Mat Latos makes his season debut tonight! Latos has had a great career already, and his addition to the rotation tonight makes the Reds fully healthy* and ready to run off a long winning streak!!

The only thing standing in his way is Yovani Gallardo and the Milwaukee Brewers. Gallardo is coming off seven innings of shutout baseball in Pittsburgh earlier this week. However, the last time the Reds faced Gallardo, they scored four times in six innings and won the game.

Today’s Lineup:

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
5. Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Brayan Pena (S) C
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Mat Latos (R) P

Hopefully, you live in a television market that will show this FOX game of the week. It appears on the schedule in the Cincinnati (19) and Indianapolis (59) television markets. Whether you are able to watch or are forced to audio only, stop by and discuss the game here.

Go Reds!

*To make room for Latos in the rotation, Sean Marshall was placed on the DL today with a left shoulder strain. Tony Cingrani remains with the major league club and will pitch out of the bullpen.

195 Responses

  1. hof13

    Wonder why Les Mesoraco isn’t catching. Latos even likes pitching to him.

    • Vicferrari

      Because he has been hitting like Mat Latos and Latos does not like that

      • jdx19

        Bet you wish Mes’s bat had been in there now, down 2-1.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    The move of Marshall to the DL just underscores the absurdly idiotic decision to activate Marshall when he wasn’t 100%. The Marshal saga is Nick Masset revisited. Injuries happen, especially to relief pitchers, and I’m as frustrated by the Marshal injury as I was with the Masset injury. It’s certainly not Marshall’s or Masset’s fault they were injured, but WJ’s continuing decisions to sign relievers to big, extended contracts has simply got to stop and activating players off the DL before they are playing 100% healthy and productive has also got to stop. Those decisions are killing the Reds.

    • Dale Pearl

      I agree. The whole management of our 40 man roster and the DL this year has been simply unacceptable. Statements from Jocketty such as There is no one available who we can call up and I don’t know who I could call up for that position are two statements that show the biggest weakness with the Reds is whatever process Jocketty is using is not working as it should.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    I’m really glad Latos remained on rehab for an additional start. He needs to go VERY deep tonight or I’m afraid the bullpen will simply implode. Both Broxton and Chapman must be unavailable tonight and they may be unavailable tomrrow too. It’s nice to have Cingrani as an additional option in the bullpen for the next couple games, but having Jumbo in the bullpen right now would make be feel even better and the roster move is sitting there to make it happen.

    • jdx19

      You were right, old Cossack! BP quickly coughs up the lead after 6 innings of 2-hit ball from Latos.

  4. NWOhioRedFan

    I do get to see the Reds on the television tonight from the Toledo area! Yes! Let’s go Redlegs!

  5. carlton

    Can always count on double play cozart with both the glove and the bat

  6. VaRedsFan

    CJ Nitkowski is working with Thom….Pretty refreshing.

  7. Joe

    Who is commentating with Marty on radio?

  8. AARON D

    Gallardo in both innings tonight has seemed like he is on the very edge of giving up a big inning. Unfortunately the Reds have helped him out in both innings by the DP, Caught Stealing, and generally swinging at balls in the dirt.

    • VaRedsFan

      Did I say Phillips leather??? 2nd straight inning

  9. ProspectCincy

    Aroldis Chapman unavailable for tonight’s game yes?

    • Vicferrari

      would think, questionable to have pitch in non-save situation Wed, but agree to avoid the rust. Broxton looked a little shaky last night, but I assume is available, hopefully kid Furious is at the top his game and can be effective weapon- I feel this bullpen just got a serious upgrade in personnell as Marshall was only being used in mop up duty, Cingrani is probably the third best reliever give Sam last few outings

  10. Steve Mancuso

    Bruce hit that right on the nose. Bad luck.

  11. VaRedsFan

    Bad luck for Bruce there… stung the ball up the middle…defense played perfectly

  12. VaRedsFan

    13 pitch AB for Scooter…Had him struck out on pitch 7…clearly a swing…pitch 8 on the inside corner. Double …Latos furious

  13. VaRedsFan

    Latos done…6 fine innings. This bullpen to cover 3 innings…what could go wrong?

