Tonight’s game between the Reds and the Diamondbacks is headlined by the pitching matchup. Not because it features two aces or two 20-game winners or even two guys battling for a Cy Young Award. Instead, it features Bronson Arroyo pitching against the Reds for the first time after spending several years as a staple in the Reds rotation. Many of us here loved how the man with the flowing mane pitched while in Cincinnati and wished Bronson the best of luck after leaving the Reds. However, for one night, we hope that luck runs out.

In order for that to happen, the Reds will have to solve the problem they have faced for most of this season and that is learning how to hit. Most importantly, how to hit consistently over a stretch of a week, or two weeks, or a month. The lineup features some more changes and new faces in new positions. At least Brian Price isn’t afraid to switch it up. But will it work? Tune in at 9:40 to see.

1. Hamilton CF
2. Schumaker LF
3. Phillips 2B
4. Bruce RF
5. Frazier 3B
6. Bernadina 1B
7. Mesoraco C
8. Santiago SS
9. Leake P

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    • Vicferrari

      Guess you missed all the vents on the recap post once it was announced, just one more time from me, how can you not play Lutz against RHP? How can you start your fifth string firstman over him or Pena, especially when Bernadina has no MLB experience. When you try something radical as this, wnynot play Phillips at SS. You could have Pena and Lutz in this line-up in place of Santiago and Bernadina

  1. ToddAlmighty

    Pitcher who struggles against LHs. (Arroyo)

    Yet the guy who is hitting .118/.189/.147 in May (Bruce) and the guy who is hitting .146/.293/.188 on the YEAR (Bernadina) are in the game while a left handed batter who went 2-4, 2B against Zack Greinke in his only appearance this year (Lutz) rides the pine.

    Between their refusal to initially call up Lutz, and now their refusal to play Lutz, and their refusal to call up ANYONE to help the worst bullpen in all of baseball…. at what point do we as fans get the feeling that they are literally not trying to win this year?

    • ToddAlmighty

      I forgot that he removed two of the team’s three hottest hitters in Cozart and Pena. Actively attempting to lose now.

      • Vicferrari

        ??????, he is batting near .300 since late April despite the last few games. He is not great but adequate for a good fielding SS

      • Vicferrari

        Cozart actually getting some love? Agree, why is Lutz even brought up to show he can come off the bench a few times a week for a spot start,grooming him to be a 4th OFer?

  2. Vicferrari

    With all the whining about this offense and all the talk of all the weak bats, Mike Leake should not be immune from criticism. He really has had a horrible year save one game at the plate. He needs to step it up or might just be known as the 2nd best pitcher on the staff.


      Leake s/b be hitting no lower than 7th in this lineup….

      • Vicferrari

        Point being, sad state when your SP lets your offense down based on his batting


    roger bernadina is Price’s Corey Patterson

    • Vicferrari

      Bizarre is all I got to explain why he is on the team, I am a lot more comfortable with Ondrusek

  4. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    Really thought Lutz would get the start tonight. I’m extremely shocked he didn’t. He seems like the kind of hitter that you’d want in there to face Arroyo.

    • Vicferrari

      Saving him for that 7th inning rally to break-up the perfect game

  5. sergeant2

    Bronson Arroyo is Yoda to Mike Leake’s Luke Skywalker. May the force be with young Leake in his quest to become a Jedi pitcher. Go Reds!

      • sergeant2

        That doesn’t even make sense in relationship to my comment. But than again you never miss an opportunity to crap on the Reds.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Right with you Sarge, If we have to, we will clear this bar out. Figuratively that is.*:) happy

      • sergeant2

        Hah! That’s funny CHARLOTTENCREDSFAN. I’m with ya, we’ll clean this joint out.

  6. doublenohitter

    I would have benched phillips and put Lutz in left and Schumaker at 2nd.
    Phillips needs to stop posing for pictures before games and start focusing on winning.

    • Vicferrari

      Is Phillips really the problem?

