The Reds and Pirates return to the playing field tonight after last night’s remarkable Reds victory. Everything (minus the injuries) seems to be breaking the Reds way right now so let’s hope it does again tonight as well.

Mike Leake takes to the mound looking to bump his record to over the .500 mark heading into the all-star break. Price makes only a few changes to tonight’s lineup. Discuss the game here Reds fans!

1. Hamilton CF
2. Santiago 2B
3. Frazier 3B
4. Bruce RF
5. Mesoraco C
6. Ludwick LF
7. Pena 1B
8. Cozart SS
9. Leake P

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  1. Michael J Hampton

    Last night was an exciting and satisfying a game as I have watched in a while. Having said that, I would love to see us on the winning side of a blow out tonight, but with Morton pitching for the Pirates I would say that is highly unlikely. Probably another nail biter.

    • ohiojimw

      That is what I saw in an earlier listing.

      Soto arrives in time to sit for two days most likely (and then till Friday) …

      One of the things I always liked about Trader Jack (McKeon) was that when a guy came up hotter than a firecracker from AAA, he almost always was in the starting line up the first night.

      • eric nyc

        Please let’s not start a Free Soto movement on here. The less we see of Soto the better.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I don’t know about that. That could be a might hasty.

      • Eric nyc

        I can not imagine a scenario I want to see Soto in the starting lineup over Skip/Heisey at RF and Bruce at 1B. The real reason I think they finally brought him up, is for late game defensive substitutions when we have a lead. And hopefully he can show a little pit in some PH spots to earn more time, but until he shows me he can hit big league pitching I don’t want him starting.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I’m sure Bryan and Walt will take those feelings into account.

      • Eric nyc

        I think I’m echoing Walt and Price’s feelings. It’s conjecture, but if they felt differently e would have been up here two weeks ago and he’d be starting tonight.

      • Morgan Mayham

        Let’s start a dfa soto movement.

      • Eric nyc

        Terrible news about Ben segura’s infant son dying. The story from the clubhouse last night was heart breaking. Also sounds like the rest of the team took it really hard and might be effecting their play today. Looks like they’ll be playing without him for a while.

  2. doublenohitter

    Reds big move was to bring up Soto? Awful. He won’t and shouldn’t play. He is barely a AAA player.

    • Eric the Red

      Have you been watching Bruce play 1B and Schumaker play right? Soto can bat 8th–9th with Leake on the mound–and it would still be an improvement overall.

      • eric nyc

        I know you are all about the defense, but I think you’re underestimating just how bad Soto is at the plate. He has never been able to come anywhere close to hitting major league pitching.

      • Eric the Red

        I think he’s terrible. I’m convinced by some who have pointed out how few chances he got to hit ML pitching that maybe he’s worth trying, but I’m not optimistic. However, I think a team built around pitching and defense should not weaken itself defensively at two positions unnecessarily. And I believe the core of Frazier, Mesoraco, Bruce, and Hamilton will keep us afloat offensively.

      • charlottencredsfan

        40 MLB ABs??

        AAA Slash line: .333/.371/.496

        I think you know your stuff pretty well but it strikes me as presumptuous.

      • Eric nyc

        There’s a reason they waited this long to bring him up. If they thought his recent hitting numbers at AAA were the real deal he would have been here the moment Joey started limping. Instead they’ve played 2 weeks with catchers and OFers at the spot and have started working other guys out there as well. Hard not to read between the lines there. I do to watch Bats games so I don’t know what accounts for his good recent numbers, but the guys who pay CLOSE attention didn’t seem to buy them until now. I hope he proves me wrong but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Eric the Red

        Like I said Charlotte, maybe he’s worth trying–for the very reason you cited. But I’m not real optimistic. I hope I’m wrong. (BTW, I meant to comment on the other thread, but I was impressed you admitted you may have been wrong about Price. That’s a standup thing to do.)

      • charlottencredsfan

        I understand where you’re coming from but I’m not there. Think the kid has been as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Until I see him get a real chance to get settled, I’ll withhold judgement. Very impressed with the AAA numbers.

      • Michael J Hampton

        Soto has a grand total of 40 major league at bats in 32 games over parts of two seasons, so as you can see most of them are as single at bats in scattered games. Not very conducive for a young player to make the adjustment to major league pitching. Granted, he has looked lost at the plate, but it is probably a little early to write him off. With regular playing time, he has hit AAA pitching pretty well this year.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Thanks Eric the Red One, no sin to be wrong and I have been wrong plenty. I have no clue how Soto will turn out but could we have a Konerko situation on our hands? I just don’t know yet.

      • ToddAlmighty

        It’s not just the 40 AB.. it’s what those AB looked like. It’s not like he was crushing line drives that just happened to go to someone, or fouling off a ton of pitches but then making an out.

        The guy had a .386 BABIP this year in AAA. If that weren’t sustainable enough, he just looks severely outclassed. It’s 40 AB, but he hasn’t looked close to competitive in those 40 AB… which is why he also has 0 BB and 13 K.

        In 2012 Mike Costanzo hit .262/.355/.412 in AAA, which is respectable numbers. It was clear in his very short stint in the majors though that he would never hit MLB pitching.

        Sometimes you just don’t need a large sample size.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Soto also has a 3.5 GB/FB ratio and ZERO line drives.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I’m just wondering if Soto can play 2b.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Todd, I willing to give the benefit of the doubt and think it might have been nerves. As slow as his bat looked up here, he wouldn’t have been able to hit a lick in AA or AAA. We’ll get back to this at some point this year and just have to see,

  3. doublenohitter

    Yep, Soto’s numbers are impressive. only 7 walks in 125 ABs and a 10% K rate. Awesome! Let’s bing up all of Louisville. I’m sure they all are comparable.

