Various sources (Fay, Sheldon) reporting that Mat Latos has right elbow irritation. Not viewed as serious. Will be backed off a few days. No timetable for next rehab outing. Could play catch as soon as today. Price says not serious, “We’re taking the conservative approach.”

The Reds had announced earlier this afternoon that Latos would be scratched from his scheduled start for the Louisville Bats who play in Columbus tonight. Latos last pitched Thursday for Double-A Pensacola, where he allowed five runs on seven hits in four innings.

After that start, Latos said: “My ego is a little bruised, but it is what it is. No, I feel great. I was throwing strikes. I got hit around and hit around hard, but regardless, the control was there,” said Latos who gave up five runs, seven hits — five for extra bases — on 79 pitches in his four innings of work. “It’s just a matter of finishing the hitters. Making that pitch when I needed to.” (Pensacola News Journal)

Latos underwent elbow surgery last October and then had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee on Feb. 14, the day pitchers and catchers were set to report. He did not pitch at all during spring training.

In other roster news: The Reds reinstated RHP Jonathan Broxton from the 15-day DL (right forearm surgery, Aug 23) and placed RHP Trevor Bell on the disabled list with “inflammation in his right elbow.” Broxton threw two scoreless innings in Spring Training. Bell has given up five hits and five earned runs in his two appearances in 2014. It’s unfortunate that the Reds used a pitcher who wasn’t 100% healthy in a game against the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday, especially with virtually every other pitcher in the bullpen available.

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  1. ZabkaLives

    He’s waiting to pitch when the Reds offense gets hot and can provide run support. That’s all. No big deal.

  2. TomatoTovotto

    On the one hand, the strong start by Simon makes the continued delay in Latos’s return less distressing. On the other hand, the lack of depth in the bullpen–even with the return of Broxton–means that the team needs Simon back in that roll asap. Simon would have been the logical choice to come in during the 5th yesterday after Cingrani’s departure.

    Bell to the DL is unsettling news for what it tells us about Price. I think that everyone agrees that regardless of Bell’s health, he didn’t belong in that game yesterday, barring a 7-run deficit. If Price put him in knowing he was less than 100%, then you really have to wonder how the season is going to unfold. If in (the more likely) scenario that Price was unaware of Bell’s problems, it still shows that there are barriers to the transparency he seems to want to establish in regard to injuries. Clearly, Bailey, Latos, and Leake seemed to be up front with the coaching staff in ST about minor issues, leading to some of the conservative measures they’ve taken with these guys. But it also seems like everyone needs to be on the same page if that method is going to work. Makes you wonder if Bell was trying to make the most of what he knew was going to be a short stint in the bigs.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Good points. I’m confident Price didn’t use Bell knowing he was hurting. My remark was more tongue-in-cheek. There’s also the possibility (likely) that Bell isn’t really hurt at all. He’s out of options, so the Reds can’t send him down. The alternative to the DL was DFA.

    • lost11found

      Bell wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last young player to play though an injury (without informing the coaching staff) hoping to stick on a major league roster.

      • Bill Lack

        Except he’s not that young…he’s 27. But he hasn’t been in the bigs since ’11, so I’m not surprised he’s trying to hang on.

  3. ProspectCincy

    Seeing as 7 pitchers this year reported elbow Inflammation before they had to have season ending TJ surgery / it’s certainly a “big deal”

  4. Steve Mancuso

    Given that Latos’ condition is non-serious, why not just say that when they cancelled his start several hours earlier?

    • ProspectCincy

      Awfully puzzling. Normally w/ a situation like this you hear “Matt is feeling a little sore after his last start, so we’ll give him a couple extra days and see where that gets us”

      Was there an MRI on the elbow? Seems like any kind of discomfort after an elbow surgery would warrant such an exam IMMEDIATELY.

    • Bill Lack

      I’ve been a Reds fan too long to believe the medical staff when they tell us something is “non-serious”…to me, that only means it’s not hanging on by a thread.