      • Vicferrari

        Cueto is on the team too, what is your point, maybe they should start Stepheson since he had 2 crappy innings in the past 2 weeks that cost them games since he declared he was the best pitches in the MLB

  7. sergeant2

    Bottom of 2nd. Wainright on the mound: Giants 5 — Cardinals zero, zip, nada, nuttin’

    • charlottencredsfan

      Update: SF 5, STL 0.

      I’m tired of being negative about our team. If I can’t say something nice, I’m closing my big-old trap!

      Go Reds, let’s get this season rolling tonight!

      • sergeant2

        Nothing wrong with a Reds fan like you venting, venting is good for ones health. But there is at least one poser that starts the negative comments early, sometimes before the 1st inning is over, and it seems to set the tone of the thread the rest of the night. Go Reds!

      • Eric the Red

        Whineright has given up all those runs with a different catcher than he had in the Reds game. So maybe he won’t have to throw to this bum–some guy named Molina–and he can have his Cruz as his personal catcher going forward 🙂

      • charlottencredsfan

        It’s not me though, just letting the frustration get to me. I have the Reds back just like normal.

      • Vicferrari

        Bashing the WLB counts as optimistic right

      • charlottencredsfan

        It’s not only counts, it’s a requirement when you take your Reds Fan Oath.😊

  8. ToddAlmighty

    Mesoraco’s May: .214/.267/.476
    Mesoraco’s Year: .348/.398/.640
    *Bats 7th*

    Bruce’s May: .118/.189/.147
    Bruce’s Year: .192/.311/.320
    *Bats 4th*

    There’s so much confusing and completely nonsensical stuff in this lineup that I have no choice but to assume that this is a blatant attempt at trying to intentionally lose. That’s not even touching the fact that Bernadina who’s hit ..146/.293/.188 this year and NEVER PLAYED FIRST BASE IN HIS MAJOR OR MINOR LEAGUE CAREER is starting there, while Lutz who hit .337/.400/.654 in the minors this year and is 2-4, 2B in the majors this year, and actually plays first base is sitting on the bench.

    • Vicferrari

      Fretting over who hits where is not the main issue, Bernadina and Santiago and playing and Lutz and Pena are not. Very valid and confusing why the 1st baseman is playing.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Bernadina is 7 for 10 against BA.

      • vared

        Okay – that’s a fair point I certainly didn’t know. So maybe put him in the outfield?

      • Eric the Red

        7 for 10, with 2 2B and a walk.

  9. Eric the Red

    My theory: assuming Lutz isn’t hurt or sick, maybe Price thinks the matchup of AA hitter and Bronson’s wizardry with breaking balls is a bad one. And the big outfield in Arizona is no place for Lutz to be getting his feet wet in LF, but he’ll probably be at 1st the next two games.

    More likely, though, Lutz is hurt or sick.

  10. doublenohitter

    Yeah, the Bernadina to first is a head scratcher but, hey, maybe he goes 4-4 and has 2 outstanding plays in the field.

  11. charlottencredsfan

    Hopefully our guys are sick & tired of being sick & tired. Hate to take it out on Bronson but he is the guy standing out there on the mound.

    • Vicferrari

      Would have been a lot happier with the result last night if BA pitched, and could just whole heartedly root for a 10 spot tonight

  12. wildwestlv

    Here in Sin City, I’m getting the D-Backs feed (could switch to my MLB.TV, but I fear Thom’s ramblings): They CANNOT stop gushing about last night’s complete game shutout by * (* I can’t bring myself to write out that dude’s name). Let’s hope Arizona jinxes itself in this afterglow.

  13. Dale Pearl

    Mike Leake is a Red that is all I know. That is who I am cheering on. Bronson…. I liked him as a Red but he now plays for the enemy so he isn’t getting any love from me. My prediction is Reds win 10-2.

  14. jas428

    This is desperate. Heisey is not a good match for BA, but why has he been in Price’s doghouse? What am I missing about Lutz? Why not trade the players they don’t intend to play?

    • Vicferrari

      Or at least let Lutz get experience at AAA? Another very bad move and use of their 40 man roster

  15. wildwestlv

    Pretty…pretty…pretty…good. Not.

