Apparently the domain transfer has mostly taken hold and we’re live at the new site. There will surely be a few internet gremlins running around for a while. And we’ll be testing and trying different layout features at our new home. So hang with us. We trust you’ll find the journey worthwhile when we arrive at the final destination.

First, to log in as a commenter, you’ll need to create a new account. That’s an unavoidable consequence of changing our platform, which we did to enhance stability during peak demand. We regret the difficulties a few of you have had re-joining. But please take the time to re-register, we want to read your opinions.

Second, we’ve got plenty of new, interesting content planned, which we’ll roll out in the time between now and Opening Day. We’ll write about it soon and explain our plans.

Finally, when you have a minute, explore the resources we’ve built into the upper menu. Under SCHEDULES you’ll find links to the Reds game schedule and the broadcast schedule. Under PLAYERS you’ll find links to the 25-man roster (and hyperlinks to the FanGraphs player page for each player), the official 40-man roster and information on the payroll and contract status of the Reds players. The STANDINGS menu provides a quick link to the standings for all the divisions.

Under THE FARM, you’ll find links for all the Reds affiliate teams; the elaborate Redleg Nation organizational depth chart, produced by Tom Diesman; several sources that rank and discuss the Reds’ Top Prospects; and the Redleg Nation draft tracker, which follows every draft pick made by the organization dating back to 2003.

Under STATS, you’ll find links to up-to-date Reds team hitting, pitching and fielding stats; and links to the basic baseball reference sites, like FanGraphs, Baseball-Reference and Pitch F/X.

Under GUIDELINES, you’ll find our site principles and commenting guidelines. And RN RADIO links to our companion project, Redleg Nation Radio (podcasts).

If you have suggestions for other menu items, or for the site functionality as a whole, please offer them.

Thanks for following us here and we look forward to another great season talking about the Cincinnati Reds at Redleg Nation!