Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (20-9)
3 8 0
Cincinnati Reds (13-15)
8 12 0
W: H. Bailey (2-2) L: J. Henderson (2-1)   S: None
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The Good

Homer Bailey did what he had to do tonight, going 8 innings and taking the spotlight off the bullpen. The home run was back in vogue, as Tucker Barnhart, Brayan Pena and Todd Frazier all slipped the surly bonds of earth. The catcher position just keeps delivering for the Redlegs. Maybe we should strap the catcher’s gear on Zack Cozart, who BTW, had two more hits tonight. My boy, Chris Heisey had 2 hits and a walk filling in for the injured Hamilton.

The Bad

Yes, they gotta get DatDude out of the 3 spot in the batting order. Twitter was screaming for it. But, IMO, Price has to handle this delicately. Give Phillips plenty of rope before moving him down. It’s not a big sacrifice as Frazier, Ludwick and Bruce have not been tearing it up either. Everybody shouts “accountability” these days, but making moves to make a point can backfire. See, e.g., Matt Williams and Bryce Harper. If this keeps up, I’m confident Price will do something. He seems more than willing to make moves when things aren’t working.

The Ugly


Not so random thoughts …

The Daily Billy: A fine defensive play by Billy resulted in a hand injury that necessitated removing him from the game. Hopefully nothing serious.

The hitting is so up and down, you just don’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting this tonight and I’ll bet you weren’t either. I don’t know how Frazier keeps hitting these one-handed HRs, but he is one strong dude–although I’m not sure that is out in many ballparks.

Jonathon Broxton was warming and Price let him close anyway even as it wasn’t a SAVE situation. Another non-Dusty move.

The Reds needed this badly. Taking this series would remind everyone this team is still relevant. A sweep would remind everyone this team won this division 2 of the last 4 years.

But, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Your ball, Mr. Leake.