    • Eric nyc

      That’s what I’m talking about. I haven’t dug into his AAA stats much but I imagine there’s some smoke and mirrors going on because they were so hesitant to bring him up when they had such a glaring need at the position. When your big league starter at a position goes down and your AAA starter who is putting up good numbers and you don’t immediately bring him up its a pretty strong statement about what the organization thinks of that guy.

      • ToddAlmighty

        .386 BABIP this year in AAA is probably the source of most of that smoke.

      • George Mirones

        Some references on Soto

        2012 AAA__465_AB—-avg._.245____wRC+___97__K%__22.7
        2013 AAA__461_AB__avg.__.271___wRC+___102_K%__20.8
        Based on his AAA history 2014 looks abnormal
        My 1st question to AAA staff is what changed?
        Is it something we did or something he is doing?
        I would really be careful before making a commitment especially on a small sample size of 123 ABs in 2014.
        Just some facts.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Doug Gray would be helpful here.

  4. VaRedsFan

    Game is on National FOX for those that didn’t know

  5. VaRedsFan

    Highlight of Carlos Gomez striking out is hilarious…tried 3 times to break the bat over his knee, but couldn’t

    • ToddAlmighty

      Hopefully he tries some more and missed the All-Star game. Lol

  6. mwvohio

    Well, this game will probably come down to Mr. Leake. If he throws a solid game we should be alright.

  7. charlottencredsfan

    With any luck, that will end up a Bloopers’ reel so it can been seen in perpetuity .

  8. Michael J Hampton

    Well, I’ll be danged, my local Fox station is carrying the game. For some reason they almost always carry the Nationals even though most people around here are either Braves or Reds fans with a smattering of Cardinals fans.

  9. Eric the Red

    Great. This is the kind of umpire that makes it impossible for Leake to be effective. He needs the close pitches to be called.

  10. charlottencredsfan

    Whole lot of bluster but only a run.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Did. Good points. The guy could be a total flop but based on his career to date, I can’t make a final verdict. I think what he showed up here is probably not a truly accurate picture of his abilities. At the same time, it was not a good showing. to say the least. I do agree with Eric the Red, I’m not crazy about compromising our defense to any great degree. Bruce can’t play 1b at this point, I’m willing to stand behind that.

      Thanks George for the research. Hopefully they can trade for someone and it will be a moot point.

  11. AD

    WOW….Leake’s pitch was better than that…crazy

  12. Michael J Hampton

    Home plate ump is inconsistent on the low pitches so far. I wish he’d give that same pitch he just called on Todd to Leake,

  13. jcredlegs

    Jay Bruce needs to get with the program. This .230 crap ain’t gonna get it done.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Sounds like cleanup hitter material for me. Shame they don’t have a guy batting like .300 with .600 slugging to be 4th.

  14. Eric nyc

    I’m sure the numbers exist somewhere , but how many if Jay Bruce’s career strikeouts have come on that exact pitch? It has to be very very high.

    • Jake

      I like Bruce, but he really needs to be more disciplined at the plate

  15. ToddAlmighty

    Todd Frazier officially steals bases at a higher success rate than Billy Hamilton now.

    • Eric nyc

      No one talks about 20-20 guys anymore but Todd is probably going to be closer to 30-30 at this rate.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Looks like he’s tied for 13th in the NL now. The 13 that he’s tied or behind are 10 OF, 2 SS, and 1 2B.

        I think 20-20 is still impressive for 3B. 30-30 would be so for anybody, let alone the position.

  16. ToddAlmighty

    Ryan Ludwick… Infield Hit? I didn’t even know those were allowed to be in the same sentence.

    • Eric nyc

      Has to be an error on Sanchez. Hit him in the glove. Great play from Alvarez. Really underrated defensive 3B.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I think he leads the universe in errors.

    • Morgan Mayham

      Charlie freakin morton., the reds never can beat this guy. We make him look like cy young.

  17. Eric the Red

    I’m guessing Soto makes the pick on Cozart’s throw, and strikes out rather than hits into a DP. See why I’d rather have him in there? 😉

  18. VaRedsFan

    That’s twice in 2 nights that Walker has moved a runner over to 3rd. runner scored

    • Eric nyc

      Well one of them is unearned. He looks alright. Just have to give him some offense.

      • eric nyc

        Wasn’t Santiago’s play an error?

      • Eric the Red

        You mean when he hurt himself? No. (I can’t think of what other play you might mean; regardless, according to what I’m watching the only error we’ve had is Leake’s throw to 3B)

      • George Mirones

        The ump does seem to have a problem with low pitch but the problem is the Reds will swing at it so if the Reds think it is strike he is going to call it strike.

  19. Jake

    Swing and miss again and again from Morton’s breaking ball

  20. AD

    Leake just doesn’t have shutdown stuff today… hopefully the offense can pick him up

  21. mwvohio

    This is looking like a bad one today. Leake just having a tough time with his control.

  22. VaRedsFan

    Can we opt out of any future nationally televised games?

  23. charlottencredsfan

    Just a run or two here would get the juices flowing again.

  24. sergeant2

    Well, 4-0 after 31/2 innings ain’t exactly insurmountable, the Reds have time to chip away at that lead, assuming they can hold the Pirates to no more runs. Go Reds!

