Final R H E
Los Angeles Dodgers (35-31)
6 12 0
Cincinnati Reds (29-34)
1 9 0
W: J. Beckett (4-3)    L: M. Leake (3-6)
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The Good

Joey Votto came back tonight. That was good. Other than that, there was nothing good about tonight. There just wasn’t. I could make something up. Not doing it.

The Bad

For the second night in a row, the starting pitching–usually the stalwart of this team–couldn’t keep the Reds close. Mike Leake was solid early. He struck out 5 in the first 4 innings. But in the 5th, Justin Turner got a stupid bloop hit and the rains came down. 5.1 IP, 9 H, 5 R, 1 BB, 7 K.

The Dodgers had 5 doubles in the game. That’s a killer.

The Ugly

The Bat Rack. There are no hits there. It’s a barren wasteland where runs can find no purchase.

Not so random thoughts …

Who the hell is Justin Turner and why is he tormenting the Cincinnati Reds with his bloop hits?

Because that’s the way this season has gone. I had to listen to Thom Brennaman tell me that the Reds averaged a half run less when Joey Votto was on the DL and that run discrepancy wasn’t all that significant. I had to listen to the Fox Sports Ohio team tell me that the problem with all the Dodgers high priced talent was that they don’t have gritty players like Skip Schumaker.

I give up.

Who do you want as your third lefthander in the bullpen? Sean Marshall or Tony Cingrani? Sean looked like he was auditioning for a spot in the 8th.

You can scream for Walt Jocketty to find another bat, but there is nothing out there now. Too many teams are still in it. I predict this extra Wild Card team will effectively kill in-season trades for the foreseeable future. There might be a team that needs a closer at the deadline. Chapman is the one trading chip that would bring a viable hitter to the lineup that could be a difference-maker that wouldn’t also cripple the team’s chances this year and beyond. But, I think the front office values their closer too much to make that deal.

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of Nuxhall’s MLB debut at the age of 15. I have one signed ball in my collection. It’s signed:

Joe Nuxhall  6-10-44.

The Daily Billy: Hamilton had 2 hits in 5 ABs.


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  1. Josh Mohr

    This team just isn’t that good. The FO needs to explore unloading some salary and trying to acquire some young cost controlled prospects. The Reds are in trouble and it might be a long summer.

    • Jim McCullough

      If you trade away salary, you trade away valuable arms and bats (with the exception of Phillips and Ludwick). It’s the lower end of the payroll that is ineffective. Votto, Bruce, and Mesoraco are going to be fine.

      • VaRedsFan

        Votto and Bruce are the main reasons for this slow start….

      • Sparky

        They will be fine with us 15 games out. Not acceptable. They are the offensive engine of this team. I’ve said it before, I don’t care why, how or when, They have not produced and it shows everyday we take the field. I like them, but that’s just the facts. (Go ahead and insert awesome JV stat here……)

  2. Dale Pearl

    This year Reds team is starting to look very similar to the Reds of 1971. Kind of odd that all the holes on that team are present on this team as well.
    2b hit for .258
    SS hit for .205
    LF .219
    CF had an OBP of .289
    The stars of that season? Bench at C and Perez at 3B and Lee a close third at 1B.
    The pitching was freakishly similar as well:
    Don Gullet dominated with a 2.65 ERA
    followed by decent performances from:
    Gary Nolan, Jim McGlothin,Grimsley, and Simpson.
    We had 3 guys at the back of the pen that were solid : Carrol, Granger, and Gibbon.

    Sound familiar?

    • Dale Pearl

      and looking the 95 win of the 72 season I think could be contributed to two major moves. 1) Benching Foster and 2) the acquisition of a one Joe Morgan

    • pinson343

      Freaky similar. The 1971 team did nothing about replacing Bobby Tolan after he went down for the season. They scored 586 runs, allowed 581. 2014 Reds on track for scoring 555 runs, allowing 604, so with a little improvement ….

  3. John Walsh

    Is Cingrani worth trading for a bat? Just throwing it out there. Not sure it’s a good idea, or what he’d pull down.

  4. Jim McCullough

    I know we are getting into the middle of the season but if there are no moves to be made then just remain calm. The culture of this club has to change from the mindset that if had for the past several season.I have to imagine that Long is preaching the right message but has some reluctant listeners among some of the hitters. The team is nearly full health. A good hot streak could do them wonders. If Price is emphasizing a message of not giving up when you are down then maybe the fans need to listen to that message as well.