  16. charlottencredsfan

    Anybody else getting the “Media Error” when accessing the game on MLB.TV?

    • Eric the Red

      Yes. I got the 1st pitch to Hamilton, and the lost it and can’t get any game to work. Glad to know it isn’t just me.

  17. Eric the Red

    Anybody else have go out on them?

    • Vicferrari

      Anybody have their MLB dreams for 2014 slowly go out on them?

  18. wildwestlv

    D-Backs announcers now noticing that Bernadina has NEVER played 1B. They are…curious.

  19. wildwestlv

    NIce defense, of course, by Leake. Let’s get some runs!

  20. sergeant2

    Marty said Santiago had the ball in his glove before the runner was halfway to 3rd but Santiago never even looked that way. Fundamentals schumdamentals, who needs em. C’mon get it together Redlegs. Go Reds!

    • Vicferrari

      I am at a point that if Marty has any thing negative to say I am skeptical that it is fact

  21. Dale Pearl

    Cardinals announced that they are promoting Oscar Taveras to the majors. Taversas is ranked #5 I believe on ML top prospects list.

    • Vicferrari

      Must be nice to have help at AAA and you are not looking at AA for help

  22. charlottencredsfan

    Okay, maybe that will get JBruce going,

  23. charlottencredsfan

    Bryan Price is a genius.

  24. wildwestlv

    *Crossing fingers for classic Bronson meltdown. (*that felt weird)

  25. wildwestlv

    He’s…not…throwing this one to us. Is he?

  26. Dale Pearl

    wow. Putting mes in that slot hole is something else. I bet everyone questioned Price on that one. Now he is looking pretty smart about things.

  27. charlottencredsfan

    Been a while since we have seen that one. Go Billy Go!

  28. Vicferrari

    Looks like we get bad Bronson, thanks Arroyo, good luck being Good Bronson the rest of the season, probably another 15-12 solid season

  29. wildwestlv

    I need a cattle prod, stat, along the Reds’ lineup. Keep this up.

  30. sergeant2

    Might be less about the lineup, and more about the team getting embarrassed last night. Redemption is sweet, and payback is a ….. Go Reds!

  31. PRoseFutureHOFer

    Greatest defensive second baseman of all time. Glad DatDude plays for my team.

    • Vicferrari

      As usual, thought I saw some stat he is the only pitcher this season to go 6 innings in all his starts, expect another one tonight….hopefully

  32. Ellis Henry

    Devin is the future of this team.

    • Vicferrari

      Wonder if the psychology of hitting 3rd or 4th wears on most hitters, maybe you “manage” his development hitting him 5th, 6th, 7th this year, his turn around has been stunning and I like his Friday AB’s…

  33. sergeant2

    Has there been any reports on how Jeff “Cowboy” Brantley is doing, and when he is due back.

    • charlottencredsfan

      No. It would be great to know how he is doing. Quite a guy that Jeff Brantley.

  34. Ellis Henry

    Leake and Arroyo had a moment. Cute.

  35. charlottencredsfan

    Wow. Great throw by BHam.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Even though Bernadina missed the cut-off.

  36. VaRedsFan

    5 outs this inning…..not counting Billy’s ill advised throw home

    • charlottencredsfan

      He threw right in the lane for a cut-off, I don’t think that one is on him. Bernadina showing his lack of experience on that play as he was late getting to the lane.

      • VaRedsFan

        rewind on the DVR showed a good throw. Roger jumped to catch it, but pulled his glove back as if he wasn’t told to cut it.

      • charlottencredsfan

        It did look reasonably close at the plate but did Mes drop the throw too? I can’t rewind to view it. Will have to wait until after the game.

  37. Ellis Henry

    This team looks uninspired. Latos or Votto?

  38. Michael Maffie

    That ball might have been a homer at GABP. The center field fence is 10 feet shorter at the Reds home park.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Left center in this park reminds of right center field at ATT.

