According to Bryan Price, Joey Votto says the knee has been bothering him for a couple of weeks, but yesterday was the first time he thought it had inhibited his play. Prior to that, Votto had said he thought “he could play through it” (Sheldon). As reported earlier, Votto is not with the team in Philadelphia and had an MRI earlier today. As of 3:45 p.m., Price was saying he hadn’t heard the MRI results.

Update: The MRI shows it isn’t a knee injury but a quad strain (Sheldon). No DL move right now. This is excellent news.

Devin Mesoraco is activated and in the lineup tonight, batting fifth. First time he’s hit ahead of Ryan Ludwick, I believe. That’s progress.

Tony Cingrani has been announced as Sunday’s starter, as I suspected. Rotation for Washington: Leake, Cueto and Simon (assuming no further weather-based postponements).

Brayan Peña, who has played a handful of innings in the major leagues at first base, is making the first start of his major league career at that position for the Reds tonight and batting seventh.

The Reds had to make two roster moves relative to their game last night. They had to send the 26th player back down and also had to make room for Mesoraco. They’ve DFA’d Jeff Francis, who was out of options. And they’ve send Nick Christiani to AAA.

When asked, Price said the Reds were not going to be playing short-handed tonight. Since even Joey Votto can’t contribute from 600 miles away, that means he’s going to be placed on the DL and another roster move will be announced by the Reds.

For what it’s worth, the radio broadcast team was saying last night that they had been hearing speculation from the team that Jay Bruce may be back as early as the *Washington* series, which would be this Monday. Please, yes.

There is no rain in the forecast for the Philadelphia area from now through the end of the game tonight.

20 Responses

  1. Richard Fitch

    left distal quadriceps strain, to be precise.

  2. CP

    Good news!

    The bad news is that we have to listen to uneducated speculation for the remainder of the year.

  3. al

    Wow, the Reds really have no backup 1B. If you’re not going to play Neftali Soto in this situation, you should have kept Chris Nelson, or gotten someone else. If Soto isn’t your backup 1B when Votto gets hurt, he has no place on the team.

    • Vicferrari

      you must have a back-up emergency catcher, when your back-up catcher is playing first base, your back-up 1B is needed to spot the back-up catcher who would have been your 3rd catcher had your back-up 1B been a major league hitter…you obviously know nothing about MLB roster situations

    • Robby20

      Amen. Not much support on this site for the view that someone should be held accountable for this roster but I’ m with you. There really is no excuse for it to be this thin. Good news about Votto’s knee I also agree that doesn’t mean he’ll be back tomorrow either. Votto likely will need to sit a little more often going forward so he doesn’t fatigue his legs.

  4. al

    The curious thing is that they aren’t putting Votto on the DL right now, per Sheldon. So I guess we are playing shorthanded tonight.

  5. Michael Maffie

    Wait, does the MRI mean the fire sale is over? Did we trade anyone yet? What should I do with all my Reds 2017 gear?

    • Chaswell

      And I literally JUST traded my Votto jersey for a six pack, well, Hell.

    • Vicferrari

      I was so looking forward to getting excited about 2016, the next Brandon Clausen, Wily Mo, and Phil Dumatrait are out there

  6. Chaswell

    This is an extremely logical scenario, let’s see how the typical illogical Reds react

  7. Michael J Hampton

    I like Lutz and would like to see what he can do. Although his numbers weren’t great, I thought he handled the situation well, under the circumstances, when he was called up last year. And he is killing AA pitching so far this year. The only question is his hamstring.

  8. Kurt Frost

    He sucks/is old/is scared of RBI/washed up and should be placed on irrevocable waivers immediately in hopes that some stupid team will claim him and he can drag down their offense with walks and baserunners.

  9. RedsfanPa

    Good news on Votto, a sigh of relief. Hoping they are cautious with this, we need him to get healthy. Same with Jay, we need him but don’t want him to rush things till he is healthy.

  10. docmike

    No way Frazier hits in the #7 hole, especially behind Donald Lutz. I had posted this on the other Votto thread, but here is my optimal lineup (with everybody healthy):


    If Lutz was playing in LF (or Heisey), just plug them into the #7 spot.

  11. Dale Pearl

    Let the guy rest for a few days and re-evaluate. Put him on the DL its a no brainer with your 20 million dollar investment. The guy is not up to par, surely Mesoraco/Pena/Barnhart can cover first and catching duties. It takes about 10 minutes to learn how to play first and of course getting a larger glove.

    • hof13

      If you believe what was in “Moneyball”, Hattieburg would disagree with that statement.

  12. Dale Pearl

    Julio Franco is trying to make a comeback at 55. Surely he can hit better than Soto…. but can he cover first?

  13. Dale Pearl

    Nice post. Looks like the Reds have several pitchers ready to move up to the next level A to AA, AA to AAA. Hopefully they don’t take forever in making it so. The DFA makes room for at least one person to go up doesn’t it? When a pitcher in particular is in their 30’s and still struggling to find their groove in the minors it would seem like they are just filling a void until the team can find someone else to fill it.

  14. david silverwood

    I still believe the Reds need another hitter and a little less confusion in the bullpen,also the whole season rest on maintaining a great starting rotation—we are better than the Brew crew.