Some notes and observations from down on the farm.

AAA Louisville Bats

Recently promoted LF/1B Donald Lutz continues to swing a hot bat.  After slashing .360/.412/.685/1.098 in 97 PA at AA Pensacola, he has a .250/.357/.583/.940 line in his first 14 PA at AAA Louisville.  With the parent clubs star 1B going onto the DL, one has to wonder if Lutz might not be getting the call to the big leagues soon since he is the most attractive prospect in the minors that could fill in at 1B and is already a member of the 40 man roster.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The SP at AA Pensacola continues to be strong.  Michael Lorenzen (2.26 ERA) and Jon Moscot (2.11) lead the staff.  Top prospects Robert Stephenson (3.74) and Daniel Corcino (3.91) are putting up solid seasons thus far also where the league average ERA is 3.76.  It will be interesting to see which of these hurlers gets the nod when it comes time to promote someone up to AAA.

High A Bakersfield Blaze

In his seconed season at A+ Bakersfield, 24 year old 2B Ryan Wright is off to .314/.338/.505/.844 start in 195 PA.  Wright put up a good .285/.343/.424/.767 line at A Dayton in 2012, but then followed that up last season with a dissapointing .265/.311/.384/.695 line in high offense California League.  Wright is second on the team to Marquez Smith in both HR and 2B.  While the power surge is encouraging, his walk rate has dropped from its previous levels this year.  Nice to see him rebounding this season and hope to see him at AA soon.

Low A Dayton Dragons

Tanner Rahier is a 20 year 3B who is reapeating this year at A Dayton.  Rahier spent all of last season at Dayton where he struggled with a .222/.252/.320/.571 line.  But note that last season he bypassed advanced Rookie league Billings where I had expected to see him assigned, especially after putting up a .192/.266/.311/.577 line with the Rookie AZL Reds the year before.  Rahier has rebounded very nicely this season with a .288/.345/.444/.789 line in 172 PA.  He could be another promotion candidate in the near future.

12 Responses

  1. zaglamir

    I think you’re quite correct in thinking Lutz will get the call. It simply doesn’t make sense for the major league club to attempt get by with Soto.

    I also hope to see Stephenson move up the ladder by July. I think giving him a few months of AAA seasoning would be a great move for the organization.

    • Dale Pearl

      Lutz short term numbers at the show last year are better than many of the guys currently on our 25

      • Shchi Cossack

        And last season in the show probably comes pretty close to his bottom (.241/.254/.310) as far as potential. Lutz was not playing particularly well (.211/.294/.513) before his call up to the show last season. Lutz’ power potential has always been top shelf but his lack of pitch recognition and plate discipline reflected his inexperience. The major league pitchers effectively exploited his lack of experience and lack of plate discipine during his 1st trip to the show, but the Big Lutz learned an invaluable lesson from his introduction to major league pitching and made adjustments during the off season. This season in AA, Lutz has demonstrated much better plate discipline and pitch recognition (.360/.412/.685).

        What the Old Cossack really struggles to understand is why Lutz was the best option to replace Ludwick in LF last season when Lutz was playing poorly and Lutz hasn’t been an option at all this season to replace Bruce and Votto when Lutz is playing spectacularly, especially considering the other available options last season and this season.

      • the next janish

        Really the million dollar question for WJ- Why has Lutz not been called up? And then of course why hasn’t jumbo been called up? (If you called them both up they could save money on the cab; a penny saved is a penny earned) 🙂

      • Shchi Cossack

        If Wj wants to call up Jumbo and the Big Lutz as a package, I will personally drive my mini Cooper to pick them up and deliver them to GABP. Uh, on second thought, that might be quite a load for the Coop!

      • Aaron Bradley

        You are better off trying to predict the weather than guessing Jocketty’s thought processes.

  2. hotto4votto

    Beware of power numbers in the Cal-league, as far as Wright is concerned.

    As far as Big Lutz, I’ve been waiting for his call up for a while now. Still waiting. And while we’re at it, why not give Chris Nelson a shot and send Soto down, he’s providing nothing of value for the Reds. At least Nelson has a small track record of producing in the Majors. It can’t be any worse that what we’re getting now.

    • Bill Lack

      Chris Nelson isn’t on the 40, he’s unlikely to be called up.

      • hotto4votto

        But there’s an open spot currently…and Bernadina can be DFA’d. There’s always a way to find room.

  3. JRS1972

    is Corcino really even in the same league as a prospect as Stephenson? I thought he had edged his way more into organizational depth at this point.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Corcino is in a position where he must reestablish himself as a prospect at this point. Although Corcino has never sniffed a major league roster, I liken his situation to Volquez. Corcino has excellent pure ‘stuff’, but he has simply been unable to harness his talent, after repeated opportunities.

  4. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Hi, Everyone, sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been busy.

    I was just checking the minors. I didn’t notice much on “infield potential” coming up. I mean, MLB draft central has for our current minor leagues prospects all OF’s and P’s, except Tucker. No IF’s at all. I looked through the stats on and saw only Gotay in Louisville with any kind of decent numbers. With the movement up/down in the minors, I’m sure I’m missing something. Can someone assist? Am I missing something?