Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds  (46-42)  9 10  1
  Chicago Cubs  (38-49)  3 11  0
 W: Leake (7-7) L: Jackson (5-9)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (wining percentage added), the most important play of the game was Jay Bruce’s 2-run HR in the Bottom of the 7th inning, giving the Reds a 6-3 lead.  That increased the Reds chances of winning by 15.9% (from 78.5% to 94.5%).

Other significant plays:

  • 6th inning: Darwin Barney flied out to right. Welington Castillo out at home. Schumaker throw, Mesoraoco tag (increased the Reds chances of winning from 71.0% to 86.3%)
  • 5th inning: Billy Hamilton’s RBI single, giving the Reds a 2-1 lead (increased the Reds chances of winning from 57.7% to 72.4%)
  • 5th inning: Todd Frazier’s RBI single, giving the Reds a 3-1 lead (increased the Reds chances of winning from 72.4% to 82.8%)
  • 1st inning: Todd Frazier’s single advancing Billy Hamilton to 3rd base (increased the Reds chances of winning from 58.1% to 67.7%)
  • 5th inning: Ramon Santiago’s single advancing Skip Schumaker to 3rd base (increased the Reds chances of winning from 59.2% to 66.0%)
  • 5th inning: Mike Leake struck out Starlin Castro with runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs (increased the Reds chances of winning from 49.6% to 56.2%)
  • 6th inning: Devin Mesoraco’s RBI double, giving the Reds a 4-1 lead (increased the Reds chances of winning from 88.0% to 94.4%)

Player of the Game

Billy Hamilton: 2 for 4, 4 RBI, 1 BB, 1 Run

Hamilton had got off to quiet start to July, hitting just .143/.143/.333 through his first five games, but had an excellent game tonight.  Billy the kid had a huge RBI single in the 5th inning, breaking a 1-1 tie.  He blew the game wide open in the 8th inning, with a 3-RBI triple, giving the Reds a 9-3 lead.  That hit allowed Aroldis Chapman to have the day off, and maybe save a bullet in the chamber.


Mike Leake did allow 9 hits in 7.0 innings, but was able to pitch around danger to give the Reds a quality start.  Leake’s line: 7.0 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 7 K.  Leake now has an impressive 3.42 ERA on the season.

While Billy Hamilton was named our player of the game tonight, Todd Frazier actually had the highest WPA (win percentage added) of 17.8% tonight.  Frazier went 2 for 5, with a key RBI single, and a key single to move Hamilton 1st to 3rd with 0 outs in the first inning.  Frazier is now hitting .293/.356/.499 on the season.

Jonathan Broxton pitched a scoreless 8th inning, and has now lowered his ERA to an incredible 0.62.


Jay Bruce got the start at 1B tonight (more on that below).  He didn’t play a terrible game defensively at 1B, but did have a costly error that allowed the Cubs to tie the game in the 5th inning.  It wasn’t an easy play, but one that most 1B would make 99% of the time.

Ryan Ludwick went 0 for 4, and is struggling of late.  Ludwick has just 2 hits in his last 29 at-bats (.069) with 9 K.  It seems like he is cooling off from his impressive June when he hit .310/.355/.500.

Not so random thoughts….

We all expect Joey Votto to go on the DL, and that is most likely the smart move for the Reds.  I don’t think trying Bruce at 1B is necessarily a bad move.  He is a terrific defensive RF, and you hate to move a great fielder out of their spot.  The Reds will without question have to acquire another bat if they want to contend if Votto is out for the season.  I would guess that it would be easier to find an OF for the remainder of 2014, and maybe even easier to find an OF that the Reds could have under control past just this season.  If the Reds were to move Bruce to 1B, that would give them more options.  If Votto were to come back in say September, then Bruce moves back to RF, the OF you acquire could move to LF, and all is right in the world.  I’m not convinced Bruce can play 1B everyday, but we will need a little bit more of a sample size to get a better feel.

As I type this, the Brewers are trailing 3-2 to the Phillies in the 8th.  If that score holds, the Reds would only trail the Brewers by 5.0 games in the NL Central.  The Reds are also just 2.0 back of a wildcard spot at the moment.  With four more games still to go in this series against the Cubs, this in an excellent opportunity for the Reds to make a serious push heading into the All Star break.


