Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (21-11)
3 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (15-16)
4 11 0
W: S. LeCure (1-1)  L: T. Thornburg (3-1) S: none
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The Good

Who’s your daddy? Todd Frazier, that’s who. There may be no such thing as CLUTCH, but there is such a thing as timely hitting–and the Reds got that today.

Brayan Pena continues to make Walt Jocketty look smart, homering and tomahawking a ball into RF in the 7th. His bat has simply been MONEY lately.

Pitching. It’s what’s for dinner. Both starting and relief pitching continue to provide the necessary sustenance to keep this team relevant until they can get healthy. Manny Parra sure must be an enigma to the Milwaukee Brewers. When he pitched for them from 2007-2012, he couldn’t get anybody out. Against them today, he got everybody out in the 8th. Jonathan Broxton used a timely double play to smooth out the 9th. Sam LeCure showed some LeGrit in the 10th after giving up a leadoff double.

Zack Cozart had 2 hits. Baby steps

Chris Heisey had a hit, a walk and scored the winning run from first base.

The Bad

Not so timely hitting. The Reds’ best opportunity came in the bottom of the 6th, when after a one-out double by Votto, a walk to Phillips and a single to load the bases by Heisey—Todd Fraizer first-pitch, check-swinged his way into a double-play to end a promising inning almost as quickly as it developed. But, hang in there, Todd. Your moment is a about to arrive.

The very next inning, the Reds had runners on first and third with one out, but neither Jay Bruce—in a pinch hitting role—nor Skip Schumaker, could get anything done.

The Ugly

Skip Shumaker went 0-5 today in his first start.

Not so random thoughts …

It seems like every time the Reds get someone back from injury, they lose someone else. Today, it was Jay Bruce’s turn, with what has been described at “knee soreness.” Then, Pena pulled something taking off for second in the seventh.

Tucker Barhart, you’re up, buddy.

My Knob Creek Player of the Game:  Brandon Phillips. Manager Ron Roenicke played the matchup game against Brandon and Brandon made him pay, setting the stage for Todd’s game-winning rocket.

Three out of four against the team with the best record in Baseball. Still, this team has got to find a way to get healthy. Hopefully, Bruce and/or Pena aren’t headed to the DL. By next weekend, Aroldis Chapman could be pitching again for the Cincinnati Reds. That’s just flat amazing.

On my way to Boston Tuesday night for my first ever trip to Fenway.  Homer Bailey and the Green Monster. I cannot wait.


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  1. Eric NYC

    I’m almost inclined to give Bruce a pass for that disaster of an AB in the 7th since he was clearly too hurt to play. Still that was rough.

    But who cares? Todd Frazier. Dude is never going to be in Cooperstown, but he plays a near elite 3B, is hitting at a 120 OBP+ level, and might be the emotional leader of this team. I don’t think I’ve seen those guys as happy as they did when they mobbed Todd in the middle of the field after his walk off. He is a true Red and I hope he spends his career here. He’s turned himself from a borderline player to a legit starter on a contending club. Reminds me of Hanigan.

  2. mwvohio

    Wow I’m jealous Richard, I’ve always heard Fenway is amazing. If you could maybe do a write-up of your impression of the stadium and atmosphere after your trip that would be fun to read.

    • Baltimorechop

      Fenway is historic and neat but so tiny. After you’ve gone twice you just want bigger seats.

      • RedSox4lifer2

        You could lose some weight to fit in the seats

      • Baltimorechop

        I’m 6’6 and 200 lbs. not overweight, but those seats are for midgets.

      • lwblogger2

        I’ve only been once and thankfully, it was when I was younger and still an athlete. I don’t know if my fat rear would fit on those seats anymore. Fenway has some issues but watching the game itself is a memory that I’ll always enjoy. Have a blast RIchard!!

  3. Earl Nash

    Supertodd made a couple nice plays in the field today too. Don’t know where he ranks in the fielding stats, but he’s looks to me pretty good with the glove.

    I’m glad the Brewers played matchup, they were not going to hit that Smith guy.

    Simon just hammered the strike zone in the 5th, 6th and 7th, it was very impressive.

