Well Johnny Cueto unlocked the secret for this Reds team to win again… Just don’t allow your opponent to score any runs. Today, it is your turn Mat Latos. If you want to win, you better be on top of your game.

The Reds will look to make it two wins in a row with a win today. Wouldn’t it be nice to string together two wins against the Nationals just before the Diamondbacks and their losing record rolled into the Queen City?

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  1. vegastypo

    Good luck, Mat !!!

    Hamilton 8
    Schumaker 4
    Frazier 5
    Bruce 9
    Mesoraco 2
    Hannahan 3
    Lutz 7
    Santiago 6
    Latos 1

  2. ohiojimw

    Hannahan activated and starting at 1B. Partch optioned to AAA for the 25 man roster move. Hannahan was on the 60 Day DL so there should be a corresponding DFA or outright for the 40 man roster spot but I haven’t found it yet on Twitter or the Reds site.

    • ohiojimw

      Oh well, I can’t find a 40 man roster move, so they must have had an open spot on the 40 man roster to go along with the 8 relievers on the 25 man. Couldn’t they have brought up Gotay or Felix Perez or Bourgeois et al and then just designated them when our man Jack was ready?

  3. ohiojimw

    Reds starting lineup per @reds

    Hamilton CF
    Schumaker 2B
    Frazier 3B
    Bruce RF
    Mesoraco C
    Hannahan 1B
    Lutz LF
    Santiago SS
    Latos P

  4. why oh why

    We got Jack for that…oh my. Jack has no business hitting sixth in any major league lineup

    • charlottencredsfan

      Hopefully he will hit at least as well as Bruce and Cozart.

  5. doublenohitter

    Worst lineup of the year, hands down! Only 3 guys in the lineup with any power at all.
    Jocketty should be fired for allowing this lineup to even be possible.

  6. Chris Wilson

    Thanks for adding the lineup today guys! It wasn’t out when I typed the game thread and couldn’t get to it before it posted!

    Plus I’d been forced to add stats again and adding Hannahan’s, Lutz’s, and Santiago’s would have probably been very depressing!

  7. Chris Schlatter

    I’m really hoping that the Reds take a chance on Rusney Castillo. He’s another Cuban defector who worked out for 28 teams yesterday. By all accounts, he’s starting material right now, and I really hope that the Reds can sign him.

  8. ToddAlmighty

    We got Jack for that!.. this is the guy who even Price outright said he’s not capable of throwing a baseball with any degree of effectiveness. If he can’t throw a baseball, how can you expect him to keep up with a mid-90s fastball? How can you expect him to muscle out a ball for a double? All he’s going to get is a nice serving of fastballs inside and I doubt he’ll ever be able to touch them.

    This is going to very likely be pathetic.

  9. vegastypo

    Is it possible that the Nationals are a worse base-running team than the Reds?

    • ToddAlmighty

      He makes up for it by slugging like .575, and he does grade out slightly positive defensively. Not great, but positive none the less.

  10. the next janish

    I think its funny that Lutz can start in left field but not at first base.

    • ToddAlmighty

      They started him at first base once and he made an error. Granted, who hasn’t made an error at first lately?

  11. Eric the Red

    Is there any Wild Card advantage (like Home Field, or a tiebreaker?) to winning the season series vs a team? If so, today’s a very big game.

  12. RedAlert

    Gas Billy been on first base to lead off a game since all- star break ? Geeze

    • charlottencredsfan

      If this game goes into extra innings, you never know.

    • Jake

      Everybody in this lineup, apart from Hannahan and Lutz, has a better BA than Bruce. Bruce is better than this

  13. ToddAlmighty

    What will be the results of Hannahan’s first AB?
    1. Strikeout Swinging
    2. Strikeout Looking
    3. Infield Popup
    4. Foul Popup
    5. Weak Ground Ball

    Vote now! Lol

    • ToddAlmighty

      Though to his benefit, the guy is mostly throwing 88mph fastballs. So at least they’re not 96.

  14. Steve Mancuso

    Hamilton OBP .188 since All Star break, zero walks in 32 plate appearances. He, Bruce and Mesoraco a big part of the offensive malaise.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Yeah, probably just a request for it to be added to the dugout food.

  15. Steve Mancuso

    Mesoraco since AS break: 21 plate appearances, 2 hits, 9 strikeouts, 0 walks.

