Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds  (7-9)
 4  8  1
Chicago Cubs  (4-11)
 1  6  2
W:  A. Simon (2-1)   L:  J. Samardzija (0-2)   S:  J. Broxton (2)
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Enough cannot be said about the job Alfredo Simon has done as a fill-in this year. He has now given the Reds three sparkling starts. It is hard to imagine him going back to the bullpen, but that is certainly where he will go and where he should go whenever the rotation is fully healthy. It’s good to know he’s there if the Reds need him, though.

I don’t think anyone else especially stands out today, but the Reds did swipe five bases today, that’s pretty neat.


I don’t see anyone deserving of scorn today, either. Every regular reached base at least once. Todd Frazier did make an error, but that happens sometimes.

Also, Brandon Phillips left the game with what we hope is a minor back injury (spasms). I’m sure we”l know more later.

Not so random thoughts …

The Reds are now 7-9. That’s not great, but given who they’ve opened the season against, I’ll bet we all would have taken it if we’d been asked before the season. That the Reds suddenly look solid (they’ve won 4 of 5) is a testament to the fact that you should never get worked up over a week’s worth of ballgames (unless it’s the playoffs).

Ah, the Cubs. They do know how to Cub, don’t they?

I officially had a de-conversion while listening to this game. I was tuning into the Reds’ broadcast and Marty was starting in like he always does about something ridiculous. This time, is was RISP, and I realized I wasn’t enjoying the game at all. So I switched to the Cubs broadcast. And you know what? It was nice. They said more nice things about the Reds than I’ve heard Marty say in two or three years combined.

And I think that’s it for me. If I have any other option, I will no longer listen to Marty call baseball games. He stinks. Games are not fun to listen to when he calls them. This is a team that has averaged 94 wins the last two seasons, and listening to him, you’d think they were the Cubs. I don’t need an announcer to be a homer, but I do need an announcer who is sane and can see a decent team when it’s put in front of him. Marty was the voice of my childhood, but it’s time to leave that behind. It makes me sad.

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  1. Matt Granger

    Who won? It says 4-1 Cubs in the box score but Samardzija as the LP and Simon as the WP.

    I guess I can visit another site for the score, but maybe fix that up. I can’t tell if I’m reading it wrong or if the box is actually wrong

    • Reaganspad

      I think Jason did that as a protest to the way Marty calls the game.

      Even though we will be 9-9 on Sunday, Jason may show us a losing each game to try to bring the statistics (such as the score of the game) down to the level of how he see the Reds these days.

      pure genius if you ask me

  2. Aaron

    Need to flip the start line. Currently reads cubs won 4-1.

  3. RiverCity Redleg

    The Cubs’ run was on Price. Simon was clearly gassed after 6. Otherwise, excellent game by everyone. Plus Welsh gave us Simon’s awesome nickname , the Big Pasta.

    • Josh Mohr

      It wasn’t Welsh, it was Jim Day that named Simon the Big Pasta

  4. Jeff Copeland

    I’m pretty sure the Reds players stole Marty’s retirement money or something. He’s a bitter old man who seems to hate the Reds players. I’m with you, I don’t need a homer but Marty is over the top in his constant criticism of the Reds.

    • Pete Rose

      Marty is stuck in the 70s – talking about a gr-ouch-y old man ….

  5. Jason Linden

    Sorry for the errors there guys. I try not to use the “small children were screaming all around me” excuse very often, but well, small children were screaming all around me.

  6. greenmtred

    I agree with you, Jason: Nobody except for Simon really stood out, but the game further solidified my happiness with Mesoraco–he hits hard, he hustles, and he is evidently not inclined to be complacent. Also, I know that Santiago is not an offensive threat (putting it mildly), but there is value in having a guy who can really pick it if Cozart or (today) Phillips goes down. I’m a little worried about BP: the description of his injury–lower left back just above the hip–could certainly describe the sort of injury that becomes nagging and persistent. I hope that’s not the case.

    • Jason Linden

      It really does break my heart. I can’t emphasize that enough. But it got to be like a bad relationship where the other person just won’t leave. The Cubs broadcast was lovely to listen to. They sounded like they were enjoying it. They stuck to the game. It reminded me of being nine years old when Marty had Joe to keep him toned down.

