The Reds have called up relief pitcher Carlos Contreras from AA-Pensicola. Contreras is 23 and a right-handed pitcher.

According to Doug Gray:

Contreras began the season in the Double-A Pensacola rotation, but suffered some back problems that put him on the disabled list for a little over a month. When he returned he was moved to the bullpen, where most believed he would eventually wind up anyways.

Read the rest of Doug’s scouting report on Contreras.

Roger Bernadina was DFA’d again to make room for Contraras on the 25-man roster.

This move is obviously in response to last night’s bullpen apocalypse where the Reds threw 207 pitches and gave up nine walks. If anyone else out there is interested in pitching in the Reds bullpen tonight, please contact Walt Jocketty. Willingness to throw strikes a plus, but not required. Must have experience pitching off a mound, nothing else.

We have been unable to confirm reports that the Reds had to place an emergency order for more baseballs after last night’s game in anticipation of their pitchers facing the Blue Jays two more times this weekend.

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  1. George Mirones

    Doug’s scouting report on Contreras.
    “Control can be an issue for Contreras at times. While he isn’t exactly wild, typically around the zone enough, he can struggle to get the ball in the zone at times. He pitched out of the stretch in the rotation even when guys were not on base, so doing so as a reliever won’t be anything strange to him. He has closer quality stuff to work with, but how his control plays out of the bullpen, where he last pitched exclusively in 2012, will be key.”

    Steve; Looks like Walt responded to your request,
    “Willingness to throw strikes a plus, but not required. Must have experience pitching off a mound, nothing else.”

    Well there is still a game to be played today.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Looks like somebody had the gumption to wake up WJ…finally. This move vacated a slot on the 40-man roster which now sits at 39. I expect the Reds will carry the additional bullpen arm (8) at the expense of a short bench (4) until the bullpen situation gets resolved (at least 4 consistently reliable relievers step forward to the challenge). I’m sure Bryan can manage with 4 reliable relievers, just not with only 2 reliable relievers.

    Despite the rude introduction to the show last night, I still hope for good things from Jumbo. He certainly has his limitations, but 2 things happened during his appearance that leave me encouraged. Jumbo handled the personal battle against Kawasaki superbly. The resulting weak ground ball was one of those BABIP luck issues. The 2 HR were cheap shots that don’t even clear the fence anywhere in GABP except right down the line. The HR by Francisco should never have happened. I believe Francisco homered on a fastball out of the strike zone, but the fastball should never have been called and never have been pitched anywhere Francisco could reach it. I was encouraged to see Bryan use Jumbo in the 7th and I’m anxious to see Jumbo’s next appearance.

    How fitting would it be if the four consistently reliable relievers turn out to include Jumbo and Contreras?

  3. Dale Pearl

    This is a good move for the Reds. Bernadina wasn’t doing anything at all to help and we really need to carry more pitchers as it is. Having a few guys on staff that can play infield and outfield certainly makes it easier to overload on relief pitchers.

    I am wishing this guy greater success in his debut than what Mr. Diaz was welcomed to yesterday.