Another game with the Cardinals.  Another game against the “neck-tattoo”.  I can not stand the Cardinals.  Losing to St. Louis may be worse than anything right now.  Please Reds, beat St. Louis tonight!

Please Homer Bailey, you’re our only hope! Here’s the lineup:

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
6. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
7. Zack Cozart (R) SS
8. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
9. Homer Bailey (R) P


381 Responses

  1. ToddAlmighty

    Reds, it’s time to start taking things seriously. You’re behind the Cubs right now. THE CUBS for crying out loud. Have some self respect and win this series.

  2. doublenohitter

    The Cardinals getting their rings in front of the Reds…that’s cold. I hope it inspires our Redlegs.

  3. NWOhioRedFan

    I need to repeat to myself……the baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint……the baseball season is a marathon not a sprint………then my ADD kicks in and says oh crap we are 2 and 5 with 155 games to play we are screwed…….deep breath, deep breath.

  4. ToddAlmighty

    Wow… Molina’s glove was literally touching the dirt when he caught that called strike. Poor Billy, nothing you can do against that buddy.

  5. preacherj

    Whew. Brandon with a two base hit. Should Joey bunt him over?

  6. preacherj

    Votto, you are not paid to get hit by a pitch!!!!

  7. TomatoTovotto

    Let’s hope Homer gets the same strike zone


  8. charlottencredsfan

    2 runs and counting in the first. Nirvana!

  9. charlottencredsfan

    Ludwick gets in done – attaboy.

  10. Steve Mancuso

    Lynn grooved fastballs to Ludwick and Frasier.

  11. muttonlettucetomato

    How about the Reds hanging a 3 spot on the Cards in the first… That’s the way to start a game. Now I hope Homer gets some of the same strike calls that Lynn got. Some of those pitches looked really low.

  12. ToddAlmighty

    Homer Bailey gets spotted 3 again in the top of the first. No rain delay excuses here Bailey. Get it done. Can’t waste the very very limited run support the offense has produced this year again.

  13. Steve Mancuso

    Wong lucky on that. Dribbler to third base.

  14. Steve Mancuso

    Lot of breaking balls early tonight for Homer.

  15. Nick Kirby

    Prior to today, the Reds had scored a grand total of 3 runs in the first innings of their first 7 games.

    • Nick Kirby

      ……and all 3 previous runs were all in the first inning of the game against Lynn.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Lynn was lucky that Ludwick and Frazier both missed fat pitches in the first inning.

  16. charlottencredsfan

    Impressive first for Homer.

  17. hoosierdad

    If he does that again would 2 Wongs make a right?

  18. preacherj

    K’s of Holiday and Craig is a great way to end the first. I would love to run Lynn out of this game early.

  19. mwvohio

    Could just be me, but Homer looks fired up and is Mez calling more breaking stuff than Pena did?

    • ToddAlmighty

      I’d call breaking stuff too if pitches in the dirt were called strikes. Lol

  20. ToddAlmighty

    Umpire is calling the most down/down&away strike zone I have seen. I guess at least he’s calling it for both sides equally.

  21. Shchi Cossack

    If the 1st inning is any indication of Homer’s stuff tonight, Wong infield single might be the only Bird’s hit in game. Homer looks absolutely wicked with every pitch.

  22. doublenohitter

    I’m surprised the Reds have never tried to get Zach to level his swing. He has that uppercut swing.

  23. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    How ’bout them Redlegs! Joined the party late… maybe I should do it more often!

  24. Steve Mancuso

    Great to see Mesoraco back. Nothing wrong with the job Pena did, but it’s good to see the starter calling the pitches and pounding the ball.

  25. ZabkaLives

    Mesoraco with the sock-o. Time to bat ALL catchers ahead of Cozart. Seriously? Why is he still hitting 7th. All three catchers have as many or more hits than him. Mes tied his hit total in one at bat.

    I’m looking forward to a big year from young Mes.

  26. Steve Mancuso

    Billy, Billy, Billy.

    Cowboy: Best swing Hamitlon has taken since spring training.

  27. preacherj

    Billy, Billy, Billy. Cowboy said that’s the best swing he’s seen Bham take since Spring Training.

  28. Shchi Cossack

    Showdown time! Hamilton v. Neck tattoo

  29. ZabkaLives

    Give me a Mes and BHam sammich! Oh yeah!
    BHam has not been striking out now. The hits are gonna fall run up the score!

  30. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Wow. Meso coming back to the lineup w/ a bang! And Billy the Kid! Can the Reds face Lance Lynn every day? Please?

    • ProspectCincy

      He didn’t allow him to run once in Spring … and he hasn’t allowed him to run both times on base either.

      Votto needs to be 2 for this line-up to work. SLRLR … why oh why is this not happening.

    • Nasty Boys Nasty Groove

      Billy Mays Hayes get in the way of BP’s hacking approach?

  31. ToddAlmighty

    Hamilton has been on base 3 times now. Two of those times BP never took a single strike. The one time he did was after four hours of rain made the field into a muddy mess.

    • ProspectCincy

      That wasn’t Phillips … that was Santiago. Hamilton pinch ran in the Mets game for the catcher … 9 spot was up next.

      In 7 AB’s in spring with Hamilton on first, Phillips took a total of four pitches. Not strikes … PITCHES.

  32. ZabkaLives

    You never pitch to Molina with a base open. He OWNS the Reds. Enough!

  33. ToddAlmighty

    $100m AND an immediate lead… and Homer begins once again to squander it away.

  34. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    I absolutely hate you, Yadier.

  35. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Any chance we throw at Molina late in game (payback for hitting Votto in first)??????

  36. preacherj

    That’s a shame when you get the lead runner and they still have a guy at third.

