Final R H E
Toronto Blue Jays (42-33)
14 16 3
Cincinnati Reds (35-37)
9 10 0
W: D. McGowan (4-2)   L: Aroldis Chapman (0-2)
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I’ll bet you want to vent. I’m here for you. Let ‘er rip. But, let’s recap, curse and weep first.

The Good

Jay Bruce had himself a game tonight. A single and a home run in the second inning alone. A walk. A stolen base, his 8th in 9 attempts. Devin Mesoraco got himself a double and his 10th home run of the season. After briefly slipping below .300, Rock is now hitting .310 / .361 / .613.

The Bad

You must be joking. Keep reading. But, I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped right here.

The Ugly

The pitching completely collapsed tonight in a way it hasn’t in a long, long time. No one person was solely responsible. It was a slow death by a thousand little cuts before the Reds bled out in the top of the 9th inning.

Mat Latos didn’t have the same velocity on his fastball that he did in his first start in Milwaukee, and it showed. But if ever there was a night for Latos to have a poor start, this was it (5.2 IP, 9 H, 5 R, 3 BB, 2 K) because the Reds got Mat 8 runs in the second inning.

Manny Parra came in with one job—deal with Melky Cabrera. He couldn’t find the plate with two hands and a map. And as quick as he took the bump, he walked off the other side.

Enter Logan Ondrusek, [gulp] who walked in the 5th run, leaving him to face Encarnacion with the bases loaded and representing—unbelievably—the tying run. He then grooved one to EE that Edwin—too eager to haunt the Reds and the GABP crowd—popped up to LF.

How hard is it to pitch in the big leagues? I wouldn’t know, but watching Jumbo Diaz make his first appearance, I think I can guess. Ninety-eight miles per hour is better than good, but velocity isn’t everything. Diaz has overwhelmed Triple A, but if you were cursing Walt Jocketty for not calling him up sooner, you may owe the Reds’ GM an apology. Poor Jumbo gave up 3 runs on two dingers. Only the most heartless among us couldn’t feel for the guy.

Jonathan Broxton was the beneficiary of a huge double play in the 8th inning, but still couldn’t get out of the inning without giving up the tying run in the 8th inning.

On a night when the Reds desperately needed Aroldis Chapman to be his usual Superman, Clark Kent showed up.

It couldn’t possibly get any worse, could it? Sure it could. Sam LeCure made sure Encarnacion had a night to remember by giving him his second 3-run blast of the night.

Reds pitchers walked 10 batters tonight. Brutal doesn’t begin to describe it.

Not so random thoughts …

The next time some clownish major league baseball player gets offended by the opposing team stealing bases or adding on during a blowout, for not playing the RIGHT WAY, they should be forced to watch this game from start to finish.

By my count, former Reds Encarnacion, Dioner Navarro and Juan Francisco had 9 RBIs against their old mates. I remember watching the Reds blow an 8-run lead many years ago against the Cardinals. Danny Graves was on the mound that night. He was also in the ballpark tonight.

Make of that what you will.

The 7th inning has been the Reds’ Achilles Heel this year. It’s where the bullpen has failed seemingly night-after-night when a starter isn’t in the game. Predictably, it happened again tonight. The Cincinnati Reds have a huge bullpen problem to say the least. With Sean Marshall almost certainly gone for the year and the usually reliable Sam LeCure and J.J. Hoover under-performing, they have to find a way to patch the middle relief and do it fast.

Tonight’s Win Probability Chart looks like the north face of Everest. The Reds went right off the cliff.

Encarnacion’s throwing error allowed Bruce to score the Reds’ 9th run in the 5th inning. Some things never change. Didn’t matter.

In very short order, we are going to find out what this team is made of. Either way, this game will be a turning point. Sink or swim, gentlemen.

The Daily Billy: Did Billy’s speed on a routine ground ball to second in the 6th cause the the Blue Jay’s Kawasaki to muff the easy play? Just wondering.