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  1. James Dehan

    Hey Charlotte, I am pretty new at following the Reds and see that Billy Hamilton is only 23 years old. Shouldn’t he be in the minors, maybe at AAA to get a little more experience under his belt? And I am concerned, is he going to be able to hit major league pitching consistently? And I see where he has only played CF for a year or two – wouldn’t a little more time in the minors help him?

    • Jake

      With the way he’s been playing, absolutely not. Who would you suggest we put there to fill CF? The options are slim. Billy is having a great year, defensively at least. He’s been a big surprise offensively as well. He could take a walk every now and then but he will only get better with experience

    • sergeant2

      Shirley you jest good sir, yes you Mr. Dehan. Still, I welcome all new fans to the sport of baseball, especially new fans of the Cincinnati Reds and Redleg Nation.

    • George Mirones

      James, you know I don’t think anybody would even suggest that he start in the majors without at least a season in AAA. Billy will surely fail. The GM must be really dumb. 🙂
      Welcome to the site.

    • pinson343

      That was the million dollar question this off-season and spring, James, a constant source of debate. People here at least wanted some OF insurance in 2014, in case Hamilton wasn’t ready, and also with Ludwick’s productivity a big question mark.

      The way it’s going – as you can see – is that Hamilton is exceeding expectations, he’s not just a speedster, he can hit (so far), play defense, etc. He does make his share of dumb rookie mistakes.

      But the gamble on Ludwick has not worked out, the Reds have a big hole in LF.

      Welcome to the site – all sorts of viewpoints about the Reds are welcome here.

    • lwblogger2

      I was among those that that Hamilton needed some more seasoning. Today was his best game in my opinion. He’s looked better than a thought and he’s certainly an MLB player. I’m not sure he’s a great leadoff option as his OBP isn’t what I want from there but he’s the best option the Reds have. His defense in CF has been excellent. His arm is better than I gave him credit for and he unloads like an infielder, thus making his arm a “plus” tool. I’d love to see him continue to improve and it’s fun to watch the guy play.

    • Redsfan48

      No, they lost Shin Soo Choo over the offseason, so this was pretty much a forced move. Hamilton has produced well, he’s hit his fair share, played excellent defense, and changed games with his speed. The minors at this point are in the past for Hamilton. In order to win this division, the Reds need Hamilton in center

    • Jake

      That only happens after we lose a game with the fair weather fans

    • lwblogger2

      I for one, have never suggested a fire sale. That said, I did say that the Reds should try to move a few players at the deadline if it looked like they were out of it. I certainly wouldn’t have advocated making any moves prior to the AS break though.

    • Redsfan48

      This team isn’t rebuilding, they are contending to win the division. They are buyers at the deadline. Hopefully they will acquire an outfielder or first baseman to help them in the stretch run (Adam Dunn is an option).

      • lwblogger2

        So many Reds’ fans heads would explode if Dunn came back to Cincy. I’m not one of them though. I always liked Dunn… I’m not sure the Reds are buyers but they should sure be leaning that way with a winning record and being close in the division and WC standings.

  2. James Dehan

    Reds are 5 games out – the Cards might be in 4th come tomorrow morning —– GO REDS!

  3. James Dehan

    And is there a chance the Brewers from Milwaukee might be folding? If I counted correctly they have lost 6 of their last 7 games.

  4. Vicferrari

    Adams hit a walk off homer bottom of the 9th, despite Pirates in 2nd still wanted WLB’s to go down

    • ohiojimw

      Emotionally yeah want the WLB’s to lose strategically, need the teams furthest ahead of the Reds to lose; so, tonight was a good night all the way around since every division team ahead of the Reds that could lose did lose and the two the greatest ahead were among the losers.

  5. Steve Mancuso

    Adam Wainwright has nine games this year where he hasn’t given up a run, out of 18 starts. And three others giving up just one run.

    • lwblogger2

      Yeah, he’s a heck of a pitcher. He and Cueto are 1,2 in my Cy Young voting and it’s a toss-up as to who has what spot.

  6. George Mirones

    he was human and had some personal flaws that crossed over into the game then he decided to deny it. We all know the cover is what gets you not the act.
    Between the lines he was a ball player who only played to win. The Phillies got him as a free agent and won a World Series. Some times ego and poor advice are the only two things a star has.

  7. James Dehan

    ESPN seems to be forecasting the season:

    Milwaukee 52 38 .578 — Lost 2 4-6 69.4
    St. Louis 48 42 .533 4 Won 1 5-5 43.9
    Pittsburgh 47 42 .528 4.5 Lost 1 7-3 37.6
    Cincinnati 46 42 .523 5 Won 2 6-4 46.4

    It looks like ESPN is saying that the Reds have a better shot at the post season than Pittsburgh or St Louis and the spread between the Reds and Brewers continues to shrink as the Reds % keeps rising while the Brewers continues to fall. Does this actually indicate that ESPN is anticipating a Brewers collapse?

  8. George Mirones

    Something is wrong this is the second post I have made and post I was answering (James Dehan) is gone.
    Is it me or the site.

  9. ohiojimw

    Good news and bad news in the standings…..

    Top 4 in the NL Central are all within 5 games of each other; and the Reds are even in the loss column with StL and Pitt and -4 to Milwaukee.

    The Reds are only 2 games out of a WC spot BUT are -2 in the loss column to the Nats which is the the team they ultimately have to get past as things stand now.

    • James Dehan

      Wouldn’t it be fun if the Brewers struggled with the Phillies and Cards while the Reds finished the 1st half strong against the Cubs and Pirates – whoopie ….

  10. George Mirones

    Other than Monday night Football I don’t watch ESPN. Entertainment Sports Programing Network. They really do try to do that first word and I will spend my time with the NFL or MLB networks. Plus ESPN totally plays to the higher audience areas in the Nielson ratings.

  11. cfd3000

    Since this is after all a game recap I’ll say that the game was just plain fun to watch. Loved the outcome and the details of how it happened – Hamilton walks and scores to start the game right, nice play by Schumaker to kill a possible rally and a nice tag (in keeping with the new rules mind you) by Mesoraco on the receiving end, some clutch two out hitting after the game was tied 1-1, another bomb off a lefty from Jay Bruce, exciting bases clearing triple from Hamilton with at least a thought about an inside the park home run which by the way allowed Chapman the night off – I was so hoping Price would let Broxton finish the game or give Jumbo a save chance with a 3 run lead instead of getting Chapman up, and a great interview with Rob Dibble during the rain delay. That’s the kind of game I love to watch. Thank you Reds!

  12. ohiojimw

    A heads up to anyone who gets WGN on their cable or satellite service. The afternoon game tomorrow is supposed to be carried by WGN. Here’s hoping it isn’t blocked in your area or mine (got my DVR set to go).

  13. Josh Mohr

    Only 5.0 games back, if we had a healthy Votto, the Reds could win the division. Hopefully we still can, but need help. Guys must step up. I would look at Marlon Byrd and Casey McGehee.

    • ohiojimw

      The Miami Fish are next team after the Reds in the WC standings (-5 to a WC spot, -3 to the Reds). Given this would they be inclined to send McGehee to Cincy for anything less than a king’s ransom?

  14. ProspectCincy

    Billy Hamilton now hitting .350 with RISP this season (leading the team).

    Rock on Billy.

  15. ohiojimw

    For folks who missed it Johnny Cueto did his All Star selection response interview in English with Chris Welch on the Fox Sports Reds post game. It was prerecorded but if there were any stops for translation or out cuts they were smoother than I could catch. I don’t know if they will post it on line but IMO it is well worth the 3-5 minutes to listen to it if they do.

    As per the prior rumor mill, JC seems to hear and comprehend English very well. He also spoke well and was very understandable in both accent and content. Hopefully this experience will encourage him to do more interviews in English as he seems like a very interesting personality.

    • pinson343

      Cueto has always seemed interesting to me, just watching him pitch and joke with players on the bench.

      • VaRedsFan

        Cueto has always been 1st class in my encounters with him. On THREE separate occasions over 3 years, in DC at a Nats game, he has signed 2 autographs for my boy and tossed him a couple of baseballs during pregame warmups

      • charlottencredsfan

        Same here but with my nephew.

      • lwblogger2

        Love hearing stuff like that about players.