  14. RiverCity Redleg

    I bet Latos tracks down Gennett in the parking lot after the game and punches him in the nose. He should know to not taunt a man twice your size.

  15. sergeant2

    Nice to see front row Amy in attendance, she’s twice the fan than most Brewer fans.

  16. VaRedsFan

    I thought Latos threw 100 pitches at AAA so he would be able to do it with the big club? What’s he have… 85 or so?

    • Kyle

      Threw 87 tonight. Excellent outing from him. 6IP, 2h, 0er, 0bb.

      And of course, Ondrusek walks the very first batter once he comes in. Reds are really going to have to hold on to pull this out.

    • Vicferrari

      Someone got some splaining to do

  17. Spro

    Gotta love relievers who walk their first batter in a 1 run game

  18. carlton

    Glad to see Bryan price give up on the game by putting in Ondrusuck in the game. 1 run lead and in the 7th against the heart of their order. Plain dumb

  19. Kyle

    What a start from Ondrusek. Managed to give up as many base runners in his first two batters as Latos did in 6 innings.

  20. sergeant2

    Freaking LeCroy is worse than a pebble in a shoe, and he’s always in the Reds shoes.

  21. Spro

    Latos 6 IP, 0 ER and the chance for a W is gone just like that

  22. 666wolverine

    why was the infield back? I absolutely hate that giving up a run crap! If I was Latos Ondrusek would be tasting my knuckles!!!

  23. wildwestlv

    You have to be able to throw strikes, to actually go after someone.

  24. Kyle

    I don’t know what the answer is with Broxton and Chapman likely unavailable, but it isn’t Ondrusek. I have a hard time imagining a reliever I’d put in after him against the heart of the Brewers order. This is another poor decision.

    And just like that, it is tied. The leadoff walk bites him.

    • VaRedsFan

      There isn’t a good answer considering who was left….Cingrani maybe?

  25. VaRedsFan

    Mistake by Billy, throwing to 3rd.

  26. carlton

    I cannot stand Ondrusek. What a pathetic pitcher. Should not have a big league uniform. Why not Hoover? What about Latos staying in?

      • RiverCity Redleg

        Not over the last month or so, he isn’t.

  27. Tae Yun

    i have seen this movie before… does Price not get it yet after 3 months? his fav movie must be Groundhog Day. I am sick of this

  28. Tae Yun

    Latos’ first start, but I rather have anyone BUT Ondrusek in this situation.

    • kywhi1

      I thought the Reds got to bat two more times.

  29. RiverCity Redleg

    Ondrusek/Para combo. That’s about right.

  30. wildwestlv

    Welcome back, Mat Latos, to the 2014 Cincinnati Reds: complete, no run support, plus a toxic bullpen, that will capitalize off of any mistake you make.

    • 666wolverine

      Latos better demand a trade or he must get used to getting jobbed every 5th day!!!

  31. Tae Yun

    this game is on PRICE.. again… for the nth time. terrible pitching management

    • 666wolverine

      Dale he should’ve been gone long ago!!! He must have dirt on some important people or something.

  32. 666wolverine

    Price more like conceded the frigging game!!!!! Complete bs!!!

  33. Tae Yun

    yesterday Price did wrong but got lucky w/ result. tonight, not over, but why does he keep putting his team in this situation ? why? thought I hated Baker…but I am losing all confidence in this manager.

  34. VaRedsFan

    Brewers…17 comeback wins this year….now that’s gritty

  35. Kyle

    The plan had to be for Cingrani to pitch tonight since they had three innings to go. Not sure why they wouldn’t bring their best pitcher in during the highest leverage situation. Terrible job there and worse job by the GM for paying an incredible amount of money for such a terrible bullpen.

