The Reds look to go for the series victory in tonight’s game against the Rockies.  Alfredo Simon looks to continue his stellar pitching thus far through the season by attempting to lower his 1.99 ERA on the year even more.

Walk-off wins are fun and all, but I sure wouldn’t mind an easy Reds victory tonight.  If there is such a thing!  Discuss the game here Reds fans!

1. Schumaker CF
2. Pena C
3. Phillips 2B
4. Votto 1B
5. Frazier 3B
6. Ludwick LF
7. Bernadina RF
8. Cozart SS
9. Pena P

162 Responses

    • hof13

      If this high school kid can do it with a football, why not Pena with a baseball?

  1. Shchi Cossack

    Not a lot of data for the Reds hitters against Lyles, but they seem to match up well. Let’s hope that Pena doesn’t wear himself out handling both pitching and catching duties tonight (eh Chris?). The lefties for the Reds seem to matchup well against Lyles and Cozart has owned Lyles (only 8 PA).

  2. Shchi Cossack

    I hope Simon can get off to a fast start against the Rox rather than spotting them early and having to hold them while the Reds bats wake up.

  3. Steve Mancuso

    I’m in section 127 tonight 9th row right over the Reds on deck circle. Sun is out right now but risk of rain in the forecast in about an hour. Looks like a big crowd. Lots happening outside the stadium in The Banks area. Rockies batting practice now.

    • Kurt Frost

      It wasn’t supposed to rain in Louisville past morning and it’s been pouring off and on all afternoon.

    • VaRedsFan

      Isn’t it Homer bobblehead day?

  4. Steve Mancuso

    Good to see Jay Bruce here in uniform.

  5. vegastypo

    I think Price said one more day for Hamilton. If he said anything about Mes, I missed it.

  6. VaRedsFan

    if you wait one more day on either, they get two because of the off day.

  7. Eric NYC

    I just noticed that Chapman was in the mob around Joey last night. Guess this decision was made days ago. Not sure why he wasn’t activated last night. He was on a days rest.

  8. Eric NYC

    I’ve got a bad feeling this is the game Simon comes back to earth. Glad we won last night.

  9. al

    i really wish latos would have come back before alfredo simon turned back into a pumpkin.

  10. VaRedsFan

    could be a lot of HRs tonight as the ump isn’t calling the low strike.

  11. Dale Pearl

    Speaking of Simon coming back to earth…. Is this batting practice or has the game started? Sad to hear rumors floating around tha Latos is not even remotelyclose to coming back, and some saying not even this year.

    • Eric NYC

      Source? Last I heard they were aiming for mid to late May. He’s been throwing.

    • vegastypo

      Last I heard, he was still long-tossing, not yet on mound. Haven’t heard anything in the order of months away …

  12. Eric NYC

    I hope LeCure is feeling good tonight. Probably see him by the 4th.

  13. Eric NYC

    These guys are teeing off on Simon. If get LeCure up now.

  14. al

    i wonder who price would go to for long relief. havent needed it this year really

    • Eric NYC

      LeCure has been a fantastic long reliever the last few years. But in not sure he’s 100% so Price might be wary of that. I expect a healthy dose if Ondrusek tonight. I also expect us to lose. Not the end of the world. Win the rubber game tomorrow.

  15. Eric NYC

    Oh now he’s calling the low strike. Good to know.

  16. Dale Pearl

    Give the ump a break maybe he lives in Denver or has a kid in the rockies organization. I am wondering when the strike zone will go to laser detection, id at least like to see that tested in spring training

  17. Eric NYC

    Man Ludwick gets such a bad rap for his defense. I don’t get it.

  18. Eric NYC

    Why are they bunting on Simon? Every AB has been a hard hit ball.

  19. Eric NYC

    I would trade Chapman for the Rockies batting coach straight up. Plus cash.

  20. VaRedsFan

    Where is the low and away slider Simon?