  16. pinson343

    The Reds are now tied with both the Cards and Pirates in the loss column. And a great chance to catch up in the win column over the next few days.

  17. pinson343

    For those who missed it. Some of us were upset on the game thread about how the Reds momentarily turning what looked like a rout into a 4-3 game.

    Leake was not that sharp, but he did pitch out of trouble for 6 innings, with help from Schumaker’s throw in the 6th. He was at 96 pitches or so after 6.

    In the bottom of the 6th, the Reds continued a streak of 7 consecutive line drives off Jackson (sandwiched around a sac bunt by Leake) that had them up 4-1 with Mes on 2nd, none out. No one was warming up and the rout was apparently on. The rally fizzled in a disappointing way, with Leake striking out for the 3rd out, when it seemed a good time for a pinch hitter. Did he hit due to the short bench ? Frustration.

    In the 7th Leake was at 112 pitches with 2 outs, one on, a 4-1 lead and the dangerous Rizzo up. Going into tonight’s game, LHed hitters were slugging .479 against Leake. Parra had been warming up, it was the perfect situation for a LOOGY. Leake stays in, and it’s 4-3.

    Naturally a lot comments followed that aren’t worth repeating. But the question is, why didn’t Price use Parra ? A lack of confidence in him is the only thing I can think of. This was not a one time thing, Parra has been avoided on a regular basis. I understand he’s not that good, but he’s the only LHed set up guy, and he can’t be trusted to get one out as a LOOGY ?

    Yet another situation the Reds need to resolve.

    • Vicferrari

      I think Steve said something like 1 appearance in 17 days, is he hurt? The way that injuries are handled really creates limitations on the roster

    • Grand Salami

      I was convinced that Price was managing with the double header in mind. Heisey would have been a marginally better choice to hit but probably not Barnhart. Price was milking Leake for everything he could squeeze out. He probably didn’t want to burn Parra for one (important) AB and not have him for today.

      • lwblogger2

        I don’t know… Once you get a guy up and loose, it does add to the fatigue factor. So by just getting him up, you’ve taxed him somewhat. He probably only would have worked to Rizzo. I could have seen using him, especially since he had been warming up, for one batter and then still having him available for today.

  18. Kyle Farmer

    Great game. Does anybody know if there are any options to watch tomorrow’s day game?

  19. Gonzo Reds

    I think Zobrist is a guy we should target. He can play just about anywhere except catcher, needs a change of scenery, and has a reasonably priced year left on his contract. Long term with everyone healthy he takes over at SS. Sure with Price also possibly on the move the Rays are looking for SP though and don’t know that we want to part with Cingrani or Stephenson.

  20. mwvohio

    Great game. Getting back to Billy and walks from the game thread, to Charlotte:

    You asked me to point out at bats where I think Billy should have walked but that’s only possible to do when he reaches a 3 ball count and then swings at a ball outside the zone. That isn’t what I meant and I’m fairly sure you know that isn’t how at bats work. For example, if Billy bunts at the first pitch he sees and fouls it off.. that changes how the pitcher goes after him. He’s now 0-1 and his odds of ever reaching a 3 ball count become miniscule. Similarly if he bunts at the first pitch and puts it in play he obviously no longer has a chance to walk.

    That’s what I’m talking about when I say he should take more pitches and be more patient at the plate. I’m not saying he should take the balls thrown right down the heart of the plate, I’m not saying he shouldn’t expand the zone when he reaches 2 strikes to protect the at bat, I’m just pointing out that for a leadoff hitter he sees very few pitches, takes very very few walks (well below league average let alone lead-off average) and that when he isn’t making contact his OBP will crash unless he adds that aspect to his game.

    This isn’t a condemnation of Billy, he’s been a good leadoff hitter for us so far this year. I just think that’s the biggest hole in his game and I”m a little worried because he doesn’t seem to be making any attempt to fix it. Is that too much to expect out of a rookie? Probably, but when he has done so well at everything else I think it’s okay to expect more out of him.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Good points although I disagree with the logic. No time to look it up now but it appears to me he seldom swings at the first pitch regardless of a bunt attempt or not. He shows bunt all the time on pitch one but very, very seldom offers at it and it wastes a strike; no doubt. Too many counts starting with 0-1, we agree. How he is getting there is where we part. In many cases, that first get me over pitch is the best one he may get to hit. He is getting behind in the count primarily by taking strikes not swinging at bad pitches.