    Bruce: 27 plate appearances, 2 hits, 11 strikeouts, 3 walks.

    • Michael J Hampton

      The other day I posted all of the Reds position player’s slash lines for the 6 games after the break. Only two players, Pena and Schumaker put up any kind of numbers that could be considered close to decent. The numbers for anybody else, who had any significant playing time, was terrible, very similar to Bruce’s and Mesaroco’s.

  16. Jake

    How many errors have we had since the all star break? Seems like we get one every game now

    • RedAlert

      This offense can’t stay up to bat long enough for Latos to catch his breath

  17. kywhi1

    Thom Brennaman doesn’t always drive me crazy, but he certainly is today. Between his blabbering, Schumaker’s error at second, and Billy Hamilton’s pathetic attempt to bunt his way aboard first, it’s enough to make one pull out what little hair he has left on his head.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Thom today about Denard Span: “He’s not up there to walk.” Span walks seconds later. Span’s walk rate is 7.1%.

      • kywhi1

        It seems more and more as if he never bothers with doing his homework about the opposition.

  18. CHD

    Just as winning is contagious, so is losing. The complete failure of the management in the Reds organization to have a viable back up plan for injuries is what is at fault here.

    Mesoraco and Hamilton are young players and will be fine, but right now they are falling into the losing mentality. The last few years we as fans have justified Bruce’s slumps by pointing out his hot streaks. Well, the hot streaks are coming farther apart as he ages and you have to wonder if the sub .220 batting average is worth the 2-3 times he goes on a 10 day tear.

    If I were Walt, I would seriously consider setting the club up for a better 2015 than trying to chase a playoff spot this year. I would put nearly everyone on the table and focus on getting significant improvements of an outfield bat, an infield bat, 1-2 quality bench players, and a middle reliever.

    Just my opinions.

    • kywhi1

      I respect your opinion, but while it’s obvious that Mesoraco and Hamilton are pressing and trying to do too much, I don’t see how they are “falling into the losing mentality” when their team is still playing above .500 baseball for the season. If they were on the Griffey/Dunn teams, you might be able to say they are suffering from the losing mentality.

      • CHD

        I mean that when the club is winning they visibly play better. Just a product of being young.

  19. Steve Mancuso

    Latos is pitching a great game.

  20. Steve Mancuso

    Heck of a play by Santiago, really great.

  21. Chris Wilson

    If Santiago is hurt, does the club improve or get worse?

    • AnnapolisHoosier

      Santiago has played just fine as has Pena. The problem with this team is the guys you were depending on have not come through either due to injury (Votto, Phillips) or just poor play (Bruce-was also/still injured, Ludwick). Frazier, Hamilton and Mesoroco has probably played above expectations and Cozart has played like expected. The starting pitching has been great, the bullpen has not.

  22. mikemartz

    If we would have seen this lineup posted early in the season we would have assumed it was a B-lineup on get away day, sure is a shame that this is almost the best lineup we can field on a daily basis.

  23. doublenohitter

    Hal McCoy said he didn’t think the Reds should or will do anything. He thinks they would have to give up too much.
    I’m of the opinion that you trade prospects any day and twice on Sunday for established Major League talent. Prospects are just that, prospects. They haven’t done anything yet.

    • RedAlert

      With you on that – but will not surprise one bit if they do absolutely nothing

    • al

      Every major league player was a prospect, so saying they haven’t done anything yet doesn’t really mean anything.

      Obviously, it’s about weighing the risk of giving up a guy who turns into a cost-controlled star, vs. the talent you receive in return and the likelihood that that talent gets you further in the post-season.

      There’s no simple way to do talent evaluation.

      • doublenohitter

        Agreed. Some non-prospects become stars and some top prospects never pan out. It is a total crap shoot. That is why I find it easy, in my opinion, to trade away “prospect” for players that have a track record.

  24. doublenohitter

    I see Cy Young is pitching again, for the 9th straight game. Amazing how much he can pitch. You’d think his arm would fall off eventually.

    • Jake

      When he has 7 pitch innings and guys like Bruce hacking at the first pitch, his arm is probably fine

  25. AnnapolisHoosier

    Hamilton may be going through a slump offensively, but he catches nearly everything. Last year the hit by Loboton probably would have been misplayed by Choo. Hamilton makes it look easy.

