It’s the series finale and only one team can exit today’s game claiming to have won the series and that’s the Cincinnati Reds!  After a sluggish start, the Reds have quietly pulled off wins in 7 of their last 10 games and making that 8 of 11 would sure be nice.  As the Cowboy would say: “That’s good, that’s hot, that’s niiice!”

Good luck watching the game today as it’s a day game.  Get to a tv, computer, or radio and catch what you can.  My boss is away on meetings so it’s baseball on the computer all day!  Go Reds!

1. Heisey CF
2. Votto 1B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Bruce RF
5. Frazier 3B
6. Ludwick LF
7. Mesoraco C
8. Cozart SS
9. Cingrani P

255 Responses

  1. Michael

    Any reason why they would sit Hamilton after back to back two hit games?

    • Pete Rose

      According to reports the Reds are resting Hamilton – a 23 year old kid? You have to be kidding. And Tony C is being pitch inefficient again – Tony can’t seem to figure out – 40 pitch 1st inning – kid, pitch to contact.

  2. preacherj

    Interesting lineup. Guess we gotta’ get Heisey going against a right hander. Go Reds!

  3. hof13

    Interesting that Martin isn’t catching for the Pirates. He was scratched about 90 min before gametime yesterday with the reason given as Managers Decision.

    • Greg Dafler

      According to rotoworld, he may be dealing with some minor injury:

      Travis Sawchik of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says Martin walked off the field “gingerly” after a slide into home plate on Monday, so he could be dealing with some sort of leg injury.

  4. Kurt Frost

    I’m listening to the Pirates broadcast today. See how cantankerous and backwards thinking their broadcasters are compared to old man Brenneman.

    • Sparky

      Me too. Just because I need a change of pace.

  5. Janet

    Very, very, very disappointing not to have BHam in the lineup today when he is on a hot streak and the game is on MLB Network (no offense to Heisey).

    • sergeant2

      The Pirates announcers are calling the game on MLB T.V. I believe. They said they don’t know if B. Ham. is injured or not, they’re just glad he’s not in the lineup.

  6. Janet

    MLBN is showing the Pirates feed. The announcers are saying they don’t know if anything is wrong with Hamilton, and furthermore, they like BHam, but they are really, really glad they don’t have to deal with him today.

  7. vared

    I will not pick apart Price’s line-up. He knows what he’s doing. But just a quick observation and I’m done – I bet the Pirates were happy they weren’t facing Mes right there.

    • Pete Rose

      Please, as with Billy Ham, the need for patience is in order. Price has not passed the litmus test – yet.

  8. Kyle Farmer

    When Dusty got fired, I promised myself that I would stop complaining up lineups. But, man, it is sooooooo hard!

  9. Steve Mancuso

    Marty must have lost a bet that requires him to talk about something other than the baseball game during the bottom of the first inning.

  10. Kyle Farmer

    That’s a heckuva an AB there by Walker.

    • jdx19

      Y ep. And it’s already pretty evident that Tony will go something like 4 2/3 or 5 1/3 innings.

      • Pete Rose

        Reds should never give Tony a chance for a W when he throws more than 25 – 30 pitches in the first inning. Maybe that will help enlighten the situation for him.

  11. ToddAlmighty

    I don’t remember who called it yesterday that Billy would be out of the lineup today after back-to-back multihit games, but I guess good call on their part.

  12. Kyle Farmer

    When gamecast show a “no out” ball in play for McCryBaby, I automatically assume it’s a home run at this point! Glad it was only a single!

  13. Steve Mancuso

    BP would have had that in earlier years. Should have had it, plus gave up a run.

    • Sparky

      His “devil may care” attitude in the field is not gonna work when you ad in the aging process. I agree, He used to make that play look very easy.

      • Pete Rose

        Afraid father time will not be kind to Brandon.

    • jdx19

      It will be interesting to see if the defensive metrics this year will line up with all of our eye tests. To me, BP is clearly failing on many plays he would have easily made the in the past.