      • TomatoTovotto

        “They stuck to the game.” That strikes a chord. I don’t live in Cincy so I enjoy watching the home broadcast on because it feels right, but I must admit that, by and large, when I’ve listened to the opposing teams feed the last few years, I’ve enjoyed it more. The negativity is annoying in its own right–and I’m a negative person and it gets to me. And i enjoy banter and 8-scoops-of-ice-cream jokes. But, good lord, I was listening to the game while at the gym today, and the ten minute mac’n’cheese bit made me question my decision to listen to the game.

  7. desertred

    I listened to three innings of a meaningless Dodgers broadcast yesterday just because Vin Scully was calling the game. Now there’s a Hall of Fame announcer. Marty’s not in the same league, his negativity aside.

    • Sparky

      We won’t see the likes of him again on a big league level. I do the same thing late at night and marvel at how smooth and informative he is. One man booths are a lost art.

    • charlottencredsfan

      No one is “in the same league”. Vince will forget a player’s name now and then,so he is not as great as he once was but he is still the very best. No serious competition. I well aware it’s not popular but I cherish every game that I get to hear the great Scully and MB as well.

    • zaglamir

      I bought Premium simply so I could listen to Scully. I had planed to buy the regular and then thought to myself, if I’m going to watch a Dodgers game, I want to hear the legend.

  8. Josh Mohr

    Simon was excellent again, he will only get better as a SP. Our offense is coming around, Mesoraco, Ludwick and Frazier are keys this year, we need more RH power.

  9. eric nyc

    Mesoraco is really having a coming out party. He obviously can’t keep up this pace, but I think he could easily keep up a .300+ pace, and with the start he’s had and the other guys getting on in front of him he should drive in a lot of runs. He also looks like he might be one of the best power hitting catchers in the game by the end of this season. It’ll be interesting to see him and Neck Tattoos duke it out for All Star honors.

  10. Eric the Red

    Fun with statistics:
    * Zack Cozart has more RBI on the season than BP
    * Billy Hamilton has as many doubles on the season as Jay Bruce

  11. ToddAlmighty

    Hard to be too upset since the Reds won and the Cubs Cubbed, but why no double switch when BP left the game? Ludwick did a good job batting today with 2 hits, but I would have thrown Santiago batting #6 at 2B and Heisey batting #3 in LF.

    Batting Santiago 3rd was pretty awful. 0-3, 4 LOB. Thankfully the Reds won, so it’s more a curiosity rather than a complaint.

    Who bats third with BP out? Mesoraco hopefully.

  12. Sparky

    I find when I listen to the same broadcasters day in day out I get frustrated and tired of them. I try to switch broadcasts for a game or two every series. Except within our division, especially the WLB’s.

  13. Paul (@jockopablo)

    Maybe the Reds should put the trophy they got for winning 94 games in the booth with Marty to remind him how great this team is.

    • Jason Linden

      This seems pretty trollish to me, but I’ll engage only one time. The playoffs are, basically, a crap shoot. Study after study has been done and this always proves true. I want the Reds to win the WS as much as any fan, but if you really want to know who the best teams are, look at regular season records.

      And anyway, we’re not talking about what happens in the playoffs. We’re talking about watching what a team does every day over the course of the season. If you can’t enjoy a team that wins north of 90 games, I don’t know what to tell you. I’d stop following baseball if it was me.

      • charlottencredsfan

        Each enjoy games in their own way. My guess is that MB enjoys the Reds as much as you do. The good news is that if you have Gameday Audio you can listen to the opponents broadcast. If the ratings start taking a nosedive, your wish will come about but until then there is an option.

        Maybe it’s my age but I find myself a lot less judgmental and for the most part like the broadcast teams for all the franchises, even Mike Shannon. All seem informed and for the most part entertaining.

      • charlottencredsfan

        By the way I agree, the Cubs have a top flight radio team. Pat is one of my favorites,

      • Paul (@jockopablo)

        Not trolling at all. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion about Marty. I just find it amusing that 90+ wins a year wasn’t enough to save Dusty Baker’s job, nor blunt the non-stop criticism of him by a good portion of the fan base. Yet it’s the primary defense for any criticism Marty may have of the team. Obviously ownership and the fans expect more from this team, so why can’t Marty?