Tonight’s Words of Wisdom: “Tonight’s one loss and fortunately it counts as one loss. It was an ugly loss, a loss of an 8-run lead and the type of loss that affects everybody. The one in Pittsburgh stunk, it was extra innings and it happened, but these hurt. They don’t happen very often. If you do this long enough everybody sees ’em. You get a big lead and you don’t win the game and they stink. But we got to get over it. We’ve got to counter-punch tomorrow.“   —Bryan Price

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    • RedinInd

      “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You’re always a day away . . .”

      Yes, we’re not even at the halfway mark yet, but the 3rd week of June is now gone. This optimism never fails to remind me of LeCure’s infamous quote from last August: “. . . we’re running out of tomorrows . . .”

  1. Jake

    Tonight’s game was painful to watch, but you know what? I’ll put my cap on tomorrow and still root for the Reds

  2. 666wolverine

    Jays can rake! May take 4 td’s to beat them tomorrow with the pen that we have!!!

  3. Dale Pearl

    We are a band of brothers that will stick it out. Win or lose we will support our Reds!!!

    • docmike

      Agree. Tonight was painful, but a win tomorrow will ease the pain. A little, anyway.

    • jcredlegs

      I thought you were done. Something about no more emotional investment…

    • BearcatNation

      Except Votto right? He makes too much money to support him.

    • sergeant2

      Absolutely, we are a band of brothers that win or lose we will support our Reds! For those that think we are naive or blindly loyal, make no mistake, if our team deserves a kick in the rear end, we’ll give it to em. Go Reds!

      • 666wolverine

        Right on SERG!!!!! At the end of the day we all love this team no matter what!!!

  4. jcredlegs

    Translation of Price’s comments: Nothing to see here folks. Move right along. Everything’s fine. Changes? We don’t need no stinking changes.

    • Mutaman

      What changes would you suggest? We just made a big change by replacing CIngrani with Diaz. Hows that working out?

    • daytonnati

      What changes can Price make? Replace Cozart with Santiago? Mez with Pena everyday? Decide on Schumacher, Ludwick, or Heisey as the everyday left-fielder? Just wondering what you would do with the tools available?

      • jcredlegs

        Yeah you guys are right. We should just keep on with the same bullpen we got. Shouldn’t explore perhaps a trade or something. Yeah, that would be dumb.

      • MrRed

        Who are they trading for JC? Easy to make some bland statement like yours but deep down you know the Reds have very little to offer in a trade. The Reds are stuck in the mud until some of these guys start turning it around.

  5. hamiltonred

    Why does it feel like this recap doesn’t do justice to the horror that unfolded tonight? Looking to you Stephen King.

    • 666wolverine

      Maybe Rob Zombie and make a gore fest movie out of this game!!!

  6. 666wolverine

    They just need to throw strikes and trust their collective stuff! Too much nibbling on the corners from what I see. Just trust your stuff and make the hitters earn it! Solo shots are alot better than grand slams!!!

    • hamiltonred

      Been wondering the same thing. Too many walks on 4 straight balls. Don’t understand how professionals can lose it for so long.

    • pinson343

      I’m with you. The walks were maddening. A lot of 2 strike walks. Broxton gets EE to 2-2 with a swing after a swing and a miss on a slider. The next 2 pitches aren’t even close. EE scores the tying run. Rasmus was overpowered by Chapman’s fastball, the count is 2-2. Chapman doesn’t throw another strike. Rasmus scores the go-ahead run.

      Then there was the Parra-Ondrusek act. Parra comes in with 2 outs and a base open, so – rather than take any chances – he walks Cabrera on 4 pitches to load the bases. Then Ondrusek gets Bautista to 3-2, so time for a good pitch to get that 3rd out, right ? He walks him.