  36. Dale Pearl

    can’t blame Price for Ondrusek he isn’t the one who put him on the roster. The team is short middle relief and we don’t have anyone so the guy is there of course Price is going to use him.

  37. Aaron Bradley

    Yea 87 pitches…you roll with Latos there… Price showing no urgency to win, trusting borderline middle relievers with a slim lead over the best team in the division. Makes no sense.

  38. Spro

    Let’s face it. Broxton and Chapman are our only shutdown relievers right now. Anything else is a crapshoot. We know our offense can’t do much, and if our starter can’t go 7, or if they’re both unavailable, then there’s a pretty good chance it’s gonna end up an L. If we wanted a W, Latos would’ve gone 1 more

    • Aaron Bradley

      that’s exactly right. Not sure why Price makes things more complcated than they need to be.

  39. Aaron Bradley

    Dale, Price knows his bullpen is tired.. Latos argued to stay in the game, and Price talked him out of it. This is twice he has ignored Latos’ desire to help this team win (last week he was ready to pitch instead of Cingrani’s dud)…

    • Dale Pearl

      He is just playing it safe, honestly I completely understand why Latos is out there. This isn’t the only start for Latos and he wants to make sure that the guy doesn’t go back to the DL.

      • Aaron Bradley

        yea but 87 pitches? He pitched more than that in Louisville? He even pitched on the side AFTER he was pulled last week to build up his endurance. This is a game where you know Broxton and Chapman are unavailable. At the very least send Cingrani out there to see what he can do…

  40. wildwestlv

    Price won’t have the health/injury excuses anymore. Let’s see what he actually does with a near complete team, going forward. With a one run lead, and a horrible offense, against the Division leader you are trying to catch, I don’t know of a more high leverage situation, than that (outside of the playoffs). Latos should have been back on that mound.

  41. MrRed

    Uhh…what the? That must have been some powerful jet stream! That ball just kept carrying.

  42. Kyle

    Too bad in hindsight about Ramirez’s great play. Never thought Hamilton would have 3 HRs in the first half. He crushed the first the ball in his first AB as well.

  43. jdx19

    I wonder if the Brewer boards are having a similar conversation about their reliever, “Smith.”

  44. VaRedsFan

    Move Billy to the 3 spot…Votto to leadoff…hehehe

  45. Spro

    He had some making up to do for not throwing that ball to 2nd

  46. wildwestlv

    That should have been our insurance run.

  47. MrRed

    So where were some of those strike calls for Latos?

    • 666wolverine

      Latos won’t get those calls because he wears his emotions and umps hate that stuff!

    • jdx19

      Well, tough to do anything when they call balls strikes. Frazier was swinging at pitches in the dirt.

  48. Dale Pearl

    Billy outhitting Votto today. We won’t see that very often but it is nice to see the rookie show off on offense.

  49. sultanofswaff

    That call on Votto was horrendous. Electronic ball\strike calls can’t get here soon enough.

  50. mjcaboose

    Both those last two pitches to Votto can’t be strikes… one or the other. Either way, who the hell pitches now? Hard to blame Price when your only two reliable bullpen members are unavailable.

  51. sergeant2

    How bout dem apples BHam goes deep. Go Reds! I like that Flynn said its been a long time since he has seen the dugout so excited. BHam really has an effect (affect) on players. his teammates and his opponents. Go Reds!

  52. VaRedsFan

    Now pitching….Homerun Hoover….Hoover

  53. Redgamer

    Billy Hamilton .257 3 HR 16 RBI, Votto .264 6 HR 15 RBI

    • jdx19

      Perhaps that if Hamilton could get on base at a major-league level Votto may have more RBI? Sounds about right.

    • 666wolverine

      How’s Bruce doing at the plate REDGAMER????????

      • Redgamer

        The point is they all are below the needed performance. But you can’t ignore that Votto has not knocked in his share, and hamilton hasn’t been just an infield hit/bunt single guy. Votto leading off and billy in the 8 hole may work better.

  54. jdx19

    Oh, well. Ondrusek. Parra. Hoover. Loss.

