It has been an interesting week in Redleg Nation. The Reds have had a bit of success on the field, but some injuries that are causing concern for the immediate future. Joel Luckhaupt and I got together to discuss all that and more, in the latest edition of Redleg Nation Radio.

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2 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    I always enjoy these. I thought Joel was right on again as he was explaining the importance of Chapman in anchoring and shaping the entire pen as the team was on the verge of having the pen giving away two straight to the BoSox.

    However sooner or later they will have to trade pitching for offensive help or go the FA route because there is no offensive help any closer than AA and not even anybody there that can be labelled as a sure fire future MLB offensive force. So if the bigger deal is here now or at the dead line this year they might as well go for it.

    In the NL Central, unless somebody stabilizes and catches fire for a period of time like the Brewers did early, this could end up being a year like 2006 with several teams lurking around .500 all the way and somebody winning by a game or two at the end just because they were the team on a slight uptick when games to be played ran out.

    • ohiojimw

      Also Chad may be right that the game is passing Jocketty by as far as player development and trades but that said, Jocketty has a pretty clear history of not making dead end trades for short term solutions, i.e. ” a Ludwick type bat for RF” or even claiming somebody like Byrd off waivers last year. If he is going to do something it is likely to be more major unless his boss pushes him to go for a band aid fix.