  25. charlottencredsfan

    Probably won’t hit many HRs off Old Charlie. Hope the guys realize this.

  26. AD

    Someone please explain why Jay Bruce (.228/.308/.412 10 HR) is hitting ahead of Mesoraco (.302/.366/.609 16 HR) ????

  27. AARON D

    Bruce is not a 4 hole hitter.

    Please Price, move him down and move Devin up.

  28. sergeant2

    If Leake can get in a groove (which he is known to do) he can cruise for a few innings. Go Reds!

    • charlottencredsfan

      Add in Hamilton, Todd and Mes; it’s burnt toast. Still 4 more innings but Morton is dealing.

      • mwvohio

        Todd has a hit and a scorched ball that Cutch barely grabbed to deep center. The other 3 have looked suspiciously like what comes out of my toaster though, yeah.

    • George Mirones

      With no Phillps and Bruce looking poorly it will be hard to win. Jay needs to do something he doesn’t do well, hit consistently.

  29. sergeant2

    Young players really struggle with breaking pitches don’t they. OJT On the job training ain’t fun.

    • mwvohio

      Product of the system I’m afraid. Coming through the minors all the pitchers want to impress with the fastball so all the hitters learn to hit fastballs.

  30. wildwestlv

    If Mike can’t hold down the fort, this “offense” gets off the hook. Which is a shame.

  31. Jake

    Ondrusek is warming up in pen. This game just keeps getting better

  32. Jeff Morris

    Seems like we have had problems with Morton before….kind of like Garcia of St Louis, we have a bad record against Garcia and I think Morton too? Don’t know the exact W – L number?

  33. wildwestlv

    Price didn’t have an answer for last night. Divine intervention, more or less, is what he accredited the win to, in interviews. Appears to be the same game plan for tonight.

  34. charlottencredsfan


    It’s a ballgame.

  35. mwvohio

    Billy! Someone bring in Parch so we can make this a game-winning rally. Need a shot of that beard.

  36. sergeant2

    Yeah baby, the possum has come to life, we got us a ballgame. Chip, chip, chip. Go Reds!

  37. sergeant2

    BHam makes pitchers and catchers more nervous than a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Go Reds!

    • mwvohio

      Was thinking the same thing. Morton bounced that one and Martin blocked it well but he almost fell over reaching out to get the ball quickly.

  38. jas428

    It is the grit factor Skip brings to the club that the bench is delivering. Right?

  39. mwvohio

    That was a professional at bat, he worked that count hard and then crushed that ball.

  40. Jake

    Rally reds at it again. Do not let Ondrusek in with the game this close


    goosebumps listening to MArty’s call………….SuperTODD

  42. sergeant2

    Whoooooo!!!!!! When in doubt, don’t doubt these Redlegs. Wow! that ball bounced off the orbiting space station. Go Reds!

  43. RedsfanPa

    Wow, just got home and turned the game on this inning……amazing!!!

  44. mwvohio

    Gonna take some serious work by the pen tonight to hold this though.. summon the beard!

  45. MrRed

    Ok. They’re down 0-4. I go to dinner. I come back, and it’s 5-4. What happened to the 2014 Reds?

    • mwvohio

      Morton unleashed the monster that is Todd Frazier who decided this time around Cutch wasn’t going to rob him.

      • MrRed

        That was a hell of catch by Cutch. But if you clobber it that far, even Cutch isn’t getting to it.

  46. nyredfanatic

    Wish I could watch the highlights… Game Cast doesn’t have them, assuming that it is due to it being a nationally televised game

    • mwvohio

      That home run by Frazier was a massive shot, just left of center, wayyyyy back. Such a charged moment to hit one too, he worked the count like a magician till Morton hung one.

      • nyredfanatic

        Thanks for the info. Cant wait to see the highlights tomorrow

  47. mwvohio

    Wow. Parch’s beard has the whole pen fired up! Wicked breaking pitches from Ondru to finish that one out.


    in the office pool, who had Ondrusek 3 up / 3 down inning and Heisey HR in same game

  49. BigRedSaguaro

    I missed the rally but got to see Ondrusek

  50. mwvohio

    Lutz didn’t pick that ball up at all, just swung over the top of it.

  51. charlottencredsfan

    Nice little AB by Lutz.

  52. charlottencredsfan

    Insurance run would be huge.

  53. Kurt Frost

    Thom obsessed with the RISP stat.

    • mwvohio

      Last year when Thom was doing Cardinals games I had to just turn the sound off. Worst thing ever.

      • Coney

        Me too, its sad. I also have a hard time switching over to hear his dad anymore.

  54. Coney

    Thom has so little to contribute on stats, gotta say something!

  55. jas428

    Has anyone explained what happened to LeCure’s velocity?

    • George Mirones

      Great question. All I hear is; Sam’s velocity is down this year. Yes it is. and that’s all they say

  56. charlottencredsfan

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  57. sergeant2

    Every announcer that calls games on the major networks emphasize a hitters RISP numbers, its not just Thom. I happen to think those numbers are meaningful, very meaningful. Go Reds!

  58. RiverCity Redleg

    Is it wrong to feel more confident in Diaz than anyone not named Chapman in the pen.

  59. jcredlegs

    Wow! I decide to watch a movie and BOOM! the Rally Reds go to it again. With Jay Bruce doing nothing. I love it! Go Reds!