  55. doublenohitter

    And the bullpen coughs it up again. You could give this bullpen a 10 run lead and they would give it up. Just terrible.

  56. Dale Pearl

    Ondrusek and Hoover. How many losses can we attribute to their efforts? surely we have relievers in the organization that can take their spots?

    • VaRedsFan

      They are scared they will have to pay Jumbo the league minimum and eat the contract of the player they DFA

      • Aaron Bradley

        But they threw money to Marmol who apparently had some kind of mental breakdown… (big surprise)…. this team makes strange decisions. Also, paying Marshall all that money while sending Wood out who was so dirt cheap… doesn’t make sense for a team that should be frugal.

  57. Kyle Farmer

    This is as disgusted as I’ve been with the Reds all year. Absolutely pathetic. This one is on Bryan Price and the bullpen. Same story as last year for Mat Latos – pitches beautifully with little to no run support only to see the bullpen blow both his and the team’s win.

  58. 666wolverine

    from now on I would like the starters go a min of 110 pitches for the rest of the yr. This pen cannot be trusted!!!!

  59. Kyle

    Can’t ask for more from Latos and can’t ask for less from this bullpen.

    Two huge games and the middle relievers performance as much as possible to lose both of them.

  60. sultanofswaff

    I love how MLB rewarded the Brewers by having Braun take his suspension at the end of 2013 when the Brewers were totally out of it. The other teams in the Central got no say in the matter.

  61. jcredlegs

    Votto-in decline
    Bryan Price-in over his head

    This team is going nowhere fast without wholesale changes.

      • jcredlegs

        I guess he’s out looking for Marmol.

    • Kyle Farmer

      You forgot –
      Ludwick-Offensively useless and actually worse defensively

    • Aaron Bradley

      they were good steaks, they had a grocery coupon for $4.00 off any cattleman’s brand beef, so I bought a $4.46 cent steak lol.

  62. mjcaboose

    It’s so depressing to know what’s going to happen before a pitch is thrown in an inning. I want Hoover and Ondrusek off the roster. I’ve been watching them blow games for years now. Someone, anyone else deserves a shot.

  63. Prospect Cincy

    Let’s be realistic here ladies and gents … what would you have Price do?

    He has Ondrusek / Lecure / Hoover / Parra / Cingrani at his disposal in the bullpen, so he’s going to have to use these guys not just tonight, but the remainder of the year.

    Outside of Cingrani who’s role has been defined more as long relief; these are the faces we will see time and time again. There’s nothing Price can do about it, so you just have to root them on, and live with what they give you.

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree…this disaster is not on Price.

    • Kyle

      Why would Cingrani’s role be long relief? Did they say this? If so, what an absolute waste for a prospect’s development and this team. He is better than any of those other guys. Their plan can’t be to pitch him once every week and a half when they get blown out or go deep into extra innings.

    • MrRed

      More aptly, we’ll have to live or die with them.

      Ondru just isn’t going to work out at the big league level. Marshall may just become our next Masset. And I do worry about LeCure in the long run. I’d give Hoover more rope but this is looking like a real down year for him too.

      So where do they go from here?

      • MrRed

        Who said that? Jumbo would be nice to see get a shot. But after that? Not sure that Christiani or Parch is the answer. I also don’t see a trade being made for middle relief. They have other day to day needs that should be addressed through a trade.

  64. Tae Yun

    i am lost for words. seen this repertoire way too many times. ONDRUSEK-PARRA-HOOVER. don’t care to see any of these 3 in Reds uniform quite honestly. you almost need starters to go 7 or 8 innings and skip these middle relievers. can we trade for one or two middle relievers? are we going to live w/ these 3 guys all year? no way we make the wild card even with this gapping hole

  65. Greg Dafler

    I wasn’t able to watch the game earlier when Latos was pulled. Any reason why he was taken out at 87 pitches? I thought one of the reasons for the extra AAA start was to get him to 100 pitches.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Apparently he argued with Price and Pico to stay in after he came off the field. the 6th was kind of a rough inning, so I guess they wanted him out with the lead. They are idiots being so conservative, why do they feel their jobs are safe? I don’t think Price has nearly as much rope as he thinks he has. If they don’t make the playoffs this season he might get the boot.