  21. Ed Lambert

    Lots of pitches. Simon won’t make it past he 5th at this rate. Bullpen better be ready

  22. Ed Lambert

    That was a GABP special if there ever was. But we’ll take it as JV breaks out of his slump.

  23. Eric NYC

    Class move having the Bengals draft class out there for the lineups.

  24. CP (@nomoresalads)

    Thom has to be one of the most superstitious play-by-play guys in all of sports.

  25. Eric NYC

    Meh. Would have liked to get Simon out of the way but I wouldn’t be surprised to see us PH anyway.

    • Eric NYC

      It was bound to happen. Especially against a great offense.

  26. Eric NYC

    Oh hi, Alfredo Simon. Been wondering when we’d meet you.

  27. Eric NYC

    Always tomorrow. Take the rubber game.

  28. enigma

    I hope the reason Christiani was put in the game was to find out if he was going to purchase his own ticket back to Louisville or show he can stick around a couple more days. If he’s not DFA’d by Monday morning, Walt needs to be checked for a pulse.

  29. VaRedsFan

    Tulo had 10 straight hit with RISP, until Christiani of all people struck him out. Amazing….longest streak since 1974

  30. doublenohitter

    Wouldn’t it be nice once in a lifetime to have a Reds team that hits like this Rockies team? The Reds have one hitter over .300, the Rockies have 9.

    • Ed Lambert

      They are OK but Cueto shut em down. Tonight is about bad pitching and not missing cookies.

  31. Ed Lambert

    Unlike Reds pitchers Jordan Lyles is keeping the ball down. I do not expect a big comeback unless they show some real patience and draw some walks.

  32. wildwestlv

    I say throw JJ in and give him the innings. Seriously.

  33. RedAlert

    Time for Christiani to go back to AAA and time for Simon to go back to the pen – Christianu has been brutal lately -brought his torch to the mound again tonight after Sumon had already started a 5 alarm fire

  34. sergeant2

    Homer better be on his game tomorrow, or its gonna be raining baseballs in the outfield seats. Homer’s due for a no hitter. Go Reds!

  35. RedAlert

    I think Freddie Kruger finally caught up with Alfredo Simon tonight

  36. CP (@nomoresalads)

    Votto does not give away at bats, even in blow outs. It’s pretty awesome, actually.

  37. sergeant2

    If the score doesn’t change come the bottom of the 9th, if anyone can hit a 7 run walk off HR Todd Frazier can.

    • charlottencredsfan

      3-run jack and Reds are right back in it. You have to play a couple of crazy games during 162; hopefully, this will be one.

  38. wildwestlv

    Cards/Bucs tied up at 3/3. If you have MLB.TV, there’s still a competitive game on, for now.

    • RedAlert

      Yea / I’ve already switched to Yankees-Brewers

  39. Ed Lambert

    The strike zone sure has changed since the first couple of innings. This guy is calling shoelace strikes.

  40. RedAlert

    I tell ya what , Reds better find a solution at shortstop soon – problem is there is nobody to push Cozart – he just simply cannot get it done at the plate – weak as water !

  41. wildwestlv

    It’s u-g-l-y. And Bailey’s on the mound tomorrow. No better time to shut up the haters than on Mother’s Day. Of, course, Reds will have to hit, as well.

  42. CP (@nomoresalads)

    Free baseballs to everyone in the OF stands!

  43. RedAlert

    Somebody get on the BATPHONE to Walt – put Hoover on the same bus that Christiani is riding. Embarrassing !!!!!!!

  44. charlottencredsfan

    Probably wouldn’t hurt JJ to throw a couple pitches high and tight. Guys are just teeing him up.

    • sergeant2

      By the way, its getting harder and harder to say its still ear, its still ear, its still early

  45. RedAlert

    I think Hoover has now dropped below Ondrusek on the depth chart – WOW!

    • Whoa Bundy!

      Hoover should be called Jumbo until he loses weight and ERA.