      Of course the result wasn’t always a walk. Jumbo faces Francisco with the Reds still up 3. Whatever Jumbo’s 88 mph pitch is, Francisco of course can’t hit it, because he can’t hit off-speed pitches, so Jumbo gets 2 easy strikes with it.
      Then he throws him a fastball, 2 run homer.

  7. Mutaman

    “Only the most heartless among us couldn’t feel for the guy.”

    I feel for me.

  8. charlottencredsfan

    Really feel horrible for Jumbo, hope it is just jitters from realizing a lifelong goal and getting overwhelmed. Pray for his, the Reds, and the fans sake that he bounces back nicely in his next outing. Lord knows we need him to. Definitely a look in the mirror experience tonight. Hey, the good news is that you get to find out what your made of and that is important.

    Hope Mike Leake can pitch the game of his life, starting at 4 pm tomorrow.

    • 666wolverine

      Jumbo will be fine I feel. I’m sure his insides were going a million miles an hour! I felt for the guy that’s for sure. Once he gets over the shock and gets the ball down he will be an asset. Why is Offdrusuck still on this roster again????

      • charlottencredsfan

        I agree. I remember on Opening Day, a young kid named Hamilton was totally embarrassed by a great pitcher. 4 K’s in 4 ABs, I think. Seems like he was able to turn that failure into a learning experience and is not doing too badly. Maybe Billy could have a talk with Jumbo?

      • 666wolverine

        I think a good person to have as a voice for this team is Brantley. I like him as a broadcaster and like his baseball IQ.

    • ohiojimw

      As I recounted a couple of days back I was there the last time Leake pitched against the Jays at GABP. He pitched very well except for a 7 pitch lapse to open the top of the 7th that allowed 3 runs to cross (HBP, double, HR) in a game the Reds eventually lost 3-2. That was really tough until this debacle tonight.

    • greenmtred

      Appreciate your take on Jumbo. My take, too. Who wouldn’t feel the jitters as a 30 year old making his mlb debut?

  9. WVRedlegs

    After this game it is a three finger night of grand pappy’s recipe. Shine on.

  10. Davis Stuns Goliath

    If you’re going to lose, you might as well lose in spectacular fashion, I guess.

    I like and respect Price, but for the second night in a row, most of his pitching moves seemed odd to me. After yesterday, the ‘pen was spent, save for Hoover (who didn’t pitch at all) and LeCure (who only pitched to one batter). I figured those two would get the first calls — but instead, Price once again reached first for Parra and Ondrusek, who are the worst bullpen tandem I can remember since Stanton and Coffey.

    I fully back giving Jumbo a chance tonight, but after giving up the first HR and the single, you yank him, say “get ’em next time,” etc. Seems like every Reds pitcher melts down right after getting a mound visit. At least Jumbo didn’t give up any further damage after the 2nd HR.

    Considering how he pitched last night, why go with Broxton in the 8th instead of Hoover or LeCure (who was admittedly terrible when he got the call, but still)?

    • pinson343

      Broxton had the stuff to hold them tonight, his fastball and slider were both working. Two outs, nobody on, 2-2 count on EE after a swing and a miss on his slider, and the next two pitches aren’t even close. That was his undoing. From there he gets ahead of Navarro 1-2, then throws a 94 mph fastball, but it’s up and out over the plate. Tie ball game.

      In any case everyone except Hoover had a chance to hold them, and everyone failed. Hoover will get his chance on Saturday.

    • greenmtred

      Price’s moves with the pitchers have a context: the bullpen, with 2-3 exceptions, can not be relied upon. The exceptions, Broxton, Chapman, and sometimes Lecure, are probably tired/hurting after the last few days. Nobody was getting it done, so it hardly mattered who failed when. It does seem more and more likely that Ondrusek has incriminating pictures of somebody important.