    • Kyle Farmer

      Seems like we are watching the cliff in real time right in front of our eyes.

  14. ToddAlmighty

    That’s 5 HBP now in this series.. 4 of them being Reds batters.

  15. Kyle Farmer

    They just posted the video of the Alvarez RBI and that’s certainly a play BP needs to make or at the very least knock down to prevent the run.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Yeah, just saw it.. definitely a play that a 4 time GG player needs to make. There’s been a couple this year already that I think to myself GG BP would make, but he hasn’t.

  16. Kyle Farmer

    Well, at least he didn’t swing at the first pitch.

  17. RedAlert

    And there is your daily double play ball from Cozart

  18. Sparky

    He sure hits a lot of grounders right at the guy…

  19. Pete Rose

    Swear the energy level drops when Billy Ham is not in the line up. Think that would make Billy a catalyst.

  20. Steve Mancuso

    Cumpton bunt attempt not impressive.

  21. RedAlert

    Tony throwing a ton of pitches already

  22. Pete Rose

    Tony continuing to struggle with command. 50 pitches through 2 innings. Nice play by Heisey.

    • ProspectCincy

      He threw 13 pitches in the second inning. Not sure what you mean “continuing”.

    • jdx19

      That was an 18 pitch inning in which he gave up a base hit. Not really bad, per se.

      • ProspectCincy


        It was a 13 pitch inning … Are we watching the same game?

      • jdx19

        Well, not really typo. I took the OP’s word that he was at “50” when he was at “45.” Eighteen minus five is thirteen! 🙂

  23. Steve Mancuso

    Two nice defensive plays by Heisey that inning. Saved a run.

  24. jdx19

    Starling Marte. Good for what ails ya (if it’s pitch count).

  25. preacherj

    Heisey hit a bullet that Alvarez got to. He was suprised he caught it.

  26. RedAlert

    Reds pitchers treating McCutchen like he is Votto at the plate – if we are gonna continually just put him on , just go ahead and drill him with a pitch and be done with it – not like we don’t owe them for hit batters in this series anyway

    • preacherj

      But Joey would get one in the ribs in return. Now if it was Cozart who would be hit….

  27. Janet

    Pirate TV announcers criticizing Brandon’s fielding style. “Plays it with a flair but at risk.”

    • Sparky

      His “flair” has worn thin on me. I would really like to see him bear down this season.

  28. Steve Mancuso

    Cingrani was nails after letting the first two on that inning.

  29. PhoenixPhil

    Every time I think Cingrani is going to blow up, he pulls it together. He’s at four hits, let’s see if he can keep the streak going (5 or less hits).

  30. preacherj

    Gamecast is funny. That last pitch to Tabata came off the bat and looked like he absolutely drilled it out of the park. I know my eyes got huge as it came off the bat, and suddenly it just died and fell to the first baseman. Reminds me of Thom, how he gets excited on contact that falls three feet shy of the warning track.

    • Kyle Farmer

      My gamecast just shows a guy standing at the plate. There’s no motion or anything. I’m jealous!

  31. RedAlert

    Time to do some work on thuja guy – attention Reds > this is BRANDON CUMPTON pitching !

    • Pete Rose

      Brandon has pitched well since last season.

  32. Sparky

    Whew, Frazier gives the effort again! I still hate that head first slide though.

  33. ProspectCincy

    This is starting to get ridiculous. 5 of the last 6 times Cingrani has been on the mound, the Reds have scored 0 runs for him.

    The pitchers this has happened against aren’t too awesome either. E Jackson x2 / Wacha x2 / Cumpton.

    Not cool.

      • ProspectCincy

        Yes, but you would think facing him a second time, the Reds might be able to get to him (especially so quickly)

        They just don’t score with Cingrani on the mound. For Gods sake, he LOST a game last year without giving up an earned run.

  34. Greg Dafler

    @SteveMancuso: “BP would have had that in earlier years. Should have had it, plus gave up a run.”

