Final R H E
  Cincinnati Reds  (43-40) 0 3 0
  San Diego Padres  (37-47) 3 7  0 
 W: Ross (7-8)       L: Cueto (8-6)
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The Padres scored all three runs in the first inning on soft hits that fell in. Johnny Cueto has enjoyed above-average fortune with that for most of the year, but not today. (Cueto’s BABIP this game was .368, compared to .221 for the year and .276 for his career.) After the Padres loaded the bases with one out, it looked like Cueto would work out of the threat by retiring Will Venable on a fly ball to Jay Bruce for the second out. Bruce’s arm deterred the runner from attempting to advance from third.

Then backup catcher Rene Rivera lifted a “dying quail” (Padres announcers) to short right-center field. Billy Hamilton didn’t get a good break and took a drifting backward course even though the ball was in front of him. But Hamilton’s great closing speed still allowed him to get to the play. He dove full-out and the ball hit just off the heel of his glove. (video here) It’s the kind of spectacular play we’re used to seeing Hamilton make. But today, he missed it. A good throw might have prevented the third run but Hamilton’s peg drifted up the third base line.

Johnny Cueto pitched well the rest of way, striking out eight, but he did allow three walks.

The real culprit, obviously, was the lack of offense. The Reds were shut out for the second time in this series and managed only three hits.

Tyson Ross had the ninth worst walk-rate in the National League coming into today’s game. The Reds drew nary a free pass against the tall right-hander. I can’t remember a hitter working a three-ball count, although I’m sure someone must have. Ross was superb and the few line drives the Reds managed (Bruce twice, Heisey, Pena) mostly found their way to Padres’ gloves.

The Reds, with a couple exceptions, played like a team worn out from a long road trip. The schedule put enough wear-and-tear on the team that Bryan Price felt the need to rest Joey Votto and Devin Mesoraco even with a day off tomorrow. Milwaukee lost again today, so you can safely classify the past three days as a missed opportunity. But the Brewers limp into GABP this weekend for a Fourth of July weekend series starting Friday. We’ll see a different Reds team then.

Ramon Santiago (.196/.274/.214) was 0-for-4 with two strikeouts. Brandon Phillips’ OBP is .297.


MLB announced today that Billy Hamilton was named N.L. Rookie of the Month for June. I’ll be surprised if that’s the last time he wins that award this year.

The Reds traded Jair Jurrjens, who had been pitching for Louisville, to Colorado for Double-A first baseman, Harold Riggins. Riggins is 24 years old and right-handed. He doesn’t appear in any prospects rankings for the Rockies that I could find, including one from March of their top 38. The Reds aren’t looking at Riggins as a player who could help the major league club, but as organizational depth. His acquisition could foreshadow the club promoting first basemen up the chain, with an eye toward putting Joey Votto back on the disabled list. Doug Gray has more details and analysis.

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  1. Kyle Farmer

    I don’t understand this team. At all. But, I love baseball and am looking forward to taking in all three Independence Weekend games at GABP!

  2. Steve Mancuso

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Joey Votto played in the Milwaukee series then went on the disabled list. Four of his 15 days would be over the All-Star break that way, so he wouldn’t miss as many games. He’d miss the Yankees series, but could return for two of the three subsequent games in Milwaukee.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Or if they put him on the DL now, he’d miss the eleven game home stand, but would be back after the ASG for the Yankees and Brewers.

      • Shchi Cossack

        WHen Bryan selected Votto as his 1st pinch hitter off the bench, I figured that was the last appearance for Votto until after the break.

      • Steve Mancuso

        I thought the Reds might hold him out today so they could backdate the DL, but because of the AS break, it really doesn’t matter if the date is today or tomorrow. They are the same thing in relation to a return date. It’s too bad they don’t have a meaningful bat to promote. With his knee injury, he played up to the ASG, played in the ASG and then played one series against the Cardinals. Then he went on the DL.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Without a healthy Votto you have to believe 2014 will not be our year. Just not enough firepower to compensate. If 15 days off does the job, great. I will still watch them, game in game out; come what may.