  11. George Mirones

    This is the real test for the owner and GM. The secret is out and everyone can see. The Reds are in trouble and most smart GM’s suddenly realize that there is gold in their bullpens, whether it be AAA, AA or roster players. Walt is going to get a lot of blank stares from other GM’s. There are too many holes to fill in a month or half a season.
    Can the Reds be fixed from within. IMO not this year. Can The Reds be fixed with trades? Too many teams have a chance for playoffs so whatever help is available won’t be available till its too late. Time to suck it up take the heat and keep moving. This post isn’t caused by tonight’s game but if you look at the last 100 games the team has played the only constant is inconsistency.

  12. 666wolverine

    Any guesses on the over under on how many balls Encarnacion parks in the seats tomorrow??? I say under 2 and one beam ball at his head. If I were manager he would get hit guaranteed!

      • pinson343

        FWIW LeCure hung a curve ball to EE.

    • jcredlegs

      By who? Mike Leake? Yeah, that’s intimidating.

      • 666wolverine

        hahaha good point!!!! Doesn’t have to be Leake hitting him. Could be Chapman oh wait he pitched today so he can’t go tomorrow! SMH!!!!

    • Dale Pearl

      +1 you know it should be coming. That is as much a part of the game as anything else

    • greenmtred

      You’d hit him in the head because he’s doing his job well? Which Red would it be ok for the Jays to hit in retaliation?

  13. wildwestlv

    Cards & Bucs both lost. Crew is still leading the Rockies (12-10), but could lose, still. All in all, if the Cubs emerge as the only NL Central winners tonight, as bad as this one was, it will still be just one game.

  14. BigRedSaguaro

    I’m still headed for Cincy in August to see the Reds and Sawx. Can’t wait actually.

  15. ohiojimw

    Of all the nights it has been suggested, this actually might have been the night to break the mold and get Chapman in early. It was pretty obvious the snowball had started down the hill and was picking up speed. If Chappy had been brought on to open the 7th, and those 3 runs had not crossed, the Reds might have held. As it was the game was essentially lost by the time he got into the game in the 9th as the snowball had grown to an avalanche; and the likelihood of the Reds scoring again seemed remote.

  16. 666wolverine

    Sorry OHIOJIMW Chapman’s role has been established and if that’s changed in anyway the earth may fall off it’s axis for friggin sake!!!

  17. Steve Mancuso

    The loss tonight (and I was there as a painful first-hand witness) can be pinned on one simple thing – walks. Ten stinking walks. As Richard says, it was a total collapse by the entire pitching staff. Yes, the Blue Jays can hit. But so can Milwaukee and the Dodgers. Four of the walks became runs. Another walk drove in a run. This loss isn’t on Bryan Price or Walt Jocketty. It rests squarely on the pitching staff – from Latos to LeCure and every pitcher in between.

    Tomorrow (well, today) is another day.

    • ohiojimw

      Pretty much the two things there are no defense for are walks and home runs. I’ve never quite understood the psychology of pitchers who will walk guys versus forcing them to put the ball in play until there are 2 or 3 guys on base then give in and throw meatballs. They’ve got it all backwards.

    • Dale Pearl

      Chapman had his big chance to audition as a starter. I think it was about as successful as jumbos derailment.

  18. 666wolverine

    Right on Steve! Trust your stuff pitching staff and make the hitters earn it’s runs. If you give up a solo shot then so be it!!!!

  19. Mister_D69

    First, a walk-off walk. Now, an eight run lead, blown.
    It’ll feel so good when it stops.

  20. sergeant2

    Admittedly I know little about the Blue Jays, specifically the Jays offense, but I’m guessing the team as a whole as far as hitting goes feast on fast balls, and they got a lot of them tonight from Reds pitchers. The good news is that Leake who is pitching tomorrow isn’t a fastball pitcher. I’m hoping there are a lot of swing and misses, and ground balls tomorrow with Leake on the mound. A win tomorrow would put the wind back in the sails of the players and fans alike. Go Reds!