  26. AnnapolisHoosier

    Ramon Santiago blew that one. What in the world was he doing?

  27. muttonlettucetomato

    This feels like another game where if Latos gives up anything it’s going to be an L… must be hard to pitch when your team isn’t putting runs on the board.

  28. AARON D

    I can’t understand for the life of me how this happens. I can forgive the talent, arm strength, and speed differences in everyday MLB players and minor leaguers…but these guys routinely make mistakes that you would rarely see from a decent high school team.

  29. mikemartz

    Ramon did bang his head pretty hard, maybe he has a few cobwebs.

  30. Jake

    Grizzly Adams batting for the Nationals

  31. Chris

    Poor Matt’s got 30 more pitches than Fister.

  32. AnnapolisHoosier

    Latos is pulling a Bailey.

  33. Chris

    I know that throwing a strike on an 0 – 2 count is frowned upon, but it sure seems like the Reds pitchers consistently throw great UNTIL they get two strikes. Then they have trouble nibbling those corners.

    • AnnapolisHoosier

      He didn’t miss on the DP opportunity. He missed on getting the lead runner. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference in the inning with all the walks.

  34. renbutler

    Latos needs to shut up and sit down. The only missed call in the inning was in his favor.

  35. charlottencredsfan

    We probably weren’t going to score today anyway.

    • Jake

      Hilarious. Both him and Mesoraco want fudge

  36. BigRedSaguaro

    Latos probably could learn some mouth management

  37. nyredfanatic

    Not getting a pitcher friendly strike zone by the ump… Defense not coming through.:. Yea he is going to be ticked

    • renbutler

      Not pitcher friendly, but accurate. He just needs to live with it.

      • nyredfanatic

        Eh. I personally wouldn’t use those words or act that way… But I have no problem with a guy showing some emotion and wanting to win especially with the way things are going recently.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I think it costs him and Bailey as well. There is showing emotion and there is going overboard. Cueto shows emotion, Mat throws a fit.

  38. Jeff Morris

    Not sure why Price doesn’t have Cozart in today….its the rubber game, the Reds won yesterday, you want to try to win this series, and runs are at a premium. Need Cozart’s defense at short.

    • RedAlert

      Yea but his bat is just as bad or worse than any other player out there now

  39. doublenohitter

    Hannahan swings and misses at a 88 mph fastball right down the middle.
    And then lutz swings at the first pitch.

  40. doublenohitter

    Reds have scored a grand total of 15 runs since the break and have only scored more than 2 runs once (they scored 3). i’m not sure I’ve seen an offense this inept since the 80s.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Well if that doesn’t convince folks that the Reds should be sellers, I don’t know what would.

  41. George Mirones

    Not to get to far off topic but does it seem that in tough spots whoever the pitcher is and Mes seem to be having a lot of discussions about which pitch to throw. I don’t seem to remember seeing occur as much with Pena. Is it me?

  42. renbutler

    Sorry to interrupt all the giving up, but that was a great play by Schumaker.

  43. RedAlert

    Doug “Cy Young ” Fister on the hill agsinst the reds again today – embarassing for the umpteenth time this year

    • AnnapolisHoosier

      Uh, to be fair he’s really good. The Nats pitching staff is really good.

      • RedAlert

        A lot easier when you are basically pitching agsinst a lineup of subpar hitters

      • AnnapolisHoosier

        Look at his numbers before making dumb comments.

      • RedAlert

        Dude , it don’t take a rocjrt scientist to see what kind of hitters he is facing – yea he is a good pitcher – but he ain’t exactly facing murder’s row is he – how’s that for a dumb comment

  44. Bearcatville76

    I now feel some sympathy for the teams that have been robbed over the years by BP’s defense. Is it just me or has Rendon come up with 3-4 nice plays on sharply hit balls this weekend that have shut down any momentum the team has been able to generate?

  45. Mister D69

    Jay Bruce needs to benched NOW. Removing him and his 216 BA can only help this woeful team.

      • Mister D69

        Heisey? Lutz? Negron? Leake on his off days??
        Don’t know if Hannahan can play RF but it could hurt to stick him out there, either.

      • Mister D69

        Should read, “couldn’t hurt…” (Sorry)

  46. Jake

    The almighty Hannahan grounds into a FC

  47. doublenohitter

    First time in over 100 years that the Reds have gone 9 straight games with less than 10 base runners in a game. Ouch!

