If you purchased a Redleg Nation hat, shirt or cooler during our recent fundraising drive, thank you again.

The coolers and hats arrived on scheduled, so if you ordered an individual item and it was one of those two, you should have received it. We’ve seen a few of you remark in the comments that you have.

Unfortunately, our t-shirt supplier has not been as prompt. It’s now two weeks after their promised delivery date and they still haven’t shipped, although we have hope that we’ll receive them by the end of this week.

So if you ordered a t-shirt, either individually or as part of ordering all three items, we haven’t shipped anything to you yet. Believe me, we’re eager to get these items in your hands (and on your heads).

Don’t forget to send us (redlegnation2014@gmail.com) a picture of you repping RN swag and we’ll put it up on our Tumblr site.

Here’s a picture of RN editor, Mike Maffie, proudly sporting his brand new Redleg Nation hat: