I’ll try not to post a jinx on the club tonight like I did last night by guaranteeing a win. Odds are by the time this game thread posts the country will either be celebrating a USA World Cup victory or weeping over defeat. I feel dirty watching as much soccer as I have this week so I need a good showing by the Reds tonight to cleanse my sports soul.

Whatever happens in the soccer, I do know the Reds play the Padres tonight. I like the Reds chances, whatever its worth.

1. Hamilton CF
2. Frazier 3B
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Mesoraco C
7. Schumaker LF
8. Cozart SS
9. Leake P

222 Responses

  1. Redgamer

    Lets go reds, need to support the pitching staff.

  2. tourniquette15

    Weeping over defeat, unfortunately…

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Watching Votto play right now causes the Old Cossack physical discomfort and pain. I really wish the Reds had an alternative available, but sadly, there is none. I remember having the same feeling watching Bench when he was physically unable to perform. Of course that was at the tail end of a great career for Bench and I do not believe Votto is anywhere near the end of his career, but right now Votto is playing as a shell of his healthy capability.

    • tourniquette15

      It hurts to watch…but it’s his choice as the franchise player. He knows he can’t hit for power, but also knows he can still hit better than any bench player and contribute with walks and singles. Quite the conundrum.

      • mwvohio

        Not sure I agree with this “can’t hit for power” thing with Votto. Even playing hurt he has launched some balls, several of which would have been HR if we weren’t playing on the west coast. He’s also driven several balls into the gap that were caught.

  4. muttonlettucetomato

    I’m hoping for a home plate umpire that will actually call a decent strike zone instead of what we had last night. Sheesh

  5. Aaron Bradley

    Why not rest Votto, use him for a key pinch hit AB late in the game, slide Mesoraco up in the order and bat Pena lower in the order. Somehow Joey is going to have to get better for playoffs if they want to go anywhere in the post season.

    • Vicferrari

      Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game.

  6. renbutler

    Momentum is more real than jinx is.

  7. mwvohio

    Just a guess but I suspect the Votto thing isn’t going to clear up with some rest. I think it’s something they’ve determined he either has to be shut down for (which we can’t afford to do) or he’s going to have to play through it. That said, he’s still probably the second-best hitter on the team playing hurt depending on what state of streakiness Bruce is currently in. Frazier is the only consistently better bat in the lineup right now than Votto. I’d count Mez ahead of him but I’m still wondering how much of it is what he is and how much of it is just him having a stellar first half.

    • preacherj

      I agree with this. I do have concerns though that it’s been diagnosed and treated correctly. My confidence in this area is not exactly inspiring.

      • Redgamer

        This is probably the same injury as 2012, which was misdiagnosed back then. Not sure we will ever see the old Votto.

  8. preacherj

    This park is brutal. Hamilton’s pop out to SS would have been three rows deep at GABP.

  9. RedAlert

    Joey can’t score on a single the way he is moving

  10. RedAlert

    How in the crap is Mes all the way back to 6th in this order – rediculous

  11. jcredlegs

    Well that’ll do it. I’m out. They’re not gonna score off Kennedy either. In fact, I’m calling a Padres sweep. See you guys on Friday.

    • CincyTWW

      Somebody’s cup is half empty (come to think of it he probably poured out that half as well)

  12. sergeant2

    0-2 fastball is the only words out of Brantley’s mouth on that HR. Proceeded by “right down Broadway”. That pretty much sums it up I would say.

  13. BigRedSaguaro

    the Pads just Redsed out of inning

  14. wildwestlv

    Quentin’s TOOTBLAN should be a wake up call for the Reds: you cannot lose a series to this bad team. Good teams find a way to beat bad teams (see tonight’s D-Backs/Pirates 9th inning).

  15. sergeant2

    If nothing else, at least the Reds know that it is possible to knock one outta that moon size crater. Go Reds!

    • wildwestlv

      “That’s no moon size crater, that’s a ballpark!” (w/ respect to the late, great Sir Alec Guinness)

      • sergeant2

        Speaking of Star Wars, I’m a little apprehensive about the new episodes being made. May the Force be with the Reds tonight. Go Reds!