  4. Eric NYC

    I’m thinking of heading up to Boston this week as well. Never been to Fenway either. Maybe we can have a RLN get together.

    • greenmtred

      Wish I could join you guys–only 3+ hours for me and my daughter has a limited season ticket package (don’t know whether these games are included). Fenway is beautiful and the fans who aren’t in the bleachers are friendly (maybe not so much if the Sox are losing, though). Enjoy it for me, root on our walking wounded team and have a cold Sam.

      • lwblogger2

        Fun fact… Sam Adams brews lots and lots of beer right here in Cincy 🙂

  5. Vicferrari

    Another Solid start from Simon, despite 2 HR’s no K’s he kept in the game, makes it easier to manage when your starters can do that, and your relievers come through, Price did all the right moves, Roenicke out thought himself in th 8th.
    Hopefully Homer can put his first back to back solid starts of the year and Bruce and Votto can start carrying this team with all the role players stepping up

  6. Baltimorechop

    I’m going to both sox games. Ive been to a dozen games at Fenway but these will be first with Reds.

    • lwblogger2

      I saw the Sox and O’s when I went. Enjoy your first Reds’ games at Fenway!!

  7. Vicferrari

    Reds tied for 2nd, could be all alone if Cubbies take it to the WLB’s

  8. Eric NYC

    I know BP got kind of a mention, but he should definitely have been in The Good category. Since his mental day off he has 5 hits in 2 games, scored half the runs today, and hit one of the hardest HRs of his life. Plus he had a nice DP but that hardly seems worth mentioning on a day he collects his 4th GG. He will go down as one of my favorite Reds of all time. I know he’s gotten off to a slow start and some people don’t care for him, but I will continue to be a BP booster.

    • nyredfanatic

      He is my favorite Red on the current roster…. I wrote all about it on my personal blog…. Why I love him and HATE Yadier Molina

      Sad to see the slow start and possible decline. But the guy has been pretty amazing… His glove is one of the best I’ve ever seen. He has hit with some power… batted leadoff, 2nd, and was asked to bat 4th. That’s a lot of different approaches you are asking a guy to take and he has taken it in stride.

      Lets not forget that he brings excitement to the team.

    • RedRed11

      Couldn’t agree more. BP now has the best BA of the regular starters and arguably the best defense on the team. Yet almost daily this site calls for him to be dropped in the order (even though RLN preaches how little order matters) if not benched or traded away. It blows my mind. Could he take more walks? Sure. Perhaps knock off one of his 13 hand gestures after a hit? Maybe. But we are lucky to have him on this team. Maybe it will take him leaving (and the reds going through 2B like they have SS or CF) for people to appreciate him.

      • Kurt Frost

        Please don’t cite batting average.

      • RedRed11

        Am i incorrect? I stated he could walk more so citing OBP wouldn’t make much sense. I could cite BABIP but, if you ask me, that never makes sense. “This guy would be great if he would just stop hitting it at people” is about as useful as saying “this guy would be great if he just kept hitting home runs.” You can choose to ignore one of the best 2B the reds have ever had. I will choose to appreciate him.

      • jdx19

        Players can’t control whether they hit it at someone or not. Thus, BABIP makes sense.

      • pinson343

        Batting average gets cited all the time, as part of the BA/OBP/SP line.

      • RedRed11

        So should we just give $20 mill contracts or MVP awards to guys who are just reeeally good at lazy pop flies or weak grounders? I just find it strange how often a statistic based on an hypothetical outcome that had zero actual impact on a game is relied upon here.

      • nyredfanatic

        Sometimes stats don’t show the true value a player has on a team… or an organization… or a fan base. There are things outside of stats that make players good or toxic for a team.

        Despite what his stats show, I believe BP is going to be painfully missed when we are trying to find the next cornerstone to an infield for years to come after his departure. I agree with REDRED11 it is not going to be fun watching us shuffle through 2B to find a replacement to fill in for him.

      • jdx19

        REDRED, in a vacuum, would you rather have a guy who hit 4 scorching line drives or a guy who hit 4 weak grounders in a game?