  37. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Oh brother… here we go.

  38. ci3j

    Homer with a lead…..

    Slipping away….

  39. ZabkaLives

    So this is what all those millions gets you?

  40. BearcatNation

    That didn’t take long. Ugly ugly ugly.

  41. NWOhioRedFan

    Seriously? Really? Oh the humanity………I hate the Cardinals.

  42. ZabkaLives

    He’s not gonna make it past the fourth again. Blecch!

  43. jdx19

    Two stinkers in a row for Homer to start the season. Awesome. And on my 30th birthday! 🙁

  44. al

    man, give a guy $100 mil and two big early leads against the cards, i guess you expect a little more.

  45. ToddAlmighty

    Holy crap Bailey. You. Are. Terrible. Given a 3-0 lead? Blown. 4-0 lead? Blown.

    This is a guy who was supposedly in the “Ace” conversation. Can we say this is a case where ERA isn’t so inaccurate as FIP wants to say?

    • ToddAlmighty

      Bailey has now allowed 4 or more runs in 13 of his last 34 starts.

  46. Kory Estes

    The Reds $100,000,000.00 arm ladies and gentlemen. I hope he can justify that money eventually. This is ridiculous.

  47. ZabkaLives

    Karros insinuating Bailey is weak mentally…..

    • ci3j

      And Karros would be right.

      Is this news to anyone?

      • jdx19

        Just curious how a guy with 2 no hitters is weak mentally. You guys and your emotional knee jerks…

      • ci3j

        Not at all. I’ve always said Homer is weak mentally.

        When things go just his way, he is dominant. But as soon as things head south, he folds like a cheap card table.

    • jdx19

      Says the former ROY who had a terrible MLB career. 😉

  48. Tae Yun

    i guess w/ 100m contract, he’s got no worries.. he’s been a stinker this year so far. just terrible.

  49. charlottencredsfan

    Got to get him out of there.

  50. jas428

    Proof is in the pudding…Karros is right but now back-peddling.

  51. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Is it Bailey? Or is it just the fact that this team CAN’T. BEAT. ST. LOUIS.

  52. NastyBoys3

    I can’t believe the people on here bashing Bailey and his contract. He’s always struggled against the Cardinals. That, and he’s making his first two starts back from injury, you know it wouldn’t be that pretty. He’s got 30 more starts this year, calm down.

    • ci3j

      I’m 100% calm about Bailey, I just know what he is.

      A pitcher that can show occasional flashes of (historical) brilliance who mostly is too inconsistent to be considered an “Ace”.

      Again, is this news to anyone?

      • ToddAlmighty

        It’s news to all the FIP and xFIP articles we’ve read about Bailey, assuring us he was one of the best pitchers in baseball and thus the contract wasn’t awful.

      • ci3j

        Those articles looked at Homer’s body of work as a season, not at how up and down his individual performances were.

        He’s either very good or pretty terrible. He just happens to have a few more of the very good starts so it averages out to him looking better than his individual performances would dictate.

    • Nasty Boys Nasty Groove

      They did the same as the Reds this offseason. Reds fired Baker, Bengals lost two coordinators. Reds lost their 2nd best hitter, and signed nobody. Bengals lost a couple of good players, and signed nobody.

      Why would it turn out any different than the Reds?

  53. Tae Yun

    it’s called bashing his terrible outings…. doesn’t make it better when a players signs up a 8 digit figure contract. it’s the way it is w/ baseball…. nothing weird or bad about it.

    imagine if it was your 100m dollars … i bet you feel different, and you would give a darn

  54. preacherj

    Alright, Joey starts with a hit. Let’s string a few together.

  55. RedsFanPetaluma

    Folks, Homer Bailey has always had trouble holding leads against good teams. He simply is not mentally tough (as expressed by Karros). I felt the Reds should have traded him over the winter. Even with the two no hitters, he simply is a .500 pitcher. Not a number one or number two starter.

    • ci3j


      When he’s on, he can be spectacular.

      But he has way too many nights when he’s not on…. That’s not an “Ace” in anyone’s book.

  56. Nick Kirby

    Homer Bailey allowed 7 runs on 9 hits in his 2nd start of 2013 (at St. Louis). He finished the season in the top 11 in the NL in WHIP, WAR, K’s, K/BB, & xFIP. It’s important to remember he was injured the majority of this spring, and is still getting back in his groove.

  57. Steve Mancuso

    The “weak mentally” criticism of Homer is awful. Not a single person who spouts it has ever even met him. Guy has two no hitters, a near no hitter in the post season, last year he had back to back 7 inning shutout performances against the Cardinals in September. The critics wave that off as “well, when things are going right…” which makes the entire criticism a tautology. We know Homer is weak mentally when he fails to pitch well. He’s mentally strong when he pitches well.

    Homer hasn’t pitched well so far this year, but the “weak mentally” charges are ridiculous.

    • ci3j

      It’s not so much him pitching well, it’s him not letting his emotions get the better of him.

      I don’t have to meet him to see the Molina homer rattled him and made him lose his focus. We’ve seen it enough times to recognize it now.

      • Steve Mancuso

        He looked really rattled when Matt Adams hit a dribbler out of the reach of Frazier. The hit after that was another seeing eye ground ball. He gave up a couple of solid hits after that.

        Last year, he held leads or gave up two or fewer runs against the Cardinals (twice), the Oakland As, the LA Dodgers (twice) the Nationals (twice) and the Pirates and Giants. So the notion that he can’t hold a lead vs. good teams is false, too.

      • ci3j

        Here’s an interesting stat about Homer, which I think you and I discussed previously:

        He had 11 games where he gave up 4 or more runs last year, more than any other starter on the Reds.