        I don’t believe Bryan Price is going to last much beyond this year. Don’t know how many MLB managers would bat Santiago second but it is probably a very exclusive club. Can not be justified in any form or argument. Hopefully we will be able to keep him as the Pitching Coach.

      • Steve Mancuso

        The idea that managers are hired or fired based on who bats second in a getaway game is nonsense, to put it politely. Especially when he’s using players the GM has provided him. The Reds have a winning record despite all the injuries they’ve faced, including the current situation with Votto. I’ve had my share of complaints about things Price has done, but they’re garden-variety. Every manager does things that fans question. He’s done pretty well with the big picture. You’d have never said that three days ago. So you’re firing the manager based on a three-game series at the end of a 10-game road trip. Glad you’re not my boss.

      • MrRed

        Yikes. That series undid the goodwill and dare I say “momentum” of the SF series. 6-4 road trip not normally bad but definitely so under these circumstances.

        Let’s hope this slump doesn’t carry over to the Milwaukee series. The Reds need to win that since it appears that the rest of the NL can’t beat Milwaukee these days. Can they do it without Votto? Whether he’s in the lineup or not, he’s greatly diminished and so are the Red’s chances for the post-season.

        And, if Price is let go after this year, that’s an indictment of ownership, not Price. You can’t seriously think that he is at fault for the crap that has been assembled on this roster.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Of course it’s not based on a 3 game series but please go back and look, I’m not a supporter. Looking at probably ASB 2015 as D-Day. Didn’t agree with the hire but hoped for the best. I just don’t see it happening. Bob C. does not have near the emotional investment that he had in DB. Batting Santiago second, shows me a lack of judgement and I won’t ignore it – very Baker like.

      • Steve Mancuso

        I agree with all that, and I know you weren’t basing it on three days. Just pointing out that three days ago, Price looked pretty darn good.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Steve, you should be overjoyed that you don’t work for me and I for you. We are just totally different people. No good guy, no bad guy. Continuing to bat BP in the middle of the lineup and putting Ondrusek in even medium leverage situations is just not a great sign, “to me”. The Frazier at 1b and Santiago at 3b combo has been a disaster and it does not take a genius to see it. Not asking anyone to agree, it’s just an opinion..

      • MrRed

        But here’s the thing Charlotte. BC fired dusty and hired Price. So he’s very much invested in this decision. The circumstances have amplified it. He’s not going to get penalized for bad luck and front office failures. Give Price the healthy roster that Dusty worked with and you get much better results than you see now.

      • Joe Atkinson

        A rookie manager – working with a roster that has big holes in LF and the bullpen (now that Cozart has raised his offensive contribution from “ugh” to “meh,” I’m completely good with having him in the 8 hole and keeping his glove in the lineup), down seasons from the team’s two best hitters (though Bruce has finally heated up in the last month), and more significant injuries than I can remember in the opening months of any Reds season in my lifetime – has the team over .500 and coming home from a 4-3 west coast trip (and 6-4 road trip). Yes, the end of that trip was something of an abomination, but considering how many Cincinnati seasons have died on the left coast, I’ll still take the trip as a whole.

        But back to Bryan Price: Even with the rookie learning curve, Price has done an excellent job managing under circumstances that would be difficult for a seasoned manager. Have I agreed with every decision he’s made this year? Of course not. And let’s be honest – if I did, it probably wouldn’t be a great thing for our Redlegs, because it’s not like major league teams are knocking down my door trying to hire me to manage their teams.

        Last year, Dusty took a team that we all expected to be World Series contenders and turned in an uninspired, uninspiring season that ended in horrible disappointment. This year, Bryan Price has taken a team we all saw glaring holes in and kept them in the race in spite of some pretty tremendous obstacles.

        So yeah, I rolled my eyes when I saw Santiago batting second yesterday. But how about we stop nit-picking those small things and take a look at the big picture: That we have a manager who has dealt with major obstacles and still has our team over .500 and in contention as we near the All-Star Break. Because there are plenty of managers we COULD have who would have navigated this season far less successfully, then just shrugged their shoulders and pleaded, “Injuries!”