      • Kurt Frost

        Because Marty’s criticism, God love him, is just stupid sometimes.

      • Anthony

        I agree Paul. Is it me or are most of the articles on complaining about management choices or Hamilton should be batting 10th or Walt Jocketty not doing anything to help the club? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black in regards to the complaints of Marty.

      • Shawn


        You really think we have any ability to “help the club” with anything we do on this site? Get a grip.

        Fact is, the Reds should be thankful this site exists at all. We can debate lineups and rotations and get fired up at one another, but anybody posting here is within the top 10% of Reds fans in the country.

        We care. And that helps. So don’t worry so much about what people post…

  14. Buddy

    Agree with the Marty analysis, and just go ahead and extend it to all reds announcers both TV and Radio. I have mlbtv and I no longer even think about listening to the Reds feed. They spend their time on non-baseball related things. Switch to the away feed (the cards, cubs, and bucs announcers have been outstanding…although the bucs are somewhat biased), and hear real baseball announcers, talk about each team with intelligence and tact, rather than listen to your own announcers bash the Reds or talk about that great hamburger they had a few nights back.

  15. Chris

    Love the win and the write-up but, sorry, have to disagree with you about Marty. To be quite honest, he almost always says what I’m thinking (in terms of what’s happening during the game). Earlier this year, when BP swung at every pitch even though BH was on first base – Marty called him out on it. I believe rightfully so! When a player has an unproductive out, Marty simply states it. Again, we generally all think it and I appreciate him venting for me.

    At any rate, it’s your opinion, and this is mine. But we can all agree with the Reds win “streak” being a hopeful sign.

    • Jersey Masher

      Probably because Dusty ruined the best chance this team had at winning a World Series.

      • Pete Rose

        But what did the Reds then proceed to do? Extend Dusty and then show him the door a mere year later. If Dusty had had a tighter reign (and thus a more disciplined team) 2 years ago I truly believe the Reds would have swept the Giants in the 3rd game of the playoffs – and possibly go onto the World Series.

        Instead he allowed the team’s discipline to slip only to be shown the door as a result.

  16. renbutler

    Honestly, sometimes it seems like we had a bunch of Martys around here during the Baker era. It didn’t matter that the team was achieving so much more than they had for the previous decade — it was downright depressing around here.

    So it’s a little strange to see so much protesting of Marty’s negativity.

    However, hopefully the current level-headedness around here will endure.

    • John Walsh

      Bingo, and that’s because it’s a disingenuous point. It’s not Marty’s “negativity”. It’s his demagoguery against advanced stats. Now I like advanced stats and I didn’t like Baker, but if someone’s going to slander Marty, let’s at least be honest about it. He’s negative, but no one would have been protesting all that negativity had it been turned against Dusty Baker.

      Personally, I do miss the days when Marty had Joe to tone him down, but I still take some measure of pride in having Marty as the HOF Reds broadcaster. His descriptions are still as good as ever, even if his attitude could use some toning down.

      • Jason Linden

        I’ll take that challenge, actually. I spent a lot of time on this same issue last year when Dusty was managing. No, I wasn’t Baker’s biggest fan, but neither did I hate him as much as some seemed to. I didn’t think he was a particularly good manager, but it was still a good team.

        So no, I don’t think I’m being disingenuous and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect an announcer to call a game like he has a good team in front of him when he does, in fact, have a good team in front of him.

      • Matt WI

        For me, it’s not always about even appreciating a good team, it’s about just being a reasonable professional, and at times, just a decent human being in the way he talks about people.

      • RedRed11

        It’s interesting how in your write up you state not to get worked up over a week worth of baseball and then stress how good of a team this is after a good week of baseball. To me they are as frustrating as any dusty/griffey-dunn team. They have 3-4 nearly automatic outs in the everyday lineup. I no longer expect them to get a runner home from second when there’s 0-1 outs (it doesn’t help our only reliable contact hitter waits for the opposing pitcher to hand him a pitch in his sweet spot, but that’s a separate issue). I mean, if the playoffs are so random why are the same teams making it to the world series every year (15/20 appearances are from 6 teams: STL 4, BOS 3, SF/DET/TEX/PHI 2). It’s about expectations. I whole-heartedly agree Marty is a overbearing complainer. But relax. He complains as much now as when they were dead last. And I suppose it stems from the source of my frustration in that, based on talent level, this team shouldn’t consistently make first round exits in such spectacularly dismal fashion.

