Mark Donahue contacted me a few weeks ago about selling his novel, Last At Bat, at our site. I wanted to read it first before I committed to do that. We don’t use much advertising. Every once in a while, we sell our own shirts or hats, but that’s been it all season.

Well, I just finished reading Last At Bat and I’m happy to recommend it as a fun read. We’ve agreed to sell it.

LAB.CoverThe 352-page novel is about a professional baseball player named Dylan Michael, who plays for the Cincinnati Reds. Michael is one of the greatest players in the game – maybe the best of all – but the story begins with him heading to federal prison. Shortly after that, he’s involved in a horrible plane crash. And that’s just the first twenty pages.

I don’t want to give away any more of the story than that, other than to say that Last At Bat has a unique and fascinating plot about second chances, baseball and perseverance. I read it in two sittings and couldn’t put it down. I completely understand why there’s interest in making it into a movie.

One aspect that made Last At Bat really work for me is that Mark Donahue writes about the game of baseball and baseball players with authority. Mark has played from Little League to the Men’s Senior Baseball League (where he’s played on five World Championship teams). He lives in the Dayton area, which is why the book revolves around the Cincinnati Reds.

Mark has agreed to let us sell it to Redleg Nation members at a discount from the regular retail price. You can buy a hardcover first edition (personalized and autographed if you want) for $16.95 or an electronic copy (PDF) for $5.99. For the hardcover version, you have a choice of regular shipping ($3.50) or 2-day priority ($5.95). Click here to buy Last At Bat.

Not only is the book entertaining, but it also makes a nice gift for a Cincinnati Reds fan. I’ve already passed mine along to a family member.

(We’ll be posting an interview with Mark in a couple hours.)

6 Responses

  1. SlyMcBean

    Do you know if the electronic version works on an iPad?

    • Steve Mancuso

      I believe that right now that the electronic version is a simple PDF, so yes, it would work on an iPad.

  2. jdx19

    Man! Hats, shirts, books! I’m going to have to make “RLN” a line-item on my budget!

  3. Matt D

    I was given this book as a gift a few years back and just recently in the last month have I gotten around to reading it. I too had trouble putting it down and was intrigued by the storyline. I do have 2 critiques; first is that the writing seems a little “wooden” at times. Not enough to distract me but some of the exchanges between characters wasn’t natural. I can’t describe it any better than that with my limited literary knowledge. The second critique is that there is a lot of language in the book. I’ve worked in AAA clubhouses and I realize that the language is realistic (which is one thing the author stated he was going for) but I think it’s important to put out there. If this script was made into a movie without changing a word then it might have to be given an “R” rating based on the number of F- bombs (last I remember they automatically gave it the R rating if it had more than 3. that might have changed or I might just be talking crazy). Overall I liked the book and would recommend it. The whole time I was reading it I thought it would work well as a movie, glad that’s in the works.

    • Lucy L.

      Love that ‘may be talking crazy’ remark Matt, but I think the R rating depends on whether the F-bomb is used as a noun or a verb. The more the verbs, the greater the chance of an R rating, as I understand it.

      I understand what you are saying about ‘woodeness’, but for a first book, this was pretty darn good! You loved the book/story, so it’s all good!

      I am a little proprietary about this book, I just loved it, and read it at a time in my life I needed a little ‘the good guy wins’, It’s personal for me.