        When you consider that the average runs scored per team in the NL last year was right around 4, that tells me, on average, Homer was most likely of any starting pitcher to put his team in position to lose a game, or at best leave it up to the bullpen to pitch flawlessly.

        Look, I will admit Homer can be a pretty great pitcher on some nights. But until he can do it every night out, he’s not an Ace in any sense of the word. He simply isn’t.

    • Tae Yun

      yes i agree with that. mental weakness isn’t the issue. he isn’t very good this year. injury the cause? good excuse, but to me, either you get on dL if you can’t pitch or if he’s out there, then i expect a better performance.

      i am not his mother protecting him.

    • ToddAlmighty

      It’s not helped by the fact that since the beginning of 2012 to now he has had 34 starts. In 13 of those he has allowed 4 or more runs.

      He has too many starts where things get out of hand. It gives people the idea he’s not mentally strong, true or not.

      Starts since they’ve had 13 games of 4 or more runs allowed:
      Cingrani- 260*
      Cueto- 79
      Latos- 55
      Arroyo- 48
      Leake- 37
      Bailey- 34

      His current projection. He’s only allowed 4 or more runs once in his 20 career starts.

  58. Paul (@jockopablo)

    The Caps are beating the Blues on NBCSN right now for anyone else who would like to actually see a St. Louis team lose for once.

  59. charlottencredsfan

    It’s on Price from here.

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      We’ve gotta get some innings outta the starter. Is there really anyone better than Homer in the injury-riddled ‘pen? Nope.

      • jdx19

        Good point. Still rather have Homer out there than ALMOST anyone in the ‘pen right now.

  60. doublenohitter

    Does Molina EVER take a day off?
    Best paying job in the world is the backup catcher in St. louis.
    By the way, who is the backup catcher?

    • jdx19

      That’s a great trivia question. Last year is was T. Cruz, I think. I don’t even know his first name. NO idea if that is still the guy.

      And the answer is “he doesn’t against division rivals,” I’d bet. Let him sit against the Cubs, Marlins, and Mets. He’ll be in there against Cincy, Pitts, and probably Milwaukee.

  61. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    If you guys want to be cheered up, go look up Votto’s video interview on Intentional Talk today. Absolutely HILARIOUS. Joey seems like a fun guy to be around.

  62. Kyle Farmer

    Seems like over the past couple of years the Reds haven’t given Homer very much run support. Yet, this season he’s blown two early leads against the Cardinals. It has me thinking about how Homer pitches when he’s ahead. Are there any numbers the isolate how Homer does with a 3 run or more lead? Is it something maybe where he relaxes momentarily and gets caught because he’s not used to pitching with a lead?

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      Interesting thought. I would think not, but would definitely be open to hearing the stats. How about Bailey’s career numbers versus the Cardinals? I feel like it’s more St. Louis than it is Bailey “slacking off” a bit.

      • ci3j

        Bailey has a 3.99 ERA with a .279 BAA against St. Louis over the last 3 years.

    • jdx19

      Doubtful. It’s 2 starts against the best team in the majors. Don’t wrack your brain trying to find meaning. The Cards can hit.

      • ci3j

        Oh, this might explain it:

        Over the last 3 years, Bailey has a 5.47 and a .320(!) BAA when pitching IN St. Louis.

        Wow, keep him off the mound at Busch.

  63. Kurt Frost

    Good God do we have to bring up contracts constantly? Would you guys PLEASE stop counting the player’s money. I thought the comments on this blog were a little more intelligent than this.

    • AnnapolisHoosier

      I agree with you, but it will be pertinent if the Reds say they can’t sign Latos because they don’t have enough money as I would much rather have Latos.

  64. Steve Mancuso

    First two runners get on base against Bailey. Uh oh, he’s mentally weak, here comes another big inning. Wait, he pitched out of it. He’s mentally strong.

    • ProspectCincy

      Comon Steve. He gave up line drive outs to both Peralta and Burjos. He’s not fooling anyone up there.

      Call it whatever you want; but Bailey does this all the time.

      • Steve Mancuso

        So the line ground balls and fly balls that happen to fall in are proof he’s mentally weak. The ground balls and fly balls (and that’s what those two outs were last inning) that are caught are just lucky.

      • ProspectCincy

        Not at all … I never said “mentally weak”. But you trying to argue against that point when the Cardinals are tattooing the ball everywhere, even on outs does not improve your position against.

        Homer Bailey absolutely sucks right now. That’s all there is to it.

      • jdx19

        He was attempting to show you the faulty logic of calling Homer mentally weak b/c of everyone’s observers’ bias.

        On a side note, how long until Meso can move up in the order past Cozart?

      • ZabkaLives

        Only Karros hinted at it. No one else.

      • Nasty Boys Nasty Groove

        Maybe he’s just not that great a pitcher.

    • charlottencredsfan

      He is certainly not fouling anybody. I’d feel more comfortable with Ondrusek at the moment.

  65. ProspectCincy

    Has to be Bailey’s last inning. Every single ball is scorched; get Trevor Bell up!

    • ZabkaLives

      He’s dropping his shoulder on his swing. Getting under everything.

  66. charlottencredsfan

    Let’s get him in boys.

  67. ZabkaLives

    If price bats Cozart in front of Mes again he should be fired.

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      Can we stop with the “Price should be fired” for petty stuff like that? He’s a rookie manager finding his way. He needs to be given some slack for this type of stuff. He’ll figure it out.

      • ZabkaLives

        That was a joke. Where’s the sarcasm button…

      • jdx19

        It’s hyperbole, for sure. If anyone really thinks Price deserves to be fired for anything this early they need to have their doctor prescribe some meds.