      Again, I just don’t see the Kid swinging at many bad pitches. In most cases, I’d rather see him be more aggressive as it quite possible that there is a book developing on him: he takes the first pitch. Also, I believe he is seeing a lot more pitches at an AB then you might think. I’ll look it up tonight and get back to you.

      Bottom line: Billy has a ton of talent, aptitude and works like a dog. IMO, this spells success in a way that most will be surprised where this is going. Could be wrong but I just as well could be right. Got to admit, the journey sure is a lot of fun. Great discussion and you certainly may be dead on.

      By the way, I have no roof on this guy’s destination.

      • VaRedsFan

        i guess your eyes are seeing are what mine are seeing. (see beat me to it).
        I’d be curious to hear the swing % numbers too.

      • lwblogger2

        Raw numbers here but… Hamilton’s:
        Swing% – 45.3% (MLB avg 46.2%)
        Swing% at balls outside the zone – 31.1% (30.4%)
        Swing% at balls in the zone – 60.2% (65.2%)
        % of pitches seen inside the zone – 48.7% (45.5%)

    • VaRedsFan

      Since the 1st month and a half Billy hasn’t bunted many 1st pitches. He does “show” bunt a lot, but still takes the pitch, so I think we are beyond your first point. His 1st pitch bunts were early in the season, and when he did it, he rarely fouled them off, or it wouldn’t have been a 1st pitch bunt discussion in every game thread. I think he has shown improvement in that area. (not bunting on the 1st pitch).

      As far as falling behind 0-1…. well that has generally come from TAKING the 1st pitch, so I don’t see your side of the discussion on that either. You don’t fall behind 0-1 because the pitcher threw a ball, unless you are hacking at junk in the dirt and I don’t see him doing that on many 1st pitches in the last 2 months.

      Pitchers have apparently been told, don’t walk the guy. or it’s a double maybe a triple, therefore he gets thrown plenty of strikes. THIS IS THE KEY. 4 balls = a walk. There aren’t a whole lot of Billy AB’s that this happens.

      He was fishing and swinging at a lot of bad balls in the 1st couple of weeks of the season. Again, he has shown improvement, and cut down on those out of the zone swings. The team, as a whole, swings at alot of bad pitches. (Bruce, Frazier, Ludwick, Cozart). Some MLB pitchers throw some nasty stuff, and it’s just unavoidable to not be fooled.

      Someone here recited his o-swing% z-swing% a while back and it showed he was approaching league average. I’d throw an educated guess that it’s improved even more since then.

      Obviously walks are good, so we want him to walk more. So what can he do? I think he will learn to be able to foul off those borderline pitches. Especially the ones high in (or out) of the zone. Fouling pitches off, instead of popping up, could extend at bats and will increase his chances at walking.

      As you said, you aren’t condemning him, you just want him to be the best player he can be. I’m with you…but he is improving with the Reds, (as he has at EVERY level he’s played). He will get better at the art of hitting/walking. He has to walk differently than Votto does, because Votto is (or was) a feared hitter. The fear of Billy is when he gets on, therefore, pitchers are hesitant to nibble and give him free passes.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Great! I think he starts walking more when he gets aggressive with very hittable pitches early in the count, in particular the first pitch. Once he has success with that then you will see pitchers been more cautious with pitch 1 and the walk rate will escalate too.

        Great minds think alike!

      • Kyle Farmer

        I posted those numbers a week or so ago when someone was complaining about how Billy never walks. He’s not swinging at balls at a better than league average rate if I recall correctly. It’s tough to walk when the scouting report against you is to avoid walks if at all possible.

  21. TC

    It’s becoming clear. In the West, the Padres, Diamondbacks, and Rockies are all struggling this year. This allows both the Dodgers and the Giants beat up on them inflating their records.

    In the East, the Marlins, Mets, and Phillies are all struggling allowing the Braves and Mets to inflate their records.

    Meanwhile there are 4 good teams in the Central AND the Cubs are not a bad team either, they are just in a division with 4 playoff caliber teams. Meanwhile, these four teams beat up on each other.