    • pinson343

      Good attitude, who knows what comes next with this team.

    • Sparky

      I have the same hope, and we are still in shouting distance to a playoff spot. But when does the streak begin? How long will it last? Nobody knows…….The trouble Ive seen. Nobody knows my Sorrow…..LOL!

  5. pinson343

    Marshall has probably pitched well enough recently to not get sent down.

  6. vegastypo

    I believe that Nuxhall was noted for saying something like, when a notoriously bad hitting pitcher would come to the plate, “Anybody that has a bat in his hand is dangerous ” … If he had seen this team, he might have changed his mind. No matter how I try to lower my expectations, these guys drive me crazy.

    • 666wolverine

      Me too Vegas I feel your pain. I keep telling myself to stop paying attention that this team is going nowhere. Then they put a mini streak by beating even worse teams that themselves and give me hope. Then they get spanked by the good teams then my despair comes back and I’m angry all over again!! This just sucks!!!

  7. Dale Pearl

    based upon the stats over on Time’s website the Reds have a 9% chance of making the playoffs this year.

  8. 666wolverine

    I say -9%!!! They have a losing record against +.500 teams so does it really matter if they make it or not? They beat trash teams and give us hope then a real team comes up on the calendar then us reds fans get knocked back on our cans with the reality that we suck!!! Facts are the facts it’s going to be a long season I’m afraid. Maybe we can be spoilers for our most hated rivals aka Cardinals some September!!!

  9. sezwhom

    Tough to watch this team. We fell behind 2 to 0 and with Beckett on the mound, I just knew we were done. No fire in the belly with this team. Dare I say: they’re boring too.
    No, I don’t know the answer. Simply venting like many posters above.

    • Sparky

      Its a feeling all share, Even Thomm in the booth. Grrrrrrrr…!

  10. charlottencredsfan

    When the TV panned to the dugout in the 6th 0r 7th inning, it looked totally without life or hope. This is a major problem. Keep your eyes on it. Especially the likes of a Todd Frazier. Should be a concern to all.

    • Drew

      What do you want them to be doing? Running around in the dugout nad thumping their chests and yelling and screaming or waving their hats or wearing them in the rally cap style?

      • lwblogger2

        Nothing wrong with a good rally cap. Especially if the team is feeling low.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Does not have to be that demonstrative but yeah, something like that. Don’t misread me; I believe they are trying hard, maybe too hard. What I perceive is the faces of stress not resignation.

        If they could actually mount a comeback or two this may all change. To nearly a man at RLN if the Reds get 3 or 4 runs down, they believe is all but over. NO HOPE. Is it totally unreasonable that the players may be thinking some of the same thoughts? Who knows but I think it is at least possible if not likely.

  11. sultanofswaff

    Schumaker is part of what’s wrong with this team. Or rather, Price’s use of Schumaker. The guy is on the wrong side of 30, his numbers are declining, and he’s a wreck defensively. It was a huge mistake by Price to give the left field starts over the last couple weeks to him and not Lutz. When grindy little white guys like this decline, it’s like falling off a cliff. I think we’re seeing this.

    Oh, and thanks for taking strike 3 right down the middle with the bases loaded Heisey. Your contributions are duly noted.

    • lost11found

      I feel your pain sultan. The LF options are pick you poison though….

    • Eric the Red

      The first pitch to Heisey was a ball, and the others weren’t close so he should have walked already; the one you described as “right down the middle” was scraping the bottom of the strike zone. Maybe he should have tried to foul it off, but it was a good pitcher’s pitch and not right down the middle.

  12. vared

    Simmering comments from the past seem to be appearing more and more: Boring. No fire in the belly. No fun to watch. Team never comes back from deficits. I think this spells trouble at the gate this summer. People can stomach watching a losing team a little easier if they perceive them as less talented but at least playing with enthusiasm and fire. Not many want to watch a talented team lose and not seem to care that much. Perhaps that’s what will tip the scale from being a buyer to being a seller, which I would be in favor of.

  13. Whoa Bundy!

    We need Ludwick to call out the fans. That’ll inspire us and the team.

  14. Drew

    I am continually amazed how “joe fan” either sitting in the stands or watching from home knows what the players or thinking or the desire in them to play or the plan or direction the team is going. It’s incredible that people’s observations skills are so great that they can make those claims.

