Bill Lack and I are confused by this Cincinnati Reds team. Are they as good as they’ve looked this week, or are they who we thought they were? We attempt to answer this question in the latest edition of Redleg Nation Radio, and we also have some ideas for how to improve the club. (Hint: Jumbo Diaz.) Finally, we discuss the recent MLB draft, and talk about future MLB All-Star Nick Howard, the University of Virginia pitcher who was selected by the Reds in the first round. Enjoy!

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2 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    I disagree with the comments about possible injury to LeCure being nothing more that speculation. It has been noted more than once by both Welch and Brantley that LeCure’s velocity is down significantly this year over the past and has not been present since day one of spring training.

    Also in past seasons there have been ongoing allusions by the manager and coaches that LeCure has a tender arm that requires close monitoring maintenance, and management. While LeCure has never been on the DL statements have been made about him having ongoing tenderness in his forearm, which can often be a precursor of elbow issues.

  2. Bill Lack

    Jim, I don’t ever remember seeing any of these types of comments from the media, can you point out a specific post? I’m not saying they haven’t, I have just never seen nor heard them.