    • Michael J Hampton

      I don’t think the Reds would have to DL him. I think they should consider sitting him out for the Cubs and Pirates series, while still having him available to pinch hit. If they DL him, more than likely anybody they call up (Soto or Lutz) will sit on the end of the bench not being used except as a last option pinch hitter while a combination of Pena at first or Santiago at third and Frazier at first gets the playing time. Price has already shown that he will not play either of those young guys but much like Dusty prefers to play the “veterans” even if it means playing people out of position and weakening the defense. With that scenario, having a one-legged Votto available for the occasional pinch hit role during those 7 games would be the better option. Counting the all-star break, this would effectively give Votto 11 days off, except for that occasional pinch hitting appearance.

  3. Davis Stuns Goliath

    Was any reason given why Mesoraco didn’t play today? Cueto hearts Pena, I get it — but Mes is one of a handful of people on this team who don’t look lost at the plate, and considering that he sat Sunday and tomorrow is an off-day, it seems inexcusable that he sat today as well.

    In happier news, three cheers for a perfect inning by a relief pitcher! Rare sight nowadays.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Yes, day game after night game. Mesoraco has taken a pounding on the road trip. Needed a break. Price didn’t mention the Cueto connection, as least as far as I saw reported. Price isn’t the only manager who gives players a day off before a scheduled day off to act as a multiplier. I’m not saying I agree with it, just telling you what I read him say. It was a fatigue/wear-tear issue.

      • Davis Stuns Goliath

        Thanks. I disagree with the move, as this team needs all the help it can get right now. Mes rested Sunday and caught a combined 16 innings over the 48 hours that followed. With the day off tomorrow, I’d have penciled him in for another 8-9 today.

      • MrRed

        I agree with you, Davis. Mes hasn’t played as much this season and although he’s taken some lumps on this road trip, the guy can handle. There’s nothing close to replacing his bat in this lineup and if you’re going to sit Votto and Luddy, Mes needs to be in there.

  4. Kurt Frost

    . 297 OBP. I guess datdudedonttalkaboutobp won’t be talking to the local media again next year.

  5. Shchi Cossack

    I thought Jumbo had another good game today, pitching a strong 8th inning of a 3-run game. He threw a couple nice sliders for strikes to Rivera during the final AB.

  6. RedsfanPa

    Another Cueto start with no run support, or even hits for that matter.
    I admit I was more than shocked Price didn’t pinch hit Mes for Santiago….I know there are few good choices on the bench, but Santiago is a statue at the plate.

    • pinson343

      I was upset about Price not pinch hitting for Santiago in the 9th. Just one hit might have knocked Ross out of the game. it seemed like giving up to me.

  7. Dale Pearl

    Perhaps we get to see some of our future stars playing before the year is over afterall. If the Reds are going to fast track a first basemen with pop i am goingt o guess Marques Smith, though his AA numbers are dreadful. He was killing it in Bakersfield though. But Pensacola has an overstock of talent and so far most oft he guys are not hitting yet. Winker finally has his average over .200 i doubt they push him up though even if his OBP is .352 i dont know if he has any first base skills but then again I think Joey originally played left.Ruben Gotay might get the call as well… Also not a native first basemen. Definitely a gaping hole in our farm system right there.

    • redmountain

      Votto was a catcher. Why would you stockpile 1b when you have Votto for another ten years?
      I have a general question for those of you thinking about trades. If you think the roster stinks and you think the minors are empty, who exactly would trade for our stink

  8. daytonnati

    If Votto is DL’d, wouldn’t the logical move be to bring up Ruben Gotay from the Bats, put him at 3rd, and move Frazier to 1st? Gotay has been around (Royals, Mets, Braves) and seems to be having a decent season in Louisville, having made the International League All-Star team this year.