    • lwblogger2

      Yeah, those are the comments that bug me too. It’s a matter of what people are perceiving and then they attach emotion, or lack of emotion, to those perceptions. In some cases, they may be spot on but in most, they probably aren’t… It’s my opinion that pro athletes want to play and they want to win. Every good athlete I’ve met, including myself back in the day, are ultra-competitive. These guys, in general hate to lose. What is being perceived as a lack of fire may just be the players tired of losing and not knowing what they can do to break out of it. Do I know this? Nope, no more than the people saying that the team has no fire. We don’t know what the players are feeling. Saying the team is ‘boring’ is different however. That’s a personal opinion. If a fan thinks a team is boring to watch, then that’s their opinion and they aren’t projecting their feelings onto the players. I’m totally ok with those comments. My only question to those people would be: If the team is boring to watch, why watch?

      • sultanofswaff

        Well put. Thanks. Baseball differs from all the other major sports in that getting super jacked up can actually be a performance inhibitor. Just ask the pitcher who’s overthrowing his curveball into the dirt or the hitter who anxiously chases pitches out of the zone. It’s a delicate balance.

      • Drew

        I am amazed how any baseball fan can call any game they watch as boring. It’s baseball, it’s a great game.

      • lwblogger2

        I watch baseball for the pure enjoyment of baseball, so it isn’t boring for me. For other fans though, that may not be the case. If their team just doesn’t seem to have a lot going on, especially from an offensive standpoint, they might find it boring. Shoot, I have friends who think baseball is boring no matter how the team is playing. Just a matter of perspective.

      • Vicferrari

        The thing I notice is that the boring baseball the Reds play is lot more exciting when they are not losing- I do not know why- I was losing interest Sunday and when Cozart 2B’s, Homers singles, and Hamilton homer’s- I thought what a game- but the rest of the AB’s would have been boring had they not won- the team just needs a couple of come from behind wins to make people believe

    • RedsfanPa

      I don’t profess to know a player’s mind or inner desire, but as a Reds fan of 40 years I know when I see uninspired play or going through the motions. I miss seeing players like Rose and Larkin, who never took plays off or looked like they were content to just collect a paycheck. Every guy on this team should be looking in the mirror and asking themselves if they are leaving it all on the field. I’m not sure this team has a leader, but if they do it is time step up.

  15. Quiche

    Richard, kudos. Any time you can work in a (even semi-altered) Raising Arizona quote into a conversation, that deserves high marks. That said, it’s time to adjust to expecting nothing from this squad and enjoying the pleasant surprises if/when they come. On the “fire” component, I saw Frazier pump his fists after his single, then steal second, trying to get something going. Indicates to me that he still has a desire to play hard and with focus. As for the rest, it’s a tossed salad of ineptitude each night at the dish.

  16. Eric the Red

    Puig, stealing up 5 with a lingering hip/leg injury, was a) borderline; b) idiotic, given his leg. I hope he strained something and is out the rest of the series.

    • Drew

      C) How he plays the game. You have to love his desire to play the game with no care to body or future.

      • Grand Salami

        HGH will give that confidence … I kid, I kid.

  17. Grand Salami

    Yes, kudos on the Raising Arizona reference. If only the game were as fun as the recap. Desire or no, I am do not enjoy watching this team right now. It’s painful. It’s frustrating. I trace it to the low team BA and therefore the common sight of 1-2-3 innings.

    Too often it seems like I am watching a Reds pitcher with brief intermissions of Reds position players holding bats and standing at home plate …

  18. sultanofswaff

    Our offense is even worse than I imagined. There truly isn’t one area where we excel save for third base and catcher. For example:


    ahead in the count–28th
    behind in the count–29th
    Innings 1-6–26th
    7th inning or later—27th
    batting 1st in the order—30th (caveat–it’s largely attributeable to players other than Billy–his ranking is middle of the pack for CF…..but it doesn’t mean he should lead off either)
    Left Field—23rd. Hmm. Thought this would be way worse
    2B—19th….and this is the guy we bat 3rd.
    pinch hitters—10th
    vs. LHP—28th
    vs. RHP—24th

    Folks, we’re stuck. I mean really, what are the options? You’re stuck with Phillips, we’ll have to be content to wait out Bruce and Votto, and Cozart has little trade value with no one waiting in the wings to replace him. Aside from moving BP down to 6th and trading Chapman for a LF, I don’t see what else you can do.