      • John Walsh

        There was far more over-the-top negativity against Baker on these threads last year than Marty projects at the players most of the time. I didn’t see a lot of magnanimous defenses of irrational shots at Baker (and I’m glad he was fired, mind you). But Marty Brennaman says something about Joey Votto’s pitch selectivity (which I don’t agree with) or runners in scoring position and its like a dog whistle here.

        I’m just saying — what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Let’s just all be honest and collectively say that we don’t agree with the guy sometimes, but don’t stand on principle about his negativity when there’s post after post deriding “The Toothpick” over the last few years.

        Lawd, what would happen if Marty leveled such snark on Mr. Votto? Me thinks the interwebz would probably explode.

    • CP (@nomoresalads)

      Agree with this 100%. I like RN’s content creators and many of the older posters, but the site gets relentlessly negative. RedReporter’s game threads aren’t anything like RN’s game threads, it’s weird, the super negative people all head here for some reason. I don’t know if they are more aggressive in shouting down the debbie downers or terminating accounts or what.

      • Sparky

        I enjoy this thread but I will agree with you in regards to the tone. I went on another blog and while the Reds were losing it wasn’t such a pity party. I hope I don’t fall into that group. It seems to be very extreme here. “Way up and world series here we come” when we win and “we will never win again” when we are losing. This is still my main blog for all things REDS! and Thanks guys for having it.

    • Jersey Masher

      Probably because Dusty ruined the best chance this team had at winning a World Series.

  17. Steve Checkosky

    I also agree (sadly) with the comments about Marty. The deadly combination of arrogance, negativity and endless off-topic discussions are excruciating. Fortunately I have MLB TV and a ROKU device. You have a choice of four broadcasts: Home Radio, Home TV, Away Radio and Away TV. Five if you choose “park sounds”. Today I listened to Pat Hughes, alwAYS A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE.

  18. VaRedsFan

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I like Marty. If a player isn’t getting the job done, what do you want him to say? I don’t need or want poor performances sugar coated. How is it different from him say “Cozart is not getting it done” or 75% of people on here saying the EXACT same thing? He wants everyone to succeed as much as anyone.
    Unfortunately I watch most games on MLB Extra Innings, so I get Thom( who I don’t like as much. I’ll here a few radio broadcasts if I happen to be in the car on XM. I enjoy watching every game. I enjoy the wins and agonize over the losses. To win a world series would be that much more special because of the journey it’s taken to get there. 90 win seasons are great and all, but I would trade 5 of them for 1 WS title. That’s just me.

    • Matt WI

      Pointing out someone is struggling is fair game. Unbiased optimism sucks too. But does it really add to the entertainment value and enjoyment of anyone for the game when Marty launches into a diatribe against a player? “Cozart is not getting it done” is the shallow end of his anger sometimes.

      I listened to Marty when I was a young kid. He didn’t always talk this way. As the voice of the team, he owes it to the next generation of 700 WLW listeners to describe a game like he can, without the completely unnecessary editorializing and take downs of various players. It just occurred to me writing this, but it pains me to think that at times I’d have to talk to my own kids about what he says if they listen at great lengths with me. That’s not in the sense of “don’t say bad things ever, hide the truth” talking, but in the name of using critical thinking (the smart kind, not the negative), open-mindedness. As if we need Marty or anyone else to tell us when someone isn’t playing well.

      Marty can say what he wants to Thom and the Cowboy in between innings. On air, he has a responsibility to be more. Think of it this way… if Marty was a poster on Redleg Nation, he’d probably have to get banned at some point for trolling. I think he should be held to at least the same standards on air.

  19. FLARed

    I hear you all say Simon was today’s standout, but Ludwick seems to be coming around. No?

    • pinson343

      Good comment. Ludwick is not a favorite here at RLN. He has to do more than other players to get positive mention.