    This means that likely, the only team to come out of the Central will be the 1st place team. Incredible.

    • TC

      As argument, I present the Cubs:

      The Cubs have played 54% of their games against non-NLC teams. In that endeavor, they are ONE game under .500.

      Against their NLC rivals, which they’ve placed 46% of the time, they are TEN games under .500. The Cubs are an average team playing 4 really good teams in the NLC.

    • Boneill1621

      This is spot on. I do not see a possible Wildcard for an NL Central team. It would take the collapse of either the Mets, Giants or Pirates for it to become more likely.

    • Kyle Farmer

      You are right on TC. With a 162 game schedule it is insane to have wildcard playoff teams and a schedule that is completely out of balance.

  22. redsfan06

    I was one of those who commented about Bruce moving to 1st. But my comment was aimed at Ludwick starting in left again. With both him and Schumaker in the OF, the fielding is weak. And Ludwick has not been hitting for awhile. Meanwhile a very good fielding OF is sitting on the bench in Heisey.

  23. KYP

    It is time to put the Billy Hamilton debate to bed. At this point in the season, he is probably rookie of the year. He leads the team in batting avg. with runners in scoring position and is the best defensive center fielder in the national league. He has produced at a much higher level than anyone here thought. Does he need to increase his OBP? Yes. I think that will come. Does he need to reduce the amount of baserunning mistakes? Yes. But, at this time, he is the third most productive offensive player we have.

    • lwblogger2

      Billy Hamilton is a very, very good CF; however the best defensive CF in the NL is Gomez… Agree that he has a shot at ROY for the NL. I agree that he’ll likely improve as he matures as a player too.

      • User1021

        Wonder if the people who wanted to bat him 8th still feel that way.

      • jdx19

        With Votto injured, no. He’s probably fine as-is at 1st.

        The people who thought 8th was a better spot are people whose opinions arent going to change on another few weeks worth of games. He’s playing well at the moment, no denying that, really.

        If Billy has an OBP near .320 at the end of the year, I’ll be happy with him batting leadoff next year. If it’s .295-.305, I’ll still think that’s not good enough for a guy who gets the most at-bats of anyone on the team.

      • lwblogger2

        If I had a different leadoff hitter, I’d bat him 7th or 8th, yes. He’s the best option to lead off on this team though.

  24. AnnapolisHoosier

    I agree with Ludwick, but Schumaker is a pretty good OF.

    • lwblogger2

      Sorry, I have to disagree. Schumaker is a below average OF. He’s made some good plays, but overall he generally gets bad jumps and doesn’t take particularly good routes, especially when playing the corner spots.

  25. ohiojimw

    So has anybody heard or read whether those elusive test results concerning Joey Votto’s leg have been found?

    • lwblogger2

      No idea. And you don’t do an MRI or similar test unless you think there is structural damage. In Votto’s case, it’s either the knee or they suspect that the quad is actually torn and not just weak.

      • ohiojimw

        Sadly this is only half in jest……

        Perhaps Kremchek was unavailable yesterday and whoever looked at the images had one of those Oh crap moments and decided nobody was saying a thing to anybody until Doc Hollywood saw the images and blessed off.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, I’m worried that they actually MRI him… MRI stands for “May Require Incision” as far as I’m concerned.

      • ohiojimw

        The whole thing is sort of starting to remind me of that episode in the original Law and Order series were corruption was uncovered within the prosecutors office. Angie Harmon’s character says to the wife of the asst DA who is implicated and who may be implicated herself, “He’s gone, think about saving your family”. Joey’s probably gone for the year, Now, think about saving the team’s season…….

    • dradg

      ESPN says that they did take an MRI. Or it least I thought ESPN said it. Can’t seem to find the link now.

  26. WVRedlegs

    I saw on the news ticker at the bottom of the TV screen last night during the game that Bronson Arroyo is going to have Tommy John surgery and is out for the season, and probably until this time next year. At first, I thought this will end his career. But it is possible it could extend it. I’ve always thought Arroyo would be a good releiver at the end of his career if he chose so. I’d like to see him end his career back in Cincy.
    Best wishes to BA and a speedy recovery.