    • RedsFaninPitt

      I would give this a little more time to play out and see if they can turn it around with the returning injured heating up. If they totally implode in the next month, I would look to trade at least two of the following – Bruce, Phillips, Cozart, Cueto, Simon or Chapman. In return, I would want a LF or RF who can hit and get on base consistently with teams that are likely to look at unloading certain players (think Matt Joyce or Jose Tabata). I would also want a young SS (think Gregorious) and a 2B (think Ben Zobrist/Jurickson Profar(who I know is injured right now)) and a young pitcher who could step in pretty soon to help the rotation. The Reds need a solid bridge filler for a year or two in the OF to get us to the Winker/Waldrop/Ervin/Rodriuez/Brean era. Winker/Brean look to be higher average and more consistent hitters than Bruce/Philips/Cozart. I am tired of the streakiness (mostly cold) of these 3 hitters. I would much rather see ‘small ball’ in Cincy with more consistency in replace of the inconsistent and way too brief power streaks of Bruce and Phillips. Of course, Bruce (my preferred trade piece), Cueto and Chapman are the only ones with much value. But, I would seek to unload Phillips and Cozart if you could replace them in a big trade. This is a tall order, but I would begin to pursue this kind of a restructuring to fundamentally change your team without sacrificing your ability to compete next year or possibly even a late run later in the summer. Among veterans Zobrist, Tabata and Joyce intrigue me the most – I believe Zobrist and Tabata are the only ones under control for next year.

      • RedsfanPa

        I agree about Matt Joyce, he played AA ball here, loves his passion for the game and all out effort. He hits well and brings a lot to any team he is with. I lobbied hard for the Reds to sign him before he signed with the Rays.

      • WVRedlegs

        You can only platoon Joyce in the National League. He is dreadful against LH pitching. He can rake it vs. RH though. Thankfully for Joyce he gets more AB’s vs RH pitchers.
        After years of the Reds having a surplus of LH hitters, they now seem to be in a need for one.

  19. Shchi Cossack

    For the season, Phillips has a .692 OPS. Over the past 8 series, 23 games, Phillips has a .650 OPS. Over the past 4 series, 12 games, Phillips has a .629 OPS. Over the past 4 seasons, Phillips has regressed from an .810 OPS to a .750, 704 & .692 OPS. Last night, hitting cleanup, Phillips was 0-4 with a GIDP. For the season, Phillips leads the team in GIDP and Phillips has led the team in GIDP for the past 4 and 5 of the past 6 seasons. I’m not down on Phillips or blaming Phillips for what ails the Reds offense, but PLEASE(!) get Phillips out of the top half of the lineup. Just like Cozart (who has finished 2nd to Phillips in GIDP for the past 3 seasons), Phillips can play and fill a role for the Reds, but that role is simply not a hitter in the top half of the lineup. Wether or not WJ and Bryan (or anyone else) want to acknowledge the fact, Phillips is regressing offensively. Continuing to shoehorn Phillips into the top half of the lineup (just like shoehorning Cozart into the #2 hole) simply handcuffs the limited offensive capability of the team.

    If this team is going to achieve any offensive success (this season or next season), that success will be lead by Votto, Bruce, Frazier and Mesoraco. Those 4 players must hit in the top half of the lineup.

    • BigRedMike

      Bruce has struggled and Votto has been less productive than prior seasons, but, Phillips batting in the middle of the order is a significant factor in the Reds offensive struggles.
      Just have to hope that Bruce and Votto start to carry the team and the pitching hangs in there.
      Too many low OBP players at the top of the order

    • al

      Most of the supporters for Phillips and Cozart talk about their defensive contributions anyway. If that’s their calling card, fine, let it be. But hit them 7th and 8th.

      With Hamilton batting 6th and stealing, they might actually drive in some runs with singles too.


  20. chrislosolivos

    Before the season started, I said the outfield of Ludwick, Hamilton, and Bruce was the worst in baseball with apologies to Bruce. I’m about to withdraw the apology, but can’t believe this guy won’t start hitting soon. He’s streaky, yeah, but amazingly consistent when you consider end of season stats. He’s got a lot of catching up to do! Also, Phillips is the worst #3 or #4 hitter in baseball, but it’s all the grinning and junior high stuff that is really infuriating. If someone were to exit our season of disappointment, he’d be my choice. Have loved this team since 1958 . . . still have hope . . . still watching . . . just needed to vent today.

