable of putting aside their egos and take a few pitches. If a manager demands a certain approach of everyone on the team, he’s going to get it. If he doesn’t demand it, he won’t. Price is obviously demanding nothing other than “sing hard” and “sacrifice bunt.”

  168. Bearcatville76

    That is one of the most deflating losses that the Reds have experienced in a long time. They win the game and they are amazingly only 5 games out of first. This team is just sickening to watch.

  169. Redgoggles

    We are kidding ourselves if we think one hitter will change the direction of this season. I have never seen a team completely tank so fast.

  170. BigRedSaguaro

    These dudes look like blindfolded kids swinging at a piñata

    • ToddAlmighty

      Even blindfolded kids go better than 6-46.

      • BigRedSaguaro

        True, and make contact once in awhile

  171. RedAlert

    This team is finished – bad as I hate to say it – this team is done – guys couldn’t put the ball in play if it’s sitting on a batting tee right in front of them – pathetic approaches at the plate all the way around – 18 ks

  172. Aaron Bradley

    Some hilarious comments, gents. It was a pleasure watching this game with you as company. I look forward to many more comedic nights as we still have 2 full months to look forward to on this long, strange trip. I am sure Walt will have a couple surprises up his sleeve before all is said and done.

  173. RedsFanPetaluma

    You have to wonder about our hitting coach. And, we thought Brook Jacoby was bad. He looks like a genius compared to Long.

  174. sergeant2

    I’ll tell ya something else that is a shame, there have been a lot of Reds that had the opportunity of a lifetime to solidify their career as major league players but failed to take the bull by the horns. A lot of those players will never get the opportunity they got with the Reds again.

    • daytonnati

      One thing I’ve learned tonight is that George Mirones has an off-centered view of problems.

      • BigRedSaguaro

        He just hasn’t recognized it

    • ToddAlmighty

      Not sure if anyone will even give a bucket of balls for him.

  175. charlottencredsfan

    Get younger and deeper. Bad ballplayers are bad enough but old bad ballplayers are even worse.

  176. jake

    One problem I’ve noticed is this team is starting to look very frustrated. They constantly look like they’re trying to hammer the ball over the wall, trying to put something in to play, swinging at anything that comes at them. This could be a very long slump

    • zippy

      This is where a manager can actually make a difference. A long time ago Price should have recognized the problem we’ve all recognized and started demanding that guys stop swinging for the fences, start taking more pitches, make more effort to hit the other way, shorten the swing with two strikes, etc. But it looks as if he’s either said nothing whatsoever or told them to swing harder and more often.

      • MrRed

        Unless you’re in the dugout or locker room, you don’t know what the manager is (or is not) saying to his team. Just look at the roster right now. It ain’t the chef, it’s the ingredients.