Tonight is the night the Reds earn home field advantage in the World Series. There are no Reds in the starting lineup, and the National League manager made a homer move towards who is starting on the mound tonight, but we should expect to see a few Reds make appearances tonight in the game.

Predicting an outcome in a game like this is pretty impossible. One thing I can guarantee is a lot of love thrown Derek Jeter’s way throughout the night. As a Reds fan (and a Yankees hater) I am not sure how much of that I’ll be able to take. Especially considering the Reds travel to New York after the break. But I’m going to make a prediction: The NL wins 4-2. Frazier or Mesoraco get a hit. Chapman saves the game in the 9th.

Discuss the game here Reds and National League fans! Go Reds and NL*!

National League Lineup:
1. McCutchen CF
2. Puig RF
3. Tulowitzki SS
4. Goldschmidt 1B
5. Stanton DH
6. Ramirez 3B
7. Utley 2B
8. Lucroy C
9. Gomez LF

Wainwright SP

American League Lineup:
1. Jeter SS
2. Trout LF
3. Cano 2B
4. Cabrera 1B
5. Bautista RF
6. Cruz DH
7. Jones CF
8. Donaldson 3B
9. Perez C

Hernandez SP

*Unless you play for the Cardinals, Brewers, or Pirates. I still don’t think I can stomach pulling for you guys.