    • Shchi Cossack

      The 40-man roster is still a factor. Neftali would be the most likely internal addition. He’s been stinging the ball since
      being optioned back to AAA (.317/.371/.451) but was absent from the lineup since the 26th. Neftali’s back playing 1B tonight with Lutz in RF. His poor performance earlier this season was based on rare, sporadic appearances that Neftali didn’t handle well. If Votto will be DL’d, then Neftali would get regular playing time at 1B with Frazier at 3B. That could also serve to showcase Neftali for an off season move if he performs well.

      • ohiojimw

        based on last time they Price might just give Peña the bulk of the playing time. They need some coordination between the GM and the Mgr in my opinion. If they are going to use Peña as the 1B, it would make more sense to bring up Barnhart.

  9. Kurt Frost

    When did ESPN become the Boston Red Sox flagship station?

      • big5ed

        Before that. Be careful, though, or we end up agreeing with Marty Brennaman.

      • Kurt Frost

        I wouldn’t know. I don’t listen to the old fool.

      • Kurt Frost

        Since I now have the MLB and NFL network I barely watch ESPN.

    • pinson343

      It’s the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network. All Red Sox/Yankees, all the time.

  10. big5ed

    As I’ve said, Votto is going to hurt his back or hip or knee swinging like he is now. He needs to go on the DL, and probably should be out 8 weeks or more. I would make a trade for a 3-month rental 1B. Adam Dunn? Josh Willingham? Jurgen Klinsmann?

    I suppose they may bring up Lutz. My solution is to recall Tucker Barnhart and move Mesoraco to first, but I am confident that that won’t happen.

    OK, Dunn can only kinda play first.

    • drew

      What leads you to believe Devin could play first?

      • jdx19

        Because he’s a professional athlete and 1st is one of the least demanding positions in existence.

    • drew

      So who are willing to give up to get those guys?

      • big5ed

        I don’t think any of them would really command a lot; they would be salary dumps for the other team. Klinsmann might.

        I have been in favor of Mesoraco in left field, permanently, for the primary reason that he needs 575 ABs, not 375 as catcher. I don’t know he would be any good out there, but neither was Greg Vaughn, Adam Dunn or Ryan Ludwick. Mes is faster than all of them and has a better arm. First base is often a landing spot for former catchers (Joe Mauer, for example), so he makes some sense there. I also don’t think Mes is anything special behind the plate; I see him as Dale Murphy, ready to be liberated if he gets out from behind the plate. (And I am fairly sure that he would prefer to catch.) They may move him, but I doubt it will be this year.

    • George Mirones

      I agree and here are his numbers in AAA

      N. Soto since his return to AAA has 82 AB’s, 6 walks, 12 SO, .317 avg., 368 BABIP, and wRC+ 130. The .317 avg. is his highest since A ball. The time he spent on the bench earlier this year may have helped. I do believe that with regular plate appearances (3 or 4 a game) He can hit .260

      Lutz since his return to AAA has 89AB”S, 9 walks, 36 SO’s, .202 avg., .314 BABIP, and wRC+ 62

    • jdx19

      His AAA numbers will mean nothing until he proves he can hit a major league breaking ball. He has flailed wildly and missed misserably on almost every swing he’s ever taken at a major league breaking ball, which I admit, is not a ton.

      It’s one of those things, though. Either you can hit major league breaking stuff, or you can’t. Soto has not proven he can. It has nothign to do with hits or numbers, it has to do with his terrible swings at pitches no where near his bat.

      • jessecuster44

        Yes. Soto has never shown that he can hit ML pitching.

  11. ohiojimw

    I didn’t quite hop onto the bandwagon Sunday night because I figured (but hoped not) that the team was still capable of the sad performance we saw in SD. Now I am hoping they can regroup and bounce back in the positive direction.

    Votto’s decline is a big part of the situation. We don’t know exactly what his situation is. If they think he can play like he did in SF where he was a positive factor, I think he will gut it out for the weekend versus the Brewers then likely take a DL stint. If he can’t regenerate to that degree in two days, it is likely they will make the move prior to the Brewers series.

