Fifteen years ago today, Marge Schott finally agreed to sell her controlling interest in the Reds to local billionaire Carl Lindner. Marge had certainly earned most of the derision she received from the national press and the baseball world. And on the whole, she wasn’t a good owner (though Lindner was probably worse). Marge died ten years ago last month, so it’s quite a time for remembering. I definitely have a few fond memories of her, like you do an embarrassing relation. As her lawyer Robert Bennett said in a recent ESPN interview, “She just couldn’t get it.”

From 1985

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Celebrating Pete Rose’s 4192nd hit. Note the 43-year-old Marty Brennaman.

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With Lou Pinella during 1990 spring training.
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Here she is with Commissioner Fay Vincent during the 1990 NLCS. One thing I have in common with Marge: Neither of us could stand this judgmental blowhard.
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From 1997 spring training. Love to know who the dog walker is.
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I hope she’s apologizing here for leaving the man stranded in Oakland with a lacerated kidney.


Schott shares a moment with former Reds outfielder Eric Davis before pregame ceremonies marking the final game at Cinergy Field, September 22, 2002. (Ernest Coleman/The Cincinnati Enquirer)