  39. Dale Pearl

    There must be an entire science to batting orders that we as fans never get to see or understand. It must transcend any form of stat.

    • Michael Maffie

      Im not really sure how something can “transcend” a stat. There is random variation that makes modeling unreliable, or data that cannot be quantified, but neither of these things “transcend” modeling.

      Im a little skeptical there is a super-secret lineup construction idea that no former MLB player or manager has ever revealed to the public.

    • Vicferrari

      I do not think there is much science other than try to get your best hitters the most AB possible, your better power hitters in the 3rd or 4th slot and your worst hitters hitting last so they bat less often in the long run, I would think not putting your LH back to back might puts you at more of an advantage in late innings that would outweigh who bats 3rd thru 6th

    • Dale Pearl

      it appears to me that some hitters don’t like the pressure of batting #4 or #5. Ohter batters don’t see the ball as well if someone is standing on second base. Other batters might be distracted by who is in the on deck circle. That sort of thing. No way to calculate for those variations in a stat.

  40. RedAlert

    Reds gonna need ten runs to win this game

    • jcredlegs

      They’ve got all they’re gonna get against Bronson.

  41. wildwestlv

    Where’s my cattle prod? This lineup is starting to slumber…again. Are smelling salts still legal?

  42. sergeant2

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t put Scott from Scott’s in a wood chipper yet.

  43. RedAlert

    There is just a gaping offensive void at the shortstop position in this team – pick your poison

    • Vicferrari

      So say half of teh MLB teams, most wish they had the solid defense Cozart provides, there are bigger needs on this team, 1B, LF, RF, CF, and middle relief not the worse things to fill if you got a healthy Votto and Bruce

    • kywhi1

      Aside from being spoiled by Concepcion and Larkin, shortstop in Cincinnati (as has been the case with most MLB clubs) has pretty much always suffered an “offensive void,” don’t you think?

  44. RedAlert

    What he crap you laughing about Leake – that’s the freaking problem with this team – too laid back , happy go lucky

  45. wildwestlv

    Sorry, Ludwick lovers. Skip can cover LF with (relative) youthful ease.

      • Vicferrari

        How are the Padres doing???, outside of knowing the WLB’s are losing the Reds have as much chance of a playoff spot as SD

  46. charlottencredsfan

    Arroyo appears to be in a grove now and working very quickly too.

    • sergeant2

      Typical Arroyo, struggle early, and than get in a groove for several innings.

    • Michael Maffie

      Im worried about that, too. Arroyo is most effective when hitters are too aggressive. I haven’t been tracking this too closely, but it feels like the second time through the lineup we have been swinging early in the count.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Looked like we were swinging early in the first innings but BA adjusted. Can the Reds adjust to Bronson’s adjustment? I could be wrong as I wasn’t counting pitches but I think it was mentioned that the Reds got the 4 hits, in the second, on 5 pitches.

  47. RedAlert

    Vintage Arroyo – bad news for ‘Reds –

  48. RedAlert

    Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming –

  49. RedAlert

    And Bryan Price’s mastermind out of position lineup pays dividends again – that bunt was going foul Bernadina !

  50. wildwestlv

    I want Leake in there for, at least, 120. This lineup has to man up. Now.

  51. hof13

    Bronson has got it together now. Reds are gonna have to wait til the 7th now.

  52. sergeant2

    Boy did we need that run, and we need to get a few more, you know, just in case.

  53. jcredlegs

    My crow is tasting pretty good right about now.

  54. jcredlegs

    Why does this team constantly run itself into outs? Just amazing.

  55. charlottencredsfan

    Really nice play Ramon!

  56. RedAlert

    This team just can’t help itself – most stupid , dumbest baserunning team I have ever seen. – the world ain’t right unless the Reds commit a TOOTBLAN every single game – maybe if Price would start fining players for that , players would think twice – oh , but that would mean they have to be accountable -so forget that happening

  57. sergeant2

    If Bernadina attempted that steal on his own, that tells me that Price does not run a tight ship. Apparently Bernadina is not worried about getting chewed out by the manager. I hope Price is learning what its going to take to be a winning manager.

    • jcredlegs

      I don’t think he has it in him. I really don’t.

    • Darrin Langley

      i don’t think price has any idea what it takes to be a winning manager, it doesn’t help when 90% of your squad is below average. i shudder to think where they’d be if mes hadn’t been playing way past expectations. i like frazier, he’s a baller, but when he’s arguably the best player on the team, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

      • Vicferrari

        What is the strategy get better players, because I like that strategy

      • Darrin Langley

        yes, and a more capable manager……..if it were only that easy. i figured they’d be lucky to finish 500 this year…..but i didn’t think they’d look as bad as they have.

      • CP (@nomoresalads)

        If only Sparky Anderson was still alive, Price could ask him how to get 3 HOF-worthy players (also, Tony Perez).

  58. wildwestlv

    Bucs are up on the Dodgers. 1-0. They, too, are still ahead of the Reds, last I checked.

    • Vicferrari

      Just imagine if they evened out the 5-2 series so far…

  59. CP (@nomoresalads)

    Why exactly is Bernadina trying to steal such a huge mistake? The situation was appropriate, and he’s pretty decent at stealing bases.

    Oh, you guys are just being super negative? Carry on then.

    • jcredlegs

      Your best RBI guy at the plate? You don’t run in that situation.

      • RedAlert

        Why ? – he has good speed and us already in scoring position – scores easily on base hit – ain’t like reds can’t use every run they can get

    • wildwestlv

      Whew is right. We are F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G this one out…against the team with the second-worst record in MLB. I hope we win, of course, but there still are TWO more games to go. And then we face off against the Giants: the team with the best record in MLB.

      • Vicferrari

        Totally agree with your first point, this game should not be an issue and the Reds are reeling so much, I follow and I see so many reasons why the intangibles show this team is going nowhere, I just do not want to rroot for Bernadina and if they had reversed about 4 losses I would I probably owuld be fired up at this point

  60. L.A. Red

    I’m glad the call stands, but Instant Replay is a joke.

    There have been many calls the Reds should have gotten already this year that weren’t overturned and many that should have been.

    Price shouldn’t even bother challenging unless its painfully obvious the call was wrong. Its just not worth it.

    • hof13

      Totally agree with this. They are not overturning unless it is clear.

  61. hof13

    I didn’t think that would be overturned, it was far too close a play.

  62. Vicferrari

    Leake is discouraging as a long term solid 2 or 3 starter as he looks ready to make that leap but tonight he faces a little diversity from defensive inadequacies and he is having trouble holding the lead and keeping a crappy team off the board. No doubt he is a solid 4 or 5 but I really want him to pass Bailey as the more dependable starter irrationally… and I hope Bailey will be as good as his xFIP projects

    • Michael Maffie

      Leake is having a great year — his best so far. ERA under 3, FIP in the mid-3s, already 0.7 fWAR.

      Tonight he is facing a team that has seven of their 8 starters with an OBP above .300.

  63. charlottencredsfan

    AJ Pollack is impressive.

    • Michael Maffie

      he is at 1.8 bWAR already, which at 5m/WAR means if he were a free agent he would be paid….

      Im just kidding. We’ve talked finance enough for one day.

      • jas428

        There’s got to be a washed up former Cardinal available for WJ to sign.

      • charlottencredsfan

        I don’t even want to see any money for a week.😊

  64. RedAlert

    How bout no Ondrusuck , Marshall , parra, or Hoover tonight – please !!!! their cans should just about be out of gas by now as much raging infernos as they have created lately –

    • Vicferrari

      Price going all in. question not using Leake for one more inning, not I run over 3 innings is too much to ask from 3 pitches, too much of a chance someone is not on

    • jcredlegs

      Demonstrating yet again Price doesn’t know what he’s doing.

      • VaRedsFan

        Single and rbi double….whatever

      • jcredlegs

        Defensive replacement. Lutz should have stayed in.

    • Vicferrari

      So who replaces him, Soto is in AAA?