  5. Steve Mancuso

    Unrelated: Brayan Peña’s stolen base attempt was a blown sign by Peña, according to Bryan Price. Guess Price wasn’t willing to take the hit on that one. Nor should he.

  6. ToddAlmighty

    I posted this on “Latos Scratched because I forgot this was the more recent thread…

    *It’s early in camp and the Reds have three of their seven projected bullpen guys down with injuries — Nick Masset (shoulder), Bill Bray (groin) and Ryan Madson (elbow). Manager Dusty Baker isn’t worried, however.

    “Worrying does no good,” Baker said. “Every camp has somebody. You’d rather have it happen earlier than late. The doctor assured us it’s nothing serious.”

    – – – –

    That’s right, Nick Masset, Bill Bray, and Ryan Madison. All of them with “nothing serious”. Bray pitched 8.2 innings in 2012 and is out of the league now. The other two have never pitched a major league inning since. Only Masset is even still in the league at all.

  7. HammerSTL

    Really hope this is nothing serious, already a 1/3 of the 25 man on the DL.

    Heading to the game tonight with my future father in law. I live in St. Louis now and my fiancee and her whole family are huge Cards fans. I’m hoping for a good game at least!

    • ToddAlmighty

      You actually *chose* to marry into that? Lol.. but more seriously, have fun. Boo Molina and Adams.

  8. hof13

    I just read Sheldon’s statement and it leaves me a little uneasy. He indicates that Latos has been feeling a sore elbow 1 and 2 days after throwing ever since his surgery. Is it good that this isn’t something that just popped up now, possibly a new injury? Or is it bad that hes been able to work through it before, and maybe now it’s getting worse?
    Did the Reds take an MRI with this first happened (one would hope) and thats how they know it’s not serious, and do they need to take another MRI? Like I said, the whole thing makes me uneasy.

    • greenmtred

      I, too, feel uneasy about Latos, since it seems as though the story keeps changing. I do wonder, however, whether elbow soreness after a start isn’t really common, even with “uninjured” pitchers. You notice the hospital-grade ice packs on their arms after the game, and consider the unnatural amount of stress that overhand pitching puts on the elbow, and you wonder.

  9. ProspectCincy

    I know I’ve been in a negative mood about this today; but Matt Moore had similar discomfort reported last night. Today, he said he felt great, had full range of motion and the TB team said it’s nothing too concerning; just a little irritation.

    Exactly one hour later, when the MRI results were available, he’s heading to Alabama to visit with Dr. Andrews. His season is over.

    The odds are against Mat pitching this year. Once the UCL is strained, it almost always tears; and I think this years rash of injuries just shows the word “elbow” is deadly.

  10. preacherj

    I don’t think this is something minor at all. I’m scared and need a hug.

    • greenmtred

      God, it’s good to be able to laugh hard about something…

  11. TomatoTovotto

    So if Latos is down long-term (six weeks, or the season as many of us fear), what becomes the plan for the rotation? Clearly, the front office is not going to look outside (at least if they behave as they have recently). Does Simon continue to start until they feel that Stephenson is ready? Do they hope the B. Marshall can come back from the 60-day DL and contribute? This is becoming more depressing by the minute…

  12. Kurt Frost

    This is the Reds medical staff. I expect Tommy John surgery within a month.

    • ohiojimw

      Yes, I was about to post that the next announcement would be that Krenchek had suuccessfully completed TJ on Latos and they anticipated he might be back after the AllStar break in 2015

  13. enigma

    Reds don’t keep close enough tabs on players and small injuries become TJ

  14. Ethan

    This has Doc Hollywood (I mean Kremcheck) written all of over it. IMO, he’s gotta go. Some of his surgeries have turned out questionable at best (a la Joey Votto of 2012 having to have a second surgery). With him calling the shots we get nothing but ambiguity and injuries that often get ignored until they become a serious issue. Out with Doc Hollywood!

  15. sultanofswaff

    If it’s major and he’s out for a majority of the season, I’d convert Chapman and not think twice about his feelings.

    Holy mackerel, could you imagine what a predicament it would put the Reds in as far as deciding whether to offer him an extension?