Some notes and observations from down on the farm.

AAA Louisville Bats

The Reds have made a recent rash of minor league player signings.  They’ve inked RHP Carlos Marmol, RHP Jair Jurrjens, LHP Matt Maloney, RHP Adam Russell, C Lou Marson, and 1B Shelley Duncan.  Recent departures are LHP Jeff Francis, C Max Ramirez, and OF Mike Wilson.  Marmol and Jurrjens have both shown various levels of success in the bigs.  Marmol is fighting control issues and Jurrgens is battling injuries. Neither has been assigned to a roster as of yet.  Maloney and Russell have both been added to the Bat’s roster to bolster a staff that has lost Francis to an Oakland waiver claim, Holmberg to a DL stint for a shoulder strain, and Jumbo Diaz to the temporarily inactive list.  While Marson has been yet to be assigned, Duncan is off to slow start with Bat’s.  With Marson unassigned, Ramirez released, and Corky Miller on the temporarily inactive list, it will be interesting to see where Marson is placed, best guess here is at AA.  Stay tuned to see where everyone lands.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The SP at AA Pensacola continues to be strong.  Michael Lorenzen (1.99 ERA) and Jon Moscot (2.44) lead the staff.  Top prospects Robert Stephenson (3.26) and Daniel Corcino (3.66) are putting up solid seasons thus far also where the league average ERA is 3.77.  It’s a bit puzzling why the Red’s felt the need to stock up on waiver wire releases to bolster the AAA rotation when one would think that at least one if these guys would might be ready for a promotion.  Also of note here is that the super toolsy OF duo of Yorman Rodriguez (.245/.288/.343/.630) and Juan Duran (.221/.274/.368/.642) are struggling big time with AA pitching.

High A Bakersfield Blaze

I’m pleased to report that Jesse Winker (.324/.425/.520/.945) continues to hit at A+.  I’m hoping that he is a midseason promotion to AA which could help to mark his arrival in the bigs at about a year from now if he continues hitting at AA and AAA.  Also of note, catching convert David Vidal (.400/.538/.867/1.405) continues his hot start at the plate.  I’ll have to keep my eyes out for information on how his catching skills are coming along.

Low A Dayton Dragons

I don’t think anyone would have scripted Phil Ervin’s (.211/.275/.302/.576) next 222 PA to look like that after his terrific start in professional baseball last year.  On a bright note, he has stolen 17 bases without being caught.  Let’s hope something clicks soon and he makes the adjustments he needs to make to start looking like the player we saw last season.  Also note that Sebastian Elizalde (.326/.456/.556/1.012) continues to put up great numbers at Dayton.

7 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    Any idea what is going on with Jumbo (and the Corskster) with TIL status? Is that the same as the 7 day minor league DL?

    The struggles of the supposedly hot prospects at AA and below just underscores why most of them are and should remain largely anonymous to most of us until they start looking like top prospects at AA and higher.

    I think the hoarding of pitchers at AAA could be an attempt to build a pool of MLB usable arms in the event of the trading of MLB pitching for MLB ready level position player(s).

    • Shchi Cossack

      Not positive, but I believe Jumbo is on paternity leave.

  2. Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

    I also am a bit befuddled as to why Stephenson at least hasn’t been promoted instead of the signing of all the AAAA pitchers. The Reds triple A team is full of Mlb castoffs and useless players. Hopefully the Reds can turn it around this season and make a run but if not they should really consider promoting a few of these top prospects up a level or so just to see what they can do. Maybe some will be ready to show off their skills in spring training next year.

  3. hotto4votto

    YRod was hitting much better before a DL stint. Since he’s came back he hasn’t been able to hit at all.

    I would like to see Winker move up and Elizalde move up to take his place. Neither of them have a lot left to prove at their levels.

    Also at Dayton, Carlton Daal is hitting really well, but with suspect defense at SS.

    Interesting theory on hoarding pitchers at AAA in the event of midseason trades.

  4. redmountain

    I think you will see a lot more movement in the next weeks. Moving players up a judgement call. You do not want to move players up too fast, but you also do not want them to get bored or discouraged by putting up big numbers and not moving a player up.

  5. Shchi Cossack

    Vidal’s defensive skills behind the dish are still a serious work in progress, but the resurgence of his bat has been unexpectedly spectacular. Vidal can be counted on for a passed ball per outing right now. His arm is sufficient but his footwork and glove work still lag significantly behind even A+ expectations. I doubt that Vidal will ever make an appearance in the show as a starting or backup catcher, but his increased versatility as a 3rd catcher and utility IF could pave a path to the show. It worked for Soto! His bat will probably drive his prospect status and opportunities, but that’s not unusual for any position player.

  6. Captain Hook

    There is a school of thought that says the difference in talent at AA and AAA is not that significant…which is probably why Lutz started the season at AA even though he has more talent and MLB experience than our AAA outfielders. More important than whether a player is at AA or AAA is whether he is getting consistent at bats.