  46. RedAlert

    reds got a bullpen armed with 75% mop up guys

    • charlottencredsfan

      It’s the strength of the team.

      • Whoa Bundy!

        Mr Clean soon to be a GABP sponsor.

  47. wildwestlv

    J.J. workin’ the +12 ERA. Maybe he’ll work out his kinks, tonight. Hope Ondrusek gets some time, as well.

  48. wildwestlv

    It feels strange, watching & rooting for the New York Yankees.

    • RedAlert

      Yessir – Yankees just tied it up and still batting !

      • wildwestlv

        And keeping w/ a theme, they tied it up off a former Reds reliever. Go figure!

    • Dale Pearl

      I will never root for the Yankees…. not even when playing against our direct divisonal competitors.

  49. RedsfanPa

    Wave the white flag, throw in the towel, call for the mercy rule…lol. (Sigh) This team is just….ugh…..maybe tomorrow……

  50. sergeant2

    Bye, Bye Miss American Pie, it was a sad day in baseball when chin music died.

  51. doublenohitter

    Reds really need to clean house.
    Hoover – out.
    Ondrusek – Out
    Christiani – out
    Bernadina – out
    Cozart – out
    Santiago – out

    • Dale Pearl

      That would be a good start. Jocketty would have to have some seriously nads to either demote or release all six of those guys at one time. But it would send the right message to the club and to the fans.

  52. wildwestlv

    10.97 ERA for Hoover. I apologize. Way off.

  53. Tae Yun

    Hoover has been the worst pitcher for us this year. Christiani next. Ondrusek close 2nd… bull pen is worst.. statistically and visually watching the games, we are just plain bad. Simon wasn’t good today but i knew as soon as we put in our bull pen, we would lost by double digits.

    • wildwestlv

      But we’ve had so many 1-run games, it might be good, as much as a wash this one is, to get as much playing time for this group as possible. And nobody will sober you up like the Rockies lineup.

  54. Dale Pearl

    You guys that high on Frazier? He is hitting just .260. Don’t get me wrong, he can be hot at times but dang is it asking to much for a guy to be able to hit over .280 and still have some power? I’m glad to see him playing better of late but still I don’t see the guy as all star material.

  55. RedAlert

    This bullpen is just brutally embarrassing – is Walt Van Winkle even paying attention?

    • doublenohitter

      Walt goes into hibernation as soon as Spring Training is over until after the trade deadline. Then he wakes up and realizes it is too late.

  56. sergeant2

    Its not the end of the world, tonight’s struggle is just more titanic than most. Go Reds!

  57. RedAlert

    Soto needs to be driving the bus !

  58. Dale Pearl

    Let’s hope that the positives of this game is that Jock strap makes several changes. Embarrassing to be a fan of this team based upon the performance of the players.

    • RedAlert

      It’s embarrassing that the GM has done NOTHING to address the inept performances of some of these players

  59. AnnapolisHoosier

    This board used to be good, but the morons come out when the team is getting killed. Some of it is fair, but a lot of it is moronic. The fiar gets swallowed up by the moronic.

    • sergeant2

      Like I posted earlier, its not the end of the world, tonight’s struggle is just more titanic than most. Go Reds!

    • RedAlert

      Certainly would of been a good opportunity for him to get his feet wet again

  60. RedAlert

    And Cozart with the proverbial popup

  61. sergeant2

    Oh! Now I get it. I looked at the calender, today is “Nattering Nabobs Of Negativity Day” Go Reds!

  62. sergeant2

    Hey! Whatta ya gonna do, it was a good old fashion butt whuppin’ the Reds got tonight, it happens. No time like tomorrow for Homer to pitch like we know he can pitch. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reds return the favor to the Rockies tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  63. wildwestlv

    Chuckle. It’s not the end of the world. Everybody gets taken behind the woodshed a time or two (or three) in 162. Cards about to drop a 2nd against the Bucs.