    With the off day to rest the pitchers even more ahead of the Brewers series, I’d think they would go on and make the move to get back to 12 pitchers on Friday. That could be a bridge move, i.e. Soto or Lutz, that would buy them the weekend to use Votto off the bench versus the Brewers or even to start Votto but taken him down mid way if the game had tilted big in either direction.

    Long term, I hope the shuffling going in minors is in anticipation of a trade for a bat and not just bringing up Soto or Lutz (or even Barnhart to make Peña the 1B).


  12. Kurt Frost

    I guess Doug Gray would know this. Is there any hope for Soto?

  13. jessecuster44

    DL Votto yesterday. It makes no sense to run him out there playing as hurt as he is. If the Reds want to win this year, they have to trade for a bat – you have to give something to get something. Stop trying to fix problems from within, because it’s pretty clear that no offensive help is coming from the minors. Fire the incompetent medical staff.

  14. big5ed

    There are a few other guys who might work. Ben Zobrist, who isn’t really a 1B but has played there. Justin Morneau, from the awful Rockies, but he’d have to be traded at the end of the season. Mark Trumbo, who is near getting off the DL for the even more awful D-Backs and has another arbitration year. (If you want to look at some awful contracts, go to Cots Baseball Contracts and look at the D-Backs.) Jonny Gomes, if you wanted to move an existing LF to 1B.

    And Neftali Soto, who was completely unsuited to sporadic duty at the MLB level.

    There aren’t really any good options, including playing Votto injured.

  15. Matthew Watkins

    Is Bruce going to break .250 this year? I really miss his bat. He did play better in June, and the way his injury timed out he had two slow starts instead of one. Come on Bruce we need you to get hot NOW.

    • George Mirones

      You know folks Walt is really a straight line person and while many of you have developed some very interesting ideas, it will probably be Soto up for two weeks to play first period for JV. He has already replaced him in AAA with todays little trade.Think about it, why move Frazier from 3rd, (weakens defense) why put Pena at first for 2 weeks (bringing up Tucker doesn’t help the offense). If Soto can hit .260__.275 and Joey actually gains some strength for August and September (with days off) then the really big question, no matter what happens, is can BP, Todd, Bruce, and Meso carry the team for the rest of the year. After the all star break It will be on them to make it happen. The future of the year is Those 4 guys. If they don’t step up and play then it won’t happen. Am I saying Votto doesn’t count, no, I am saying that no matter what he does in his current state it won’t matter unless those other 4 step up.
      While many seem to focus on the line up, and granted it can be a head scratcher now and then, the reality is that if those 4 guys don’t perform it doesn’t matter who bats 1st or 2nd. They need to get it done period.

      • jessecuster44

        Please explain how Soto could hit .220, much less .260. Mario Soto could hit big league pitching better than Neftali can now. If this is the best that Walt can come up with, I worry.

      • George Mirones

        N. Soto since his return to AAA has 82 AB’s, 6 walks, 12 SO, .317 avg., 368 BABIP, and wRC+ 130. The .317 avg. is his highest since A ball. The time he spent on the bench earlier this year may have helped. I do believe that with regular plate appearances (3 or 4 a game) He can hit .260
        Lutz since his return to AAA has 89AB”S, 9 walks, 36 SO’s, .202 avg., .314 BABIP, and wRC+ 62

        Who would you pick from AAA?
        Your worry should be if BP, Todd, Bruce, and Meso carry the team for the rest of the year.

      • jessecuster44

        AAA numbers are fine and dandy. The guy has looked clueless in the bigs. I would make a trade for a bat. Cupboard is bare in AAA.

  16. ohiojimw

    I’m not a doctor or a trainer; I have no sources; but, I believe we all need to be preparing ourselves for the possibility that if Votto goes down, it will end up being for the rest of the season.

    It is pretty clear that his left leg hasn’t been nearly right since the original knee injury two years ago now. Through two off seasons they haven’t come up with a fix.