  16. wildwestlv

    That’s the difference between an old(er) BP and a younger BP.

  17. wildwestlv

    Well, they are hitting Mike pretty good tonight.

  18. ProspectCincy

    10+ hits against this team is a season terrible stat line.

  19. Jake

    Already down by 2. Don’t want to be pessimistic but I don’t think we’ve come back by being down by 2 at all this year

  20. RedAlert

    Looks like batting practice Leake showed up tonight – no inbetween with him – either really good or gets lit up like a Christmas tree

  21. wildwestlv

    Maybe Billy will do something every other Red is failing to do: work up Ian Kennedy’s pitch count.

  22. sergeant2

    Anyone else not getting HD on their mlb subscription. Nice steal by BHam, we could use a BHam run tonight.

  23. Jake

    Billy on 3rd, no one could bring him home. Sigh

    • jdx19

      You mean Phillips. He was the only person to bat w/ Hamilton at 3rd.

  24. RedAlert

    Reds are in the process of messing up an outstanding road trip – simply cannot lose to bottom feeding teams like the Padres

  25. jdx19

    12 scoreless innings for the Redlegs since a possibly season-defining sweep of San Fran. Talk about letdown.

  26. Redgamer

    9 more years of watching Votto look like this is scary. Has not been healthy since the terrible medical assessment in 2012. He likely will never be the same.

    • jdx19

      No reason to think he can’t be a .300/.450/.450 hitter still, at some point.

      He’ll never have 2010 again, that’s clear. That season was an outlier.

    • jdx19

      You guys will live longer if you quit over-reacting about a player over less than 1/2 a season of games where he hasn’t been at 100%.

      You’ll never get 2010 again. Deal with it. Appreciate Votto for who is still can be. A high OBP guy who works the count and has doubles power, likely. He’ll still hit 20 HR a year, assuming he’s healthy.

    • RedAlert

      Don’t know how much longer I can hang with this game – feels like reds down 10-0

  27. wildwestlv

    Switching over to STL/SF…they’re not even making Kennedy sweat.

  28. wildwestlv

    Lincecum just worked his way out of a bases loaded, no-out 4th. Still scoreless in San Francisco.

  29. RedAlert

    Leak ain’t got it tonight – this lead gets 3-0 it’s Katie bar the door

  30. BigRedSaguaro

    kennedy has more RBI in this series than the Reds.

  31. charlottencredsfan

    Come on boys, how about a big inning.

  32. wildwestlv

    Sandoval HR. 3-0 Giants. It’s amazing how fast I can go from rooting against San Fran, to rooting for them.

  33. sergeant2

    Based on my medical expertise, and I have performed an “Operation” on all parts of the anatomy and not once caused the buzzer to sound, in my learned opinion I would say Votto’s medical issue muscle related, he simply needs to strengthen the muscles in the knee area. Votto may need an extended stay on the DL in order to do that.

    • jdx19

      Probably so.

      However, a .250/.380/.390 Votto is still leaps-and-bounds better than any alternative. If he can play through the pain and not injure it more seriously, he should play.

  34. BigRedSaguaro

    Todd gonna drive Zach home right here

  35. RedAlert

    Man, Welsh got an answer for everything tonight – has not stopped talking for a single minute

  36. yorktownred

    Votto walk seemed like a minor miracle there.

  37. preacherj

    Hey, we scored. It’s a start. Mike: pitch.

  38. sergeant2

    I know, I know the Reds could have and should have scored more than one run that inning, but I’ll take that one run they did score to make it a one run lead and be happy about it. (for now that is) Go Reds!

  39. BigRedSaguaro

    Pads have more XBH this game then the whole month of June, probably.

  40. BigRedSaguaro

    Get one give one back. Sigh…

    • ProspectCincy

      Gonna be more than one if Mike stays in the game.

      I’d like to know the last time the Padres had 10+ hits against a starting pitcher in Petco. Probably hasn’t happened in a long time.