        Without knowing the outcome, of course you’d pick the guy with 4 line drives.

        This is because, inherently, every baseball fan who watches any amount of games knows that line drives become base hits far more often than grounders.

        So, then if I tell you a guy is batting .300 because his grounders and convereted to hits at a .400 rate, and another guy is batting .260 beecause his line drives are only being convered at a .300 rate and his grounders at a league average .220 rate, we shouldn’t conclude the guy hitting .300 is a better hitter. We should conclude he’s gotten more lucky wiht either defensive positioning or simply “hitting it where they ain’t.”

        That’s about as simply as I can explain why BABIP matters.

  9. jcredlegs

    Great win today! I think we might look back at season’s end and say this one was a turning point. Go Reds!

  10. redmountain

    Patience…Patience. It is too early to get too excited or depressed. Bruce being injured, when did this injury happen? Last night? If not, then this might have something to do with Bruce not hitting. The Reds have been well once they have seen a pitcher, but have they seen many of the Red Sox. I hope everyone doesn’t decide to hit everything over the Green Monster.

    • pinson343

      One of the Sox pitchers is Jake Peavy, who beat the Reds often before any of the current guys became Reds.

  11. [email protected],com

    Jay Bruce may need surgery???? Tweet from Jon Fay and confirmed by Keith Law. What a blow after a great weekend.

  12. [email protected]

    Jerry Crasnick @jcrasnick

    Jay Bruce will have surgery this week to repair partially torn meniscus in left knee. Expected to miss 3-4 weeks. #reds

    • Vicferrari

      This is Heisey’s chance to shine, might want to give Lutz and chance to succees at AAA anybody know why he is not there?
      Can you take back your DFA player at any time?

  13. jessecuster44

    Went to Fenway the last time the Reds played there(2005). Didn’t go so well. Hope this time is better!

    • pinson343

      I remember that series. The Red Sox won all 3 games without breaking a sweat. These Reds are a lot better than that Reds team.

      I saw a game at Fenway long ago, have fun.

    • greenmtred

      I was there, too. Dunn, Freel and Harang and a sro crowd.

  14. TRockDC

    Richard – this is why you will love Fenway. Ask all the locals about the area around the ballpark. There is a bar across the street that is only for ticket holders, but has access to a secret back-alley. Hit that bar and go to their back alley bar after the game. Red Sox players come out of the parking lot there and some even just come out for a beer or two with the fans after the game. Only been there twice but a local told me about it and was as good as advertised.

  15. pinson343

    When will the Reds stop throwing fast balls, up and over the plate, to Khris Davis ? We saw what happened with Simon and LeCure today. It gave me bad memories from last year.

    As a fill-in for Ryan Braun, Davis homered twice off the Reds in a 4 game series in Milwaukee (one off CIngrani, one off Homer). Soon after, in a key series in Cincy, the Brewers won 2 of 3. One win was by 6-4. Davis hit a 2 run homer off of Bailey in the 6th inning to put the Brewers ahead by 3-2. Then he hit a 2 run homer off of Simon to put the Brewers ahead 5-3.

    Reviewing that game, I see that Scooter Gennett homered off Simon just after Davis did, so they both got to him that day too. Of course, Simon pitched a whole lot better today.

  16. sezwhom

    Skip Shumaker went 0-5 today in his first start.

    Two of those outs were well hit line drives.

  17. lwblogger2

    I said to my girlfriend right before Frazier’s game-winning double “2-0 to Frazier… He throws him a fastball in the zone and this game is over.” Frazier being a good fastball hitter and getting that fastball made me look smarter than I am.

    Fun game yesterday, even with some frustrations. I’m sure Thom was going on and on about all the missed opportunities.

    On another note, after Bruce’s 0-4 “Golden Sombrero” performance on Friday night, I told my girlfriend I thought he was hurt. Not sure if his knee was ailing him there or not but I sure hope he gets better soon. The Reds need him and he’s my favorite player on the team.

    It’s good to see BP swinging a better bat. I am in the camp that believes he is declining but didn’t think he was as bad as he’d been looking lately. That was a huge HR to tie it yesterday.