    Jumbo has been great, just the lift this pen needed mid year

  61. sergeant2

    How bout dem Jumbo apples, no muss, no fuss. One pitch and the fire is out. Go Reds!

  62. mwvohio

    Bit weird this year to have so many hard throwers down there. Chapman, Jumbo and parch can all hit 98+

  63. jcredlegs

    Monsieur LeCure better not looking over his shoulder. Jumbo is gaining ground rapidly.

    • Vicferrari

      Lecure has no role at this point, 7th inning is anybody’s at this point. post-ASB roles are waiting to be filled

      • mwvohio

        Disagree, LeCure is the long relief guy I think when everyone is healthy and Simon’s not in the pen. Lately they’ve used Contrerras (sp?) but that’s because they’ve had extra relievers on the roster.

  64. kywhi1

    I keep seeing where many people believe that hitting with a good average with RISP means nothing. The question I have is where the Reds would be right now if Billy Hamilton had hit for half the average he now has with RISP.

    • mwvohio

      That’s completely false. The argument isn’t that it means nothing, it’s that it’s not a repeatable skill. Obviously hits with runners in scoring position are great because they tend to score runs.

      • kywhi1

        Perhaps I should have said “means little” instead of “means nothing.” To your point, it “isn’t a repeatable skill” for how long? Are we talking in terms of seasons or a career? As I recall, the Cardinals as a team were able to repeat the skill of hitting well with RISP for an entire season and ended up in the 2013 World Series while doing it.

      • mwvohio

        That’s because it’s not a repeatable skill. They were a complete fluke last year, absurdly lucky with RISP. They finished over 30 points higher as a team than any other team in MLB history, that’s how lucky they were. This year they can’t even get to league average with RISP. Hence, not repeatable skill. That’s the entire argument, that you can’t keep it up so there’s no such thing as a “clutch” team or hitter, etc. A person (and apparently a team once every 100 years) can pull it off for a short time but over the long haul their RISP average returns to within margin of error of their career average. It’s all just small sample size issues.

        This isn’t my opinion or anything, it’s just what the data says when you look at players over the course of the game’s history.

    • Vicferrari

      I assume Chapman not available, 4 straight days despite being so dominat last night, hopefully Broxton is available, but I say let give Jumbo a trial

    • jdx19

      Oh? I heard fastballs down the middle to MVPs are good ideas!

      Shameful. If you walk him, you walk him. Can’t let him get that pitch.

  65. Morgan Mayham

    Why in the world…do you not walk mc cutchen

    • jdx19

      Pretty much everyone is great against low-90s down the middle.

    • Morgan Mayham

      Should of drilled him one in the back

      • ToddAlmighty

        Pretty sure the benches would have cleared if they hit McCutchen for a second time in a single game.

    • RedsfanPa

      Especially when you groove him a pitch like that…..

    • mwvohio

      I think Kershaw is probably the best in the league, maybe Wainwright after him. I’m a pitcher guy though.

  66. ToddAlmighty

    Well, we knew sub-1 ERA Broxton wouldn’t be sticking around for all that long, was going to happen eventually.

    • ToddAlmighty

      I have to say though.. blowing back-to-back 1 run leads is a brutal way to return to normal though.

    • hamiltonred

      Yeah but almost any other game situation would have worked out better.
      Our bullpen has worked a lot starting with that extra innings game against the Cubbies. We are staring at extras again.

      • ToddAlmighty

        That extra inning game against the Cubs was Broxton as well. He gave up a 1 run lead in the 8th in that game. As I said, knew runs were going to happen, but it’s happened in a horrible way.

      • hamiltonred

        Interesting. Happens. Another bench miracle abt to happen?

  67. Jake

    Don’t care for the pirates, but mccutchen is a great player

  68. ToddAlmighty

    Worst part about nationally televised games (other than the Reds normally Cubbing) is the fact that you don’t get any highlights on the Gameday. So I couldn’t see the highlights of Heisey and Frazier’s HRs.

  69. jcredlegs

    All of a sudden a 14 man bullpen sounds like a good idea. If this goes extras the Reds are in trouble. Chappy not available and Contreras went 2 last night.

  70. mwvohio

    Do the Reds have enough beard in them to win it in the 9th? Let’s see!

    • ToddAlmighty

      Enough beer? Never. They stop serving after the 7th inning. Makes long extra inning games brutal…. oh, beard. Lol

  71. BigRedSaguaro

    McCutchen pretty good, its gonna happen sometimes

    • Ed Lambert

      Not if you conscientiously make a point not to groove one. Breaking ball in the dirt and a BB before the cheese down the middle. That was just stupid. More balls than brains. Nuke: “He ain’t seen my heat” Sure Meat, Give him your heat.
      Ring a bell?

  72. eric nyc

    I would trade Votto and Bruce for McCutchen. That’s how much I trust him in clutch spots. I’d give him both of their salaries, too.

    • mwvohio

      Assuming all 3 players are healthy no way I’d do that deal haha. I do think he’s a great player though. He’s one of those guys you wish you could just steal from another team.

    • ToddAlmighty

      McCutchen RISP last season: .282/.389/.365
      Votto RISP last season: .291/.477/.455
      Bruce RISP last season: .262/.383/.442

      McCutchen had the worst OPS of the three and it wasn’t even all that close. There’s your “clutch” for you.

  73. sergeant2

    At this point in the game why wouldn’t you make McCutchen chase every pitch he wanted to swing at. But than again I’m sure Brox didn’t want the pitch to be in the location it ended up being in. Hey Todd we need ya to deposit another one in the Ohio river. Go Reds!