    • Matt WI

      I was sorry to see that for Bronson. Speedy recovery indeed.

    • Kyle Farmer

      Feel bad for Bronson and I hope he recovers soon, but I think it’s fair to point out amid all the Jocketty bashing around here that it’s clear now that not resigning Arroyo was a brilliant move by the Reds front office.

      • Steve Mancuso

        I’d describe it as obvious instead of brilliant. Best wishes to Arroyo.

  27. Matt WI

    Jamie Garcia is done for the season, and the Cardinals are angry with him for how he told the media before them. Trouble in the kingdom of perfection.

    • lwblogger2

      Too bad about Garcia. Such a great talent but can’t seem to stay healthy. Yeah, telling the media before the organization in that case certainly wasn’t “The Cardinal way!” I’m not hating on the Cards as much as I used to, and this is a tough blow for them.

  28. eric nyc

    I mentioned it in the game thread, but what is up with Chris Heisey? Clearly Price has come around to the fact that most of us knew that he isn’t a good starter, but if you’re going to pinch hit Zack Cozart as the first guy off the bench (more on that in a second) then what purpose is Heisey serving on the roster? He’s clearly in the dog house, but if he’s not even useful as a PH then we need to dump him in favor of someone Price trusts to hit, especially when we already have a lead.

    And as for Cozart PH’ing, what was that all about? I assumed the entire debate about playing Bruce at 1B was because Cozart was unavailable (sick, dinged up) so Frazier had to stick at 3B. If Cozart was healthy enough to pinch hit and/or come in as a defensive replacement then why was Santiago starting? Why play down another starter and weaken your defense on a day you know you are going to need to be extra buttoned up with a brand new 1B?

    • ohiojimw

      Heisey could also be nicked up; and of course there is no one to call up to fill his role if that is the case.

      • eric nyc

        Yeah but if he’s healthy then what IS his role right now? If he’s hurt then he’s been hurt for a while. Soto’s hitting well in AAA right now. Might be time to give him another shot.

  29. ohiojimw

    Per Fay via Twitter “Peña is here. So is Barnhart”
    I was hoping for something a little more creative.

  30. sezwhom

    Darwin Barney flied out to right. Welington Castillo out at home. Schumaker throw, Mesoraoco tag (increased the Reds chances of winning from 71.0% to 86.3%)

    My take? Man, we have a solid defensive outfield. With the exception of Ludwick, Hamilton, Bruce (when he’s not at 1B *cough-cough) and Schumaker have great arms. This is the best defensive Reds team I can remember. You throw in solid starting pitching with excellent “D”, you’ll always be in the hunt.

  31. John Doe (@jpgrfourever)

    I just don’t get starting Bruce at 1B. Taking a strength away. If you’re going to play an unqualified player there, why not Ludwick? Keep the OF defense strong.

    • lwblogger2

      Or just ask Schumaker if he’d play 1B. I’m sure he’d give it a shot and you don’t weaken RF. On the 1B to 3B earlier in the game, had Bruce been in RF, Coughlin (I believe) wouldn’t even of tried to go. With Schumaker, he tested him. Of course with Bruce in RF, maybe Castillo wouldn’t even have tried scoring and we wouldn’t have gotten the out there. Funny how baseball works.

    • jdx19

      I think you do this because you don’t want 1B to be your revolving door for Ludwick/Schumaker/Heisey.

      You don’t want Schumaker playing every day and you probably don’t want to keep moving Jay back and forth between RF and 1B depending on who is starting in LF.

      If Bruce CAN play 1B during Votto’s absense, I think it would be best.

      Unless, of course, Brayan Pena can stop with the Zack Cozart impression! Then him playing 1st every day with Bruce in RF and the revolving door of Ludwick/Schumaker/Heisey in LF is fine.

  32. kywhi1

    I keep reading complaints about Price’s not using Manny Parra. I’m certain that I read over the weekend on the Enquirer’s website that Parra has been dealing with a sore neck.

  33. dradg

    Wonder what Scott Rolen’s up to these days? Put him at third, Frazier at first. Boom. Problem solved. Or not. IMHO, the Reds should make a play for Chase Headley. He is capable at 3B and can probably be had without giving up too much. He’s a free agent after this year, so he’d be a rental.