  68. Robert Doll

    Can Price please bat Cozart 8th. This completely defies all principles of intelligence and logic. Things like this just make me absolutely insane.

    • ZabkaLives

      I’m thinking tomorrow it will happen. Price is no Dusty. He isn’t worried about hurting feelings or getting guys going.

  69. ToddAlmighty

    Mesoraco is certainly announcing his return in splendid fashion.

  70. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Meso! 2 doubles in as many at bats! I like. He needs to bat 7th, btw.

  71. Robert Doll

    For those of you ready to through Homer under the bus – remember this: he’s had 2 starts…out what 30? That’s 1/15th of the season for a pitcher. In comparison that’s like 10 games for a team. Are we really going to judge the reds after 10 games?


    • charlottencredsfan

      I think HB is a very good pitcher having a bad night. IMO, it’s the end of the story. I just don’t know why he is still in there.

  72. ZabkaLives

    Even with the K BHam looks much better in the batters box. I have confidence.

  73. Lame4ever

    What are other bullpens thinking of Bailey’s ridiculous contract at this moment? bitter bitter

    • Nasty Boys Nasty Groove

      That it pays to throw no hitters?

      • Lame4ever

        that it pays off to bury out EVERY Reds offensive effort on losing streak to STL

  74. BigRedMike

    Why do announcers love the bunt so much? Thom thinks the cardinals should sacrifice here

    • ToddAlmighty

      Who sacrifices when you have 9 hits in the first four innings? You’re crushing the guy, don’t give free outs.

  75. ProspectCincy

    Craig has been awful this year, so hopefully, Bailey can find three outs in the next two hitters.

  76. preacherj

    Ondrusek warming up. All is well.

    • Lame4ever

      Ondrusek……..good luck with that…..

  77. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Oh boy… this might just not be a good baseball team, boys and girls. It’s time to look in the mirror.

  78. ci3j

    This, to me, epitomizes Homer Bailey: His splits on bases empty/runners on/runners in scoring position…

    Over the last 3 years, when the bases are empty, his OBP against was .282. With runners on, it jumped to .335. And with runners in scoring position…. .338.

    That… That right there tells you a lot about David Dewitt Bailey.

    By the way, Latos: .248/.245/.207.
    Cueto: .229/.244/.235
    Leake: .261/.278/.266
    Cingrani: .200/.190/.129

    And…………. Homer: .282/.335/.338

    • jdx19

      I have a suspicion his runners stranded stats must be pretty good, then.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Cingrani goes from .200 to .190, to .129. Every time I see things like this about him it reminds me how amazing the start of his career has been. Tougher it gets for him, the better he gets.

  79. preacherj

    Another big K of Holiday. Would love to see a ground ball here.

  80. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Nice punchout, Homer. Any doubt Yadier gets a big hit here, though?

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      Whoops. Forgot about Allen Craig. THE DOUBLE PLAY!! DAVID DEWITT!

  81. preacherj

    That’s what I’m talking about.

  82. charlottencredsfan

    Nice work. Let’s score some runs.

    • Steve Mancuso

      It would be an entertaining race between Craig and BP.

      • jdx19

        If you do the Titanic Struggle for this one, give yourself a Game Thread Quote for that one!

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      I’ll take that DP every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  83. Steve Mancuso

    Great defense by Frazier and Phillips. Homer works out of two runners on base and no outs. Four strikeouts (Holliday twice, Craig and Peralta) and a bunch of ground balls. Homer is hanging in there.

    • charlottencredsfan

      That was a big inning for him – really gutted it out. Obviously doesn’t have his best stuff but is battling.

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      What an ace is supposed to do on a night when he doesn’t have his best stuff.

  84. preacherj

    What are Craig’s numbers this season? He seems to be struggling a lot.

    • jdx19

      He’s struggling mightily, so of course, he’s on my fantasy team.

  85. preacherj

    The way these guys are throwing, it makes a looooong game.

  86. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Joey Votto’s pretty good, guys. Just sayin’.

  87. jdx19

    This ump might be the most consistent I’ve seen this year. He’s giving that low strike like clockwork.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Yeah, it’s an awful zone, but to his credit I guess, he’s very consistent with it for both teams.

      • jdx19

        Yeah. I can tolerate bad zone for both teams. I just hate inconsistency.

  88. jdx19

    I like Votto and Bruce back-to-back.

  89. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Batting Votto and Bruce back-to-back? What an idea… why didn’t anyone think of that sooner? (love ya, Dusty! No hard feelings.)

  90. Lame4ever

    Great signs that Joey V and Jay B are continue clicking on each other – wish Reds earn runs this inning

  91. Steve Mancuso

    Ludwick gets the job done again. Have to say, he’s off to a good start this year.

    • jdx19

      Agreed. I am encouraged by his start.

    • Lame4ever

      Let’s keep this socre to the end, Reds

  92. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Atta boy, Ludwick. Put the ball in play. RBI! C’mon Toddfather… how about a big fly here?

  93. Steve Mancuso

    Votto with another run scored. Maybe they should pay him to do that. 🙂

  94. TomatoTovotto

    Watching Adams “run” brings me joy.

  95. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    On a scale of 1-10 (1 = he’s gonna backwards K, 10 = grand salami) how likely is it Molina gets a hit? I’m going to say it’s a 12.

  96. sergeant2

    Earlier comments saying Homer Bailey was mentally weak is pure poppycock. Earlier in Bailey’s career you could say that, and I did. Bailey’s biggest improvement over the past couple of years has been him becoming mentally tough. IMHO Go Reds!

    • preacherj

      Good to see you, Sarge. I was beginning to sweat the ‘titanic struggle’ announcement.

  97. jdx19

    I vote no fastballs to Molina this at-bat with 2 strikes.