  21. ohiojimw

    FWIW, here is my ironic thought of the night. If the pen had been as bad last year as this year, Price would probably not only wouldn’t got the manager’s job, he probably would have been sent packing with Dusty and Jacoby. Really, where is the difference in personnel down there? For whatever reason they just can’t get guys out when they need to this year.

    • CTRedsFan

      Perhaps the difference is not in the bullpen but behind the plate? Two catchers renowned for their game calling are not around!

      I’m sure it is not the sole cause, but is probably a contributing factor.

  22. Jeff Morris

    I know the Reds walked 10 hitters tonight, but it seems more this year than any other year I remember, the relief pitchers for the Reds have walked more hitters than any other year I remember?? They seem to always walk the leadoff hitter, whether it be Parra, Ondrusek, Hoover, Broxton, or Chapman.

    • ohiojimw

      Over my life, I think the hallmarks of a truly bad pen are that they walk folks, period but lead off walks are even worse. Running close for second place is a pen that gets two strikes on lots of hitters but can’t seem to close them and pens that give up lots of two out runs, particularly when they get to two outs in reasonably good shape (no runs in for the inning; not more than one runner on and that runner only on 1st or 2nd).

      I think this one is right there on all three.

      • pinson343

        Yep. There were so many 2 strike counts against Jays hitters that ended in walks or hits. And so many 2 out runs.

  23. sergeant2

    I do not believe we are looking at the final product of a Price managed team due to the fact Price is doing some on the job learning. Price has yet to assert himself as the unquestioned leader of the team. Hence that is why we see the same poor decision making by the players be it hitting or running the bases and other baseball fundamentals all to often. A perfect example is Reds hitters continually swinging at the first pitch when the best base stealer in baseball is on first base. It makes me wonder if Price is comfortable yet with the fact that he is the boss, the skipper, the Captain of the ship. Price is in his first year of being a manager, towards the end of the season he had better have decided to take the bull by the horns, or his career as a manager will be short lived.

    • Dale Pearl

      Very true Sarge. Ive said it before and i will say it again. Price was hired as manager because we dint want to lose his ability to mentor pitchers. He is on OJT and each game he does get better as a manager and is starting to push more of his own methodology on the team as a whole. I feel like if Price is given the time that he will be a great manager.

      Then again i think Peter Edward Rose should have been managing this team for the past 20 years also so my opinions dont really matter so much.

  24. chrislosolivos

    As painful as the pitching was tonight, equally ugly was watching the Reds get into the Jays’ pen in the second inning and score just one run (on a bad throw) the rest of the night. The offense invited the Jays back into the game and our bullpen more than accommodated. Every once in a while a team gets exposed. Tonight the Reds were exposed.

    • pinson343

      And the Jays bullpen has been a big problem for them, with a 4.50 ERA.

  25. Ethan

    This game made me sick. Our bullpen is in shambles…

  26. Dale Pearl

    I was hoping for some good news from down on the farm but sadly we lost at every level. Sometimes the stars just align against you.

  27. pinson343

    The most frustrating Reds AB for me was with Hamilton running to steal second and Joey swings at the first pitch and hits a slow roller.

  28. pinson343

    I did not have time to get comfortable with the 8 run lead. Speaking of walks, in the top of the 3rd, with 2 outs and a runner on, Latos walks Bautista. I had a good idea of what EE would do, and it’s 8-3. Down to a 5 run lead, it’s only the 3rd inning, and it’s apparent that Latos is not in good form. From there I was on edge until EE made it 14-9.

  29. pinson343

    I admire the very positive first few comments made (at the top). Made me feel better, knowing there are other diehard fans out there.

    Maybe tomorrow Leake pitches the game of his life and Hoover gets the save (or better yet, it’s a blow out that remains a blow out).

    It will be interesting to see how Cueto does on Sunday. Shelby Miller and Jaime Garcia both shut out the Jays in Toronto. And that was with their DH in the lineup.

    • SrRedFan

      Agree with circling the wagons now with all the other diehard fans.