  41. ProspectCincy

    That was fast Mike … that run that was hard earned is gone just like that.

  42. RedAlert

    Mike Leake about to put this game on ice – goodnight reds fans – had enough of this – 9 hits and he is still in there throwing BP

  43. sergeant2

    Well Crap! My patience is growing thin. C’mon Reds get it together. Go Reds!

  44. BigRedSaguaro

    WTH happened to the team we saw in San Fran ?

  45. preacherj

    I’m trying to hang in there. I’ve been so wiped out from this west coast trip I don’t know if I can stick around. Oh, JJ Hoover warming up. We’re saved!!!

  46. ProspectCincy

    That’s 10. Just checked the stat sheet, first time this season the Padres have 10 hits off a starting pitcher in San Diego. Previous high was Edwin Jackson (9 hits).

    Nice job Mike. Let’s see how many more you can add to pat your record.

  47. BigRedSaguaro

    when you can best Edwin Jackson thats a source of pride lol

  48. RedsfanPa

    San Diego is last in the NL in batting, runs, RBI….but you wouldn’t know it when they play the Reds……my oh my….

  49. RedAlert

    Sorry , but it’s just criminal to bat Mes this low in the order – inexcusable in my opinion

    • kywhi1

      Question: How did you watch Mes bat given that you signed off with a “goodnight Reds fans” message just a bit ago? 🙂

      • RedAlert

        You got me – guess I’m sticking around a little longer ( they get me frustrated though) – enjoy conversating with the redleg nation as well !

  50. wildwestlv

    If they come home & take the series against the Brewers, this weekend, nobody will remember this. It is getting curiouser and curiouser, though.

  51. preacherj

    Why am I hearing the name “Ramon Santiago”.

  52. preacherj

    Cowboy: “Santiago has a tough time coming off the bench in an offensive capacity.” I can’t even bring myself to comment further.

  53. sergeant2

    Last night the Reds hit some balls that would have been home runs anywhere but Petco Park, and would have won the game. This game is far from over providing the bullpen can stop the bleeding. The Reds have been scoring a lot of runs lately, so with that in mind there is every reason to believe the Reds have a very good chance of coming back to win this game. Go Reds!!

    • ProspectCincy

      How can you say this game is far from over when the Reds have lost every single game they’ve been down by 2 runs this year?

      I can appreciate the hope from a fan, but this game is not far from over. It’s over.

      Get ’em tomorrow Cincinnati.

  54. RedAlert

    In the infamous words of Vince Lombardi : ” what the …. Is goin’ on out there !!!!

  55. wildwestlv

    Still watching the Cards/Giants feed. Thought about checking back. When I read the words Ramon and Santiago, I decided to stay put.

  56. AD


    Baseball is a funny game, right?

    The Reds caught the Giants at the right time and had great pitching performances and then clunk in San Diego.

    As has been said before, you can’t over-react to the 5 game winning streak…no can you over-react to the 1-run-in-16 plus- innings clunker @ Petco.

    This team is a .500 ball club and that is what it is.

    • RedAlert

      Thanks Bryan – another great call from your gascan gang – worst reliever you run out there in a close game – apparently you don’t learn a thing from past experience

  57. BigRedSaguaro

    Unless they can get to Benoit this thing is looking pretty grim.

  58. BigRedSaguaro

    Never mind. Way to hang it Ondruswreck

  59. preacherj

    Well, at least tonight we know that it’s possible to hit home runs at Petco.

  60. ProspectCincy

    The reason why the Reds have yet to come back from a 2 run deficit this year (every other team in baseball has done it AT LEAST 4 times already) …

    They throw the junk bullpen when the game is close, trailing, and the game gets out of control.

    A shame. Could have finished a terrific road trip.

  61. AARON D

    Anyone who didn’t see this coming (Ondrusek coming in, close game turns into not so close game) hasn’t been paying attention.

    Either Price doesn’t have another option or he is insane (we all know the Einstein definition of insane).

  62. sergeant2

    If a Reds loss causes the Reds to jettison Ondrusek to parts unknown, I will consider it a win in the long run.