  98. hof13

    It would be really nice to get Molina out here. Start the inning out right.

  99. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    What a terrible view of the game from AT&T rooftop… sweet idea, Cardinals (sarcasm).

  100. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Molina strikes out. ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD. Si’down Neck Tattoo.

  101. sergeant2

    They’re showing Marty in the booth, I think Marty looked better with the helmet hair.

  102. preacherj

    Down in order. I think that puts Homer at 100 pitches.

  103. jdx19

    Question: On the Ludwick ground out, ESPN does not have him credited with an RBI. Is this possibly due to the scorer calling it a fielder’s choice? I don’t know if he did or didn’t. Maybe ESPN just updated incorrectly.

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      That should be a ribby, no? I know if a hitter grounds into a DP and a run scores there’s no RBI for hitter, but in that situation it definitely should be given to Ludwick. They had no chance getting Votto at home.

  104. Silence Dogood

    Love message board pundits calling a guy who has thrown 2 no-hitters and signed a $100 million contract mentally weak. Do you really understand how silly that statement is? I understand the frustrations but c’mon, this game is really hard.

    • Kurt Frost

      I’ve come to find out most baseball fans are ignorant. They have knee jerk reactions and they just say stupid things. And it’s sad.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Starts since they’ve had 13 games of 4 or more runs allowed:
      Cingrani- 260*
      Cueto- 79
      Latos- 55
      Arroyo- 48
      Leake- 37
      Bailey- 33

      *His current projection. He’s only allowed 4 or more runs once in his 20 career starts.

      – – –
      Bailey has too many games where he takes his team out of it, or when things landslide out of control with him. He’s either Jay Bruce-a-few-years-ago level of inconsistent, or he’s mentally weak.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Giving up four runs per game doesn’t “take his team out of it” just like tonight.

  105. ToddAlmighty

    Strike out instead of hitting another double? Bench that putz.

  106. jdx19

    Billy Hamilton has been on base as many times this game as Cozart has in the last 27 weeks.

  107. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Not sure I agree with hitting for Bailey there…

    • jdx19

      He’s at 100 pitches. Might as well try for a solo shot with Soto. I guess that’s the thinking.

      Wow… Soto solo shot. It’s almost the same word three times.

  108. Kurt Frost

    I’ll be glad when they stop showing that stupid Gatorade commercial with the dunking guy screaming. I guess it could be because I’ve never dunked, but I don’t understand the screaming.

    • Lame4ever

      sure thing, tonight he’s broadcasting nationally

    • ToddAlmighty

      Could be worse, the first series against the Cardinals he was gushing over Molina as a person for a full inning. I’ll take annoying on national televised games over him gushing over the Cardinals.

    • hof13

      He had a great line in the beginning of the game after Homer struck someone out with a curve. He described Homer’s curve as venomous.

  109. charlottencredsfan

    If we some how manage to lose this game, I’m going to heave. Come on bullpen.

  110. Steve Mancuso

    The Cardinals have had a bunch of lucky hits tonight.

  111. Lame4ever

    oh no, Ondrusek…… way Reds gonna hold this scoreboard off

  112. jdx19

    All this seeing-eye BS is infuriating.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Bourjos hit was a check swing.

  113. RedAlert

    Wow Price – right on que – close game, brings in gas cans from bullpen – just bizarre decision making

  114. RedAlert

    Guess Brian price determined to leave him in until reds are behind

  115. Steve Mancuso

    It looked like Jay Bruce just dropped that ball. Tough play, but it looked like it was in his glove.

  116. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    I just had a dream where Bruce dropped a fairly routine fly ball to end the inning and Cards took 6-5 lead because of it. Oh God…

  117. Steve Mancuso

    Right off the side of his glove, not an easy play but he should have had it. Usually makes that play. Stupid check swing single to lead off the inning.

  118. charlottencredsfan

    Talk about snake-bit. Just really, really ugly.

    • jdx19

      That combined with the Cards being the luckiest team ever, as evidenced by their .330 RISP last season.

  119. sergeant2

    Oh no! You have got to be kidding me. Bruce holds on to that ball 99 out of a 100 times.

  120. Steve Mancuso

    Nice play by Frazier and Votto on that out.

  121. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Really ironic Frazier and Votto combine to make a really tough play to get the out… after Bruce drops a routine fly that was in his glove. This is a subpar baseball team, folks. It just is.

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      And now fans that have no clue what they’re talking about will blame Ondrusek. Stupid Cardinals… negatively affecting everything.

    • jdx19

      Home team scorer wants to give two RBI to Holliday, I’d say. Also, it wasn’t a clear-cut error. I’d say it could have gone either way.

  122. Lame4ever

    right at the time when Reds need an error most, wow

  123. sergeant2

    Excellent snag by Votto on Todds throw to 1st. Lady luck was with the Cardinals that inning. C’mon Reds lets retake the lead.

  124. Steve Mancuso

    With LeCure, Hoover, Broxton and Parra available, not sure why you use Ondrusek there. Price and Baker have both seemed to over-estimate his ability.

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      Agreed, but fans love to hate Ondrusek too. Unfairly. Is he great? No. Is he as bad as most fans make him out to be? No.

  125. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    It’s getting late… somebody want to try and convince me why I should stay up?

    • Lame4ever

      Jay B gonna propose to Joey V tonight

  126. jdx19

    Hate to say it, but I think someone on the Reds is going to have to hit a bomb to tie it back up. We have Chote/Siegriest, Martinez, and Rosenthal coming at us. Must be nice to have a healthy bullpen.