      After a good nights sleep, it was still a stinking, stunning, heart-wrenching defeat. To paraphrase the non sequitur about “not paying Votto $250 mil…”, I didn’t return from a happy Canadian fishing trip to listen to the Reds blow one big-time!

      But what are you gonna do? At this stage in my life, I for dang sure am not going to start rooting for the Pie-rats! Let’s get these next two!

  30. vegastypo

    Even with Jumbo’s rough debut, Walt will get no apology here. As badly as this bullpen has performed, we should have been looking for alternatives long before now. … Let’s get ’em tomorrow and put this debacle behind us.

    • Greg Dafler

      This is essentially the same group of guys who collectively were top 3 in the league the past two seasons. A lot of trade alternatives don’t start to open up until July….occasionally something in late June. I think they’ll work through with who they have until at least the all-star break.

      • vegastypo

        Eh, maybe it’s more in the perspective. Marshall has been injured/ineffective for how long? Hoover and Parra have been more miss than hit, it seems, and even with a recently ended run of success, would any of us trust Ondrusek? … And the bullpen no longer has Simon, not that I’m complaining about his work as a starter, but who knew that his absence would hurt the pen so much?

        I know it’s not like Walt can go find help at the drop of a hat, but I’m just saying that Jumbo could have been summoned earlier than now and we could have seen what we had. And I’ve read on this site previously that the bullpen is typically the last thing that should be stocked because of the lesser price of the talent we are generally talking about. (Until we give Broxton $21 million over three years to NOT close, and Marshall $$4.5 million to $5.5 million NOT to close, to go with the $6 million for Chapman to actually close).

        And then there’s no money remaining for left field, and the bench has been bad for how long?

        Maybe in Arizona, they’ll let Walt play with the switch that opens and closes the stadium roof.

  31. Matt WI

    I’m on vacation this week…. and the Reds tried to make me cry last night. It hurt. Hurt real bad. More beach drinks.

  32. MikeC

    I’m giving Walt kudos for bringing up Diaz. Marshall can’t throw anymore and Cingrani needs some time in the minors where he can develop into a good starter. There is plenty of season left and the Reds may need another starter yet. And surely will need another starter long term.

    Diaz performed well for 1-1/2 seasons as a closer at AAA. He may not end up being the answer to bolstering the bullpen, but he is the best alternative at this point. He can’t fix the rest of the BP pitchers who are struggling. Someone out of that group is going to have to step up if the Reds are going to right the ship.

  33. vared

    Here’s the thing that bothers me a little: I would think of all positions, middle relief should be the easiest to find some help in the minors. Yet the Reds seemingly don’t have anything to offer from their system there. I’m glad Diaz was called up and I hope he’ll be fine in the long run, but they held off this long for a reason. So the farm system is so weak they don’t even have someone to trust to throw the 6th or 7th inning? We’re not talking a shortstop or left fielder here – just a stinking middle reliever. Really? That’s stunning to me.

    Anyway, go Reds. May be time to wave good-bye to the Brewers and focus on the wildcard teams, but I can do that.

  34. sezwhom

    Thank gawd I turned it off when the Jays took the lead 10-9. I knew it was over but not that over. I’m going to give Jumbo a pass…for now. Parra? Come-on. At least throw a strike. That’s a good offense in Toronto. That’s the best power lineup I’ve seen.

  35. Dale Pearl

    I just finished reading an article on Brandon Phillips and I have to say that my perspective of him has changed instantly over night! He is now my favorite Red! What did he do? He signed a drunk guys baseball!!! If you guys are interested and willing for me to show the entire story I am more than happy to do so. It is classic I will say that much!!!

      • charlottencredsfan

        Thanks Cossack. Said many times before that BP is a complicated guy with some fierce mood swings. I’m very fond of the guy and will miss him when his Reds days have concluded. Bet that fan has changed his mind about Phillips.

        Any Major League player that shows up at Little League games can’t be too bad!