    Sorry, but I remember complaining about Phillips for defensive miscues throughout his Reds career. Sure, he makes the hotdog, highlight reel plays, but he also (too frequently, IMHO) misses on some of the more routine plays that seem to come about from either a lack of effort or a lapse in fundamentals (like getting his glove all the way down to the ground.

    • VaRedsFan

      Missed so many, that he got a gold glove for it last year.

    • al

      I think you’re just hating here. Phillips has been an excellent defender by pretty much any measure you want to use. If your eyes are telling you something different, I think the issue is with your eyes, not his fielding.

      • jdx19

        You are correct; “bas been.” So far this year, he’s been worse than I’ve ever seen. And once there is enough data, I’m guessing the defensive metrics will back up that assertion. I just hope he’s not the next Chuck Knoblauch.

      • Greg Dafler

        Not hating. “””Throughout his Reds career” may have been too harsh because I’m specifically thinking of his first few years of his career.

  35. Pete Rose

    Cingrani – 25 pitches in last 2 innings. We can only hope he eventually learns how to start games that way.

    • AnnapolisHoosier

      You are really reaching complaining about Cingrani.

  36. preacherj

    Brandon Phillips is one of the best defensive second basemen in the last 20 years. And I’m not one easily impressed by flash. My favorite recent defensive second baseman to watch is Chase Utley. He was the absolute best at positioning himself before a play I have ever seen. Seems to never make an error on his initial steps. Metrics say he never had great range. His range was fine, he just tended not to need it. When it comes to defense, especially of middle infielders, metrics shmetrics.

    • al

      You know that infield positioning is done by the coaches, right?

  37. ci3j

    Cozart’s at-bats make me cringe.

    Wonder what the Dodgers would want for Dee Gordon?

  38. muttonlettucetomato

    Seems like Cumpton is owning the righties today. Either way inside with the fastball or way outside with the breaking ball, but the Reds are swinging at ’em. Must have big time deception.

  39. al

    If we’re beating up on Phillips, it should obviously be for his offense. He’s hitting in the 3rd spot in the lineup, and somehow managing to hit worse than he did in his down year that was supposed to be all about his injury.

    He never walks, has shown zero power this year, and this year isn’t even getting the RBI.

    If the Reds were serious about accountability, Phillips would be hitting 7th and Mesoraco would be hitting 3rd.

  40. Steve Mancuso

    There’s a middle ground on BP. It deals with verb tense. “BP is one of the best defensive 2B.” vs. “BP was one of the best defensive 2B.” Everyone ages and declines. It’s inevitable.

    • preacherj

      Agreed. I still believe he has some ‘spectacular’ left in him. Unfortunately, it’s further and farther between those plays.

    • al

      What evidence is there that his defense is currently declining?

      • jdx19

        What evidence is there that his defense is not currently declining?

      • ci3j

        Let’s see….

        Fangraphs rates him as the best 2B by some measures.

        He won the award for best defensive 2B last year.

        So it would stand to reason, unless you have some proof something changed, he still is the best defensive 2B.

      • al

        All of the defensive measures that I posted below. Which is pretty much all of the common advanced defensive metrics. he’s also mad e1 error on the year if you care about that.

  41. al

    Coming into this game, fangraphs has Phillips as the best defensive 2B in the game this year.

    • jdx19

      Based on which measures? There are many.

      • jdx19

        He’s not first in DRS. Just looked. He’s got 2 and that ties him for 3rd.

        UZR/150, he’s not first either, which is a better measure than UZR since it doesn’t penalize guys who may have had a few more days off than Phillips.

        Either way, no one has ever said he’s bad, simply that it’s our opinion he’s making fewer good plays this year on balls that he likely would have made good plays on in previous years.

      • jdx19

        So, I went and checked. He’s first in FanGraphs’ proprietary “Def” measure. He’s tied for 3rd in DRS (with 2).