      • preacherj

        What!?! He’s already burnt. Put him in at his natural position.

  65. charlottencredsfan

    Sam LeCure: “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies”. God if we could get a roster full of Sam LeCures. I don’t think the guy even has sweat glands.

    • Vicferrari

      Hear ya, I just feel that he will eventually come back to reality, outside of that delayed game start he has to disappoint, more than solid despite the talk he is injured

  66. ChrisInVenice

    Sammy! After Cueto, LeCure is the guy I want to make a pitch.

    • Vicferrari

      There are about 6 guys with more talent and I am having a hard time arguing who I want ahead of him, he makes you feel inspired

      • charlottencredsfan

        If the game is in Sam’s hands, I can sleep like a baby.

      • Vicferrari

        Then you miss the 8th and the 9th or the Reds are losing????

  67. VaRedsFan

    Their Marshall is better than ours.

    • preacherj

      LOL…..and a few tears as well.

  68. L.A. Red

    Interesting watching game on and Dbacks announcers say Skip went and got a high profile player from clubhouse because he didn’t come out for BP with the team. Anybody know who the player was?

    And I like that by the way…way to go SKIP we need some accountability! Right Walt?

  69. wildwestlv

    Reds are now batting against some guy, NOBODY has heard of. And going down, in order.

    • jcredlegs

      That’s because they’re soooo good at tacking on runs.

  70. wildwestlv

    Brew Crew will win, Cards lost and Bucs are up 2-0.

  71. wildwestlv

    Sign up Broxton & trade Chapman for some bats.

    • jcredlegs

      Broxton is already signed up and I think we can get more than bats for Chapman. But I agree with the sentiment.

  72. charlottencredsfan

    Broxton reminds me a little of Hoss Cartwright.

    • wildwestlv

      As a closer, he’d be as fine as Coco. Meaning he’d save as much as Aroldis Chapman, only, not getting the highlights. Let’s start selling in areas that completely make sense.

      • Vicferrari

        Broxton is a good a Chapman… as a closer not many may argue with, trade Chapman with Cingrani as your 7th or 8th inning set-up man, get Latos pitching in Simon’s turn the upside of Chapman starting I cannot comprehend, I would at least like the comfort of knowing he just cannot start games, go 6 over 3 months

    • Vicferrari

      Broxton reminds me of nothing because he has been unbelievable this season

    • sergeant2

      Grew up watching Bonanza, I can hear the theme music now. Hoss was my favorite Cartwright. Dan Blocker who played Hoss was an underrated actor, he was a very good actor.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Man, I loved that show. Big old teddy bear but just make sure to stay on the right side of the big guy.

  73. jcredlegs

    If not for Devin Mesoraco this team is in last place looking up at the Cubs. Go Mesoraco go! He’s quickly become my favorite Red.

    • Vicferrari

      There is so much about this that depresses me… especially since I cannot argue against it

  74. Ellis Henry

    I refer back to my “Devin is the future” comment. Bourbon shot!

    • wildwestlv

      Agreed. Mesoraco is the foundation, going forward. Not scared, mans up. Hits.

  75. Whoa Bundy!

    Mes is a man. He is what the other reds should aspire to be.

    • charlottencredsfan

      He and Todd are strong like bull!😊

  76. Dale Pearl

    The reds better start training mes to shag fly balls, play the hot corner and hold down first. The reds need this guy in the lineup every single day

    • preacherj

      I think he can throw a slider…….hhmmm….

    • Vicferrari

      But where is Bernadina going to play?

      • preacherj

        He can catch. I think he did it once in high school

  77. preacherj

    Ya gotta love all three of the catchers we have used this season.

  78. preacherj

    It’s still hard to get excited after that epic fail last night. I’m trying. Help me, Sarge. Pick up a buddy.

    • sergeant2

      Anytime this lineup put together from spare parts wins, you have to be excited. The fact they came back from an embarrassing loss is encouraging. Go Reds!

  79. charlottencredsfan

    Fun game, beats the heck out of last night. Can we get on a roll? Stay tuned and find out.