  74. BigRedSaguaro

    Hero of the day, i predict Cozart

  75. GeauxReds

    I know I’m not really supposed to hate. And if I do, it is only acceptable to hate the cardinals, but man I do hate mccutchen!

    • mwvohio

      Cutch doesn’t even rate compared to me disliking guys like Molina, Lucroy, Rizzo, etc.


    If Neftali Soto gets the GWRBI, we’re winning the pennant

  77. Kyle

    Okay Soto, You’ve been ragged on all day. Here is your shot.

  78. MrRed

    Time for Sotto to take advantage of an opportunity?

  79. Ed Lambert

    The point is: you conscientiously make a point not to groove one to McCutchen.. Breaking ball in the dirt and a BB before the cheese down the middle. That was just stupid. More balls than brains. Nuke: “He ain’t seen my heat” Sure Meat, Give him your heat.
    Ring a bell?

    • Morgan Mayham

      Terrible… game on.the line and you pinch hit soto..

  80. BigRedSaguaro

    at least he making the pitcher pitch

  81. jdx19

    At least it was a 7 pitch strikeout. Improvement for Soto.

    • ToddAlmighty

      That’s some serious optimism.

      • jdx19

        I had “Another 3 pitch strikeout” queued up for posting. Then once he got to 4 pitches, I modified it and kept updating after every pitch.

        There was never any question about the outcome of the AB. 😉

      • ToddAlmighty

        Ah, that sounds about right. Lol

  82. Kyle

    Bad AB yet again from Soto. No clue why Watson threw a strike after he had him down 0-2.


    couldn’t have seen that coming, probably Soto’s best AB in bigs

  84. nyredfanatic

    Come on Billy… Earn that bobble head

  85. ToddAlmighty

    Soto with the K. Nobody is surprised.

  86. Ed Lambert

    If they beat Watson 2 night s in a row?
    You can count on Soto not to hit into a DP. Or hit at all.

  87. mwvohio

    Well, that was a pretty meh at bat. Swung at a ball up around his eyes.

    • jdx19

      Agreed. He’s terrible. Always has been. Always will be. Unable to hit anything except minor league pitching; and not even great at that.

      • GeauxReds

        Soto was tearing up AAA pitching this year. Given our situation at 1st, he deserved to get called back.

      • Aaron Bradley

        No strike zone discipline, he swung at 3 or 4 balls out of the zone… he barely held up on a pitch a foot outside. He will never survive at this level.

      • jdx19

        High BABIP-boosted small sample sizes aside, he’s not been a “good” minor league hitter over his career in my opinion.

  88. Ed Lambert

    Hoover can’t pitch more than 1 inning. he gets tired and gives up hard hit balls

  89. jdx19

    Hoover has caught the K-bug lately. Man.

      • MrRed

        In retrospect you can say that. But why wouldn’t you have faith in Broxton to get it done? Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

      • jcredlegs

        As much as I would like to blame Bryan Price, I can’t because every manager in baseball would have done the same thing.

      • Vicferrari

        Exactly- still shut them down after the HR- need more than 1 run save situation

  90. Aaron Bradley

    Hoover’s curveball looks fantastic, I can’t believe I stupidly told him not to throw it vs that Cubs hitter a few games ago…

  91. Aaron Bradley

    He’s got to drop another curveball in there, nice and low…let the bottom drop out of it…

  92. wildwestlv

    Hoover over Harrison is H-U-G-E.

  93. RedsfanPa

    OK, let’s win this this….meat of the order coming up!!

  94. Jeff Morris

    SS. Strikeout Soto. But…not sure who else is available for the Reds to PH? We need to win it here in the bottom of the 10th.

  95. jdx19

    I love me some plate discipline! Atta boy, Ramon!

  96. ToddAlmighty

    First person to swing before they get a called strike is fired.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Sorry Frazier… but that’s dumb. 6 of his last 7 pitch were balls, most not even slightly close. Make him earn a called strike.

      • Vicferrari

        Did not matter gotta get in their head, Bruce time gotta get it done

  97. AARON D

    Bunt is dangerous here since Bruce isn’t all that used to doing so. If they get the lead runner we will have done nothing but waste an out.

    I say no bunt. 3 chances for a base hit to win the game.

  98. George Mirones

    Bruce called back to dugout to be briefed on scouting report on the left hander coming in.
    Let’s see how this works. Should be no shift.

  99. jdx19

    A successful bunt in this situation actually takes odds of scoring a single run at some point in the inning from 64,3% to 69.8%. One of the rare times where bunting can be correct.

    However, if the bunt is non successful, odds go down to 42.9%, which means the batter needs somewhre around a 3/4 chance of successfully executing for it to be a wash.

  100. ToddAlmighty

    5 ERA, 18 BB in 34 IP… make him earn it, Bruce.

  101. BigRedSaguaro

    screw it, lets walk in a run

    • ToddAlmighty

      Reds 9, Pirates 5…. Mesoraco walkoff grand salami.

  102. MrRed

    Great throw by Polanco. Was surprised they sent Ramon.

  103. ToddAlmighty

    Or, you know.. swing and create an out when the guy can’t throw a strike.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Ugh, just saw “out(s)” didn’t see until later it was Santiago at home.


    dammit!!! up to Luddy, get a early b-day treat

  105. jdx19

    No surprise there, walk Mesoraco.


    • jdx19

      He wasn’t. He’s proven this year he doesn’t think much.