      • Dale Pearl

        hehe. I”m telling you this was a complete reversal of observation for me. Maybe I am too hard on some of these guys. I get caught up in expecting them to have my version of success on the “field of dreams called GABP” when what I should be doing is looking at the total. Aaron Harang gave so much to the community and I loved him for it so I just need to show the same appreciation for these other guys. BP is a stand up dude as far as I am concerned and I’ll never second guess his performance on the diamond again.

        I am hoping that BP retires a Red. Those chances are slim to none but instead of running this guy out of town we need to find a way to duplicate his persona. Yeah he is a free swinger, so what? I suppose I’m a free swinger in life the same way. You win some you lose some. In the end it isn’t if you win or lose the game, rather, it is who you affected and the memories you create along the way.

        I have fallen short in my attempts to do that myself so I must offer up my apologies to all of Redlegnation for my failings to not offer up anything short a positive impression.

      • Steve Mancuso

        I hate being this cynical, but BP showed up at that little league game right in the run-up to his contract negotiations. Then used the “Cincinnati loves me” card as part of his leverage against the Reds. And he hasn’t done anything like that since. I’d have been more moved by the baseball story from yesterday if he hadn’t been vulgar at the same time. Again, sorry to be so grumpy, but I’m still sore after watching every pitch of that beating last night in person.

  36. Steve Mancuso

    The Reds pitchers threw 207 pitches last night. That’s an average of 23 per inning. And more than they threw in 12 innings against the Pirates the previous game.

  37. charlottencredsfan

    FYI, Toronto has scored 9 runs or more in 10 games. These guys can hit so it isn’t only the Reds. Doesn’t excuse last night but put’s it in some perspective.

    • Dale Pearl

      Explains why they are in first place for the division that is the money pit of Major League Baseball. They are sharks. If they smell blood in the water they will be there to tear it apart.

  38. Reed Tom

    Just when it seemed the Reds were getting it together, this happened. I’m pulling for Jumbo; we need him for the 6th/7th. inning. All will be well if we can take the next two and win the series.

  39. Eric the Red

    1) Don’t let Danny Graves back in the park.

    2) It never should have come to this, so I’m not going to use it as an excuse. But Chapman clearly struck out the lead off batter in the 9th, and with a light-hitting LH hitter up next it was almost certainly going to be 2 outs, bases empty, with Aroldis sitting at about 10 pitches. The ball call was worse than the one that walked in a run in Pittsburgh; I mean, it wasn’t even close. Instead, there was that walk, Chapman threw a million pitches and probably can’t pitch again until next month, and now our bullpen is a shambles with 15 games in 10 days (or something like that) coming up. Ugh.

    3) Latos owes his coaches and teammates an apology.

    • Steve Mancuso

      I think Chapman has been cleared to pitch next Friday.

    • Art Austin

      Don’t know why Encarnacion has such a hard-on for Cincinnati. He shouldn’t even be let in the ball-park after the 3rd base he played in Cincinnati. He was an absolute disgrace. But his most telling swing of the night was his fly to left field on the curve from Ondrusek, boy he really muscled it. He & Francisco should never see another fast ball close to the plate. They are highly ingrateful for harboring these grudges for the Reds who fed, trained & tolerated their below average performances in hope they would develop. They could be working on fishing boats in the Carribean were it not for the Reds.

      • greenmtred

        I hope your tongue was in your cheek when you wrote this?

  40. RedsfanPa

    I know the Reds will try to put that embarrassing loss behind them and fight for a win today. Hopefully Leake brings his “A” game today, and maybe adds a few hits with the bat. I feel for Jumbo, after all that time waiting “for the call”, not the debut he wanted, but a tough lineup for sure. He had to be plenty nervous, I’m confident his next outing will be better. I hope what I read is true, Bernadina Deactivated and Contreras called up. So glad to see Bernadina go…finally. Go Reds!!!