Update 2: Now Kevin Goheen, who at least earlier this morning worked for Fox Sports Ohio, is saying “please pay no attention to that previous tweet.”

Well,we said it was a rumor. One of those rumors that makes more sense than reality so we all assume it’s true.

Original Post: Kevin Goheen from Fox Sports Ohio has tweeted that Joey Votto’s locker is empty this morning at GABP.

Votto is also not in the lineup today. That sounds like pretty solid evidence that he’s been put on the disabled list, although no announcement yet from the Reds. If that happens, it will surprise exactly no one. There is no word on the status of Nibbles.

The timing would mean that if Votto returns after 15 days, he’d be back for the entire Milwaukee series following the All Star break, but would miss the Yankees trip. With Votto playing in the first two games of this series, the Reds – whether deliberately or not – maximized his number of games competing against the first place team in the division.

If Votto is headed for the disabled list, we begin the next installment of the nightmare that is the Reds’ disastrous organizational depth.

Update: Sources from meeting with Bryan Price say this is just a “day off” for Votto. That still might mean he’s headed for the DL. If he doesn’t play, the disabled list clock can still be backdated to today. The empty locker, if true, would indicate that. If this was just a “day off” then why not have Votto dress for the game, just in case he’s needed to pinch hit? Or to be there to support his team. My interpretation of all we know (and it’s changing by the minute, so this could be proven wrong quickly) is that Votto is headed for the DL backdated to today, whether or not they announce it today.

And, for the record, if Votto isn’t available today but is going on the DL and the Reds know it, that means they’re playing another man short (oh, against the first place team in the division).

8 Responses

  1. Redgamer

    I dont think his stuff is gone, just him. Obviously he has not been traded.

  2. Kyle Miller

    I think they’re just dramatizing him definitely not playing

  3. Redgamer

    Clearly, they think Pena is the long term replacement for Votto based on TB being up. I know its not likely, but if they made a move for Josh Willingham now, you could rest Votto for 2 months. Without Votto what do you do when we are at .500 at the July deadline? I know the answer is nothing, thats what the GM does.

  4. jcredlegs

    Fay tweeting that it’s just a day off for Votto. Bryan Price’s call. Votto needs to be on the DL. Bryan Price needs to be dismissed from his duties.

    • jcredlegs

      Sure sounds to me like he has some influence at least.

  5. Redgamer

    Scary thought, who is our DH in NY? I bet its Mesorraco, with Pena at 1B and Barhart at C. That is a way to waste your advantage at C!

  6. jcredlegs

    Something’s up. Fay also reporting that Castellini was meeting with Price in Price’s office.