  106. RedsfanPa

    Yes!!! Another amazing comeback!!!

  107. jdx19

    20% less likely to score in this situation than if we have bases loaded with no outs.

    That’s the risk the 3rd base coach took. 87.7% to 67.9%.

    • MrRed

      He has to swing before the ball gets in the mitt though

  108. ToddAlmighty

    At least the fans in the stadium were cooled down a little bit by the breeze that AB created.

  109. jdx19

    Pretty atrocious inning, there. It’s pretty hard NOT to score, but Mr. Third Base Coach figured out how.


  110. MrRed

    Too many missed opportunities. this won’t end well

  111. AD

    Shallow ball hit in Right Field and we send Santiago? STUPID !!!!!!

    You take the bat right out of the hands of mesoraco … dumb dumb dumb !!!!!!!!! So mad right now.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Agreed, if the 3B coach was looking he fielded the ball cleanly and with momentum going towards the plate… there was maybe 33% of scoring…but why take that chance with the best hitter coming up in a 0 out situation? I hate our 3B coaches for this past decade, they have no idea wtf they are doing.

      • AD

        It would have to be 80%+ to send him in that situation for me. Bases loaded with no outs and Mesoraco up with be much greater chance of scoring than bases loaded, 1 out and Ludwick up.

        I know many on here don’t believe in clutch situations because they aren’t repeatable…but Ludwick has been repeatedly bad in recent memory in clutch, RISP situations.

  112. ToddAlmighty

    Wow… bottom of the 9th in a tie game. Reds have a situation where they could have bases loaded, 0 outs, and a .600 Slugger at bat… and they find a way to mess it up. Do they even deserve to win tonight anymore?

    • jdx19

      Nope. And the 3rd base coach doesn’t deserve to have a job. He’s an unmitigated disaster.

  113. jcredlegs

    Of course we have the worst 3rd base coach in baseball. Bryan Price hired him.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Funny thing is, he’s actually an improvement over they guy who was Mark Berry’s replacement last year… granted, that’s like saying you cleared a high jump bar that was already on the ground.. but still.

    • sergeant2

      Where’s somebody, anybody, even a fan in the stands to go to the mound to remind Hoover to make McCutchen chase at any pitch he wants to swing at. In other words an unintentional looking intentional walk.

  114. RedsfanPa

    Rats….can’t believe they didn’t score…wow… and McCutchen is due up again….

    • jdx19

      Ya got me, Steve. I needed something positive! Order in!

      Did I ever tell you I grew up in WC?

  115. GeauxReds

    I strongly doubt we will win now. I am an optimist, but we just waisted the heart of the order.

    • jdx19

      6 baserunners in 2 innings and 0 runs. Hard not to score.

  116. Aaron Bradley

    the biggest break of all is they are pinch hitting for that pitcher, he looked fantastic after that base hit.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Looks good, but once his pitch count gets in the 30s in the second inning, not too sure. Heck, once any relief pitcher gets his pitch count in the 30ds I am not too sure.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Told you, 30 pitches. HR. Kind of painful being right this time actually.

  117. docmike

    3rd base coach should be fired. He has screwed up way too often this year. You just can’t take that chance with nobody out. The only way you send Santiago is if there’s not going to be a play at the plate.

      • ToddAlmighty

        They did by a huge margin earlier in the year. Not sure if they do anymore.

    • jdx19

      No, that’s not crazy.

      That’s what any person with a brain does against an MVP. But, apparently Price doesn’t have the aforementioned brain. At least not tonight.

      ANd this is not a knee-jerk. You WALK MCCUTCHEN EVERY TIME IN THAT SITUATION. A grade schooler can make that call.

  118. BigRedSaguaro

    Hoov’s look fantastic so far

  119. jdx19

    No excuse.


    Hurdle walked Mesoraco, and McCutchen makes Mesoraco look like Zack Cozart.

  120. Steve Mancuso

    Patrick Jeter from Colorado Springs just bought a shirt.

    (can’t believe we pitched to McCutchen with two outs)

    • ToddAlmighty

      If Patrick can bat 1/2 as good as Derek, I know a certain team in Red looking for a bat.

  121. jas428

    Nothing fat, of course. Oh no, how stupid. Twice.

  122. BigRedSaguaro

    why why why pitch to that dude there ????

  123. Aaron Bradley

    As good as this team has been there have been no less than 10 games that should have been won this year if the managers play the odds instead of acting like morons.

  124. ToddAlmighty

    It’s not surprising that Hoover gets to 30+ pitches in an outing and gives up homers. Not many relief pitchers are good at 30+ pitches… it’s just a shame they keep sending him out there to be the final arm.

  125. AD

    This is a coaching loss tonight if the Reds cannot come back here in bottom 11.

    No way should 3B coach send Santiago.

    No way should you pitch to Cutch with 2 outs in the inning and no one on.

  126. kywhi1

    How does Price let Hoover pitch to McCutcheon in that situation?

    • AD

      I dont hate him. The dude is a baller.

      It is our own managers fault for letting it happen…….TWICE !!!!!

  127. docmike

    Bryan Price has to take the heat for that homer. You have to walk McCutcheon there. Bases loaded, two outs. Put him on first and make the guys after him beat you.

    Shame because the Reds deserve to win tonight, but their coaches blew it big time.

  128. Darrin Langley

    so hoover falls to 1-7………….at least his era is still under 5……if those things mattered

    • ToddAlmighty

      Hardly Hoover’s fault he’s constantly the last pitcher to be used in extra innings, so it’s a race to see if the Reds can score first, or if his arm will tire and give up a run first.