    We could split hairs over knee versus quad; related or separate injuries but in the end the leg isn’t right and isn’t getting better. With the amount of money they have invested in the guy, at some point somebody is going decide they need to shut him down and go back to square one to reexamine things. I’m wondering if they are at or very near to that point right now.

    • wildwestlv

      I agree with you completely, however, nobody on the Reds staff would EVER be allowed to express that train of thought. We’ll continue to see a 60-65% Joey Votto for the rest of the season. And, yes, that’s still an improvement over Ramon Santiago.

    • George Mirones

      I think Walt maybe agrees with you which could be why he is setting up AAA to move Soto up. Steve M went nuts over the handling of Votto’s knee but his friend has him convinced that the worse that can happen is soreness and lack of strength plus he quotes Price saying “Votto will not be at full strength”. The definition of “full strength” can vary from 30% to 80%. What we saw in San Diego was closer to 30%. He may get back to 80% but only with time off on a regular basis and we will need Soto to do that so we don’t play musical chairs every 3 or 4 games and weaken the team. Can BP, Todd, Bruce, and Meso carry the team for the rest of the year? After the all star break It will be on them to make it happen. The future of the year is Those 4 guys. Even with Ted Williams at 1st base If they don’t step up and produce consistently then it won’t happen.

    • jessecuster44

      This is the cornerstone of the franchise, and the med staff hasn’t figured out a way to heal Votto? Get better doctors, because the ones the Reds have on staff are incompetent.

      • redmountain

        If I understand Votto’s injury it is from Votto overworking his leg trying to compensate from weakness in the knee. This would have been done in the offseason when the medical staff was not involved. The way this injury will heal is only through rest. No medical staff can improve on that.

      • jessecuster44

        Votto’s health is a full time thing. Leaving him to rehab on his own in the offseason, given his med history, is negligent. Shut him down now.

  17. User1021

    Jay Bruce and Joey Votto are meant to be our offensive cornerstones.

    When neither of them is putting up the numbers expected of them, this is the kind of offensive night you expect to see.

  18. pinson343

    In the short run, I don’t feel terrible, a series like this against a losing team happens once or twice a year. And the Reds have been good this year at coming back from a bad game or a bad series. I expect them to play well against the Brewers.

    In the big picture for 2014, Votto’s health is obviously a major concern. And Ludwick started to hit, came up with a stiff back, and stopped hitting. Reminds me of Scott Rolen in his final season. So LF is still a black hole and a backup is needed at first base.

    Will WJ do something this trade season ? I hope so. The Reds have a starting rotation for the ages, and a strong back end of the bullpen. It would be a shame to waste that.

  19. Jeff Morris

    I remember a few years ago when Votto was out Ludwick really stepped up and Frazier did too, we had great starting pitching and the relievers were very very good. If Votto is out for a while this time, don’t think Ludwick can come close to what he did a few years back, and the bullpen overall is not very dependable.

  20. jcredlegs

    The good news is that the West Coast trips are over for this year and the 2nd half schedule is significantly easier with A LOT of games against NL Central opponents, who the Reds have played well against. I am not optimistic about catching the Brewers but the rotation should keep them in the wild card race. The Reds almost never play well in SD so I am hoping that this last series is rock bottom. If they can generate a little offense and Bryan Price can get his act together this team might have a chance to sneak in there.

    • VaRedsFan

      We keep hearing about easier schedules, but continue to lose to the bottom feeders…so there is no such thing as an easy schedule

  21. Drew

    I have reached the point where I have no faith in how Walt manages a roster. He to many times have left the roster short handed or mishandled the DLing of players and whom their replacements were.

    • charlottencredsfan

      He is not batting Santiago 2nd, BP at clean-up, a weakened JV 3rd, and using Ondrusek in anything resembling a leverage situation.

      • Drew

        No he just NOT providing Price with quality replacement choices. You can be a great cook, if your ingrediants come from Aldi…what can you expect…

      • charlottencredsfan

        He is not maximizing the tools he has available. Anyone in yesterday’s lineup would have been better than Santiago. I understand I’m out front on the Price situation but I’m comfortable being there.