        I think most of us complaining have been spoiled by him making non-routine plays seem routine. He hasn’t done that, thus far, this year.

        That doesn’t make him a bad 2nd baseman.

        My guess is he’ll go from being Top 1-2 to somewhere aroudn Top 6-7 this year. Which is still very good.

      • al

        I guess it just seems like a silly thing to complain about when you’re trusting your eyes in a very small amount of games over several advanced metrics.

        Also, because the actual difference between a top 2 defensive 2B and a top 6 defensive 2B is probably entirely negligible.

        Also because there is so much to complain about with regard to his offense. I just can’t imagine watching Phillips this year and saying “man, you know what bugs me, this guy’s defense.”

  42. Pete Rose

    How far does he have to go to swing (tic)? He clearly SO so go sit down Clint.

    • al

      I think Marte thought that Mesoraco dropped it. That’s why he was sprinting to first. If he thought it was ball four, wouldn’t he have jogged?

      • preacherj

        Maybe he thought he was playing for Matt Williams.

    • Janet

      He thought he was stealing first base, not walking. Kudos for the hustle even though he was mistaken, and the ball did not hit the dirt.

    • preacherj

      lol. And on an unrelated note, we actually retired McCutcheon that inning.

      • preacherj

        “Talk to the hand, because the face will kick your ***”

  43. Pete Rose

    Cingrani – 49 pitches through 2 innings – 35 over next 3 – please figure it out earlier Tony.

  44. ToddAlmighty

    Cingrani wishes he could have even a third of Bailey’s run support this year.

    • ProspectCincy

      No kidding. But seeing as the Reds scored 8 with him on the mound against TB the average of 1.6 over 5 games doesn’t look as bad.

      It’s just been 0,0,8,0,0

  45. Kyle Farmer

    Okay. Now it’s time to drill McCryBaby.

  46. ToddAlmighty

    Seriously, enough of this.. that’s 5 Reds hit by a pitch in this series. Including both Mesoraco and Votto. ENOUGH. Give McCutchen’s ribs something to think over.

  47. ci3j

    Take the walk they are trying so hard to give you.

  48. Pete Rose

    Like this Reds approach with Joey running – that’s aggressive baseball

  49. Kyle Farmer

    How many times is BP going to swing at ball 4?

  50. muttonlettucetomato

    Cumpton is effectively wild today. I hope the Reds get something off of him today. It would be a shame to lose another 1 run game like this.

  51. Pete Rose

    Starting Joey kept Reds out of DP – kudos – by the way McClutch got 2 Es yesterday – for such a talented player he could sure hustle more and play better defense

  52. preacherj

    Obviously, BP is not paid to walk. Otherwise, he’s be walking everywhere, because he couldn’t afford to drive.

  53. Pete Rose

    Now its time to retaliate – big time

    • nyredfanatic

      Well I guess Luddy just got our retaliation…

  54. Kyle Farmer

    This is just unacceptable. Has to be some retaliation.

  55. Pete Rose

    One in McCluth’s ribs would sound just about right

    • ToddAlmighty

      It’s up to two in his ribs now.. six Reds players have been hit in this series. SIX.

  56. RedAlert

    Jay now streaking in the wrong direction

    • VaRedsFan

      Really??? He was 2-4 with RBI and Run scored yesterday…you’re right though…we should bench the guy

  57. ToddAlmighty

    After the first HBP of the series, I put the over/under on total HBP at 6.5…. congrats on anyone who took the over. You won getting to watch the Reds take crap from other teams as they get hit by six pitches and do absolutely nothing to protect themselves.

  58. Kyle Farmer

    Way to make them pay Luddy!!!!

  59. yorktownred

    Ludwick!!!!!!!! HBPs catch up with the Buccos.

  60. RedAlert

    Bout fed up with this HBP stuff – somebody on the Pirates needs to wear one !!!

  61. jdx19

    Now with the lead and Cingrani being at his limit almost, he needs to drill someone. If he gets tossed, no big deal.

