Fifteen years ago today, Marge Schott finally agreed to sell her controlling interest in the Reds to local billionaire Carl Lindner. Marge had certainly earned most of the derision she received from the national press and the baseball world. And on the whole, she wasn’t a good owner (though Lindner was probably worse). Marge died ten years ago last month, so it’s quite a time for remembering. I definitely have a few fond memories of her, like you do an embarrassing relation. As her lawyer Robert Bennett said in a recent ESPN interview, “She just couldn’t get it.”

From 1985

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Celebrating Pete Rose’s 4192nd hit. Note the 43-year-old Marty Brennaman.

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With Lou Pinella during 1990 spring training.
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Here she is with Commissioner Fay Vincent during the 1990 NLCS. One thing I have in common with Marge: Neither of us could stand this judgmental blowhard.
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From 1997 spring training. Love to know who the dog walker is.
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I hope she’s apologizing here for leaving the man stranded in Oakland with a lacerated kidney.


Schott shares a moment with former Reds outfielder Eric Davis before pregame ceremonies marking the final game at Cinergy Field, September 22, 2002. (Ernest Coleman/The Cincinnati Enquirer)


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  1. J.R.

    I can remember when I was little, maybe 5 or 6 years old, I was sitting behind the net at Riverfront. Marge grabbed my hand and took me on the field and walked me around the warning track. I can remember not letting go of her hand because I was terrified of Schottzie. I know Marge did some regrettable things, but deep down she was a great woman with a big heart.

    • John Walsh

      I was going to post the same thing. If memory serves, on Sundays kids would line up near the field well before the game. She’d bring about a dozen or two of them onto the field and walk them around the track. That was a great memory, and if only we had smart phones back then, my dad might have captured it.

      But yeah, otherwise a pretty peculiar lady who really never “got it.” To the list of not getting it, you can add her intransigent and bigoted team grooming policies, her Eric Davis comments, and running Davey Johnson out of town.

  2. Mark

    She may have been behind the times, and occasionally an embarrassment to Cincinnati in the national media-but I still believe there would have been NO 1990 World Series win without her.

  3. Mutaman

    “(though Lindner was probably worse)”

    Ya think? Maybe? lets see: on the field, did the Banana Man ever front a winning team? Despite Jr dropping into his lap. Off the field, did Marge ever give millions to terrorist groups? I think you can drop the “probably”.

  4. GK

    I’m sorry, but I’ll never understand the continued love in Cincinnati for this bigoted, Nazi-sympathizing woman.

    • Steve Mancuso

      I don’t think there’s much love in Cincinnati for Marge Schott. Her shortcomings are pretty well documented by this point.

    • CP

      I wouldn’t say I “love” Marge, but I’m able to appreciate her. Unless you are a computer, relationships are complicated like that.

      Marge wasn’t a perfect human being, but she loved kids, frequently going out of her way to make them happy. Not only that, Marge was willing to put her money where he mouth was by giving it to Cincinnati institutions that directly supported children, like Children’s Hospital and the Cincinnati Zoo. Those legacies are going to last far, far longer than any of us.

  5. Reed Tom

    I wish Marge would have kept Sweet Lou with the Reds. All in all, she was a character.

  6. JayTheRed

    I had the honor of sitting next to marge at a game in 1991. She was puffing away on her cigarettes and I had asthma and started coughing and she looked over at me and said. Honey, are you ok.. let me put out my cigarette and get your family something to eat. She paid for any snacks or drinks we wanted for the rest of the game. Totally changed my opinion of her. She really was a classy lady even though most the rest of the world didn’t think so. Something else I liked about her she was willing to spend money when the team needed an extra pitcher or bat. I know there are tons of negatives against her but I thought I would share my real life personal experience with her.