Ask the Editors any questions you have about the Reds. Right now it’s Nick Kirby, Mike Maffie and me.

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  1. kevin

    would you trade mat latos for ryan braun this off season?

    • Nick Kirby

      That is an interesting question. I could see the Reds moving Latos, but only because they wouldn’t be able to afford to extend him at the end of next season. Braun is under contract to make $103 million between 2015-2020. I wouldn’t see it happening, and wouldn’t do it.

    • Michael Maffie

      Yes. Serious power, high OBP, plus he can play a corner outfield position well. Sign me up for that deal.

    • Eric the Red

      From reading this site, I get the feeling I share most of your views about the Reds and about baseball. But on both the general (PEDs) and specific (having Braun in a Reds uniform) issues, I respectfully disagree with you.

    • docmike

      I would do that trade in a heartbeat.

    • Dale Pearl

      I think with the talent we have coming up in the outfield department i wouldnt think about it for more than a second. Whether you are pro or con PED use with this guy you run the risk of a third failed attempt. Why risk that, his controversy, the unwanted press, fans that would ban games, his high salary, and A guy that hits like Joey Votto pre injury that will probably be ready in 2015?

    • greenmtred

      Interesting issue, these PED’s. My immediate reaction is to shun any player who uses them, and I can’t completely free myself from that. On the other hand, would we object to acquiring a good player because he had a drunk driving conviction? In the larger scheme, drunk driving is far worse than PED use. Using PED’s is cheating, but so is doctoring the ball, stealing signs, phantom double plays, etc. Complex issue, if you let it be.

  2. Sam Howard

    Thoughts on the Todd Frazier Home Run Derby talk? Y’all read C. Trent’s BAR from today, I take it? Waste of energy? Fun national exposure for Super Todd?

    • Richard Fitch

      I have mixed feelings about it. It would great exposure, sure, but I’ve heard of it screwing with a player’s swing. Don’t know how much validity there is, but it gives me pause. Frazier has a great stroke going right now. I’d hate to see him mess it up.

    • Nick Kirby

      I think it would be a lot of fun to have Frazier in the derby, and it’s been a long time since a Red has been in it. I don’t buy that it really has a lasting impact on a players swing.

    • Dale Pearl

      I actually hope that no Reds go. Why? The game is a popularity contest only and perhaps the Reds will feel slighted and then play angry the rest of the season to make the voters feel like idiots.

      • greenmtred

        The voters should feel like idiots anyway. Tying a Tammany Hall-style rigged vote to something as important as home field advantage in the Series is absurd.

      • lwblogger2

        At least one Red will be selected and will go. Now, he may not actually play.

  3. Eric the Red

    What’s better for the Reds: Cueto starts the ASG, or Wainwright starts the ASG? What’s better for Mike Matheny: selecting Cueto for the ASG, or not selecting Cueto for the ASG?

    • Eric the Red

      Yeah, but imagine the hit he’ll take in St. Louis if he does select Cueto.

      Thanks for answering, BTW. You guys run an amazing site.

    • lwblogger2

      Wouldn’t he be scheduled to pitch his bullpen that day?

  4. Jonathan

    What’s the opening day starting rotation for 2105 and 2016 going to look like? And which current starting pitcher is more likely to finish their career as a Red?

    • Nick Kirby

      I could see the Reds moving either Cueto, Latos, or Leake before the start of next season because their contracts all end at the end of 2015. If that doesn’t happen the rotation next year will probably be the same. As for 2016, I’d guess we will see Bailey, Cingrani, Leake, Stephenson, and someone they pick up. I would be surprised if the Reds sign Latos or Cueto past 2015.

      • Dale Pearl

        We are in agreement here. I also am not sure if the Reds can or would resign Chapman. If Ben Lively is the real deal he could make the roster around that time as well but im not expecting that to happen. I see him as good trade barter for second and short, two positions we suffer at long term in our farm system.

  5. kevin

    would you be willing to trade leake or cingrani for a bat at the deadline? if so who would you consider getting?

    • Michael Maffie

      Cingrani’s value is going to be low since his move to the bullpen. The Reds would be selling low on him. Its also hard to believe that Simon will be this good all year long.

      • Nick Kirby

        I agree with Michael on Cingrani that his value would likely be too low, plus the Reds still have him under cheap club control until 2020. I’d be more willing to trade Cueto, Latos, or Leake (which ever one the Reds aren’t going to resign past 2015) for prospects if the Reds were to fall out of contention than to trade for a bat to help now if they are in contention.

      • lwblogger2

        Agree, with everything you say here.

  6. docmike

    Anyone from Louisville on here that knows when Cingrani is set to make his first start? It would make the most sense to sub him into Jair Jurrjens’ spot, seeing as how he has struggled so far for the bats. That would have him start this Saturday, and would line him up to pitch one-half of the doubleheader on July 8.

      • Dale Pearl

        Looks like Josh Smith started instead.. Hes pitching right now as the bats are down 4-2. I dont see Cingranis name in the starting list through the filled in dates… I hope that doesnt mean he is headed to the DL

  7. Nick Kirby

    Who knows with Walt Jocketty, but I would certainly hope he is looking. Ludwick has been tremendous in June, but let’s not forget that he has a 0.0 WAR for the season. If the Reds are serious about 2014, they should look for an upgrade.

  8. Michael Maffie

    on the to do list. its the easiest place for the Reds to pick up offensive value. Cozart’s defensive numbers keep him afloat, and finding a hard hitting shortstop will be expensive. I think its the best shot we have at upgrading a position (minus the bullpen).

  9. Kurt Frost

    Didn’t you personally guarantee no rain delay in the game thread??

  10. Richard Fitch

    I don’t think Walt makes a move that would relegate Ludwick to a bench role. He might look for another outfielder to platoon in LF. But, I think they will look foremost to fortify the middle relief. They need another lefty reliever to take the load off Parra.

  11. Jonathan

    If the reds trade Chapman, would they be able to sign 2 of the 3 (Cueto, Leake, Latos)

    Personally I’d sign Lotas and Leake. Trade Cueto in the fall after he wins a CY – maybe get lucky like TB and find a Will Myers somewhere.