  62. preacherj

    That’s how you drive ’em in.

  63. Kyle Farmer

    Devin down to .488. Slumping. 🙂

  64. ci3j

    Mez looks like his BABIP is starting to even out on him.

  65. jdx19

    Devin’s average plummeting to .488…

  66. Pete Rose

    Retract earlier statement on Cingrani – pitch a solid bottom of the 6th and he deserves a W – just wish he wouldn’t consistently throw 50 pitches in the first 2 innings

  67. ProspectCincy

    I don’t understand all of the “retaliate” talk. Two hit batters in that inning led to two Reds runs … they now have a one run lead late in the game.

    DO NOT put any runner on base for free. You don’t play Pittsburgh again for a while, who cares if you hit someone right now or not?

    • preacherj

      Yeah, I’m pretty brutally old school when it comes to these things, but now is not the time. Just handle business and wait until it’s necessary. Great thing about a divisional foe, we play them a number of times.

    • ci3j

      You gotta protect your guys. What if the Pirates hit one of our guys on the arm and he’s out for 2 months recovering? Send a message that we don’t take kindly to that threat.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Because people *don’t* throw at Votto because they think in the back of their minds that if they hit him, the best player on their team will get hit in return, and they don’t want that.

      By allowing Frazier x2, Votto, Mesoraco, and Ludwick to all get hit in the last three games without doing anything, they won’t worry about hitting your people with pitches because they know you won’t do anything to their players to try and dissuade them.

      • preacherj

        You definately play enforcer, but not in the 6th in a one run game. I’d be lighting these guys up in the first inning our next home game against them.

  68. Pete Rose

    And for Luddy distractors – he is holding his own – as he just produced a huge 2 out base hit – now time for solid pitching and a defensive replacement in LF

  69. Paul (@jockopablo)

    Walks–errr, Hit batters will haunt.

    P.S. Would someone at the Cincinnati Zoo tell me what a “grand sleeyum” is? Their radio commercial confuses me.

  70. al

    Super clutch double by Ludwick. Can’t remember the last time I said that. Cingrani doing a great job battling today without the best command.

  71. preacherj

    Gamecast shows that Alvarez just did us a big favor on that K.

  72. Pete Rose

    That’s 5 base hits off Cingrani – how about a DP ball and then onto the Reds bullpen

  73. PhoenixPhil

    Wonder if they’ll change Brandon’s non-error to an error with Cingrani giving up his sixth hit…

  74. Pete Rose

    Come on Tony – this guy is hitting .190

  75. PhoenixPhil

    Ondru getting loose in the pen.

  76. ToddAlmighty

    The streak is broken. 6 hits allowed.

    • ToddAlmighty

      I was hoping Phoenix was just trolling us, but the fact that two people have said it now… terrifying. Is this honestly the situation that Price thinks is a good one to bring in Ondrusek?

      • ci3j

        As they say: “Everyone pitches on this team.”

    • ToddAlmighty

      The umpire took that gift back with the first pitch being called a ball.

  77. ToddAlmighty

    Cingrani is getting serious now. He knows if he is pulled and Ondrusek comes in, his 0 ER turns into 2 ER and his W turns to a L awfully quickly.

  78. al

    I have no idea why Ondrusek is still on this team. What does a guy have to do to get sent to the minors anymore? Is there anyone on the planet that thinks that Jumbo Diaz or Pedro Beato would be worse than Ondrusek?

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m guessing it boils down to Logan having a guaranteed contract.

  79. vared

    Someone here theorized a few days ago that perhaps Price plays the backside of his bullpen on Cingrani’s days…… it will be interesting to see how the rest of this game plays out.

    • jdx19

      I’m also wondering this. If Ondru is up, so far 1 for 1. Just need Christiani to come out for the 8th or something.

      And credit to Cozart. He took TWO pitches after gettgin3 balls. They happened to be down the middle, but A for effort.

  80. ci3j

    He’s at 100 pitches.