      • AnnapolisHoosier

        He has given up eight home runs in 40 innings. He’s awful.

    • docmike

      If Price just has him walk McCutcheon, then Hoover finishes with 2 scoreless innings.

      Of course, if Smith does his job, then Hoover is likely the winning pitcher after just one inning of work.

  129. RedsfanPa

    Never dreamed they would pitch to him…again…. ugh

  130. jas428

    Negron had a great spring training.

  131. Jake

    Mccutchen robbed a double from Cozart. Lots of colorful words to be said right now

  132. jdx19

    Well, at least he put the ball in play, unlike Lutz and Soto.

    Goodnight, RLN. Poor management strikes again. Not the 1st, won’t be the last. But 1.5 games out of 1st ain’t too shabby, either. I’ll take it, as much as this loss stings.

  133. Aaron Bradley

    no sour grapes here, I am convinced McCutchen is on drugs… he’s talking to himself in CF, the dreads, his whole demeanor…he is on something…not sure what… PCP maybe…lol.

    • RedAlert

      Wish they would just drill the guy in the back next time up. – can’t stand that smirk on his face after HR

  134. RedsfanPa

    Should have won it in the 10th…. inexcusable!

  135. BigRedSaguaro

    no worries we still take 2 of 3 after tomorrows win

  136. docmike

    Every time they show that replay of Santiago getting thrown out, I just want to punch Smith over and over.

  137. AD

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory there. Poor managerial decisions and a LF that is way past his prime.

  138. ToddAlmighty

    I just want to point out this is totally not on Hoover. It’s on two different coaching decisions. Sending Santiago was #1, and not walking McCutchen was #2. Either of those happen and the Reds either win, or are still playing.

    • docmike

      Agree. This loss is squarely on the coaches’ shoulders.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Not the players, at all? That seems a little harsh and misguided.

      • Tae Yun

        Steve. of course players always have accountability, but tonight’s situation is on coaches/manager.

        2 really bad mistakes… 2nd one should have never occurred…had 3rd base coach did not send the runner to home. no outs , bases loaded, that would be 100% of the calls in MLB in that situation… w/ an all star coming to bat w/ no body out..

        that should have ended the game…

      • Steve Mancuso

        Just because the manager and base coach make mistakes (and I don’t agree it was a mistake to send Santiago. It took a perfect play to get him) that doesn’t mean the loss is on them. If any number of players had done what they were supposed to – Mike Leake not making a throwing error, for example – then the game never even gets to that point. It’s possible to say the manager made a decision you didn’t agree with without putting the entire blame for the loss on his shoulders. Hoover and Broxton each made bad pitches.

      • Tae Yun

        i differ w/ you. you have manager and coaches for a reason. what they did tonight should be pointed out and they need to understand their actions did not help the cause.

        w/ any sports, players play the game. no kidding Steve… everyone knows that here or anywhere, and every human on earth make mistakes, but key in life is learning from it.

        I hope they – coach and manager learn from it. they made bad calls. problem is i have seen too much of those errors on 3rd base since last year, and Price has made more than enough bad calls in managing situations. I don’t buy “it’s his first year” argument. it’s major league baseball.

        you can keep your opinion.. i have mine.

      • docmike

        Yes, it was a good throw, but you just can’t take that chance in that situation. As a coach, you have to know when to be conservative and when to go for it. With nobody out and your cleanup hitter (who happens to destroy lefties) up next, you just can’t send him unless it’s almost a guaranteed score. That was far from it.

      • AnnapolisHoosier

        You don’t send Santiago with nobody out and Mesoroco coming up, especially when Polanco had the ball just as he got to third base.

  139. Kurt Frost

    Man you’ll are some fair weather fans.

  140. ToddAlmighty

    Do we have a Coaching version of Milton? Maybe a TCS instead of TOS?

  141. Tae Yun

    Price has had his good and bad moments.. tonight was bad.

    2 coaching mistakes.

    3rd base coach. in that situation, you have to take bases loaded no outs w/ Mes coming to bat. 100% of the time…. no matter what. isn’t that why he gets paid for?

    manager. you have to signal to Hoover to walk the MVP… you have to.

    terrible coaching/managing tonight… it’s a game we gave away.

    • Vicferrari

      Totally agree on not sending Santiago, I believe you challenge Cutch, tip your cap, clutch

  142. jas428

    McCutchen should not have seen anything close to strike in either AB.

  143. Ed Lambert

    I cannot stand to see games like this one tonight just given away. Absolutely bone head pitching tonight challenging the reigning MVP. The one player you absolutely do not let beat you. STUPID.

  144. Aaron Bradley

    He is a great pitching coach though, and the logic is they might have lost him to someone else willing to give him a manager role… I think we can win with Price… I don’t know why he didn’t walk McCutcheon there, maybe he is a numbers guy and stubbornly stuck with not putting tying run on base,, but if you look at McCutcheon you see he is easily the confident force on that team, take the friggin bat out of his hands ignore the numbers, this is human psychology we are talking about. Same with the 3B coach..we had all the momentum, why force a play… they were on the ropes giving the game away..jsut one more AB with our best guy at the plate and all the pressure on the other team. JESUS, its painful to watch this from afar, we all know better…but I guess the heat of the moment and the crowd noise and all that, these guys just don’t think clearly under pressure.

    • daytonnati

      It is a marathon, not a sprint. It stings, we should have won, but the Pirates should have won last night. It’s the game.