  22. Greg Dafler

    I thought Jurrjens might be the guy who comes up to pitch in the doubleheader against the Cubs next week.

  23. George Mirones

    The shouting and fist waving about Reds Management (field and front office) is getting louder and more aggravated. Who else can fans blame, certainly not their own favorite player who fans are willing to use any numerical or historical method to defend. The almost daily analysis of each batting order, pinch hitter, and relief pitcher that the manager uses can be tiring. Wining, or lack of it, is the driver of the bus called praise or criticism. Having no experience with baseball except as a fan, I find it hard to raise hell about the field manager. The secrecy of the locker room (don’t talk with outsiders) is the rule of most sports and when an interview does take place I can, as most of you can, predict the answers that come forth. Generally positive about the team, accepting personal blame for mistakes, and there are better days ahead if we all play together and focus on what we do. If you are expecting the manager to explain his every move, face it, it just doesn’t work that way, or if you expect a player to say “so and so sure screwed up and cost the team the game”, you will be waiting a long time. In many cases fans hollering for change remind me of elected officials saying this needs to be fixed as if that alone will make a difference. Organizational management is an internal planning and execution process that is not for public consumption. Why you say, I spend money with them, I cheer for them, my opinion counts for something. In case you did not know, Organizations are not a democracy. Organizational Leadership is not an internal popularity or social media concept. There aren’t many, George Patton’s, Jack Welch, Lee Iacocca’s, or Steve Jobs, etc., out there, So as some of you continue to beat the drum about the management process and that it needs to change, have at it if it makes you feel better but remember, in the end, management will do what management does. All of us want to see the Reds win and win big but no matter who is in charge it depends on the players to produce consistently. The management that swept the Giants is the same management that was swept by the Padres.
    You folks know this.

    • WVRedlegs

      No problems / no worries with Price.
      As for the Asleep-at-the-Wheel General Manager? Walt Jocketty must go. The sooner the better. Walt Jocketty is what ails this team. The remedy is a big, quick size 13 boot to the rear end and out the door for Jocketty.
      The Reds will win nothing more but an NL Central Division title with Walt Jocketty as GM. There will be no pennants won or World Series titles as long as do-nothing Walt Jocketty is the GM.
      Anyone who believes in Walt Jocketty is as much asleep at the wheel as he is. Fourth place in a 5 team division 1 1/2 seasons removed from a division title is moving backwards with a full head of steam.
      Hey Jocketty, how is Bob Castellini liking 4th place??

    • jessecuster44

      So, management will sit on its hands and not make a trade for a bat. Management will not work to improve a med staff that cannot treat injuries properly. Management will leave holes on the roster due to injury.

      This is…. THE BEST Starting pitching staff the Reds have ever had. All the Reds need to do is get one more big bat. Like the past two years, the brass ring is right there. All management has to do is take it, but they don’t. Infuriating.

      Price isn’t the problem – I wish he managed a bullpen better, but it’s his first year.

  24. George Mirones

    let’s hear from a Hall of Famer about managers;

    Baseball is a simple game. If you have good players and if you keep them in the right frame of mind then the manager is a success.
    Sparky Anderson

    The players make the manager, it’s never the other way.
    Sparky Anderson

    I don’t believe a manager ever won a pennant. Casey Stengel won all those pennants with the Yankees. How many did he win with the Boston Braves and Mets?
    Sparky Anderson

    Players have two things to do. Play and keep their mouths shut.
    Sparky Anderson


  25. concepcion13

    Well, Jocketty thinks Hannahan is the answer as a backup 1B. From Fay:

    “Jocketty said #Reds aren’t looking for first base backups on the trade market because hope to get Hannahan back.”

    I’m more than done with Walt. He’s happy to get another terrible player back, just as long as it fills a roster spot and he doesn’t have to make a trade. It’s time to put him out to pasture.

    • jessecuster44

      notice how he said backup, and not replacement for Votto. I still think Walt needs to go.