      • jcredlegs

        Seeing as he was hired to reach the World Series, you may be right.

  66. Aaron Bradley

    Well at least I have steak in my belly and the game was entertaining for a minute. The middle relief is the biggest problem with this team right now, no doubt. If LeCure has lost it this team is in big trouble… the 7th is usually is spot.

  67. Spro

    How do you search split stats on BR? I’d like to see how stark the difference between Chapman/Broxton and the rest of our bullpen this year

  68. Kyle

    I assume Cingrani would have been in to pitch the ninth and extras? Why would he have not been in before Ondrusek, Parra, or Hoover? As someone pointed out earlier, this is as high a leverage situation as you can have outside of the playoffs. These are huge games. What are they doing?

    • MrRed

      And here’s the thing with Cingrani, we just don’t know what we’re going to get from him in the bullpen role. He’s a guy that throws a ton of pitches and seems to struggle out of the gate in each game he started. Not sure we can rely on that in a high leverage situation.

  69. charlottencredsfan

    Billy can not carry this team by himself!

    • 666wolverine

      Neither can the starters. Cannot pitch complete games every time on the hill.

      • charlottencredsfan

        My comment was in jest but Billy is on his way.

  70. vared

    Not calling up relief help from the minors by now is malpractice.

  71. sergeant2

    If there was any justice in the world, Braun would be kicking around in the Pioneer League.

  72. 666wolverine

    Just gotta hope Leake can keep the ball down tomorrow and get us a series win!

    • MrRed

      Might want to also hope that Leake can get through 7 or possibly 8. We ain’t looking to good in the BP aside from Big Broxt and Chapman.

  73. Kyle Farmer

    Should point out that Bud Selig’s umpires did a job keeping Bud Selig’s team right in the game. Latos struck out Gennett twice and the calls against Votto were horrible.

    • drew

      Blaming the officials is bush league…

  74. Aaron Bradley

    Hey I know there are a few other Vegas dudes on this board… where are you guys located? I am about half a block from Cashman Field… we should hang out during dollar beer night over there (thursdays)…

    • wildwestlv

      We’d see more offense and better middle relief, that’s for sure! I’d take Wally Backman about now, as manager, too.

      • wildwestlv

        Lol. Are you like me and catch a lot of these Angels games, out here? Their 9th inning implosion against the Braves, right now, is almost so bad as to make one Reds fan forget about tonight, by comparison.

      • Aaron Bradley

        I haven’t followed anyone but our Redlegs… The first TV I watched was when they played the Diamondbacks last road trip.

  75. sultanofswaff

    Just stay in the dugout, Price. No need to go out and defend your hitters. *snark*

    If the Cardinals were getting hosed this bad, they’d be throwing a complete fit.

  76. Aaron Bradley

    Hoover and Ondrusek are ok as middle relievers who pitch when you are behind… they should not be in games holding slim leads, that much is for certain…but Broxton and Chappy have been over used lately.

  77. sergeant2

    45,007 in attendance tonight. (not a titanic struggle unless Marty says it is)

  78. VaRedsFan

    On a brighter note…Front Row Amy was standing the whole 9th inning.

  79. wildwestlv

    Any Reds starter, realistically, is going to have to go a complete 7, if not 8 innings, with absolutely no margin for error. You have to wonder if Ondrusek, Parra & Hoover are even throwing strikes in their warmups. Is it like, whoever’s catching them in the bullpen, is like, “Alright. Good enough.”

  80. Kyle Farmer

    Bad umpires, steroids, and a horrific bullpen lead to Reds loss.

    • mjcaboose

      That’s about as good a summary as we’ll get for this game. Would simply add “the only human being over the age of 14 who goes by ‘Scooter'” to the list.