    One way or another, this should be his last batter.

  81. RedAlert

    Bryan Price playing with fire …

  82. Steve Mancuso

    Who-hoo! Nice job by Cingrani working out of trouble again. Saw a little snarl there. He’s getting high fives all around in the dugout. Big moment.

  83. Pete Rose

    Nice job Tony – now Reds, let’s get him a W. By the way, what happened to all those distractors of Tony that were sure hitters would figure him out?

  84. ToddAlmighty

    Somehow the more pressure he’s under, the better Cingrani gets. Maybe that’s why he has high pitch count early innings? No pressure?

    • PhoenixPhil

      It is, the streak is broken, unless they change the Brandon non-error to an error.

      • ProspectCincy

        They will … they have to.

        Always happens after the game; but considering that the play also led to two extra bases being taken (and Alvarez not even halfway down the line) / an error is appropriate.

      • AnnapolisHoosier

        You mean, change the non-hit they gave a hit to an error because that was an error.

  85. al

    The problem I had with last night’s game, even though it was a great win, was that with a 3 run lead we used Marshall, LeCure, and Broxton to get less than 9 outs. Marshall looked like he could have finished the 8th, but if you were worried about that, LeCure definitely could have pitched the 9th up 5-2.

    Now I wonder who’s available in today’s game. If we’re going to see Ondrusek in this game because someone else is unavailable, then yesterday was not managed well.

    • jdx19

      And if you add Heisey today (0-4) and Bernadina (0-4, I think?) in a game early in the year, the Reds leadoff spot looks preeeeetty terrible in aggregate.

      • RedAlert

        Skip Shumauker can’t get back fast enough

      • jdx19

        I thought it would be fun to do the math real quick:

        So, Billy Ham is at .219/.260/.274 right now, if you add in the 2 for 13 of Heisey (2 singles) and the 0 for 5 of Bernadina (3 walks), we arrive at .198/.255/.242 for the Reds’ leadoff spot for the year.

        Thank the Lord for good pitching!

      • CP

        So Bernadina has just as many walks as B-Ham, in 8 PAs in the leadoff spot?


        Billy, Billy, Billy…

  86. VaRedsFan

    His high pitch counts early might be attributed to the fact that that he is working a 3rd pitch into his repitoire

    • ProspectCincy

      The only AB today I had a problem with was Walker, 2nd batter of the game. 10 straight fastballs in that sequence … why not throw something off-speed?

      Kind of set up the un-earned run, but other than that, Tony was pretty solid.

  87. Kyle Farmer

    I would love to complain about Ondrusek in a one run game, but with Hoover so badly stinking up the joint, there’s not all that many options.

    • RedAlert

      How bout Jumbo Diaz at Louisville – don’t want to see Ondrusek under any circumstance other than mopup duty – this guy has gad too many chances already – he is not good !!!

  88. ci3j

    Gotta say, that ump might have saved the Reds’ bacon by calling that ball 4 strike 2.

    If he calls it ball 4 like he should have, it would have been bases loaded, 1 out, and probably Cingrani would be done with Ondru coming in. While it’s possible they could have escaped damage in that situation, I think we all know the odds.

    So kudos to that ump.

  89. Pete Rose

    Good luck, Logan – would love to see u have a strong outing

  90. Pete Rose

    Logan – TOUGH!! Good job, and we took care of over 1/2 of Pirates offense right there. Middle of the Pirates line-up:


    Seems like the Pirates have more than their share of Cozart type hitters.

  91. PhoenixPhil

    With that quick inning, I think Ondru is going back out for the eighth. Then Hoover for the 9th?

  92. Kyle Farmer

    Anyone else think that we should just walk McCryBaby? Hate to bring the winning run to the plate, but he’s just owned us.

    • RedAlert

      Would rather we spread the lead out and just drill this whiner with a pitch in the back or leg

  93. Kyle Farmer

    Time to play add-on here fellas!