  20. jessecuster44

    I was at the game – COLD – wind blowing straight in all day. Simon pitched really well, but began losing control after the 5th. LeCure, Parra, and Broxton were pretty much lights out. The Cubs’ run came after Frazier booted a ball, then Santiago couldn’t get in front of a hot shot. Bruce hit a ball that would have been over the Toyota sign in LF, but the wind held it up. Billy Hamilton drove in the Reds’ 1st run with a texas league double, and is very fast in real life. The Cubs then Cub-wrapped the other three runs with a blown DP turn and a wild pitch.

    Sad to hear that Marty seems negative these days – I’ll always remember his calls on the radio as some of the best I ever heard.

  21. jessecuster44

    Oh, and Mesoraco flat out shocked the Cubs by stealing second on the first pitch after his base hit. Dare I say that it was smart baserunning?

    • FLARed

      You’re right, Jesse, 5 SBs, and only 1 by BHam. Nice.

  22. gosport474

    Alfredo Simon for Cy Young. Seriously, has there been a more valuable player for this team this season? He has been very underrated to begin with because he has always been a middle man for this team.

    I guess the Marty thing depends on your perspective. I actually like the fact that he gets onto the players who get paid a lot of money to play a kid’s game. Is he always right? Of course not, as we can see with his off-base criticism of Votto. But I would rather have that than a guy is a shill for the home team. I listen to him quite frequently and don’t hear the negativity but just well-placed criticism. Just my two pennies.

  23. FrancisP

    My wife listened to the radio broadcast for the first time in a long time; she couldn’t believe how grouchy Marty is. She hasn’t really listened to the radio broadcast since the 80’s (we live in Florida, so only get it through MLB Gameday). It was a completely unenjoyable experience for her, and she loves the Reds.

  24. hof13

    I still enjoy listening to Marty but I can understand why he turns some people off. I guess I look at things like, its just his opinion. You know what they say about opinions. Opinions are like … well every one has one.

    Regarding negative comments about Marty, or any of the broadcast personalities, there are 2 things that I would prefer if I had my druthers.
    in the game thread, comment on specific instances that occur at the time. There are times I have been listening to the broadcast and something negative happens on the field, but Marty doesn’t say a word. And yet, some of these same instances, people will post comments about how Marty must be ranting about RISP or how someone should tell Marty that Bruce did figure it out. Why bring his name up at all in situations like that. He says enough to legitimately comment about when he says it. To me, the rest is gratuitous bashing.

    My second preference is, if you really have issues with Marty (or any other specific broadcaster) and there is any way possible to listen to someone else, then do it. Enjoy the game. Cheer on the Reds. Don’t be like Marty in being continually negative about Marty.

    Again, thats my 2 cents worth on the matter, and I’m probably over valuing my opinion by at least a penny.

    • ohiojimw

      I listen to the Reds radio pregame and the game broadcast through the 2nd inning reporters’ sound byte because over time it seems lots of background things (injuries/ recoveries and the like) get talked about in more depth than can be easily found anywhere else in one place be that written or spoken,

      More and more I find myself following the game over Twitter in real time with a secondary TV on so I can run and take a look at the action and the DVR recording so I can review afterwards anything that I want to review, The volume is always muted on that TV; but the CC is on, not that I actually follow it when I am looking at the video.

      • ohiojimw

        I was in front of the TV a couple of days ago during the first inning when I was listening to the Reds broadcast. It seemed like every pitch for which Marty gave a description of the height of the pitch, he had flat wrong. He called several pitches “up” or “high” that were thigh high or lower in describing why they were called balls. As gets said on here a lot, that’s a small sample size but I wondered if he really has slipped that much in the last couple of years.

  25. WVRedlegs

    Marty is still kicking it, but it should be on the golf course in his gated retirement community in Florida.
    Marty is afflicted with MOF syndrome, Miserable Old Fart syndrome.
    As for his radio announcing days, the only humane thing to do would be to take it out back behind the barn and shoot it to put it out of its misery.

  26. RedinInd

    Marty should at least be given credit for being a lucid voice on the radio, regardless of his opinions/ramblings/rantings. Remember how Harry Caray hung on so long (and sadly) for the Cubs?