  48. robcheshire

    Small sample size and all that, but after what we have seen the past two days, does anybody seriously think we should be resigning Latos rather than Cueto?

    • drew

      I go with Latos. Better long term potential. ..

  49. doublenohitter

    This might be the first game I can ever remember where the Reds haven’t even hit a ball hard. Maybe Frazier’s ball that Rendon made a good play on but even that ball wasn’t scorched.

  50. AnnapolisHoosier

    This may explain Latos’ frustration

    Joel Luckhaupt @jluckhaupt
    Mat Latos has a loss or a no-decision in each of the last 8 times he’s allowed 3 or fewer hits in a start. #Reds

  51. Kurt Frost

    I’m glad the Reds heard the criticism of Joey Votto and not stand up there and take pitches and work the count. You can’t walk across home plate.

  52. sezwhom

    Fister is good so I tip my cap but let’s be honest: Walt needs to get off his widest side. Votto’s not coming back and even if he does, it won’t matter. He’s done this year. BP isn’t coming back until it’s too late. Players know it. Need to make a statement and shake up that clubhouse. Jocketty should take a page out of Brian Sabean’s book on how to energize your team and make a deal.

  53. Jeff Morris

    I think its pretty obvious with the Reds hitting. Even with a healthy Phillips and semi healthy Votto, there not world beaters at the plate. Mesoraco in a slump, Pena is a sub, Hannahan is a sub, Santiago is a sub, Cozart great defense, but not good with the bat, Frazier in a slump, Ludwick getting too old, slow with the bat, Hamilton’s first year and learning and in a slump, and the everfamous Inconsistent Bruce in a slump. Makes sense why scoring runs is nearly impossible with the Reds. This is commen sense, folks.

    • George Mirones

      If the Reds lose today their record over the last 162 games (60 last year, 100 this year) is only 4 games over .500 no matter who has been in the line up or who has been pitching. Not being a worry wart but what does that say, It can’t all be bad luck, injuries or back-ups, can it?

      • Dale Pearl

        Love em even they are losers man. Might as well cheer for callups and hope for next year. Stay positive man, it is all good.

  54. doublenohitter

    Bruce actually got a hit. 1-4 RAISES his average.
    I’d still send him to AAA to get his swing back. His swing is terrible.

  55. BigRedSaguaro

    Showing some life here, lets get some more boys

  56. BigRedSaguaro

    Jack gonna save us all here lol

  57. George Mirones

    Corrected from previous post
    07/27/2014 at 4:25 pm

    With the loss today their record over the last 162 games (60 last year, 102 this year) is only 4 games over .500 no matter who has been in the line up or who has been pitching. Not being a worry wart but what does that say, It can’t all be bad luck, injuries or back-ups, can it?

    • Michael Howes

      what does it say? It says what we knew. I see no surprises with that performance. Towards the end of last season we knew this. Very good starting pitching, but not among the best, GREAT defense, slightly below average offense (but with Bruce’s season long slump and Votto being hurt it’s a HORRIBLE offense), and a TERRIBLE bullpen. That means a .500 club. We did nothing in the off season to 1. fix the bullpen, 2. get a bat, 3. add depth for when inevitable injuries happen. We let a very good bat walk, who’s poor defense would have been slightly masked in LF and would look incredible between Hamilton and Votto. I’m actually surprised the team is 4 games over .500 over the last 162. That’s 2-3 more wins than I would expect. Those who thought this was a 90 win club I think were thinking that out of love for the team, not reality.

      The only surprise is the reason the Reds aren’t worse. The Reds have won their games this season because of a surprising list of players. Frazier, Hamilton, Mesoraco and Cueto. Cueto is no surprise but the fact that Frazier, Hamilton and Mesoraco are are 3 most valuable position players should mean this team is the best team in baseball. You add last season’s versions of Votto and Bruce and this team would be winning the division.

      Votto 6.1 WAR last season, .9 WAR this season. Bruce 4 WAR last season. 0 WAR this season. That is around a 10 WAR swing as it stands right now. I guess this last part contradicts what I said in the 1st part 🙂

  58. BigRedSaguaro

    Well, we get the Fish and the DBacks this week, time to start winning again