  63. muttonlettucetomato

    Tonight continues to show a Red weakness… middle inning relief being top of the list (possibly followed by lack of a lefty bat off the bench). Ondrusek was wretched tonight.

    • AARON D

      Unless we were going to hold SD to 0 runs, the offense had a little to do with the loss tonight as well.

      Hamilton is still young. Votto isn’t healthy. Bruce is healthy, but hitting .238. Our best hitter, Mesoraco (.310) inexplicably continues to be buried in the lineup.

  64. RedAlert

    Sorry – Ondrusuck is brutal and does not need to be in this bullpen – should have been gone 2 years ago – but Price us more brutal for brining him in in a 2 run game in the 7th

  65. jcredlegs

    I woke back up for this? Logan Ondrusek needs to be on the next bus to anywhere. I’m sick of hearing his name.

  66. BigRedSaguaro

    this team doesn’t handle winning well.

  67. charlottencredsfan

    Just don’t know if Ondrusek and Hoover are going to work out.

  68. wildwestlv

    Well, rarely do the names “Ramon Santiago” & “Logan Ondrusek” get mention in a Reds, come-from-behind-win, byline.

  69. preacherj

    The Padres have been HISTORICALLY bad.

    • Morgan Mayham

      Playing like a first place team everytime,they play the reds .. Petco the reds have had trouble winning at ever since the arron harang game where he pitched 4 innings in relief

  70. charlottencredsfan

    Nice play Joey. Boy oh boy.

  71. preacherj

    Two errors on the same play for Joey V. Fitting tonight.

    • jcredlegs

      He needs to be on the DL. He is not helping this team. He has no power and now even his OBP doesn’t help because he can’t run AT ALL. Never mind his defense, which has been atrocious for a year and a half now.

  72. Jake

    How in the world is Ondrusek still a pitcher? Get rid of him! Absolutely terrible

  73. RedAlert

    Throw a tent around this circus – Bryan Price is the ringmaster – bullpen follies in full effect

  74. BigRedSaguaro

    them late nights at the fine SD cabarets catching up to the boys lol

  75. Greg Schiller

    Votto can’t be defended anymore. I am at the game and that was the worst play I have seen in person. He is not good at $1million yet alone $20 million. Reds are losing to a horrible baseball team in a half empty stadium

  76. wildwestlv

    Where’s Bill Bray when you need him?

  77. sergeant2

    7-1 Padres just gonna make the Reds comeback win even more improbable. Go Reds!

  78. Morgan Mayham

    Time to cut your loses uncle walt.. release , trade or whatever you gotta do.. Get rid or ondrusek, parra and hoover!

    igliasis needs to be in cincy after the all star break.

    Good job price lol.., could of went to jumbo or contreas this inning.. pathetic.. we sweep the giants.. then were gonna get swept by the friars…

  79. Vegas Red 11

    Yet again how can the Reds justify a spot on the 25 man roster for Ondrusuck or Santiago. There are literally hundreds of AAAA types who could fill their roles much more efficiently.

  80. preacherj

    This is a season high for hits for the Pads. And Hoover is still pitching.

  81. preacherj

    One positive thing: the game threads are much funnier during a game like this.

  82. muttonlettucetomato

    Not one freaking pitch to BP was in the strike zone and he’s called out on strikes. Good gosh, this ump must be ready to go home.

  83. charlottencredsfan

    Another quality AB by a Red.

  84. preacherj

    Striking out on a bad ball in the dirt? I’ve seen that movie with this guy. C’mon.

  85. BigRedSaguaro

    Bruce swings worse than Votto, and on two legs

  86. AARON D

    Something new this year.

    The Reds in seasons past fed on teams below .500 and struggled with teams over .500

    This year it is reversed.

    Over .500 – 27 – 22

    Under .500 – 16 – 17 (soon to be 18)

    It it worth noting..Milwaukee is 29 – 13 vs teams under .500 so the Reds have had a much tougher schedule to date.