  81. sergeant2

    Kelch said he wondered if Price would second guess taking Latos out of the game.

  82. Kyle

    Nothing says big game like sending up Roger Bernadina as your last out.

  83. David B

    I’d like to see the stats for Called K’s and Swinging K’s for a pitcher becuz these umps now-a-days are so inconsistent with the Strike zone it’s Pathetic…

  84. jcredlegs

    If you count Cingrani (or Marshall), more than half of Reds relievers have an ERA over 4. In what other “contending” organization is this acceptable? Accountability my a**.

  85. daytonnati

    Not saying he should be drilled or anything, but Scooter Gennett needs to be knocked on his a$$ first time up tomorrow. Or, maybe it’s just me.

    • wildwestlv

      This offense absolutely cannot afford the base runners. We can’t be plunking anybody, for anything.

    • 666wolverine

      Scooter did what a good hitter should do. Too bad our players donot get this concept.

      • wildwestlv

        To be fair, I think that’s a team thing, w/ the Brewers. It’s like, “Shhh! Don’t tell anyone Braun juices.”

  86. Prospect Cincy

    If Price had left Latos in to pitch, and he gave up the lead; we’d all be here saying why didn’t Price go to the bullpen after the long 6th inning.

    The decision was made, and it’s not as simply as saying it was right or wrong. Latos hasn’t pitched all season, his first start, so I’m A-OK with having him come out in the 6th. It’s the job of the bull-pen to record 9 outs, and tonight, they only recorded 6. FAIL.

    But seeing as Homer and Mike have been pretty lousy, Simon is on borrowed time and Matt is just starting to get in legs under him; I suspect we’ll be relying on this bullpen for a lot of innings in the future. Unless Walt makes a change (which we all know he will not), this is going to haunt for a long long time.

    • jcredlegs

      The only thing Walt is changing is his address. He won’t be around next year. And I hope he takes Bryan Price with him.

      • jcredlegs

        WJ’s contract is up. He won’t be within a country mile of Cincinnati next year.

    • mjcaboose

      Agree. It’s not Price’s fault that he has only two reliable arms (hopefully three if LeCure can get back to normal) in the pen. Changes need to be made personnel wise down there. Do what you did, you’ll get what you got.

  87. doublenohitter

    The Good: Billy Hamilton – Single, Walk and Home run. Matt latos was sensational. 6 innings, 2 hits, 0 walks.
    The Bad – joey Votto. Had a hit but struck out 3 times looking. Swing the freakin bat!
    Todd Frazier – 0-4 with 3 Ks. Todd looked lost at the plate tonight.
    The ugly – The Reds middle relievers. If there is a worse bullpen in baseball (not counting Broxton and Chapman), i don’t know who that would be. How many games has the bullpen cost the Reds this year?

    With Broxton and Chapman not available, the Reds were basically sunk unless latos could pitch a complete game.

    • VaRedsFan

      Edit …Billy ground rule double

    • jcredlegs

      It’s already down. Time to move on from this mess of a team and look to the future. The Reds should be looking to turn Votto , Chapman and Cueto into a haul of prospects and MLB ready talent.

  88. wildcat Reds fan

    well Logan O and JJ Boom Boom Hoover did another fantastic job of costing the Reds another huge game and chance to climb out of this season’s bad start. Thank you Again MR. Price. Latos was pitching and holding down a huge 1-0 game along with great defense behind him. Now we got to go get the rubber game with Mr. Leake.

    • drew

      Im sorry but the O or lack of it cost us the game.

  89. 666wolverine

    This sorry O has costs us a bunch of games and will continue to do so this yr.

  90. George Mirones

    This is the team they have. No help in AA or AAA and unless The Reds are willing to part with a starter named Cueto, Bailey, or Latos there will be no big bat available. They have no room for a bad night, errors, or brainless play. They need to be 99% all the time and they aren’t that talented. Long, long summer.
    Last thought, that look of wonderment on Brice’s face was he finally saw front row Amy. 🙂