Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (51-49) 3 5 0
Milwaukee Brewers (56-45) 4 6 0
W: F. Rodriguez (4-3) L: LeCure (102)
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–Offensively, not much to see here. Brayan Pena was the only Red with two hits. Jay Bruce hit a run-scoring double.

–Jumbo Diaz is a very good relief pitcher. It is a crying shame that he hasn’t been given a chance to pitch in the big leagues before now (and that’s not just a criticism of the Reds; no one gave him a chance). He was dialing it up there at 97 mph tonight in his scoreless inning of work (striking out two Brewers). One of the good stories about this year’s version of the Reds.

–Ramon Santiago was hit by a pitch with bases loaded to drive in a run. Way to take one for the team, Ramon.

–Jonathan Broxton pitched another scoreless inning. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but he continues to pitch well.

–Skip Schumaker made a nice defensive play to start a double play. That was a positive, I suppose.


–The Reds fought back from 3-1 down, but lost on a walkoff homer by Jonathan Lucroy (his second of the game) off Sam LeCure to lead off the bottom of the ninth.

–The Reds have scored a grand total of 11 runs in this 5-game losing streak. That’s not exactly a stellar performance by the lineup. And there’s little reason to hope for more, with Votto/Phillips injured, and with Walt Jocketty asleep at the wheel in the front office.

–With bases loaded and one out in the seventh inning, Billy Hamilton hit a soft line drive to second base. For some reason, Zack Cozart took off for third. It was a brain cramp that would be unacceptable on the high school level — you freeze on a line drive. But it’s just the latest dumb Reds blunder in a week filled with them.

–Cozart got on base when he was hit in the hand with a pitch. After the inning, he was removed from the game, clearly in pain. X-rays were negative, but the Reds will probably be playing short-handed for the next few days. Again.

–With the game tied in the ninth inning, the Reds sent up Ryan Ludwick, Brayan Pena, Kris Negron, and Ramon Santiago. You can’t make this stuff up. I swear I don’t know how the Reds are still contending in the NL Central, but I love it.

–Negron was on first base after a fielder’s choice in the ninth. Francisco Rodriguez threw over to first in an attempt to pick him off, and the throw bounced and hit Negron in the side of the head. Looked painful, but he stayed in the game. Which was fortunate, because the Reds didn’t have any other infielders. Since Jack Hannahan is nowhere to be found, of course.

Not so random thoughts….

–The Redlegs have lost all five games since the All-Star break, and seven of nine overall — all coming after a five game winning streak that drew the club to within 1.5 games of first place. They are now firmly ensconced in fourth place, 4.5 games behind Milwaukee. Only two games over .500 now.

No reason to give up on a team that is that close to first place, but the last few days haven’t been much fun.

–How many players on this team are going to be injured? This is getting tiresome.

–Other than three pitches, Homer Bailey pitched pretty well, but Milwaukee hit home runs on those three pitches. In the end, Homer threw six innings, surrendering just those three runs on four hits and one walk, striking out five. It wasn’t enough to win, however.

–In a game against the division leaders:

–Chris Garber hit the nail on the head in his twitter feed tonight: this team is the Bad News Bears. Because of injury and inattention from the general manager, they are largely a collection of has-beens and never-was’s. Look at the lineup on the field at the end of the game. Brutal. And Kelly Leak ain’t walking through that door.

Yet, they are still in this race. Somehow. Who knows?