  127. Steve Mancuso

    I wouldn’t say Holliday’s double was routine. It was on the warning track and slicing away from Bruce. No doubt he makes that play at GABP. Looked like he was kind of disoriented where he was with regard to the fence. Not sure he touched it so I don’t know if you can give him an error.

  128. Aaron D

    Sigh. Just really bad luck so far…the 1 run games, etc. Good thing is Baseball is a 162 game season.

  129. jdx19

    So, to date, Hamilton’s speed has had ZERO effect on the Reds season. That’s pretty unbelievable.

  130. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Matt Adams making great defensive plays… REALLY?! REALLY!?!? Getting extremely frustrated. Why can’t this team beat St. Louis?

  131. sergeant2

    The fact that the Reds have scored 5 runs is a good sign, considering how anemic the offense has been. Go Reds!

  132. RedAlert

    For someone who has been a wonderful pitching coach for the Reds the past few years , Price is actually managing to make Dusty look like a genius in bullpen strategy compared to what he is doing

  133. Steve Mancuso

    Billy Hamilton’s bunt game has been terrible so far.

    • jdx19

      He needs to learn that the pitcher’s handedness plays into where he should try to bunt. It doesn’t appear he knows that. The three I’ve seen him lay down have consisted of two right back to the pitcher and one that was up the first base line against a righty who fell off the mound right into the path of the ball.

  134. jdx19

    Horrible bunt, pop-out, K. Pretty disappointing trip through the top of the order.

  135. RedsfanPa

    Ugh….I’ve seen enough, off to bed. This team is a mess, very little to be optimistic about with this team. I’m not usually one to randomly bitch, especially this early in the season, but wow….just painful to watch this team. : (

    • HowBoutThemRedlegs

      Maybe he said something to Brian Price to hurt his feelings..?

  136. Aaron D

    Still think this all goes back to the 2nd inning. Given a 4 run lead early, Homer (or any pitcher for that matter) has to do better than giving up a 4 run inning. The Molina HR was one thing, but the rest of the inning was frustration, IMO. If Homer was able to compose himself after the Molina HR, etc. this is a very different game.

    • Steve Mancuso

      It has nothing to do with Homer “composing” himself after the Molina HR. The next batter rolled an opposite field ground ball that didn’t get out of the infield but was a hit. Homer struck out the next batter (Peralta). The next batter got a ground ball single. The next batter made an out. You saying at this point Homer didn’t have composure?

      I’m sure Bailey would be the first person to tell you that he should have pitched better in the 2nd inning. But it’s not about Homer’s mental makeup.

      If he’s so fragile, why didn’t he fall apart in other innings when he gave up hits?

      • Aaron D

        Just my opinion. I know you’re a big Homer fan and I get it. It is mental….Composure affects every pitcher….it certainly isn’t physical as he wasn’t tired or hurt (or he should be on the DL). If he would tell you that he should have pitched better then what prevented him? Of course it was mental.

        Again…I don’t mean to imply he is a basket case that should be carted away, but he didn’t focus well enough to play shut down baseball. That is mental/composure.

  137. Steve Mancuso

    This umps’ strike zone is becoming erratic.

    • jdx19

      BP finally said something about it (I assume) last inning. I was glad he did.

  138. Tae Yun

    cards pitcher Choate.. that’s how the relief pitching is done… Reds on the other hand, have no one … had Bell… Ond****k… partch…. what a combo. Tuning off for today. tired. watching Reds game recently is a pain

  139. jessecuster44

    I understand that Ondrusek had a bit of bad luck, but it is just tiring to see these B-list releivers get into and then try to work out of trouble. Price was supposed to be DIFFERENT with his approach to the bullpen, but he has been far too similar to Dusty. It is important to beat a division rival, and I just haven’t seen Price manage with that kind of urgency.

    • TomatoTovotto

      Agree, but he’s working with a half of a major league bullpen. Every team clearly has injuries they have to work around, but four of the best six arms in bullpen are either on the DL (chapman, broxton, marshall) or reassigned due to other injuries (simon). broxton is back tonight, but it’s as if he isn’t there practically speaking. Hard to judge price when he only has a AAA bullpen at his disposal.

      In related news: JJ looks like he belongs in AAA

      • ohiojimw

        Agree. If Latos is back perhaps that is Simon pitching in the 6th or if Chap,an were healthy it might have been LeCure.

  140. TomatoTovotto

    See: the Cards do pop out with RISP as well.

  141. ToddAlmighty

    Did the work on it for you Steve…

    Even if the Reds win tonight, they will be 4-9 when Bailey gives up 4 or more runs. That’s roughly a .307 W%. How does that not take your team out of it?

    In the starts Homer Bailey allowed 4 or more runs, he averaged 5.1 innings pitched. So lets just say 4 allowed runs. We don’t even focus on the “or more” part of it. The Reds bullpen last year was 4th in the NL with a 3.29 ERA, or .365 earned runs allowed per inning pitched. The Reds averaged 4.29 runs per game last season offensively (3rd in NL).

    If a pitcher allows 4 runs in 5.1 innings, that means now the bullpen has to cover 3.2 innings of work. With the 4th best bullpen in the NL, that’s 1.34 or so runs allowed by the bullpen in 3.2 innings.

    5.34 versus an average of 4.29 offensive runs scored.

    You’re not giving your team a good chance of winning at all. That’s based off of just four runs, not the “or more” part, and using the 3rd best scoring offense and 4th best bullpen in the NL. Not even using the NL averages which I am sure would make that look much worse.

    • Aaron D

      Some pitchers when they give up a run in the inning bear down and increase their intensity and prevent the crooked number. Others lose some composure and that leads to big numbers for the other team. The thing with Homer I have seen is that, like Lance Lynn was mentioned earlier…if Homer starts out well, he is lights out…score early on him and he’ll give up 4-6 runs before being pulled in the 5th

      • Steve Mancuso

        You’re describing four of Homer’s 32 starts last year.