  87. George Mirones

    More than likely Mancuso had the recap written when Ondrusek took the mound, he just needs to run the spell check.

  88. charlottencredsfan

    Reds blow game 3 tomorrow the 4-hour flight home is going to feel like 24. Abysmal effort.

  89. RedAlert

    Price just continues to do an absolute horrible job of managing this bullpen – not sure if it has improved a whole lot since the season started – just mind boggling –

  90. wildwestlv

    There’s a couple of free Jumbo Jacks, from Jack-In-The-Box, coming to all Padre fans tonight, provided they pay for the full-size drink.

    • wildwestlv

      Sorry. That promotion was for the Diamondbacks, another awful MLB team. I think the Padres offer free Taco Bell tacos whenever they score more than 3 runs in a game. Something like that.

  91. sergeant2

    There is no way that clown hat the pitcher is wearing can’t be distracting to hitters. Hard to believe that is the best designed safety hat they could come up with. I’m betting the lowest bidder got the job to design the new safety cap for pitchers.

  92. preacherj

    Hey, season high hits for the Pads. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  93. BigRedSaguaro

    lets see if the Pads can get to 20

  94. RedAlert

    Totally embarrassing effort all around – from the Manager to the players

  95. BigRedSaguaro

    they need to take Jumbo and Contreras and put them somewhere with Chapman and Broxton far away from the rest of that disaster of a bullpen so their disease doesn’t spread

    • preacherj

      Which, coincidentally, is how many hits the Padres have tonight.

    • BigRedSaguaro

      seems they added a number wrong somewhere in that total. maybe they mistook it for all the Pads hits.LOL

  96. Jake

    By what definition is Ondrusek a relief pitcher?

    • BigRedSaguaro

      he spells relief,for the opponent.

    • jcredlegs

      So there’s that. Not like this mediocrity of a team is going to win anything though.

  97. jcredlegs

    San Diego scoring 8 runs is a sign of the apocalypse, isn’t it?

  98. preacherj

    So far the Reds have 12 hits in two games.

  99. BigRedSaguaro

    well look at that we can score

  100. BigRedSaguaro

    right Heisey wasn’t gonna allow any rally to continue on his watch

  101. jcredlegs

    Cozart has 2 hits tonight . Why pinch hit for him? Another brilliant move by our genius manager.

  102. wildwestlv

    Another “Kick In The Pants” game. At least the Blue Jays are a legit team, though. Face palm all around. Embarrassing. Let’s hope JC’s run support, tomorrow, wasn’t all spent in the 9th, tonight.

  103. Jake

    2-4 would’ve looked a lot better if that abomination of a pitcher named Ondrusek didn’t leave the bullpen

  104. BigRedSaguaro

    we gonna mess up and bring in Street

  105. RedAlert

    Reds probably gonna lose this reply – replay has gone against them all year

  106. wildwestlv

    Good thing Price didn’t concede & throw in, say Ondrusek, or follow up with, like, Hoover.

  107. ToddAlmighty

    Having Ondrusek pitch a meaningful inning, and PHing for Cozart, who was 2-3. Pretty sweet by this manager.

    So.. does this just go to show how badly the Giants are playing lately? Sweep the Giants in a 4 game series, proceed to lose a series to the freaking Padres who were 12 games below .500 before this series.

  108. RedsfanPa

    A trip to the wood shed courtesy of the worst hitting team in the NL…..epic fail….and could have been even worse… they were 3-14 with RISP.
    Mes needs to bat 4th, Phillips and Bruce need to go down in the order, especially Bruce, he’s been an easier out than Cozart lately…..

    • ToddAlmighty

      Including today, Bruce is hitting .333/.357/.481 over the last 7 days,

  109. sergeant2

    I know tonight’s loss was disappointing, but this west coast road trip could have been much, much worse. Last night it wasn’t Padres 1 – Reds 0 it was more like Petco Park 1 – Reds 0. In almost any other park the Reds would have won that game. No excuse for tonight’s loss, the Reds gotta bounce back and win tomorrows game to limit the damage. Adios Amigos. Go Reds!