      • Tae Yun

        u do realize that even after 162 games, it comes down to 1-2 games (or it could..)…

        you look back and it’s these type of games (and we have had several of them this year) that makes a difference of winning the division or not… or getting a 2nd WC spot or not…

        after last year, we really need to win the division versus 1 game playoff…

        when I watch managers like Bochy or even Pirates’ manager, I just think they do a great job… i like both of them. I haven’t seen a decent Reds manager in ages… when i was a boy, I liked a man named Sparky… if anyone remembers..

  145. RedsfanPa

    Looking forward to JC on the hill tomorrow…. 2 out of 3

  146. AD

    Why stop? If he and his staff made correct decisions the team would probably be 1/2 games out of first.

    The criticism on Price in the 10th/11th inning tonight is very fair. I don’t agree with those saying he is in over his head, but not walking Cutch there is absolutely worth the criticism he is getting.

    • Vicferrari

      Are we really criticiszaing the manager for not intentionally walking a batter unintentionally, HR derby guys cannot hit that many Hr’s with a terrible pitcher trying to get him to hit a HR

      • docmike

        I’m way more upset at Smith than Price. I would’ve walked Cutch in the 11th, but you can certainly defend the decision to pitch to him.

        The decision to send Santiago, on the other hand, is indefensible. It was a terrible call, n way around it.

  147. Tae Yun

    us being 1 1/2 game out first IS NOT because PRICE is great or even good manager. it’s combination of Milwaukee’s bad losing streak and us getting 4 wins against Cubs.

    if Brews just go 500 market last 10 games, we still be out 4-5 games…

    yes Price has had bad injuries, but also, he has cost this team several wins by mismanaging. of course I don’t miss Dusty, so I do not call for Price’s firing.. just pointing out that I think Price has made many mistakes this year… keep saying he’s in his 1st year doesn’t cut it. It’s MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL…

      • Tae Yun

        it’s not over reacting… and after spending 4 hours of my life i don’t get back, i have a right to blow steam… it goes away after a while…

        haven’t you learned basic mental psychology 101… it’s better to let it come out then keeping it boiled inside….

        sitting in front of computer and writing is the most harmless way i can think of..

        so don’t tell me sit back relax BS… you do what you want. this is how i cope w/ it for an hour after a loss like this.

  148. daytonnati

    Sorry, my reply was to JCREDLEGS, the fan who bails for the movies when the Reds get down 4.

  149. sergeant2

    Not counting the pitcher, this loss is like having seven Cozarts and one Babe Ruth to face, and losing the game because you chose to pitch to Babe Ruth instead of walking the Babe in order to face Cozart. No disrepect to Cozart, and I’m not saying McCutchen is the equal to the Babe, but I think you get the point.

  150. Tae Yun

    Their (and national league) MVP has 20 HRs against Reds in his career… how about some scouting… some inner circle advising Price that w/ 2 outs no body on, walk the guy or at least throw 4 out of the strike pitches. did you see what Hoover threw … right down the middle.

    Is Hoover short on memory?

    We don’t call Hoover .. Mr Home Run Hoover for nothing… not to mention McCutchen kills Reds pitching normally… the man has 20 homers in his career against Reds… 20…

  151. sergeant2

    A lot of the comments coming minutes after a frustrating loss is simply venting after a frustrating loss. I do not think that makes fans venting that frustration “fair weather fans” I think it shows how much Reds fans care about the team. Tomorrows a new day, we’ll get em tomorrow. Go Reds!

    • Tae Yun

      absolutely! not just Reds fans.. but most ardent fans of sports. nothing wrong w/ it. it blows over naturally after night sleep. now, if people don’t get over it after night’s sleep, then you got a problem. it’s just a game.

      still, i can’t believe our 3rd base coaches over the past 2 years do what they do… where do we find these coaches… so called coaches… last year was bad too… Berry i think

      going to bed

  152. Tae Yun

    Hoover is 1-7 this year… gives up HR’s left and right along w/ some strikes… is he going to try to hit double digit in losses? is it in his contract that if he hits double digit, he makes more money? (maybe the contract forgot to say he makes more money with double digit WINS…)

    man, Hoover makes me nervous every time… along with Ondrusek…. LeCure has not been the same this year ….Parra too… 4 of these guys i have no confidence in…

    it’s amazing we are still in the chase for playoff w/ these guys blowing up every 2 games.

    good night

  153. Jeff Morris

    In close games like this, and playoff games like this, the Reds have to win games like this. I love the comeback they made against the Cubs, and now twice with the Pirates, but they should have won it in the bottom of the 10th. I didn’t see the play at the plate, but if its hit to shallow Right Field, the third base coach should have held the runner. Especially, with 0 outs and Mes coming up to bat. I have seen to many times with the Reds and other major league teams, with less than 2 outs, and runners on third, and ball hit sharply to either 3rd base or 2nd base, and the runner at 3rd takes off for home, and is thrown out easily at the plate. But…..Ludwick has got to get a fly ball and get the runner home. That is the one that is the most upsetting. Its the little things that happen in close games, and many times the Reds make mistakes on these little things.

  154. AnnapolisHoosier

    20 guys thrown out at the plate already this year. Only three teams had that many all of last year in the NL.

  155. sergeant2

    Having a 100 million dollar plus automobile where the left turn signal doesn’t work is unacceptable. The Reds have an equivalent to the non functioning left turn signal in their 3rd base coach. In my opinion that is unacceptable.