    • Steve Mancuso

      The majority of those games are 4 runs, not “or more” and the Reds score more than four runs per game, even with the hitting they had last year. You’ve changed your claim now to say 4 runs “not giving your team a good chance of winning at all” instead of “taking your team out of it” which you said before and I said was an overstatement. Some of Homer’s 4 run games are when he was allowed to stay in games later, unlike other pitchers like Leake or Cingrani. Your own stats show that in those games the team isn’t “taken out of it” since they won four of them.

      I don’t know what Homer Bailey ever did to you, but you’ve been a consistent and one-sided critic of his for years here. You said he got hurt all the time until he didn’t. You said he couldn’t strike people out, until he did. You said he wasn’t mentally tough, and that’s ridiculous, too. Your latest thing is this “gives up four runs” argument, which you beat to death last year.

      Homer’s stats are what they are. He was a top 25 pitcher in the major leagues (not just the NL, in all the majors) in a bunch of statistics that are better indications of how he actually pitched than the number of runs that scored.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Won four of them was assuming they won today because you said it was looking likely.. now they’re behind 7-5. That’d put them at 3-10 when he allows 4 or more runs, or a .230 W%.

        As for Leake, yes, his outings when he allows 4 or more runs have been shorter than Bailey, by .1 innings on average. 5.1 innings vs 5.0 innings is hardly enough for the extra runs to be explained away by going deeper into games than others.

        I have been just as overly negative as you have been overly positive of Bailey. He was a top 25 pitcher in the major leagues in stats that don’t always work. If it the stats think so lowly of Cueto and Arroyo despite them both being very good pitchers, then it stands to reason it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Bailey can be overvalued by those stats despite him not being nearly as good as they say.

        This is a baseball site, where people discuss opinions. My opinion is he’s not very good. I am even using stats to back up my argument so it’s not like I am just being contrary for the sake of it. If someone tells me he’s a Top 25 pitcher, and a borderline ace, then I am going to tell them I don’t buy it.

        He has improved over the last few years, but when it all comes down to it, he allows more big games than anyone else on the pitching staff. I think in an effort to go even deeper with the numbers in sabermetrics, people sometimes push away a perfectly good one because it’s too simple. You say FIP and xFIP and such are better indications of how he actually pitched, but I think ERA is still a very solid stat. Baseball is all about scoring runs. If you allow more, you lose. People who allow less are better Homer Bailey has a lot of games where he allows a lot. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

      • ToddAlmighty

        Need to look any further for the ERA point? Cueto has 2 starts, 14 innings, 8 hits, 3 earned runs, 4 walks, 17 strikeouts…. now which is a better representation of his season thus far?

        ERA: 1.93
        FIP: 3.41

        Fancier/more complex calculations aren’t always better.

  142. Aaron D

    Bright Side from tonight so far???? Devin Mesoraco. Glad to have him back.

  143. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    Is it possible Price was in control of the bullpen management all along? You can make a strong argument LeCure is our best pitcher down in the ‘pen, and he’s thrown 1 inning all season. 1.

      • ohiojimw

        Dusty always said that Price was his pitching coordinator just like an offensive or defensive coordinator in football; so it would figure he chose the next man up and Dusty decided when the time was to make the change.

  144. doublenohitter

    Reds bullpen is just awful. I realize a bunch of guys are hurt.
    Wasn’t JJ Hover supposed to be the closer of the future?
    How in the world do you throw Molina a cookie up 0-2?

  145. RedAlert

    Hoover about to our this game out of reach

  146. HowBoutThemRedlegs

    I’m done. Effing hate the Cardinals. Buckle up, boys and girls… gonna be a LLLLOOONNNGGG season.

  147. Steve Mancuso

    Bullpen = Not much relief tonight.

  148. jdx19

    Welp, there goes my solo-shot to tie it theory. Good night, folks!

  149. jessecuster44

    Can we just fast forward through April and see where things are? Bailey – BAD. Bullpen – ATROCIOUS. Manager? Puzzling. And Latos has elbow irritation. This is no fun at all right now.

  150. preacherj

    I think LeCure needs to date Price’s daughter.

  151. RedAlert

    Why is Hoover still in the game –

    • charlottencredsfan

      Seriously, I thought Baker was slow. Is Price still at the park?

  152. charlottencredsfan

    If we can’t come back, this will be the hardest lost of all. Finally come out of the gate guns blazing and then just lay a big old egg.

  153. doublenohitter

    Hoover could set a record right here if Carpenter hits a grand slam. 2 relief appearances and 2 slams.

  154. Lame4ever

    Well, no blame to bullpen. All bullpen money had paid to Bailey’s balloon contract, brining Reds blowing away 4-run lead right after 1 inning, and now securing Cardinals W in the last 3 innings.

    • charlottencredsfan

      Look Homer is the Reds #4 possibly #5 starter, he will have games like this. Yeah, he is good but is overrated by a lot of people. He did hang tough and the pen, for the most part, just can’t help much right now. Price isn’t exactly putting on a clinic either. Things will look up soon enough.

      • Pete Rose

        Charlotte, I sure hope so – or else its going to be a very, very long season. Price to this point looks lost.

  155. jcredlegs

    Face it folks . St. Louis is just a superior organization from top to bottom. And the Reds aren’t catching up anytime soon.

  156. preacherj

    30 pitches so far for Hoover this inning.

  157. preacherj

    That inning could have been a whole lot worse. Let’s see if we have some runs still in those bats. Someone wake up Jobu.