    • Mister D69

      It’s taking you this long to withdraw your apology to Bruce? Man, are you tolerant. I’m not: he stinks. There, I said it. Mid-June is not the time you decide to come around. By this time it’s pretty much season-over. Who cares what he does in August?

  21. chrislosolivos

    That’s the Umpqua River in west central Oregon. Beautiful place. Took a road trip there last fall from Santa Barbara.

  22. Drew

    When all is said and done, even with all their flaws, a night watching the Reds beats a night not. It’s a great game, and while this season may not end with a playoff shot, trust me not making the playoffs isn’t going to make this season any less fun in watching them play and seeing the developement of some good young players along the way.

    Also…with all the complaints going on here about field performance, I have one…Has anyone seen the prices the concessions are charging…OMG $4.50 for a bottle of water…now that is disturbing…

    • ToddAlmighty

      At least they let you bring stuff in now. Football you get patted down and can’t carry a bag or a bottle of water or anything in now. (I’m waiting to when they decide you need to take off your shoes too.) Baseball, they’re letting you bring more and more in. You are allowed to bring in a small soft-sided cooler filled with plastic bottles of water and pop.

    • Mister D69

      You pay for water? Why not just drink the lukewarm stuff which flows out of the water fountains? It’s free. So is the very hot stuff they provide you at the lavatories. (Nothing like hot water to wash your hands on a hot day.) Wait an hour and it will cool to ‘room’ temperature.

    • vared

      I haven’t made a game yet this year, but the $1.00 concessions on the right field side is a pretty good deal – relatively speaking at least. I assume it’s still there.

  23. Drew

    In the past we have brought coolers,just forgot them last week when we went over so were “kinda” thirsty and hadn’t gotten stuff from the concessions in a few years…next trip over next month the cooler will be in tow…

  24. charlottencredsfan

    Tonight’s lineup. Standard fare:

    BHam – cf
    Frazier – 3b
    Votto – 1b
    Phillips – 2b
    Bruce – rf
    Ludwick – lf
    Pena – c
    Cozart -ss
    Cueto – p

    Er, Go Reds!

    • al

      WIth a tough lefty on the mound, it is crazy to not have Mesoraco in the lineup.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Thankfully we don’t have personal catchers anymore. Bryan Price assured me so when he became manager.

      • Quiche

        Correct…never mind the splits vs. LHP (Pena: .188, Mesoraco: .393) and the fact that Cueto served up 4 ER in 5 innings last time out with his personal catcher. Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Mr. Price.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Oh, and Votto/Bruce won’t need to be split up by a righty, either.

    • Michael J Hampton

      Really like to have Mes in there with a lefty pitching and also with Pena having cooled off a bit. I’m not a Phillips hater/basher but I’m not crazy about him batting cleanup, but I’m not sure who you would put there without Mes in the lineup. Not much difference in Phillips and Ludwick and as I said, Pena has cooled off. Possibly Frazier, but I really like him in the 2-hole.

    • Whoa Bundy!

      It’s like Dusty never left. BP needs to be nowhere near clean up. Ludwick needs to be nowhere near the field. Mes needs to play. Ugh.

  25. WVRedlegs

    I wonder if the Reds could get LA to leave behind Scott Van Slyke when they leave town? He is one big dude at 6’5″ and 250. He’d look nice in LF, if he’d shave that awful beard. He has a nice stat history and a nice pedigree. Only 27 and makes ML minimum. Jocketty’s kind of guy, cheap.

    • Whoa Bundy!

      I like that idea. Maybe they can glue a beard on Ludwick and switch uniforms with Van Slyke and LA won’t know until they fly home.

  26. Whoa Bundy!

    What’s the deal with Ruben Gotay in the Bats? He seems to hit some. Is he a viable call up?

  27. Eric the Red

    It’s amazing that every time Cueto pitches we face a LHP. Now that Cueto has cooled off Price should break up the personal catcher thing, but there are arguments for giving Mes days off, and tomorrow is a day game so you could maybe possibly forgive having Peña catch tonight. But why can’t we catch a break and have Mes get the night off for Cueto with a RHP on the mound once in awhile?