Hamilton, Ludwick, Phillips all out today, plus Mesoraco, of course. So Bernadina for Hamilton, Heisey for Ludwick, Santiago for BP and Peña for Mesoraco. That produces this lineup for Bryan Price today

1. Chris Heisey (R) LF
2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Brayan Pena (S) C
6. Zack Cozart (R) SS
7. Roger Bernadina (L) CF
8. Ramon Santiago (S) 2B
9. Mike Leake (R) P

Wonder if this is the transition to change in the #3 spot. Not much clearer of a signal could be sent than having the #3 hitter bunt in that situation last night. Not a bad idea to give BP a day off, but against Milwaukee, with three other regulars sitting?