  158. doublenohitter

    John Fay had to remind us that in 2012, the Reds started 4-8 and still won 97 games.
    Reds about to drop to 2-6.

  159. preacherj

    On the subject of Jobu, I read today this is the 25th anniversary of Major League. I am feeling very old.

  160. ohiojimw

    Until I remembered the Reds were on FoxSports1 tonight, I was concerned about whether my provider (DISH) had the alternate FoxOhio channels set up so I could see the BlueJackets tonight. Then I wondered, what??? I prefer any hockey game over the Reds?????

    What I’ve seen since the end of the hockey game (CBJ win in OT) has reminded me why I was more interested in the CBJ than the Reds.

  161. wildwestlv

    What’s the return timeline for Skip Schumaker? Not before May 1st?

  162. preacherj

    Every batter retired in order since the fifth.

    • ToddAlmighty

      Losing a 4 run lead and a 1 run lead crushes an offense’s spirit, I guess.

  163. Brian Hayde

    First of all, I despise the Cards. From the LaRussa years et. al. Here’s the main reason the Cards own us. The Brawl from a few years back. We used to have a swag and an open distaste for the Cards. We were starting to own them! Even Votto was giving out the hate with Phillips on Twitter. Then, Molina(with a little coaxing from LaRussa) dusts it up with Phillips knowing he love taps his shin guards. After the brawl, the Reds withdrew. They backed down. They cowered. Now, the Reds give way too much respect to the Cards. It’s not really a rivalry in a sense because the Cards have the swag now. All those shots of the Cards pitching staff with cocky Wainwright leading the way during the game tonight just pisses me off!!! Cards are more concerned with the Pirates now. It’s pretty sickening…

  164. doublenohitter

    Give them credit, the Cardinals have arms, the Reds do not.
    Right now, the Reds best bullpen pitchers are Manny Parra and Nick Christiani.

    • ohiojimw

      And Cristiani who got the job done yesterday is used essentially as a mop up man tonite after the horse had left the building

    • ToddAlmighty

      And LeCure, if he’s ever allowed to pitch again.

  165. sergeant2

    Ludwick had already made up his mind he was swinging at the next pitch. Marty on Ludwick’s SO. Good observation by the Famer.

  166. RedAlert

    Maybe the game will be rained out tomorrow so they can get out of St. Louis and avoid the broom – Not very impressed with Price thus far – bullpen has been a disaster

  167. wildwestlv

    At least Cardinal Nation had to suffer through Thom’s ramblings tonight. That’s some payback.

    • Lame4ever

      90% from Mizzou to laugh at Reds

  168. Lame4ever

    Will BP ever hit a HR this year?

    • charlottencredsfan

      Check his stats, you’re a little late.

  169. preacherj

    OH, I hate missed opportunities. I should have accomplished something this evening.

  170. charlottencredsfan

    Like a punch to the gut. New day tomorrow; I’ll be there, will you?

    • preacherj

      Yeah, with what I can pick up from work.

    • sergeant2

      Your absolutely right, tomorrow is a new day. And if I’m not mistaken, there’s still a few games left in the 2014 season. And yes, I for one will be here rooting for my Redlegs. Go Reds!

    • Pete Rose

      Charlotte, don’t know about you but I have been there for the Reds for nearly 50 years (I have fond memories of the Reds well before 1967 (Jim O’Toole, Jim Maloney, Vada Pinson, Alex Johnson etc. come to mind) but for whatever reason I pick 1967 as the year I became enthralled with the Reds – maybe because I got Pete’s autograph at Crosley Field that year – and have been in the saddle ever since. But this version of the Reds is a mess – they will come to regret not hiring a bolder manager. They needed a little fire – and they didn’t get it. My man continues to be ex-Red Clint Hurdle – and the Reds could have hired a clone in David Bell. So where is Bell now everyone may be asking? With these Saint Louis Cardinals after being in the Reds farm system last year. Good grief, stop the bleeding now ….

  171. RedAlert

    Pathetic – different day but status quo against the Cards – simply cannot beat them

  172. jas428

    Do the Cards pitchers do the mocking stuff to all their opponents?

  173. sergeant2

    We can only hope that the Reds lumber has awoken from its slumber. Leake is pitching tomorrow, the Reds lumber had better have awoken from its slumber or they’re going to get swept like they were swept up by a pooper scooper. C’mon Redlegs lets get em tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  174. jcredlegs

    No fight. No leadership. Bullpen in shambles. Manager looks like he’s in over his head. I’m afraid that this team as currently assembled has little or no chance of winning this year.

    • Pete Rose

      Been saying so ever since the season began. Reds needed an enforcer for a manager – instead they picked Mr. Lillywhite. Bad, bad move – one they will surely come to regret. As Marty likes to say it’s going, going …. gone. But this time, we are not talking about a HR but the Red’s season. Can the Red’s renig on Homer’s contract? Sorry Steve, but your man blows.

      • ohiojimw

        So is it worse to have given up 4 runs first or to have allowed 4 runs after the other guy had done the same.

        And in the end Homer held serve except for the one inning while the Lynn eventually gave up what could have been the deciding run.

        So essentially, this game was decided by the pens. The Cards gave up zilch, The Reds 3.

      • Pete Rose

        After being given a 4-0 lead, you would think a $100M pitcher would just settle in and dominate. Homer – forget it. Bad, bad move, one that will haunt the Reds for years to come. 2014 will be a 3 team race in the NL Central – Cards,, Pirates and wait for it – the Brewers. Reds will be sadly left in the dust.

      • Pete Rose

        Must have missed it. Did the Cards starting pitcher just sign a $100M contract?

    • ohiojimw

      Can a manager be sent down for a couple of weeks to clear his head and get his bearings? Just kidding, I think.