  94. RedAlert

    Time to think about finding Brandon another spot in the order – killing the Reds batting 3rd right now

    • Pete Rose

      BP? How about Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier? Are they doing the Reds any favors?

      • CP

        Jay Bruce & Todd Frazier have a wRC+ of 126 & 120, respectively. So yes, they are doing their job.

        Brandon’s lack of power and inability to get on base is a problem.

      • RedAlert

        No – begs the question why is Mes no been moved up in one of those spots

  95. al

    Bruce is taking almost as many walks as Votto this year. Can’t say I saw that coming.

    • PhoenixPhil

      I think he’s going for the Hamilrun.

  96. al

    I had this thought today about Bruce.

    I know the conventional wisdom is that because of Bruce’s power, he should always swing away. But is that really true?

    His career best OPS is .846. Let’s say this year he has his best year ever and puts up a .900 OPS. With the shift that most teams put on him, any bunt to the third base side is a hit. If Bruce could learn to do that successfully even 50% of the time, he’d have an OBP of .500 and a SLG of .500 in those situations, for an OPS of 1.000.

    Plus, two other things to consider:

    1) Teams can’t shift on him with guys on base, so the times when his power will do the most good he can still swing away.

    2) Eventually, some teams will stop shifting if he’s getting on base 2+ times per game for free, which will also help Bruce in the long run.

    Thoughts? I feel like there’s a pretty solid argument to be made that right now, any time Bruce comes up with no one on base, he should bunt.

    • CP

      Sounds reasonable to me. As always, people traditionally don’t appreciate the value of getting on base and not making outs.

  97. Pete Rose

    How about a couple 1-2-3 innings here? Logan O did his job – as he finished with a flurry by getting McClutch. As for Monday night’s bullpen fiascos, its looking more and more like it should have been Logan and not Parra in the 8th. Know hindsight is 20-20 but that was 1 poor managerial decision – with the possibility that a sweep of the Pirates lies in its wake.

    • Eric the Red

      I know it’s after the game so probably no one will read this, but I can’t help myself. Logan Ondrusek has been terrible. He got through tonight OK, but if he’d been brought in to face McCutchen the other night, everyone–I’m guessing you included–would have crucified Price. And if he’d then given up a homerun the internets would have exploded. Justifiably. This is really taking hindsight too far.

  98. RedAlert

    Sam beginning to look like his old self the last few times!

  99. ToddAlmighty

    This just in.. LeCure is pretty dang good!

    • PhoenixPhil

      Everything went right for the Pirates, pitcher throwing quickly to the plate, a pitch out being called, and a good throw from the catcher. All there were needed.

  100. ToddAlmighty

    Come on Devin, keep your hitting streak alive.

  101. al

    Am I the only one that’s been a little bit disappointed with Hamilton’s base stealing? I feel like last year he was a force of nature, and this year he’s just ok.

    He’s now 9 for 12, which is a 75% clip. Good enough to keep doing trying, but hardly elite.

      • charlottencredsfan

        If Billy steals the next three bases successfully, he will be at 80%. Same as Ricky Henderson. So it won’t keep my up a night. I’m 100% with Phoenixphil on this one. If he was successful on the next 10,12 or 15 steals; my jaw won’t drop.

    • Vicferrari

      I still feel he should bat 9th, but did not 2 of the CS come as he was pinch running?
      Still outs on the basepaths from a near .200 hitters does not make him better than Heisey at this point.

      • al

        I’m not sure, it could be an issue with pinch running. But last year he did a ton of pinch running and stole at a really high rate of success, even beating out several pitch outs.

      • jdx19

        He’s 0 for 3 on SBs while pinch running. That is all of his CS. He’s 9 for 9 otherwise.

      • charlottencredsfan

        It will be real to see how he does when he learns the pitchers’ nuances on holding runners too.

        The boys are playing great ball right now and I’ll focus on that for a while.

