Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds  (7-10)
4 11 1
Chicago Cubs  (5-11)
8 11 1
W: Jackson (1-1) L: Cingrani (1-2)
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Devin Mesoraco had a good day at the plate. His second double of the game plated our first run. Its early, but if he keeps hitting like this, we need to find a new place in the batting order for him. Through eight games, Mesoraco is hitting .483/.515/1.481

In the bottom of the 3rd, The ToddFather put together two strong defensive plays to keep our Redlegs in the game. I was listening to the Chicago radio feed at the time and both announcers praised Fraizer’s defense at third. Without these two plays, the Reds might have given up a three or four run inning.

Jay Bruce had three hits and worked a walk. If Jay Bruce is destined to be a streaky hitter, now wouldn’t be a bad time for him to catch fire.

Billy Hamilton is starting to find first base. After leading off the game with a single into centerfield, he reached on a bunt single in the top of the third and two more singles in the top of five and seven.

We have had our offensive woes, but Joey Votto is quietly having a great year at the plate: .322/.453/1.030


Darin Barney?“ You could hear the disbelief in Chris Welsh’s voice when Barney’s hit one into the left field seats. Logan Ondrusek, you are needed in Louisville.

The bullpen usage was mind-bloggling this afternoon. With Marshall, Broxton, Hoover, LeCure and Parra available, Brian Price turned to our worst bullpen arms early in the game. The Reds were hitting all afternoon and the Cubs’ 2-run lead did not looks safe. Despite this, we brought in Ondrusek, who had not pitched in 11 days. And after Ondrusek gave up three runs, Price turned to Nick Christiani, who promptly gave up two more runs.

Brandon Phillips had a bad day at the office. Two Ks, including one in an important at bat in the top of 5. It is good to see him back in the lineup, but we need some of those DatDude RBIs.

Todd Frazier, for as good as he was in the field, had an ugly day at the plate (0-4).

Not so random thoughts …

In the top of the fifth, Billy Hamilton wasted no time swiping his sixth bag of the season. Immediately afterward, Edwin Jackson threw four consecutive breaking pitches to Joey Votto, all out of the zone. If we are going to open up first base by sending Hamilton, can we at least punish pitchers that are going to pitch around Votto with slow breaking pitches? We need to be sending Hamilton to third to make pitchers think twice about throwing Joey the low curve.

Tony Cingrani had trouble locating his off speed pitches early in the ballgame. His control was so poor at times that he threw multiple 55 foot curveballs. Even the stupid cubs won’t swing at those. I went back and forth about putting him in the negatives column because he did only give up three through five. Yet, hit sequencing played a big role in this: he gave up four hits, three walks, and a home run today. It was a less than great performance, but I don’t think it was worthy of being called a “negative” one.

In the top of seven, Chris Heisey managed to get on base when Michael Olt launched an errant throw past the Anthony Rizzo at first base. Unfortunately, the throw bounced off the brick side wall and right back to Rizzo. Heisey was out at second by about 20 feet. On the plus side, the play did manage to plate two runs for the Redlegs.

From the game thread…

SPRO: Grande actually said Cin-grah-ni instead of Cin-granny! I’m optimistic about this game already!

CP: Mesoraco came pretty close there to solving the Reds’ Ondrusek problem

Preacherj: It’s days like this where I really miss Carlos Marmol coming in the game.