The Reds are out of the gate this year with a 6-9 start that has them sitting in 4th place in the NL Central.  This week let’s take a look across the minors to see how each of the Red’s full season minor league teams have fared to start the season.

AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats are off to a 7-5 start that has them in 2nd place in the International League South.  Some of the main contributors to the good start are SP Tim Crabbe (1.59 ERA) and Jeff Francis (1.69).  Closer Jumbo Diaz has yet to be scored on in five appearances.  At the plate, Ruben Gotay, who has slid from 3B over to 2B since Chris Nelson was resigned, is still tearing it up with a slash line of .350 /.435/.775 /1.210.  C Tucker Barnhart (.250 /.333 /.688/1.021), Chris Nelson (.367 /.406 /.500 /.906), and RF Felix Perez (.382 /.389 /.500 /.889) are also off to hot starts.

AA Pensacola Blue Yahoos

The Blue Wahoos start the season with a 7-6 record and tied for 1st in the Southern League South.  They are led on the hill by SP Jon Moscot (0.90) and Michael Lorenzen (1.32).  Reliever Daniel Renken is unscored on over 5 IP.  LF Donald Lutz (.361 /.439 /.722 /1.161) is leading the way at the plate.  C Bryan Anderson (.318 /.360 /.682 /1.042), IF Rey Navarro (.273 /.342 /.606 /.948), and 3B Juan Silverio (.351 /.400 /.514 /.914) are also off to good starts at the plate.

High A Bakersfield Blaze

The Blaze are in 1st place in the California League North with a 11-3 record.   SP Ben Lively (0.82) is leading the way from the mound with relievers Brooks Pinckard, Jimmy Moran, and Carlos Gonzalez having yet to allow a run.  1B Marquez Smith is tearing it up thus far with a slash line of .364 /.434 /.750/1.184.  CF Junior Arias (.394 /.459 /.606 /1.066), C Chris Berset (.308 /.400 /.615/1.015), LF Jesse Winker (.333 /.419 /.510 /.929), RF Kyle Waldrop (.404 /.472 /.447 /.919), and 3B Seth Mejias-Brean (.314 /.426 /.471 /.897) are also off to fast starts at the dish.

Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons lead the Midwest League Eastern division with a 9-3 record.  SP Ismael Guillon (1.64), Sal Ramano (2.00), and Nick Travieso (2.45) head up a strong pitching staff.  Relievers Zack Weiss, Layne Somsen, and Evan Mitchell have yet to allow a run.  Sebastian Elizalde is hitting .364 /.512 /.636/1.148 while splitting time between LF and 1B.    CF Beau Amaral (.341 /.391 /.610 /1.001) and 1B Daniel Mateo (.300 /.400 /.450 /.850) are also off to good starts for the Dragons.

8 Responses

  1. Shchi Cossack

    The efforts to restock the minor league system are finally starting to pay off. The Bats roster is still filled with a bunch of AAAA players and minor league FA signings, but every other level is stocked with homegrown talent and prospects. The Reds minor league system no longer represents fodder for the bottom feeders. After the 2014 season wraps up, the talking heads will start to take appropriate notice once again after being smacked upside their talking heads and the Reds minor league system will begin to accumulate the accolades missing over the past few seasons.

    • ToddAlmighty

      All that said about the minor leagues getting emptied awhile ago.. I was looking and honestly, other than Travis Wood, which prospects did they trade who’s gone on to do good things?
      -Boxberger was good in short stints but is back in the minors and already on a new team.
      -Juan Francisco was consistently subpar in both Atlanta and Milwaukee, is now in the minors for the Orioles.
      -Yonder Alonso has been alright, slightly above average hitter, but only able to play 1st (where the Reds have a pretty good player already).
      -Grandal looked really good in 2012, but then we all found out it’s because he’s a cheater. He also hasn’t played 100 games yet in three seasons.
      -Didi Gregorious was alright in 2013, but still below 100 OPS+. He lost his starting job in spring training and is in the minors now.

      So while they lost a lot of “talent” in their minor league system for awhile there, I really think only Travis Wood has been the only one who’s trade is regrettable now. Moot point now I suppose with a lot of promising guys coming up.

      • Dave

        The trade wasn’t really regrettable. Sean Marshall was one of, if not the absolute, top LH relievers in the game. His injury last year was regrettable, but I think we’ll be happy with Marshall in August-October. Besides, we don’t even need Wood – we have 5 great starters and Stephenson, Corcino and a few others are waiting in the wings. We’ll be fine – Jocketty and Buckley are great at stocking talent.

  2. zaglamir

    To follow along with Ye Olde Cossack, I’m glad that the Reds minor leagues system is finally starting to look respectable again. For a while there, it seemed like the only way the Reds got “homegrown talent” was to select them in the first round and then call them up in a year. This group now looks like it might be good enough to actively feed the major league team.

  3. ToddAlmighty

    With Winker hitting .339/.418/.554 in A+, how long until he sees a promotion? Also, what happened to Ervin’s bat?

    • Shchi Cossack

      Ervin had off-season wrist surgery that was not published until the past week. He’s been on base twice in each of the past 3 games, so things may be looking up for Ervin to start making hay.

  4. Josh Mohr

    Up and down the Reds organization we see talent at every level. Our farm system is only going to get better, keep drafting and developing well.

  5. Dave

    By the way – developing the talent is highly underrated. That’s why the Cardinals are good every year, well, since Jocketty got there. It’s also why the Braves (Leo Mazzone), Cardinals (Dave Duncan), and recently the Reds (Price) have good pitching. They take guys like Kevin Millwood (ATL) or Kyle Lohse (STL) or Homer Bailey and make them better.

    If this was the NFL or the NBA we’d just draft a guy and send him right up (Leake is the exception) – the minors are for developing and your guys have to get better…ours are, so I’m happy.