Usually I write an article each Tuesday covering something that is going on down on the Cincinnati Reds farm system. This week though, I wanted to change things up a little bit. I tend to get questions each week from readers that aren’t exactly related to the given article, which is perfectly fine by me, so I thought I would bring things to you guys. Today, I am just going to open things up to everyone. If you have a question about the minor leagues, a player in the Cincinnati Reds system or even a team in the system, today is the day to ask away.

I do have a few rules though to keep things a bit under control. First, try to avoid questions that are going to take more than one paragraph to answer (I am long winded, so I do tend to write long paragraphs as it is). Second, if you get your question in before 9:00pm EST according to the time log on the comments section, I will answer it. If it isn’t in by then, I may not get to it. Third, let’s limit things to three questions per user.

I will be checking in throughout the day to answer questions, but I won’t be sitting at the computer taking them like a chat room. So I may stop in for an hour and answer some questions, then come back a little later and answer some more. Anything asked by 9:00pm will be answered before the All-Star game is over tonight.

Alright, now it’s your turn. Get to typing those questions and I will start answering them in the morning when I open up the laptop.