    • MikeC

      When I lived in Chicago from 1988 – 1992 and listened to Caray, I was puzzled by the fact he was still announcing. He often would get the count mixed up and sometimes even get the score wrong. I mentioned it to a friend of mine one day. He said the Cubs were the only organization that would put up with him announcing because the fan base didn’t really expect a winning team.

  27. vegastypo

    Let’s see now………..The Reds have played a very rough early season schedule. They have done so with Homer not being Homer, and Latos not being, well, anybody yet. No Chapman, no Marshall(s), only a little of Broxton and LeCure, and Hoover can’t seem to keep the ball in the park……..And on offense, Hamilton has mostly struggled, Cozart has really struggled, and it appears to have taken the return of Mesoraco and a suddenly power-infused-again Joey Votto to get this team scoring runs.

    So having said all of that, being just a few games below .500 doesn’t seem quite so bad. And I hope I didn’t just jinx the rest of the Cubbies series.

    • ohiojimw

      I think most all of us felt like given their early schedule, the Reds would be OK if they awoke on 1 May at least .500. Then the Reds slow start and the Brewers quick start made a lot of folks very nervous.

      With basically a tenth of their season (both home and road) done the Brewers are +6 to .500 on the road. Over the long haul, I think that could turn out to be significant unless they do a real nose dive somewhere along the way as it is the sort of bump that might require other teams to play above their projected profiles to make up. It is fortunate for the rest of the division that the Brewers are only 5-4 at home, otherwise they could have been positioned to have the rest of the division in extended chase mode for the foreseeable future.

  28. earmbrister

    I’ve lived my entire life in the NYC Metro area (college excepted), so I grew up with a different set of announcers. I can appreciate the sadness that Jason felt regarding Marty. It’s like when your girlfriend or wife points out just how pitiful a favorite shirt of yours is. At that moment you (sometimes) take a step back and realize it really is ratty, stinky, beyond salvageable …

    As an out of towner, I have never cared for Marty (or the “Cowboy” for that matter). But my list of hated announcers is somewhat long: Dick Vitale, Keith Hernandez, half of the idiots at ESPN, etc., etc. You only have to listen to a random Vin Scully broadcast to realize just how poor Marty and the Cowboy are. A tough comparison for sure, but you don’t need to compare Willie Harris to Joe Morgan in order to come to the conclusion that Willie Harris is not a good ballplayer.

  29. concepcion13

    Our old friend Aaron Harang had another great start last night – in fact, he was pulled in the midst of a no-hitter. Tossed 7 no-hit innings but 121 pitches when he was pulled for a pinch-hitter. That’s twice now he’s taken a no-no that far this year. Good to see he’s having a career resurgence. The Mets ended up getting one hit off of the Brave ‘pen.

  30. Greg Dafler

    Jason – I was at the same point as you are with Marty a couple of years ago. This also coincided with my first subscription to MLB at-bat audio. So, I started listening to away broadcasts & started to listening to other games when the Reds were not playing.

    There are a lot of bad broadcast teams out there. And Marty is still one of the better ones, IMHO. If I’m listening to a Reds game, then I’ve switched back to listening to the Reds feed.

  31. Bill Lack

    One other correction that may have already been talked about, but the Phillips injury was back spasms, not a wrist. Said hopefully he’ll be in the lineup today….I’ll be surprised (as one that has suffered from back spasms).

    • Greg Dafler

      Hopefully, he’s not in for another “playing hurt all year” situation. Take a couple of games off against the Cubs and come back at full strength against the Pirates next week.

  32. sezwhom

    I’m out in California so don’t listen to Marty but I like to poke fun at Thom. There’s even a parody Twitter account on him. A HUNDRED TIMES…A HUNDRED! Some of you get that. Hey, Reds beat the Cubs. Some things never change. Like St. Louis usually beating us. You know its true. Get through April around .500 and we’re fine.

  33. Rob

    I want 5 minutes of my life back for reading these comments. Is it that hard to ignore the man if he annoys you? I thought it was funny in the 8th when he was making fun of himself for forgetting to tell people what the score was.

    • ohiojimw

      Well put. I think as is suggested by several folks previously many of the MB bashers have an agenda of wanting validation of their point of view (value of “advanced metrics”) reflected from the radio booth. MB is a convenient and I think to a degree knowing and willing lightning rod for them.