  102. Pete Rose

    Reds need a nice solid bottom of the 9th by the big man, Large? blocks out the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

  103. al

    No one else with at least 6 SB has been caught 3 times.

    • jdx19

      Yes, he’s been mediocre, thus far. But, then again, no one eles gets as much attention as him.

      His reputation is actually hurting him. His bunting is terrible (2 for 10 or 11), and heis SB% is very lackluster. Also, I do not believe he’s beat out a ground ball in the infield yet.

      His speed really hasn’t factored a ton, when you add all that up.

  104. steelerfan

    Both ESPN and MLB gamecasts stuck. What happened with Mesoraco?

  105. Pete Rose

    Let’s leave Pittsburgh with a .500 record and the Pirates disappearing in the rear view mirror.

  106. steelerfan

    And now they just jumped to the bottom of the 9th, so I am guessing nothing good…

  107. Pete Rose

    How about 2 solid days in a row with a solid bullpen.

  108. yorktownred

    Lower the Jolly Roger. Nice series win.

  109. al

    Well, the worst pen in the big leagues looked pretty darn good today!

  110. LAME4EVER

    Sadly, the 4-game sweep to divisional rival was stupidlly bured by poooooor managment. What a shame!

    • Richard Fitch

      Lame analysis. If you’re claiming Price made a bad decision bringing in Parra to face McCutchen and you’re using McCutchen’s 6 for 14 against Parra, you’re not only using a small sample size, you’re using an old one–as some of those ABs go back to Parra’s days in Milwaukee. And if you’re going to use small samples, at least use fresh ones like this: McCutchen is hitting .200 against lefties this season.

      If you wanted to see LeCure, he wasn’t available. If you wanted to see Marshall, he wasn’t available. If you wanted to see Ondrusek or Hoover, you are merely second-guessing.

      Not every bad outcome from a game needs a crucifixion.

      • Mutaman

        You don’t bring in a mediocre lefty to face a great righty. You bring in the mediocre righty.

    • Vicferrari

      3 of 4 on the road, I will take it no matter what, Price made some tough calls in the 3 wins, plenty of second guessing and they worked out.

  111. Pete Rose

    Pirates seem to be tanking – maybe they have a reprieve in them and do can some harm in Saint Louey this week-end. This while the Reds make hay in Atlanta.

    • Vicferrari

      These were pretty well played games, Monday they did not tank and the Reds had to score mid-way tolate in teh game to take leads in all games. Seems a different vibe in that this year’s team somehow scores late to get close even in the early losses

  112. Vicferrari

    I feel cheated, I did some work, come back and Broxton has got 2 outs. Where’s the 9th inning drama. 4 excellent games, 3 great outcomes, I like the message the Reds sent after getting plunked multiple times- take 5 of 7 from a budding rival

    • al

      Definitely makes those beanballs look pretty stupid.

      • Vicferrari

        Were they the 2 runs that scored as well?

      • Pete Rose

        Just glad that no Reds got hurt. Time for retaliation though – will see Pittsburgh again in June.

        While we are at it, pass the following ditty about Monday night’s game from ESPN along to Brian Price:

        McCutchen is clutch

        Andrew McCutchen had three hits and two walks and hit a game-tying homer in the eighth inning against Reds reliever Manny Parra. It marked the first time that McCutchen hit a game-tying home run that late in a game.

  113. al

    Brewers are off today, STL is down 2-1 in the 7th. A loss for them puts us .5 games back of second place.

  114. Pete Rose

    Cards are reeling too – is it possible that next week-end’s series against Milwaukee will be for 1st place? We can only hope – GO REDS!!!!

  115. sergeant2

    Right on, right on, right on, and this one belongs to the Cincinnati Redlegs. Cingrani hung tough today, and LeCure made the Pirate hitters look like little leaguers trying to hit major league pitching. Now its on to the Peach State to sweep the Braves. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  116. preacherj

    Considering the horrendous start of the year, sitting at .500 on April 24th is definately a good thing. I am encouraged.